Indra: You are my people. Yu laik ai kru.
— Indra to Octavia in Die All, Die Merrily

Octavia and Indra is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Indra. They are portrayed by cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Adina Porter and debut in the second episode of Season Two.

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Indra seems very distrustful of Octavia after Octavia takes their only healer, Nyko, hostage and forced her to give back Lincoln in Inclement Weather. She orders Octavia to be killed in Reapercussions but Octavia manages to escape. Later, Indra allows Octavia to follow her and her fellow Grounders and be the bait for the Reapers. At one point during the battle with the Reapers, Octavia saves Indra's life. Afterward, Indra allows Octavia to live because she has proved herself well.

In Survival of the Fittest, Octavia fights with one of Indra's warriors, Fio. In this fight, Indra sees a "strength of spirit" in Octavia and asks Octavia to be her Second. Octavia agrees and follows Indra everywhere, taking orders from her and being trained to become a warrior. When Indra is injured in Resurrection, she tells Octavia it is her duty to take command of the other Seconds in Tondc and get them to follow her. In Bodyguard of Lies, when Clarke Griffin tries to reassign Octavia to the rear guard, Octavia tells her that she only takes orders from Indra. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Indra is proud of Octavia when she helps lead them through the Reaper mines and to Mount Weather and tells her she is now one of them. When Octavia refuses to leave after the retreat is heard, Indra cuts Octavia and tells her she is no longer her Second. Later, however, in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Indra provides Lincoln with a knife so that he can escape and find Octavia.

In Season Five, Indra acts as Octavia's trusted councilor in the Second Dawn Bunker, but doesn't agree with Octavia's more bloodthirsty methods, ultimately betraying her in an attempt to stop the coming war. Indra explains that her loyalty and care was for the Octavia that was once her Second, Okteivia kom Skaikru, not Blodreina.

In Season Seven, Indra admits that she feels equally guilty for what occurred in the bunker and shows no ill will towards a remorseful Octavia for her actions.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Inclement Weather, Octavia and Indra first meet when Octavia tries to bargain with Indra by swapping Nyko, the clan's healer for Lincoln, who the grounders have captive. Later Indra and Octavia make the swap but are interrupted by a band of Reapers who take Lincoln and Nyko captive.

In Reapercussions, Octavia urges Indra to let her help search for Lincoln and Nyko. When Indra orders her death, Octavia runs from the Grounders and hides. Later, Octavia continues to follow Indra and her group as they search for Nyko and Lincoln. When Indra reveals that Octavia will be the bait for the Reapers she announces that she is not afraid. Octavia helps Indra and the other Grounders fight off the Reapers and at one point, Artigas saves her life. When Indra is defenseless, Octavia saves her by killing the Reaper who would have killed Indra. Once the Reapers are taken care of, Octavia discovers from Nyko that Lincoln is not among the freed Grounders. When she doesn't find him she screams out in anguish.

In Long Into an Abyss, Indra witnesses Octavia's devastation over Lincoln's momentary demise. She gets ready to attack the Sky People before Abigail Griffin is able to bring Lincoln back.

In Remember Me, while camping for the night, Indra mutters "natrona" (traitor) to Lincoln, much to his displeasure. He is then comforted by Octavia who wants to help him recover emotionally from his Reaper experience. When Gustus is poisoned at the alliance banquet, all the grounders lock up the Sky People to determine who it was. Octavia asks Lincoln to intervene on their behalf, but Indra says he is one of the Sky People now.

In Survival of the Fittest, Octavia attempts to get Indra to let her train with the grounders, but Indra refuses. Later, as the grounders are about to leave Camp Jaha, Octavia picks a fight with one of the grounders so she can get trained with them like she wanted to. The grounder (Fio) beats her up pretty severely, but Octavia continues to stand up again and again until Indra calls it off. As Octavia is recuperating from the fight, Indra appears and tells her that she fought like a child but Indra is willing to train her and take her on as her Second. Octavia agrees. After Indra and the grounders bring back food for the people of Camp Jaha, Kane acknowledges that it was Octavia who brought the Grounders and the Sky People together. Fio, the man she had sparred with earlier, brings her a plate of food. Kane asks her to "look out for [her] people," to which Octavia ambiguously replies that she is.

In Coup de Grâce, Octavia and Indra work together to take down two Mountain Men scouts who attempt to kill Clarke. Indra instructs the other Grounder to stand back and let Octavia fight the remaining scout. Octavia successfully takes him down and brings him back to Camp Jaha for questioning. Later both Octavia and Indra go with Clarke and few other Grounders as they get Emerson out of his cell and order him to send a message to Mount Weather.

In Rubicon, Octavia is seen in Tondc with Indra telling her that she is worried about Lincoln not being back yet. Indra answers that Lincoln is no longer her concern and that she can worry about him when the battle is finished.

