Nathan and Eric is the relationship between Nathan Miller and Eric Jackson. They are portrayed by cast members Jarod Joseph and Sachin Sahel. They are first seen together in "A Lie Guarded" of Season Four.

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It is unknown if Miller and Jackson knew each other on the Ark. In "A Lie Guarded" Jackson is shot and pinned down by one of A.L.I.E.'s drones. Miller accompanies him until drones are disabled and Jackson is safe. They are not seen together after that until "The Chosen". During their time in the bunker, they came close and fell in love with each other.

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In A Lie Guarded, Miller and Jackson are part of an expedition to Becca's lab in order to produce nightblood serum. After Emori crosses a line, beyond which no mutants are allowed, drones are automatically sent after the expedition. Drones attack everyone who crossed the line, even non-mutants, including Jackson who gets shot in the arm. Nate accompanies him until help comes, shooting the drones until he rans out of bullets. Luckily, Raven manages to shut down the drones with help of Luna and Jackson is finally safe.

In The Chosen, Jackson can be seen with Miller in the bunker during the lottery. After Miller's name is drawn, they hug each other. Jackson already had a guaranteed place in the bunker, because he was a doctor.

In Red Queen, Jackson and Miller are in the mess hall. After a small talk Miller leaves the room and goes on his shift. Moments later Kara Cooper and her rebels close farm's doors, leaving only Skaikru members inside. Jackson wants to stand up against Kara to save Miller but is advised not to by Abby. They are reunited after Octavia and Jaha manage to open the door. They share a hug and a kiss just before the first Gladiator battle starts.

In Shifting Sands, Jackson tells Miller to be safe, just before Wonkru's march on the Shallow Valley. Miller was a scout, so he moved ahead of the army.

Because of their duties, they are not seen too many times together later in the season.

In The Dark Year, Jackson holds Miller's hand as they proceed to eat human meat in order to survive the "Dark Year" in the Secoond Dawn Bunker. Miller tells Jackson that they will get through this.

In Damocles (Part 1), Jackson is there to help Miller when he gets shot in the side.

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Miller to Jackson: "Look, you're a healer, not a fighter, that's why I love you"

-- Red Queen

Jackson to Miller: "Be safe, okay?"

-- Shifting Sands

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  • Since Season Five, they are the only LGBT couple in the show.

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