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Diyoza: I see you guys don't get many visitors. 

Guard: Eyes forward. 

Diyoza: Do that again, and that scar on your uniform is gonna be in your head. 


Diyoza: That's two. 


Kirsch: We can't read her like this. She's using pain to block her memories. This one we have to break. 


Guard: Miss. I'm sorry. Alright. Please don't. Maybe I can release you. I'll release you. Please. 

Diyoza: Uh-huh. Thanks. 


Madi: Jackson said the solider had armor unlike anything he'd ever seen. 

Indra: Jackson hasn't seen a lot of armor. Clarke and Gaia have. They'll be home soon. If not, I'll send a team after them, okay? 

Madi: Do you even have a team to send?

Indra: Did Jackson tell you that, too? 

Madi: No. I heard you in the kitchen. 

Indra: That's none of your concern. 

Lindo: We have a problem, Chief. 

Indra: Go on. Don't be late. 

Lindo: Someone broke into the armory and stole the guns. 

Nelson: Indra, we need to talk. 

Indra: When? 

Lindo: Last night. The entire locker. Every weapon we'd collected. 

Indra: 'Were the guards hurt? 

Lindo''''': They weren't there. No one saw a thing. 

Indra: On me. 

Nelson: Hey, Indra--

Indra: Sit down, Nelson. Why is the prisoner out of his cell? 

Russell: Good morning. Indra taught me a few words. 

Indra: Lindo, take him back inside. 

Russell: Nice talking to you, Otis. I'm sure you'll now be reassigned. 

Otis: What? Our orders are that he gets ten minutes outside twice a day. 

Indra: Not anymore, and because you were also ordered not to speak to him-- he's correct-- you are being relieved. Go now. 

Guard: Seya, with all due respect, we need every loyal man we've got. 

Indra: What did they talk about? 

Guard: Nothing much. Russell was curious about Earth. That's all. 

Indra: From now on, only Trikru guards the prisoner. You are not to speak to him. If he tries speaking to you, you are authorized to shut him up. 

Guard: Indra... excuse me, but if we're seen beating their leader-- 

Indra: You're right. Use one of the COGs to do it. Now stand your post. Leave us. You are my prisoner. You have no rights. You will not be removed from this cell. You will not speak to my guards, and you will not so much as look at them without my permission. Do you understand? 

Russell: I'm recovering fine. Thank you for asking. Pity, though. Resurrection was wonderful. I would have liked to do it again. 

Indra: Make no mistake. The moment you stop being useful, I will kill you myself. 

Russell: So you keep saying. I suppose you have to since se few of our people are following your orders now, bad time to lose track of all those guns. I hear things. What you need is a Heda. Alas, the child is broken. Perhaps Clarke could lead. She did once bear the flame, after all, a claim only three of us can make, and that is what you're really afraid of, isn't it? That they'll follow me. I would be, too, if I was you. 

Indra: Guards. 


Clarke: Bellamy! Octavia! Echo! 

Miller: Safe to say, we're on the wrong planet. 

Jordan: I agree. If these people could choose a new world for a home, it wouldn't be this one. 

Niylah: I don't know. I think it's pretty cool. Cool. Get it? 

Raven: Miller's right. We move on. According to the computer, the stone's near... those rocks, two kilometers that way. I see the cave entrance. 

Clarke: Wait a minute. There's something buried in the snow here. It's a body. 

Miller: Have I mentioned that I don't like it here? 

Raven: Ossuarium. 

Clarke: What? 

Raven: The planet's primary use. I'm pretty sure it means a place to store your dead. I've seen that symbol before. Show me the star map. I bet you it's the planet where the people who took our friends are from. 

Clarke: Knife. 

Miller: Here. 

Clarke: Thanks. Human. 

Jordan: Bummer. What? Seeing an alien would be awesome. 

Clarke: At least we know where we're going now. Let's find that stone and get our friends back. 

Raven: Don't be such wimps. Come on. The stone's 200 meters this way. Wish this thing had a light. Cool. I hope no one's claustrophobic. 

Miller: Are we really doing this?

Clarke: What's that smell? Is it me, or is it warm in here?

Raven: It's not you. The temperature's up 50 degrees from the surface. There must be some kind of thermal heat source down here. 150 meters. There's an opening up ahead. 

Niylah: Anyone else hear that? 

Jordan: I sure did. 

Raven: What was that? 

Clarke: Raven, why are you stopping? 

Raven: Something's down here. 

Clarke: Go back! Go back!

