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From the Ashes

Nikki is a recurring character in the seventh season. She is portrayed by Alaina Huffman and debuts in "From the Ashes".

She is an Eligius Prisoner and is a bank robber and was among the 36 prisoners woken from cryosleep after the Season 6 finale. She acts as a minor antagonist in the seventh season.

Early life[]

She was born on Earth and at one point in her life married Hatch. It was implied that both Nikki and Hatch were a wealthy couple before losing their money and their penthouse, which led to them becoming bank robbers. The two became bank robbers until during a robbery gone wrong in Columbus, Nikki killed two cops, causing them to execute the hostages to get rid of witnesses. Both eventually got caught, imprisoned and were sent to Proxima Six on Eligius IV.

Throughout the Series[]

In From the Ashes, Nikki is holding Jordan Green at knife-point. Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes and Indra rush in and try to calm Nikki down. Hatch apologizes for his wife's behavior and tells her to let Jordan go. She then does so.

In False Gods, Nikki complains to Hatch and three other prisoners about the squatters' camp that they are forced to live in until the compound is completed, showing disdain for their treatment and situation. Hatch convinces her that they will get a new compound for the prisoners and they must trust Wonkru. Raven Reyes approaches the prisoners for help with repairing Sanctum's nuclear reactor, but a suspicious Nikki rightly suspects that Raven isn't telling the full truth about the situation. Hatch agrees to help as do the other three prisoners, but Nikki decides to stay behind and wait for Hatch to return.

Hatch ultimately dies stopping a nuclear meltdown, telling John Murphy that he is doing it for Nikki even though Hatch knows he won't survive. While working with Murphy, Hatch explains his and Nikki's history to the young man. After Raven and Murphy remove the bodies to the machine shop, Nikki enters, wondering what is taking so long. Nikki is grief-stricken and enraged upon seeing Hatch dead as Raven had promised that it was safe. Nikki violently assaults Raven, knocking Murphy and Emori away when they try to intervene and trying to kill Raven in revenge. Finally, the other prisoners intervene and drag the still screaming Nikki away.

In Nakara, Nikki is confronted by Indra and Murphy about the missing guns that were taken from Wonkru's armory. She pretends to know nothing about it, but Indra knows she is lying. Nikki also states that she knows about Murphy's blood alteration, and that Raven purposely sent her people into the reactor knowing they would die. Nikki thinks that Raven should be killed for what she did, and that all she wants is her husband back. She leaves, telling Indra and Murphy to tells Raven she said "bang bang".

In The Queen's Gambit, Nikki tries to recruit Nelson to her cause. She later leads the prisoners in taking over the Unification Ceremony and Nelson agrees to join her with the Children of Gabriel. After Nelson tries to kill Emori, Nikki states that they need to make demands before they start killing people.

In The Flock, Nikki makes an announcement over the PA system demanding the surrender of Murphy, Sheidheda and Raven within 20 minutes or she will start executing hostages starting with Emori. When Emori makes the speech Nikki orders her to, she also warns Murphy not to do anything stupid, causing Nikki to admire her bravery.

With four minutes left, Murphy arrives with Sheidheda and lies about where Raven is which Nikki doesn't buy and continues the countdown. Nelson forces Murphy and Emori to reveal the truth about their identities while Sheidheda mockingly reveals his. With time up, Nikki prepares to execute Emori before Murphy announces that it wasn't Raven's idea to send Hatch and the others into the reactor but his. Though Nikki thinks he's lying, Murphy states that he's not the hero type but Hatch was, having given his life to save everyone else. Murphy presses Nikki to stop as killing everyone would spit all over her husband's good work.

As Nikki hesitates, Wonkru invades through a secret tunnel, killing two Children of Gabriel and one prisoner. Penn demands Nikki's surrender and after a moment, she complies. Nikki is silently led from the Great Hall to be imprisoned for her actions.

In The Stranger, Nikki, the prisoners, Nelson and the Children of Gabriel enter the Great Hall to meet with Sheidheda. Passing Murphy, Nikki is pleased that she will have another chance to kill him. Nikki leads the prisoners in kneeling to the Dark Commander and watches as he massacres Nelson and the Children of Gabriel for refusing. Sheidheda later calls Nikki over to discuss something with her.

