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Bellamy Previously on the 100...
Octavia My brother is on the wrong side.
Octavia [Gunshot]
Bellamy O... I am so sorry.
Octavia You're dead to me.
ALIE You wanted your memories back, here they are.
Raven I submit!
Abby I want to talk to Raven!
Raven Raven's in the City of Light.
Abby No! No! NO! No, stop!
Jaha If you want to save Raven all you have to do is take the key.
ALIE He's taking Raven.
Jaha Find Jasper Jordan and bring him here.
Jasper Clarke! Get in!
Clarke Mom...
ALIE As soon as Raven wakes and I see her surroundings, we'll find them.
Jaha And when we do we'll find the rest of their friends.
Abby Now that Arkadia has fallen, we'll move on to Stage Two.
[Jasper is driving the rover.]
Clarke Jasper, please, talk to me.
Jasper I saved your life. It's more than you deserve.
Clarke My mother let them shoot at me.
Jasper I can see the appeal. Stop talking. Look for the cave. Sinclair said it'd be around here somewhere.
Monty I don't understand something about those chips. We'll know soon enough.
Bellamy O, wait. You can't just leave.
Octavia Watch me.
Bellamy You heard what Jasper said on the radio. Arkadia is not safe.
Octavia What Jasper said sounds insane. Pike's gone. I can handle myself. Grounders burn their dead.
Bellamy I know that. And then what? Where are you gonna go?
Octavia You don't get to ask me that!
Bellamy O, what do I have to do to prove I am on your side?
Octavia Bring Lincoln back. Turning Pike in does not make you one of the good guys, Bellamy! You did that to save me. Not because what you thought what Pike was doing to the grounders was wrong.
Bellamy The grounders were starving us out.
Octavia Because you massacred an army that was sent to protect us.
Bellamy That army could've attacked us at any time and you know it.
Octavia But they didn't attack, you did that. You were hurting and you lashed out because that's what you do. There are consequences Bell, people get hurt. People die. Your people. Monroe's dead. Lincoln is dead.
Miller They're here.
[The rover pulls up and Clarke steps out.]
Jasper Need your help! We have to get her inside before she wakes up!
Bellamy Were you followed?
Jasper Maybe. I don't know.
Miller Get to the ridge. Radio if you spot anyone following. Harper will stay here on watch.
Clarke Octavia, come on. We need you.
[They enter the cave.]
Clarke Clear some space.
Sinclair What the hell happened to her?
Jasper I told you on the radio. Raven is not Raven anymore. None of them are. Jaha's been chipping everyone.
Clarke Jasper's right. I've seen it with my own eyes.
Jasper I don't need your help, alright!
Bellamy Just take it easy and explain.
Jasper Jaha is using the chips to control everyone. You swallow it and it changes you. You forget who you are, and then you see this thing, ALIE. Only, she's not really there. She made Raven slit her own wrists. She was trying to get it out of her head. I was trying to help her but-
Sinclair Ok, so let's help her now. Did she say how?
Jasper She was working on building something. She needed one of our old wristbands but Jaha destroyed all of them.
Clarke Wait a second. Does it look like this?
[Clarke takes out the flame.]
Jasper Not exactly.
[Raven opens her eyes.]
ALIE There is it. Version two of my program. Find out where you are. Now!
[She runs out of the cave.]
Clarke Don't let her get away!
Raven Hey. It's just woods. I can't see anything!
ALIE I need to know your location. Find a landmark.
Raven Stop!
[Jasper and Bellamy restrain her.]
Raven Stop!
Jasper If Raven finds out where we are, so will ALIE. She'll come for her.
[Jasper sedates Raven.]
Jasper Reaper stick, last dose.
Clarke We have to go.
Bellamy Why? ALIE doesn't know where we are.
Clarke Because I know where we can get a wristband.
[The rover pulls up in front of Niylah's trading post. Niylah takes a sword.]
Clarke I'll talk to her.
Bellamy I'll come with you.
[Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia exit the rover.]
Octavia I thought you said she was a friend.
Clarke We'll handle it. Just stay here.
Niylah Skaikru is not welcome here, Wanheda.
Clarke Niylah, what's wrong?
Sinclair She's waking up, hurry! We have to get her inside!
Clarke Is your father here?
Niylah My father is dead. Part of an army killed by your people while trying to protect you.
Clarke Niylah, please.
Niylah I said no.
Bellamy We don't have time for this. Move!