Jordan: Shoot it with the laser! 

Clarke: No. It's a cave. It could collapse on us.  Raven, are you okay? 

Raven: Yeah. It's gone. 

Clarke: We gotta keep moving. 

Jordan: Wait. We're going towards that thing? 

Clarke: We don't have a choice. We've got to get to the stone. Hey, are you hurt? 

Raven: No. I'm fine. 

Jordan: What was it? 

Raven: How should I know? 

Niylah: We should go back, right? There might be more of them. Guys... 

Miller: Where's the damn tunnel? 

Jordan: What the hell? Acid. 

Raven: We're not going that way, anyway. Come on. The stone's this way. 

Miller: You, uh, still think aliens are awesome? 


Murphy: Oh, hey. How's your boy? 

Jeremiah: Alive, thanks to you. 

Murphy: You want a drink?

Jeremiah: Me? With you? 

Murphy: Yeah. 

Indra: Excuse me, but I need to borrow your God. 

Murphy: Hey, it's okay. What's your name? 

Jeremiah: Jeremiah. 

Murphy: I say we go with Jerry. What do you think? Alright. Perfect. Probably gonna need to owe you that drink though, Jer. Oh, I'm not gonna like this, am I? 

Indra: Our guns were stolen. I need your help getting them back. The leader of the convicts, the one who died in the reactor, what do you know of his thief wife? 

Murphy: Oh, machine gun Annie? She and Hatch were bank robbers. Hatch liked the money. She liked the chaos. If she's got the guns, we've got problems. 

Indra: Let's find out. There was a break-in last night. 

Nikki: And you think we're responsible? Once a convict, always a convict? Is that it? 

Murphy: Look. You've been through a lot. We all have. Hatch was a good man. We just want to know if you've seen anything or heard anything. 

Nikki: Yeah. I heard something. I heard you have blood alteration, means you were never in any danger going into that reactor. Raven knew exactly what she was doing when she sent my people down there to die. I think maybe she should die for that. What do you think? You're the man now. Sound like justice to you? 

Indra: You didn't ask what was stolen. Seems like the obvious question unless you already know. Where are the guns? What do you want?

Nikki: My husband back. Tell Raven I said, bang bang. 

Murphy: You thought Diyoza was a handful. 


Guard: Hey! You! 

Diyoza: That's three! 

Guard: Sound the alarm! 

Diyoza: Let's call that three instead. 

Hope: Mom? 

Octavia: Diyoza. 

Diyoza: Oh, my God, Hope. Oh, God...

Echo: Stone room's this way. 

Diyoza: What's wrong with her? 

Octavia: Bellamy's dead. 


Russell: Ah, yes, more stimulating conversation. What should we talk about this time? Oh. 

Guard: You've got five minutes. Please shut him up. 

Nelson: They searched me for weapons... just not very well, maybe because they think I'm satisfied you can't ressurect. I'm not satisfied. What I do now I do for the people of Sanctum whose lives you have taken to extend your own, for their families you lied to, and for every null left out to die, myself included. 

Russell: Now that that's out of your system... you're too aggressive.  I'll take that, thank you. Don't be ashamed. If Russell was here, I have no doubt you would have killed him. Do you play? You fool, I'm not Russell. Do you play or not?

Nelson: What do you mean? How's that possible?

Russell: Don't tell me Gabriel neglected to teach his children how mind drives work because I'd rather not waste our precious time. 

Nelson: He did. Of course he did. 

Russell: Then you know two minds can't share a body. I killed his mind. Now his body's mine. Sit. I'll teach you. 

Nelson: Who are you? 

Russell: Someone who knows how to give you what you want. 

Nelson: And what is that? 

Russell: What everyone wants-- power. 

Nelson: I don't want power. I want justice. 

Russell: You can't get justice without power. 

Nelson: Why are you telling me this? 

Russell: Wonkru is weak. They have no leader, and their guns were stolen last night. My guess, it was the Eligius prisoners. You and the prisoners share an enemy, perhaps even the same goal. 

Nelson: Somehow I doubt a bunch of murderers and thieves want justice. 

Russell: Don't make me repeat myself. 

Nelson: Power. They want power. Okay. You have all the answers. How do we do it? 

Russell: You make allies of the murderers and thieves. Then you take out the enemy's queen. 


Miller: There it is again. 

Clarke: Keep moving. Where's that stone, Raven? 

Raven: 40 meters dead ahead. No. It's a dead end, and there's no way around. 

Clarke: We backtrack, find another way. 

