Levitt: You're not a killer, Octavia. You're a warrior to be sure, but your heart is pure.
Octavia: Wait till you meet Blodreina.
Welcome to Bardo

Octavia and Levitt is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Levitt. They are portrayed by cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Jason Diaz and debuts in the fifth episode of Season Seven

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The relationship between Octavia Blake and Levitt starts out antagonistic towards each other when Octavia is recaptured by Disciple leader Anders and the scientist Levitt]. Anders has Levitt use the M-Cap to extract Octavia's memories of her friends, developing a particular interest in Clarke Griffin. Levitt becomes interested in Octavia's history, reassuring her that while she is a warrior, she is not a bad person. After learning that years have passed on Skyring while she's been gone, Octavia offers to give Levitt the information that he wants to know in exchange for him helping her return there for Hope. Siding with the two young women, Levitt reopens the Anomaly to Sanctum, but warns that traveling through the Anomaly to a slower time dilated planet with a Disciple helmet will cause Octavia to lose all memory of the time that she has been gone from Sanctum. With Hope needing the full armor to rescue her mother, Octavia has her keep the helmet and Levitt tattoos Octavia's back with Hope's biometric code so that she can remotely pull Hope through later. After apologizing for not returning for Hope and punching Levitt in the face twice so that he won't be suspected of helping her, Octavia enters the Anomaly and emerges on Sanctum moments after she left, her memory of her ten years away gone.

Season Seven Edit

In Welcome to Bardo, Levitt makes his first appearance in the flashbacks, and oversees Octavia's Memory Capture (M-Cap). He befriends her in the process.

In Nakara, as Diyoza, Hope, Octavia, Echo and Gabriel prepare to enter the Anomaly Stone room, Octavia spots Levitt down the hall, now working as a janitor. Levitt silently shakes his head at them and explains to Octavia that there are a dozen Disciples in the Stone room waiting for them who will kill themselves to stop the group from getting back to Sanctum. Levitt instructs the group to head to the surface instead where the Disciples won't follow them as its not survivable for long. Octavia questions Levitt's new profession which he states was worth it and he is still on the code breaking team as they need him too much for that. Levitt states that it was worth it to him and orders Octavia to punch him again and run. After caressing Levitt's face for a moment, she knocks him out and the group follows Levitt's instructions to run though Gabriel hesitates for a moment.

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Levitt: "You're not a killer, Octavia. You're a warrior to be sure, but your heart is pure."
Octavia Blake: "Wait till you meet Blodreina."
-- Welcome to Bardo

Octavia Blake: "You're a janitor."
Levitt: "Heh. Yeah. Still on the code-breaking team, though. They need me for that."
Octavia Blake: "Of course."
Levitt: "It was worth it. To see another way to live, to feel what you made me feel. Now punch me again and run."
-- Nakara

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  • Levitt and Octavia first meet in Welcome to Bardo after Octavia is recaptured by the Disciples and eventually Levitt helps Octavia escape, making Octavia the first one ever to escape the anomaly.

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