[Bellamy raises his gun.]
Bellamy Move! Get her in there!
Monty I told you, my mom was here. If she was chipped ALIE would know.
Clarke That's why were putting her in the back, through there.
[They carry Raven into a room.]
Clarke Tie her to the bed!
ALIE We need to know where you are.
Raven Where the hell am I? Let me go! Let me go!
Octavia Raven, stop fighting!
[Raven hits Jasper in the face.]
Jasper Why is it always me?
Octavia Sinclair, I need your help.
Raven Let me go!
Sinclair There, got it!
Raven Let me go! Let me go!
[Raven is fully tied to the bed.]
Raven Let me go! AAAAaa!
Clarke How the hell do we get that thing out of her head?
Monty Working on it.
Raven Untie me! Untie me!
Clarke I got this.
Bellamy I'll be right here.
[He walks away.]
Clarke Niylah, we didn't have a choice. Our friend can't see you or this room until she's better.
Niylah Why?
Clarke It's hard to explain.
Niylah Try.
Clarke Just trust me when I tell you it's important.
Niylah Trust you? After what Skaikru did?
Clarke That wasn't us. I'm sorry about your father. We all are.
Niylah What do you want from me, Clarke?
Clarke Last time I was here, you had one of our wristbands. We need it now to save our friend.
Niylah And why should I help you?
Clarke Because I know you won't let an innocent girl suffer.
Niylah Stay here.
[She steps out of the room.]
Clarke You okay?
Bellamy Fine.
Clarke Niylah said we can work in here. So how do we do this?
Sinclair We think Raven wanted to use this wristband to generate an EMP. Which is freakishly brilliant.
Bellamy Meaning what?
Sinclair A targetted electromagnetic pulse could destroy the chip's circuitry. We could use this to send an EMP along Raven's own nervous system. Just need to reverse the polarity, a wire for external input and attach of battery.
Clarke But what would that do to her?
Sinclair Well EMPs don't affect our bodies. But I don't know the mechanics of how this chip integrates with her brain.
Bellamy This was Raven's plan. She wouldn't do it if it would destroy her brain.
Octavia Depends how bad she wanted it out.
Sinclair Regardless, without an electromagnet, this is just talk.
Clarke Where do we get one?
Sinclair The Ark. Every station had a pulse inductive thruster for maneuvering.
Bellamy Arkadia's out of the question. It's too dangerous, you heard them.
Monty We use the dropship. It has PI thrusters just like the Ark.
Sinclair That's good. Okay. I'll go salvage the magnet.
Monty Uh, no. You should stay with Raven and figure out how this thing works. I'll take the rover. Be back by the time you finish the device.
Octavia I'll go with you.
[Bellamy glances at her.]
Octavia Don't.
[Octavia and Monty leave.]
[Raven is sitting tied to the bed, Jasper is on guard.]
ALIE With marginally more slack, you could reach those knots.
Jasper Come on don't-don't do that. Raven. What are you doing?
[Raven dislocates her shoulder in order to reach the knots.]
Raven There is no pain in the City of Light.
Jasper Guys! Guys!
[Clarke and Bellamy enter.]
Clarke Stop her!
Bellamy Jasper, get that side!
Clarke She's reopened her wounds.
Raven Get away from me! Get away from me!
Clarke She's gonna bleed to death! I need bandages.
Jasper I got her.
Clarke Bellamy, take her wrists. Raven, stop fighting us.
[Raven continues to try and wrestle free while banging her head against the back of bed.]
Jasper ALIE.... ALIE.... ALIE.... Look at me, I know you can hear us. Why are you doing this to her? Let her go!
Raven/ALIE I'll let her go when you give me what I want. The technology that Clarke carries, it belongs to me.
Clarke No way.
Jasper Clarke just give it to her. Clarke!
Clarke If you let Raven die, you'll never get it.
ALIE Let them help you.
Clarke Untie her wrist. Hold her steady.
[Clarke relocates Raven's shoulder.]
Bellamy Clarke. She's never gonna stop trying to get away. We can't let her hurt herself again. Someone has to stay with her.
Clarke I'll be first watch. We'll take turns.
Jasper You don't give the orders, Clarke!
Raven Guess he doesn't forgive you for murdering his girlfriend.
Bellamy Jasper, take a break.
[Bellamy and Jasper leave the room, leaving Clarke alone with Raven.]
[Jasper is trying to get a cuff of his wrist.]