In Resurrection, after the bombing at Tondc, Lincoln saves Indra from the rubble just before Indra is shot in the chest by the sniper who coordinated the bombing. Lincoln decides to go after the shooter, telling Octavia that she needs to remain with Nyko and help him since Indra was shot by the sniper. Indra tells Octavia that because she's the Chief's Second, she must make the other Seconds follow her. The other Seconds tell Octavia that they can't do anything until Lincoln takes out the sniper. Octavia comes up with a plan to block the sniper's line-of-sight so they can get to the wreckage where Abby and Kane are trapped and the other Seconds follow her and they start to dig out the survivors. She is overjoyed to see Lincoln return alive after taking out the shooter and looks on with pride when Indra finally welcomes Lincoln back into their clan.

In Bodyguard of Lies, After Octavia figures out that Clarke and Lexa knew about the bombing in Tondc ahead of time, Lexa sends Octavia off to keep watch. Clarke sees Indra and asks why she isn't keeping watch with Octavia. Indra says that Octavia is off scouting with Lincoln, making Clarke realize that Lexa was planning to assassinate Octavia and saves Octavia's life, unbeknownst to her. Later, Clarke tells Octavia she wants to take her out of the mines and put her in the rear guard so she won't get hurt but Octavia says no, stating she only listens to Indra and then ends their friendship by telling Clarke she only fights this war with her because she wants their friends back. She and Indra discuss the Tondc bombing and she doesn't understand why Indra isn't mad at Lexa and Clarke for letting all those Grounders die. Indra tells her it was the Mountain Men who were responsible for their deaths.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Octavia travels into the mines with Indra, Jackson, several Grounders, and several Sky People to clear the mines of Reapers so Bellamy can get the delinquents and the imprisoned grounders safely out of Mount Weather. Later, Octavia thanks Indra for forgiving Lincoln. Octavia uses Lincoln's maps of the mines to find the way to the Mount Weather intake door. They eventually reach the door to Mount Weather and Indra tells her she's a Grounder now, much to Octavia's pleasure. They soon they hear the horn sounding retreat and Indra orders Octavia to leave the mines with them, but Octavia tells her she is not leaving without her brother. Indra tells her she is no longer her Second and symbolically cuts her. After Indra and the Grounders leave, Jackson asks Octavia to come home with the Sky People. Octavia tells him she has no home and Jackson leaves with the others while Octavia stays in the mines.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Lincoln has been apprehended and is tied to a tree. Indra walks up to him and places a knife beside him, telling him Octavia has already made her choice and now he has to choose whether to stay here or march on to Mount Weather, but if he does he will be breaking the Grounder alliance with the Mountain Men. Lincoln takes the knife and heads toward Mount Weather and Octavia.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Octavia runs into Indra at the summit and Indra returns her sword to her asking if she's kept up with her training.

In Hakeldama, Indra radios Kane after the massacre but he instead sends Octavia.

In Thirteen, Octavia finds a crippled Indra and Polis and confronts her. Indra admits she is weak as even someone as weak as Octavia is able to defeat her in a fight. Octavia gives Indra and pep-talk and they are seen leaving Polis.

In Stealing Fire, Octavia and Indra imprison Bellamy in Lincoln's cave while Octavia assists with the prison break. When the horn signaling a new commander has risen is heard Indra leaves and Bellamy says that Octavia hopefully we will get that "[Indra] will always put [her] people first," but Indra responds that "Octavia is [her] people."

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Indra and Octavia are reunited when Indra, Pike, and Murphy save Bellamy, Octavia, Miller, and Bryan from the chipped grounders. At first, Octavia expresses disgust towards Indra working with Pike but Indra tells her the only way they will survive is by working together. Octavia tells Indra that Pike killed Lincoln and Lincoln was her home but Indra tells her that her home is in her heart instead.

In A Sort of Homecoming, after returning to the Second Dawn Bunker, Indra states that Octavia chose to remain outside as she is unable to face her demons, something that Indra can't fault her for.

Later, Indra emerges from the bunker and banters with Octavia, calling herself Octavia's best teacher. Indra states that for her, its only been days since she saw Octavia but for Octavia it has been ten years and another planet. Indra knows that Octavia hasn't been able to forgive herself for her actions and states that she feels equally responsible as they were all Blodreina. Indra convinces Octavia to come back inside so that they can all face her demons together.

