Nathan: If your name's not picked I'm not going, dad.

David: It's gonna be wonderful Nate, you're gonna rebuild the world.

— David and Nathan's last words and hug in The Chosen

Nathan and David is the relationship between Nathan and David Miller. Portrayed by Jarod Joseph and Chris Shields, this father and son relationship was revealed in season two when David went looking for Nathan.

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David and Nathan seem to be very intimately close and are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. There are many examples showing their deep connection to each other like in Blood Must have Blood (Part 2), David was captured by the Mountain Men along with other sky people while looking for his son and when his face was revealed, David sees his son and rushes at him causing the guards to knock him out which angered Nathan showing strong care for his dad.

However, In The Chosen, while Earth is in danger, the sky people are hosting a lottery to decide who survives and even though Nathan had already written his name down, David sacrifices his chance for the bigger chance of his son's survival which is successful, but unfortunately, David was not one of the survivors.

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  • In The Chosen, David put Nathan's name in lottery instead of his own name, doubling his son's chances of getting a spot to live in the Second Dawn Bunker.

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