Jasper, a warrior doesn't worry about what he can't control.
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Octavia and Jasper is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Jasper Jordan. They are portrayed by starring cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Devon Bostick and debut in the series premiere.

After Jasper saves Octavia's life from a river snake, they become close friends and Octavia becomes protective over Jasper when he is injured by Grounders.

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While attending a Masquerade dance on the Ark, Jasper was instantly smitten when he saw Octavia for the first time. Although they did not interact, Jasper admired her from afar. After the dropship lands on Earth, Jasper displays a genuine affection for Octavia. His attraction and love for her continues to grow throughout Season One.

On Earth, the two grow closer after Jasper saves Octavia from a sea serpent. After a failed attempt to contact the Ark, Octavia calls Jasper brave. This earns him a single kiss from Octavia. Jasper, while under the effects of the Jobi Nuts, confesses his love for Octavia, who does not return his feelings.

Even though Octavia is not in love with Jasper, she still considers him her friend. Jasper still harbored feelings for Octavia and was "holding out" for her. Their relationship grows strained when Jasper potentially ruins peace with the Grounders.

Once Jasper is taken by the Mountain Men, he starts to fall in love with Maya Vie. When Jasper and Octavia are reunited in Mount Weather, Octavia helps Jasper and Maya fight against the Mountain Men. When Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty irradiate Level 5, Octavia holds Maya as she is dying from radiation exposure until Jasper arrives.

Early Life Edit

Jasper first saw Octavia during a masquerade dance on the Ark. The two did not interact but Jasper was instantly smitten. Although he never talked to her, Jasper admired her from afar, asking his friend who she was. His friend replied she was just another girl who would not notice them.

Throughout the Series Edit

Pilot 066

Jasper saves Octavia from a sea serpent.

In Pilot, on a trip to Mount Weather, Jasper tries to flirt with Octavia by asking her what she was arrested for. This has the opposite effect, however, and upsets Octavia because she had been arrested for "being born" as a second child. When they arrive at a river, Jasper watches in awe as Octavia strips. When she jumps into the water he is shown to be fearful because none of them know how to swim, however, Octavia stands up, showing them that the river is not deep. When the others get undressed to join her, Jasper notices movement in the water. He orders Octavia to get out of the water, but it is too late. Octavia is attacked by the sea serpent and taken under the water. When the others realize she is still alive, Jasper jumps in to save Octavia and pulls her from the water. Octavia has several bite marks on her thigh which were left by the creature. Octavia thanks and hugs Jasper for saving her.

Later that night, Jasper sleeps near Monty with Octavia's head on his chest and Monty's head on her lap. The next morning they find another way to cross the river by swinging on vines. To impress Octavia, Jasper convinces Finn to let him swing across the river first. Landing safely on the other side Jasper finds an old sign indicating they have made it to Mount Weather. He holds the sign up into the air to show the others cheer. Moments later Jasper is pierced in the chest with a spear, leaving Octavia and the rest in shock.

In Earth Skills, Octavia learns that Jasper may still be alive. After heading back to camp to get supplies, Octavia insists on going with Clarke to rescue Jasper. Clarke tells her she can't go because her leg wound would slow them down while her brother Bellamy doesn't want her to get hurt again. She remains behind and helps cheer Monty up about his missing friend. Later, after Jasper is rescued, Octavia rushes to help Clarke take care of him.


Octavia nurses Jasper.

In Earth Kills, Octavia hears Jasper screaming in pain. Octavia panics and heads for the dropship. and yells at Clarke that she is killing Jasper. Clarke, however, is trying to save him by cutting off the infected flesh. Bellamy complains that Jasper is making everyone crazy. Clarke promises Octavia that she can save him. Bellamy insists Jasper is a goner and gives Jasper a day before he kills him. Upset with Bellamy, Octavia refuses to leave with him and continues to watch over Jasper while Clarke goes to find medicine for him.

When Octavia learns that John Murphy wants to kill Jasper, for the sake of his own sanity and camp morale, Octavia and Monty protect Jasper from him. After Clarke and the others come back with the medicine, Octavia mentions she will have to get used to people dying like Atom did. But not Jasper; he can not die. Sometime later, Jasper awakens and sees Octavia and he gives her a short hello.

Murphy's Law 013 (Jasper and Octavia)

Jasper and Octavia.

In Murphy's Law, a week has passed since Jasper was speared by Grounders. Octavia playfully tries to show Jasper that it is okay to leave camp. As she leaves camp, however, she is grabbed by another Delinquent. Fearing it was a Grounder who grabbed her, Jasper rushes to save her. Octavia tries to convince him there is nothing to be afraid of and Jasper returns to camp. He trips and falls to the ground and Octavia rushes over to help him up. They both discover two of Wells' fingers and a knife. They take the knife straight to Bellamy. When Clarke accuse Murphy of killing Wells, Octavia chimes in, stating Murphy wanted to kill Jasper, shocking Jasper. When Charlotte reveals herself as the killer, Murphy grows angry with the crowd and Bellamy who will not kill her. Bellamy orders Murphy to cool it. After Murphy hits Bellamy over the head, Octavia tries to help Bellamy. Murphy tries to hit her but Jasper stands in front of Octavia and takes the hit for her.