Jasper You're ok with her coming back after all this time? Taking over?
Bellamy She's trying to save Raven.
Jasper Guess she thinks Raven's worth saving. Lucky for her.
Bellamy Get yourself together, Jasper. You can't let anger get in the way of what we have to do.
Jasper You know, that's funny, coming from you. When you're angry people die. Just ask that girl over there.
[Jasper steps outside the trading post and rests against the fence and cries.]
[Clarke is wrapping fresh bandages on Raven's wounds.]
Raven Thank you.
[Clarke smiles. Raven looks at ALIE who signals her.]
Raven Do you ever see their faces?
Clarke What?
Raven Of all the people you've killed.
Clarke I know what you're doing. But you can't get to me ALIE so don't even bother.
Raven It's not ALIE, Clarke. It's Raven. And I'm not trying to get to you, I'm just trying to tell you the truth. Because no one else will. Everywhere you go, death follows. You always want to save everyone. But what you don't realize is you're the one we need saving from. Wells is dead because you couldn't see Charlotte was a basket case. Finn is dead because you broke his heart and then slid a knife into it. Hell, I bet you got Lexa killed, too.
Clarke Shut up.
Raven And then there's dear old dad.
Clarke I said shut up!
Raven Your mom's in here with me, Clarke. She told me you tried to convince him not to go public about the fact that the Ark was dying. Guess you should've tried harder! His blood is on your hands, too.
Clarke Shut up!
Raven You can hide behind the selfless martyr act, but we see you for who you really are. Poison to anyone who gets close.
[Clarke tries to cover Raven's mouth but Raven bites her arm.]
Clarke You're done ALIE, you hear me? We're gonna fry you!
Bellamy Hey! Hey!
[He restrains Clarke. Jasper, Bellamy and Clarke leave the room.]
ALIE Well done. To fry: to cook over direct heat. To destroy circuitry with excessive current.
Raven They must be building the EMP. That's what I was trying to do.
ALIE They would need an electromagnet. Where would they get one?
Raven They're going to the dropship.
ALIE Then so are we.
[Monty is driving the rover towards the dropship.]
Monty Who'd have thought it'd be good to see the dropship?
Octavia It's not.
Monty I heard you tell Bellamy you're leaving. Is that true? After everything we've been through?
Octavia Yeah.
Monty Octavia... we're your people. We were sent down together, we survive together.
Octavia Lincoln was my people. I'm not Trikru, I'm not Skaikru, I'm nothing.
Monty You're one of the hundred.
Octavia Not anymore.
[Niylah's Trading Post. Jasper has finally gotten off his cuff.]
Clarke I let her get to me.
Bellamy You don't say. Take a break. I'll let her beat me up for a while.
Jasper Truth hurts, huh?
Clarke I'm sorry.
Jasper What?
Clarke I never wanted to hurt Maya. I never wanted any of this. I had to save our people.
Jasper I was going to save everyone.
Clarke I wish you could've.
Jasper Shove your regret up your ass.
Scene #: The Dropship
Monty I had a hell of a time prying open the sub-assembly but I got it!
[Monty looks towards the rover to see no one there. He points his flashlight towards something.]
Monty Octavia!
[He points his flashlight towards a figure recognizing it as his mother.]
Hannah Monty. Thank god!
Monty Mom.
[She runs towards him and hugs him.]
Hannah Pretty sure I lost them in the woods. Did you see anyone? They're everywhere.
Monty You got away?
Hannah I had to find you.
Monty How could you turn me in?
Hannah I would never do that.
Monty Mom, what was Dad's favorite color?
[She looks blankly at him shaking her head.]
Hannah We don't have time for this. We can't stay. Everyone knows to look for you here.
Monty Mom, you said it reminded him of your eyes. But you don't remember that, do you?
ALIE Don't let him leave. He needs to take the key so he can lead us to Raven.
[Hannah lunges towards Monty and begins beating him.]
Monty Stop it! Mom, stop!
[Octavia runs towards the commotion.]
Hannah I'll stop when you take this.
Monty Never!
[Octavia shoves Monty's mother down from behind.]
Octavia Monty, are you ok?
Monty She's chipped.
[Octavia attacks Monty's mother and raises her sword.]
Monty Octavia, don't!
[Hannah knocks Octavia down taking her sword and holding it above her.]
Monty Mom, what are you doing? Please stop it! Stop! Mom, don't make me do this!