Quotes Edit

Octavia: "Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru and you have something I want!"
Indra: "Ai laik Indra kom Trigeda. Chit yu gaf? I said, 'what do you want,' Octavia of the Sky People?"
Octavia: "Lincoln!"
Indra: "No."
Octavia (threatens Nyko's life with a sword)
Indra: "Enough. Nyko is our only healer."
Octavia: "Good. Then you'll do as I say. Bring Lincoln to the place I saw him last. He knows where that is. Just you and him, no one else. If I see anyone else, I'll kill your healer. You have until dark."
-- Inclement Weather

Indra (to Artigas): "No. You are a warrior. She's the bait."
Octavia: "I am not afraid."
Indra:: "You will be."
-- Reapercussions

Lincoln (about Lexa): "And that's why you're all still alive. If it were up to some at her table, you wouldn't be."
Octavia: "Indra?"
Lincoln: "She leads those voices, yes."
-- Spacewalker

Octavia: "Time for one more?"
Indra: "Step aside, Sky Girl. We're hungry."
Octavia: "Make me."
Indra: "Fio, Give this girl what she wants."
Indra: "You fought like a child today. All aggression, no thought, no defense, always leaving yourself exposed, revealing your next move before each strike."
Octavia: "Okay. I know. I got my ass kicked. That should make you happy."
Indra: "It does because you did not give up. Strength of spirit like that is rare. It must be guided. Do you know what a warrior's Second is?"
Octavia: "An apprentice."
Indra: "I can make you a great warrior, Octavia of the Sky People if you're willing to do what it takes to become my Second."
Octavia: "What's in it for you? "
Indra: "First lesson: never question me."
Octavia: "Okay. I'm in."
Indra: "Good. We'll start tomorrow."
-- Survival of the Fittest

Indra (to another warrior about Octavia): "No. Her kill."
Octavia: fights Carl Emerson and takes him captive
Indra: "Finish it."
-- Coup de Grâce

Octavia: "Bellamy left Lincoln in the tunnels two days ago and he should be back."
Indra: "Lincoln is no longer your concern."
Octavia: "Look, I've done everything you've asked me to do and I'll continue to do so but what you're asking now is impossible."
Indra: "I'm not asking. We're at war and a warrior does not mourn those she's lost till after the battle is won. Go stand watch with the other Seconds. Assassins from the mountain will try again. We need to be ready."
-- Rubicon

Indra: "You're the Chief's Second. Save our people."
Octavia: "We're pinned down and the other Seconds won't follow me."
Indra: "So make them."
Indra: "You've done well, Octavia of the Sky People. Today you saved lives, tomorrow you'll take them."
-- Resurrection

Clarke: "I'm changing your mission. You're not going to the mines with Indra. I'm placing you in the rear guard, where you'll be safe."
Octavia: "Like hell you are. I don't take orders from you. I take orders from Indra."
Octavia: "Clarke's trying to reassign me to the rear guard."
Indra: "You're a warrior. You'll be in the mines with me."
Octavia (about the bombing in Tondc): "How could you not hate them? Indra, they almost killed you."
Indra: "They didn't do anything. The enemy did. Lexa's a great commander because she's ruthless. That's why we'll win this battle."
Octavia: "That's wrong."
Indra: "That's war."
-- Bodyguard of Lies

Indra: "You've done well, Octavia."
Octavia: "What does that mean?"
Indra: "What do you think it means?"
Octavia: "I think I want to hear you say it."
Indra: "You're one of us now."
Indra: "We have to go. Now!"
Octavia: "Indra, wait! They're still in there."
Indra: "And our commander's out there, under attack for all we know."
Octavia: "I don't trust her, not after Tondc, and neither should you."
Indra: "I gave you a direct order."
Octavia: "I'm not going anywhere without my brother."
Indra: "You are no longer my second."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)

Lincoln (about Octavia): "I can't just let her die."
Indra (leaves Lincoln a knife to help him escape): "Under the terms of the truce, the lands surrounding the mountain are forbidden. If you violate this, Lexa will never take you back. Octavia made her choice. Now you make yours."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Octavia: "Why are you looking at me like that?"
Indra: "Because I know what you're thinking."
Octavia (about Pike): "Why is he still alive?"
Indra: "Because the dead can't help us."
Octavia (about Lincoln): "He was my home."
Indra (points to Octavia's heart): "Your home is here."
-- Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)

Indra: "When you destroyed the City of Light, there were a thousand Azgeda warriors inside the city of Polis."
Octavia: "Good timing."
-- Echoes

Indra: "Don't fight with aggression. Don't reveal your next move before you strike."
Octavia: "And never leave myself exposed. I remember."
Indra: "It's okay to be afraid."
Octavia: "I'm not."
(Indra pulls out her blade)
Indra: "Gaia would never accept this...but I hope that you will."
Octavia: "Why are you helping me? If I win, that would mean the end of your people."
Indra: (in Trigedasleng) "You are my people. (Indra gives Octavia her blade; Indra holds out her hand, Octavia takes it and they hug) I taught you to fight, but who you fight for is up to you."
-- Die All, Die Merrily

Octavia: "Indra, I'm not a Commander."
Indra: "The time of the Commanders is past. The time of the Flame is past. This is your time. Let me help you."
-- Praimfaya

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