Nikki later arrives at the machine shop, spotted by Emori on camera. Knocking on the door, Nikki claims to Murphy that Indra told her that Murphy could hide Nikki. Immediately knowing that she's lying, Murphy arms himself with a crowbar and opens the door, claiming that Indra knows him better than to believe that Murphy would hide people from "a one-eyed mass murdering dictator" as it isn't really a survivor's move. Pulling a gun on Murphy, Nikki forces her to let him in and drop his crowbar. Nikki explains that Sheidheda had asked Nikki to follow Indra who led her to the machine shop. Threatening to shoot Murphy in the leg, Nikki forces him to open the reactor door and is pleased to find the missing massacre survivors inside. Before Nikki can do anything more, Emori knocks her out from behind with a wrench and Murphy takes Nikki's gun.

Nikki later awakens tied to a pipe and gagged and immediately begins screaming and trying to get free. Murphy quips that Nikki snores worse than Emori while Emori reassures everyone else that Nikki can't hurt them. Murphy asks Nikki if she thinks Hatch would've kneeled, causing her to cease her struggles. Murphy suggests that while Hatch probably would've kneeled, he would've only pretended to actually work for the Dark Commander instead of actually doing the work. Murphy points to the patch that he and Hatch made on the coolant pipes and explains to Nikki how Hatch, even knowing he was going to die, finished the job to save Nikki. Nikki calms down and Murphy threatens to lock her in the core room if she doesn't stop struggling where the radiation Hatch died to save her from will eventually kill her. Murphy assures Nikki that he doesn't want that to happen and she shakes her head in agreement. Murphy suggests that they can share a drink in the tavern to Hatch once its all over and leaves while Nikki continues pulling at her ropes silently.

She is still sitting tied to the pipe when Sheidheda arrives, having discovered their location because Knight had Nikki followed herself. However, Emori creates a stalemate by threatening to detonate the reactor if the Dark Commander harms Murphy or tries to break in.

In The Last War, Nikki and the prisoners help Raven rescue her friends from the bunker. When Raven thanks Nikki, she tells Raven that its what Hatch would've done. The prisoners join Wonkru in holding the Disciples off and all achieve Transcendence with the rest of the human race aside from Clarke.


Nikki is shown to be very short tempered, as she tried to attack Jordan Green when they first arrived. She can remain calm and almost cunning at other times, such as when Indra confronted her about Wonkru's missing guns and she pretended not to know anything. She was in a loving relationship with her husband Hatch, acting affectionately towards him and showing a softer side around him. She was deeply affected by Hatch's death, blaming Raven Reyes to the point where she viciously attacked Raven and believes that she should be killed for what she did. However, Nikki is shown to be merciful at times, choosing not to kill Raven but instead forcing her to live with the guilt of what she did after hearing Raven's explanation.

Following Nikki abandoning her revenge, she loses her hostility towards Raven and becomes much more amicable. Nikki lends Raven her aid in rescuing her friends from the bunker, stating that its what Hatch would've done and then leads her people in joining Wonkru in holding off the Disciples.

Physical Appearance[]

Nikki has medium blonde hair with brown highlights and one whole side is braided. She has a tattoo on her right arm.



Hatch is Nikki’s husband.


Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAppears
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAppears
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAppears
The FlockAppears
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightFlashback
The Last WarAppears


Nikki: "This thing on? Good evening, Sanctum. This is Nikki, at the mic with my friend Nelson beside me. Thank you for your patience, but we have some requests. We would like to extend an invitation to Russell and Daniel Prime and Raven Reyes to meet us at the palace. You have 20 minutes to get here, or we start killing hostages. Want to take a guess who'll be first?"
-- in The Flock
John Murphy: "Wait. Ok. It wasn't Raven's idea to use your people, ok, it was mine. It was mine."
Nikki: "You're just saying that to save her life."
John Murphy: "Heroing's not really my thing... but Hatch, he was a better man than me. He was a good man.
Nikki: "You take his name out of your lying mouth."
John Murphy: "He was a true-blue hero. He saved all of us, Nikki, so think about it. If you kill these people it's sort of like spitting all over his good work."
-- in The Flock

Killed Victims[]

  • 2 unnamed cops (shot during a bank robbery)
  • Bank robbery hostages (executed alongside Hatch during a bank robbery)

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Her character was announced on September 20, 2019.[1]
  • Behind the scenes, the cast/crew nicknamed her "Nikki Bang Bang".[2]


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