[He fires his gun at her. Since she feels no pain and the shot is non-fatal she continues attacking Octavia. Monty fires again, this time, a fatal shot and his mother falls over dead.]
Octavia Monty!
[Niylah's Trading Post. Sinclair is building the EMP off the wristband.]
Clarke Hey.
Sinclair Just need to rewire the firing mechanism and we're good to go.
Clarke Raven will be alright.
Sinclair You don't know that. She's all I have left, Clarke. What if this thing that I built destroys that brilliant mind of hers? How do I live with that?
Clarke Jasper said that she was trying to disconnect herself from ALIE. That's not Raven anymore.
Sinclair You sure about that?
Clarke I'm not sure about anything. But this is our only choice.
[Sinclair nods and Clarke walks away.]
[Monty is driving back in the rover with Octavia.]
Monty That wasn't really her.
[Octavia shakes her head.]
Monty It was ALIE. My mom was already gone.
Octavia Monty-
Monty It wasn't her.
[Octavia holds up the chip.]
Monty It wasn't her.
[Niylah's Trading Post. ALIE is briefing Raven.]
ALIE They've got the electromagnet. They're on the way. You have to hurry.
[She glances at Bellamy and Jasper.]
Raven Look at your united front. Tell me, why do you give Bellamy a pass for murdering your girlfriend? What was her name?
Jasper Don't talk about Maya.
Bellamy You don't have to listen to this.
Raven Let's protect Jasper. Jasper is so sensitive. Jasper's lost someone. Everyone cater to his feelings. We've all lost someone. You don't see us falling apart. You don't see us getting wasted, being useless.
Jasper You took a pill to take your pain away. You gave up your memories.
Raven But then why should we expect anything more? You used to get high off people's medicine. Being a selfish loser was your only move.
Jasper Stop.
Raven That's all we see when we look at you. A coward. A waste of breath. Why do you even bother living? You're weak. Pathetic. You can't save me. You can't even save yourself. And you couldn't even save what's her name.
Jasper You know her name!
Bellamy Jasper think. It's not Raven talking. And you're giving her what she wants. Go.
[Jasper leaves the room.]
Raven Just you and me, huh? Oh come on Bellamy. We've had our fun together. Haven't we? It's ok. We don't have to talk about it. Usually not much to talk about, anyway. But I do have one question. Does it bother you that you don't get any credit for the genocide at Mount Weather? Clarke gets to be the Commander of Death, but you murdered all those people, too, and you're just forgotten. Then again... you didn't get any credit for the Culling on the Ark, either. How many people suffocated when you threw away my radio? At least Clarke was saving her own people. You were just saving your own ass. Of course, that's nothing... compared to killing your own mom. You just had to take little sister to her first dance, you might as well have just shoved Aurora out the airlock yourself. Do you think she'd be proud of you now? Of the kind of leader you've become? Or would she see the truth, like the rest of us do? That you're a follower. Clarke's been back for one day and you're already taking orders. A good little knight, by his queen's side. Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.
Bellamy You don't know what you're talking about.
Raven Don't worry. Gina was already dead when Mount Weather blew up. And you avenged her, right? I mean you picked up a gun and slaughtered an army that was sent to protect us. That had nothing to do with blowing sweet Gina to bits. But, hey, a Grounder's a Grounder, right?
Niylah My father, you-
Bellamy Niylah.
Niylah Killed him!
[Niylah punches Bellamy in the face.]
Clarke Niylah you can't be in here.
Jasper It's too late. Raven's already seen her. ALIE knows were here.
ALIE Good work, Raven. Help is on the way.
[Bellamy steps out of Niylah's trading post and begins kicking things.]
Niylah Feel better?
Bellamy All I wanted was to protect my people.
Niylah By destroying mine.
Bellamy I'm sorry.
Niylah People like you always are.
[The rover pulls up. Octavia and Monty step out.]
Bellamy What happened?
Sinclair Everyone, let's go!
Monty We're all set.
Sinclair All we have to do is connect her and activate the electromagnet.
ALIE Their design is good.
[Raven begins to struggle.]
Clarke Raven!
ALIE I won't be able to get here before they disconnect you.
Sinclair Hold it still.
ALIE You know too much. I can't let them have you.
Clarke Raven, stop it!
Jasper Stop!
[Raven begins slamming her head against the back of the bed.]
Bellamy She's trying to kill herself. Raven stop!
