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Nygel is a minor character in the first season. She is portrayed by Saidah Arrika Ekulona and debuts in "Murphy's Law".

Early Life

Nygel was born on the Ark and one point in her life she began an illegal trading ring. She also became a culinary tech.

Throughout the Series

In Murphy's Law, Nygel was approached by Raven who needed a pressure regulator for the Mir-3 escape pod. Nygel told Raven that she would have to prostitute herself to the Chief of Electrical if Raven wanted to get the part, and implied that Raven's mother once did the same.

When Raven failed to get the part, Abigail Griffin went to see Nygel at the mess hall to traded morphine for it. Nygel tells Abby that she underestimated Raven.

Marcus Kane cames to see Nygel in a room where she is playing checkers with her guard and Marcus' mother, Vera is holding a religious ceremony. Vera is surprised to see her son and Nygel tells Vera that Marcus is there see her and to continue with her "mumbo-jumbo". Nygel proceeds to tell Marcus about Raven and Abby asking her for a pressure regulator, presumably for a future IOU,

Raven later discovers that Nygel traded them a broken part.


Nygel is out for herself, and willing to do whatever is in her best interest, even if it means double-crossing her customers. She is a "woman who knows how to get things".

Physical Appearance

Nygel has dark hair and brown eyes.


Vera Kane

Vera and Nygel have an undefined relationship. Whatever the background, Nygel can often be found in the same Ark section where Kane's mother holds religious services for those who keep an Earth tree alive as a sign of faith in the future return to Earth.

Marcus Kane

Marcus is approached by Nygel when she reveals what Abby had asked her for, selling her out. He has known Marcus since he was a little boy. Abby mentions that Marcus "has been trying to get her for years" for doing trading.

Raven Reyes

Raven came to Nygel asking her for a part, but she asked her to do a 'favor' for one of the guards in order for Raven to get it. Raven declined her offer and left. It is indicated that they knew each other previously.

Abby Griffin

Abby came in Raven's place asking for the same part and would exchange morphine for it. Nygel later tattled on her.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAbsent
Earth KillsAbsent
Murphy's LawAppears
Twilight's Last GleamingAbsent
His Sister's KeeperAbsent
Contents Under PressureAbsent
Day TripAbsent
Unity DayAbsent
I Am Become DeathAbsent
The CalmAbsent
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Absent
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Absent


Kane: "Why did you bring her down here, Nygel? What do you want?
Nygel: "It's about what you want. I have something for you."
Kane: "Unless it's a signed confession, I'm not interested."
Nygel: "Not Even if it involves your friend Abby Griffin?"
Kane: "What about Abby?"
Nygel: "She and a girl named Raven Reyes asked me to get them a pressure regulator. As a lowly culinary tech, I didn't feel I had a choice when one of your fellow councilors asked me to help her break the law."
Kane: "And since when do you give up your customers?"
Nygel: "I don't have customers, Marcus. I am a citizen of the Ark, and I don't believe anyone should be above the law. Do you?"
Marcus: "You're a plague on this ship, Nygel. And even if what you said is true, it's your word against a member of the council, and who do you think the people will believe?"
Nygel: *hands him the morphine* "You know.... you should thank me. With Abby out the way, your agenda should sale right through."
Kane: "I don'tknow what you're talking about."
Nygel: "You're almost as convincing as your mother."
Vera: As the Earth will one day provide for us, so we provide for the earth."
Nygel: "A waste of water if you ask me."
Kane: "Not to them!"

---"Murphy's Law"

Notes and Trivia

  • Raven's mother apparently worked for her in the past.
  • She knew Marcus Kane as a little boy.

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