Murphy's Law 087 (Octavia, Clarke, and Monty)

Octavia watches as Jasper tries to contact the Ark.

Later that night, Monty tries to make contact with the Ark. Monty asks if Jasper would like to connect the last wire. When Jasper connects the wire, it malfunctions, resulting in all of the wristbands being fried. Jasper, devastated by yet another accident, distances himself from the group. Octavia joins him. Jasper tells Octavia to stay at her own risk. He believes himself to be cursed. Octavia calls herself a risk taker and insists that he is not cursed. Jasper corrects himself and says he is unlucky because he failed twice in one day; once by getting his face bashed in, then for ruining their chances to contact the Ark. Octavia tells him that he stood up to a bully and tried to help everyone when no one else would. Octavia informs him that he was brave for trying and mentions that bravery is always rewarded and gives him a kiss.
Murphy's Law 094 (Octavia and Jasper)

Octavia tries to comfort Jasper.

In His Sister's Keeper, Octavia has gone missing. When she cannot be found around camp, Bellamy gathers a search party. Jasper puts his fears aside and is the first to volunteer. On the search, he mentions that he would go through hell for her. After they find Octavia, the Grounder attacks Finn and Bellamy. Octavia begs the Grounder to not kill her brother, giving Jasper the opportunity to knock him out.

In Day Trip, Jasper is freaking out over seeing Grounders within camp and rushes over to Octavia, telling her he loves her but that they're all going to die. Octavia tries to calm him down, but realizes that he is high on Jobi Nuts. Octavia then hands him a stick to tell him it's an "anti-grounder stick" and he'll be safe if he holds onto it.

In Unity Day, Jasper goes along with Bellamy and Raven as hidden backup to a meeting between Clarke and Anya, the grounder leader. He witnesses Octavia hugging Lincoln on the bridge and is disappointed to realize she likes the Grounder. He soon spots more Grounders in the trees with their weapons aimed at the delinquents on the bridge and warns everyone before shooting and killing two of the Grounders. After they return to the Camp, Jasper says what he did was to save the group but Octavia is furious with him, saying that he ruined everything.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Octavia is deeply concerned when she finds out that Murphy is holding Jasper hostage. She gets mad at Bellamy because she thinks he's doing nothing about it, but Bellamy exchanges his life for Jasper's.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Octavia and Jasper finally reunite after being separated from each other in Mount Weather. Octavia, Jasper, and Maya Vie work together to free the remaining Delinquents trapped in Mount Weather. When a guard, Lee, is hesitant about Octavia, Jasper defends her saying she is one of us even though Octavia tells them she is not. When Clarke and the others are left with no choice but to irradiate level 5, Octavia holds onto Maya as she's dying until Jasper arrives.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Jasper, Octavia, Miller, Bellamy, Monty, and Raven go on a tracking mission to sector seven. However, they find the signal of a tracking beacon from the Ark and drive to the sector eight border. There, they encounter three Ice Nation Scouts one who has the beacon and Jasper immediately goes towards it. The Ice Nation Scout demands that they give him the location of Wanheda. He puts a knife to Jasper's throat and cuts it. Miller, Monty, and Raven then shoot the scouts and Octavia throws a knife towards the one attacking Jasper killing him.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Jasper accompanies Abby, Lincoln, Nyko, and Octavia to Mount Weather. He goes into the Art Warehouse and begins destroying things as he is still distraught over Maya's death. Octavia enters and comforts him and tells him that it will get better.

In Demons, Octavia and Jasper along with the others return to Arkadia in order to retrieve Lincoln's journal. Octavia goes to find it and Jasper follows. When she does she pages through it and begins breaking down over Lincoln's death. Jasper reminds her of what she told him, "it gets better", but Octavia says their situations are not the same and says that a warrior doesn't mourn her losses until the war is over.

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  • Jasper Jordan first saw Octavia Blake while at a masked dance.
  • Octavia protected Jasper from Murphy by repeatedly kicking him when he tried to come through the hatch.
  • Octavia rewards Jasper for his bravery in Murphy's Law by giving him a kiss.
  • While under the effects of Jobi Nuts, Jasper tells Octavia he loves her in Day Trip.
  • Octavia hugs Jasper and is happy to see that he is alive in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2).
  • Octavia is with Jasper when Maya Vie dies and is shown to be saddened by her death. Later on, Octavia is shown to be comforting Jasper on multiple occasions.
  • After Lincoln's death, Jasper tried to comfort Octavia by telling him what she told him while he was grieving Maya. Octavia rejected his attempt to console her by saying that her situation isn't the same as his was.
  • Octavia and Jasper have no on-screen interactions in Season Four. It is unconfirmed if Octavia is aware of his death. However, since Spacekru was able to communicate with the bunker before the death wave hit, such information could have been relayed.

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  • Octavia and Jasper reunite in Blood Must Have Blood (part 2)

  • Wanheda (Part 1) - Octavia helping Jasper
  • Wanheda (Part 2)
  • Join or Die
  • Red Sky at Morning

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