Octavia and Gabriel is the relationship between the Octavia Blake and Gabriel Santiago. They are portrayed by cast members Marie Avgeropoulos and Chuku Modu.

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The relationship between Octavia Blake and Gabriel Santiago starts out antagonistic towards each other with Octavia wanting to kill “Xavier” and his group . However  “Xavier” seems to want to help Octavia in some way by convincing the other members of the Children of Gabriel to spare her life. He also left a knife for her to escape.

Throughought the Series Edit

Octavia first meets Xavier in  after attack The Children of Gabriel for attacking the ship and after she was left behind by Bellamy . She try's to attack Xavier and the other members however Xavier use a plant to  paralyze her. He and the group

In The Face Behind the Glass while Octavia is held for questioning by the a member of children of Gabriel , then soon want to kill Octavia and Rose however Xavier disagrees. Later Xavier is bringing food to Octavia and Rose he then leaves a backpack with a knife beside them.

In The Gospel of Josephine Octavia is chasing in through the woods he leads them to a swamp-like ground called 'the crucible' and points a gun at Octavia to get her to freeze which cause her and Diyoza to sink. However later he comes back with a rope offers to save them after they tell him who else of their people have Blood Alternation - Octavia tells Diyoza to not tell him anything. Hours later night fall Xavier see a temporal flare and throws them a rope to escape and tells them to find shelter however only Diyoza is able to get out of the swamp while Octavia is left behind.

In Memento Mori

In A Sort of Homecoming, when Gabriel lays dying, Octavia recites the Traveler's Blessing for him.

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Xavier: "Where are the others? 
Octavia: "The others are dead ... and you're about to be."
Xavier: "We have no quarrel with you."
Octavia: "You should pick up a weapon."
Xavier: "The forest is my weapon. We call it mace plant. Don't worry, you'll survive, you'll just wish you hadn't.
-- The Children of Gabriel

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  • He first meet Octavia the same way she first met Lincoln in the forest at night.

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