Jordan: Uh, I don't think that's a good idea. 

Miller: I hate this place. 

Jordan: It's just seismic activity. Let's-- Where'd they go? 

Miller: Clarke! Where'd they go? Raven!

Jordan: Clarke! 

Clarke: The wall just moved. Quick. Help me push it. The shifting ground moved it. Maybe we can move it back. 

Raven: It's not shifting ground. Clarke, this isn't a cave. It's a living organism. If I'm right, that's digestive enzyme, meaning-

Clarke: We're its next meal. 


Gabriel: There it is. That's the stone room. 

Echo: There's no one here. 

Hope: It's too quiet. 

Diyoza: Something's not right. 

Gabriel: The stones are our only way out. 

Diyoza: They'd know we were coming here. 

Echo: Good. We'll take right. You go left. 

Gabriel: We go on three. 1... 2... 

Octavia: Wait. 

Hope: It's Levitt. Let her go. 

Levitt: A dozen disciples. They'll suicide to stop you if they have to. 

Octavia: Well, how do we get to Sanctum? 

Levitt: You don't. Go through the oxygen farm. There's a door on the far side, stairs that'll take you to the surface. They won't follow. 

Octavia: Why? 

Levitt: Because it's not survivable, not for long, anyway, longer than here. 

Octavia: You're a janitor? 

Levitt: Yeah... still on the code-breaking team, though. They need me for that. 

Octavia: Of course. 

Levitt: It was worth it to see another way to live, to feel what you made me feel. Now punch me again and run. 

Octavia: Guys, we run. 

Echo: Gabriel! 


Boy: Cool. What is that? Is that something from Earth? 

Madi: Yes. No. I don't know. 

Boy: Can I see? You're weird, huh?

Boy#2: Hey! 

Boy: Yes. I'm a null who was left out to die in the woods. No. I would not like to fight you. 

Boy#2: I was just gonna say, we're gonna play soccer if you want to join. 

Boy: Oh. 

Madi: Sure. Why not? 

Indra: Madi, I need to speak with you. 

Madi: What, is something wrong with Clarke and Gaia? 

Indra: No. Alone. 

Boy: Find me later. 

Indra: I'm sorry Madi, I don't know what else to do. 

Madi: What's wrong? 

Indra: I'm failing my mission. Sanctum is on edge. You've seen the fighting, the attempt on Russell's life. You know, last night a woman set herself on fire for him. That's nothing compared to what I fear comes next. Our guns were stolen, nearly 50 of them, over 2,000 rounds. I have a good idea who has them, but I can't get them back unless all of Wonkru is with me. Madi... we need our commander. I know you don't want this. I don't want this for you, but there are forces at play here that are greater than our wants, responsibilities we must yield to. 

Madi: What about Clarke? 

Indra: I'll talk with Clarke, but the truth is, no one understands this more than her. That's why she's out there right now looking for her friends. Her people need her like yours need you. 


Raven: We're not gonna make it. 

Clarke: The others will find a way. 

Raven: How do you do it? 

Clarke: Do what? 

Raven: Stay so damn strong. Whatever happens, Clarke Griffin doesn't break. 

Clarke: That's not true. 

Raven: Really? I killed four people in the nuclear reactor... eight more later that night for good measure, and I feel like my soul's cracked open. You just hum along like a finely tuned engine. 

Clarke: Raven-- 

Raven: Maybe this is karma for everything we've done, all the people we've killed. 

Clarke: Hey, the people we've killed, we've killed to save the people we love. 

Raven: They loved people, too. When does it end?

Clarke: It doesn't end here. I don't believe in karma, Raven, and if we have a soul, yours isn't cracked. You're a good person, maybe the best I know. 

Raven: Best you know, huh? Then why didn't I go in? I could've welded those pipes myself, but instead, I sent Hatch and his people to die. I could've welded myself, but I was-- I was afraid. 

Clarke: Hey, it's okay. 

Raven: I was so afraid. Clarke, I'm so--


Niylah: This is useless. Stop! We need to think of something else. 

Jordan: Okay. It's coming back. 

Clarke: Told you. 

Miller: How about you find us a planet with a beach? 

Jordan: Yeah. Preferably one that doesn't eat people. 

Raven: I'm on it. 


Knight: Indra... We're all here! What grand lie do you have for us today?!

Indra: I know you're scared, but I'll be right beside you. 

Jackson: Indra, we just heard Wonkru is gathering at the request of the commander. What are you doing? 