Octavia Stop it!
Clarke Stop and I'll give you this.
[Clarke takes out the flame using the moment to distract Raven. They hold back her head and connect her to the EMP.]
Raven No you lied! You lied! No. No, please, don't. The EMP will give me brain damage! You know it will. Please, don't do this!
Octavia Don't listen to her.
Raven Please! You know it will! Sinclair, stop! Sinclair, no. No!
Sinclair We've only got one shot at this. The EMP will fry the wristband too.
Bellamy Do it! Do it!
Sinclair OK!
Monty Got it, go!
[They try to use the EMP.]
Jasper What's happening?
Sinclair Nothing. We need more power. The battery's not strong enough.
Clarke Well, then get one that is.
Monty The rover.
Bellamy Sinclair hold her! Hold her!
[Monty and Bellamy run outside before noticing ALIE's drone.]
Monty She's here.
[Bellamy shoots it down.]
Bellamy Not anymore. Get the damn battery. Go!
[Monty runs in with the battery.]
Monty It's ok, I got it I got it.
Bellamy Guys we have to move! Move!
Monty Got it!
[They use the EMP and Raven screams before falling limp. Clarke checks for pulse.]
Clarke She's breathing. Raven? Come on Raven, hey. Come on Raven, wake up. Wake up!
Octavia Raven.
Clarke Come on Raven, wake up.
Octavia Hey.
Clarke Wake up!
Jasper She warned us.
Clarke Come on Raven, wake up. Please?
[Jasper grabs a metal bar.]
Clarke What are you doing?
Jasper ALIE did that to Raven she's never gonna get this!
[Jasper moves to smash the flame.]
Clarke No, you can't! No, give it back! Stop! It's Lexa! Part of her is still in there. I saw them cut it out of her head, I'm not...
Bellamy What is it?
Clarke Both the AIs were made by the same person. Both tap into human consciousness. They must work similarly, right?
Sinclair There's probably only one pathway to conciousness, so it's possible, yeah.
Octavia What does this have to do with anything?
Clarke I've seen an AI get removed before. Help me get her on her side!
Octavia Ok, one, two, three.
[The roll Raven onto her side.]
Clarke Get that med kit from my bag!
[Monty hands Clarke the medkit and she takes out a scalpel.]
Sinclair Woah, woah-woah-woah... what...?
Clarke It's okay.
[Clarke uses the knife to cut Raven's neck.]
Clarke This has to work.
[She holds a cloth to Raven's neck and stick goop pours out.]
Bellamy What is that?
Sinclair It must be whatever's left of the chip.
[Raven moves and starts coughing.]
Sinclair Hey.
Raven Ow.
Sinclair Get her up. Come on.
Octavia Never thought I'd be so happy to see someone in pain.
Raven [chuckles] Ow.
[Clarke walks over to Jasper.]
Jasper I couldn't do what you did.
[He hands her the flame.]
Monty I could have saved my mom.
Jasper Hey...
[He rests a hand on Monty's shoulder.]
Monty Get the hell away from me!
Bellamy ALIE knows we're here. We gotta move.
[Clarke puts the flame back in the pouch and they all leave the trading post.]
[Octavia places down a lamp.]
Octavia For the clothes
Clarke I'm sorry for not telling you about Bellamy. But you wouldn't have helped if you knew the truth.
Niylah You didn't give either of us the chance to find out. Just go, Clarke.
Clarke You can't stay here. If you do, you'll end up just like my friend. You need to run.
Niylah It's time for a supply run, anyway.
[Clarke walks out of the trading post to see Bellamy.]
Clarke You'll recover.
Bellamy Will I? What do you do when you realize... you might not be the good guy?
Clarke Maybe there are no good guys.
Sinclair Back it up! Okay, good.
Jasper You're gonna be okay.
Raven I know, I'm so sorry for all the crap I said.
Jasper And for punching me in the face, right?
Raven No, you definitely deserved that.
Clarke Hey. There's one thing I don't understand. Why did ALIE want you to kill yourself?
Raven Because I know why she wants the second AI.
Bellamy Why?
Raven It's the only thing that can stop her.
Octavia Then let's stop her. We survive together.
[The City of Light. Jaha is standing with ALIE.]
Jaha We'll get Raven back, we'll get them all.
ALIE It's bigger than that. With Raven's abilities, she'll be able to understand what she learned here. They'll know the second AI can stop me. We'll have to kill them all.