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Octavia Blake is a character in The 100 book series. Her TV series equivalent is Octavia Blake.

Early life Edit

Octavia was born to Melinda Blake and her father was most likely a guard that her mother was sleeping with, however this is never confirmed. She was born illegally due to the one child law on The Colony due to the oxygen, medical supplies, and food supplies. She and her maternal half-brother, Bellamy Blake, are very close and Bellamy is extremely protective of Octavia. Her mother started to go crazy trying to keep Octavia a secret she tried to kill her but Bellamy walked in and stopped it. Their mother, knowing Bellamy couldn’t live with a sister and a mother killed herself with Octavia only a few feet away. From then on the two had to stay at the care center.

Throughout the Books Edit

Flashback Scenes (chronological):

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Flashback Scenes (chronological):

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Flashback Scenes (chronological):

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Personality Edit

Octavia is a young free-spirited girl. She is also quite confident and has been shown to be flirtatious.

Physical Appearance Edit

Octavia has black hair and big blue eyes. She often wears a red ribbon in her hair.

Quotes Edit

"I didn't come all the way to Earth to sit in a tent." [1]

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Octavia has a drug addiction, revealed after she was discovered stealing Clarke Griffin's medical supplies. This was because the drugs made her sleep better.
  • Kass Morgan decided to give Octavia a girlfriend in the book series due to the fan response to Clarke and Lexa's relationship in the TV series.[2]

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