Indra: Keeping hell from breaking loose. Now go inside. The delegation from Arcadia is small, but you'll find them. You two aren't Wonkru. Please go. 

Murphy: Neither is Madi. 

Indra: Why did you bring them? 

Jackson: Because they care about her, and so do I. 

Madi: I'm fine. I can do this. 

Murphy: Indra, look at her. She's terrified. 

Indra: Madi Kom Louwoda Kiron Kru, you were born for this. Do you remember what I told you to say? There's one more thing. 

Jackson: Indra--

Indra: You say one more word to stop this, and I will cut you down, I swear it. 

Madi: Don't fight, please. 

Murphy: Do it. Cut me down because that's the only way I'm letting this kid go in there. 

Madi: I'm sorry. 

Jackson: She's having a panic attack, Indra. She can't do this, and you know it. Madi, wait! 

Emori: Indra, what is it? Let us help. 

Indra: Sheidheda. 

Emori: What? In Madi? But I thought--

Indra: Not in Madi. In Russell. When we removed the flame from Madi, Sheidheda's conciousness disappeared into the computer. From there, it jumped into the mind drive. 

Emori: So kill him. 

Murphy: We can't. Fanatics think he's Russell. They'll burn it all down. Of course, if we tell them he isn't Russell, they'll still burn it all down. Either way, their god is dead. 

Emori: Which will be the least of our worries because if we tell them, Wonkru will know Sheidheda is back. 

Murphy: You really think they'd follow him? 

Indra: Sangedakru would, and eventually, the others would kneel. I've seen it before. That's why we need Madi. 

Murphy: No. That is why we need you. I mean, come on, Indra. We weren't actually in that bunker, but I don't think it takes a genius to figure out who was really running things down there while Octavia was painting her face with blood. Besides, who's bossier than you? 

Indra: I'm a soldier, a warrior. That's my role, always has been. 

Emori: Indra, the fact that you don't want it, it's why you should do it. 

Indra: Get rid of this. 

Murphy: Can we at least watch?

Indra: No. 

Murphy: I'm gonna watch. 


Knight: So where's the commander? 

Indra: There are no Commanders anymore. 

Knight: Thanks to you and your daughter. We know. Then why are we here? 

Indra: There may be no Commander, but make no mistake... I am in command. 

Knight: Why should we follow you? You betrayed us! Lied to us! And now you ask to lead us?!

Indra: I'm not asking. We are Wonkru. Not separate clans. We rose from the ashes of the bunker... and flew across the stars to find a new home. There are threats here that will defeat us if we fail to remember that. Knight, you're in charge of getting the missing guns back from the prisoners. 


Octavia: Ah, this is it-- the oxygen farm. 

Diyoza: There's nothing to be scared of. Just tell us how to get outside. 

Man: To the surface? 

Diyoza: Yes. 

Man: You can't, not without rebreathers. 

Diyoza: What happens without rebreathers? 

Man: Same thing as happened to the Bardoans-- extinction, only slower, I expect. 

Octavia: Levitt wouldn't have told us to do this if it wasn't survivable. 

Gabriel: What the hell's the matter with you? 

Diyoza: She said his name. We still might need Levitt on the inside. 

Echo: On me. 

Gabriel: You just heard him. It's too dangerous. 

Echo: He wants his answers. That's all he's ever wanted. 

Gabriel: No. That's not true. I want to live. 

Echo: Then I suggest stepping aside. 

Diyoza: We don't have time fo rthis. 

Gabriel: No. Wait. 

Octavia: They're coming. I trust Levitt. Let's go. 

Hope: Move! 

Diyoza: Gabirel, open the door. 

Gabriel: I can't let you risk it. 

Diyoza: Gabirel, what are you waiting for? Weapons disengaged. I surrender. 


Clarke: Raven, any change?

Raven: Still waiting. That thing damaged the helmet. The map's too blurry. 

Jordan: So think it into focus. 

Raven: I'm trying. I can't tell which is the right symbol. 

Niylah: I think you need to pick one. 

Raven: No way, not again. 

Miller: Niylah's right. I don't want to go to a planet where they feed their dead to some cave beast, anyway. Niylah... look familiar?

Niylah: The second dawn. How is it possible there's people here from the bunker in Polis? 

Miller: It's gotta be a coincidence, right? 

Jordan: Guys, focus. It's coming back. 

Miller: It's more than just one. 

Clarke: Raven-- 

Raven: I'm trying. I can almost see it. There! I got it. Get ready. Entering the code now. 

Miller: There! Faster, Raven! 

Jordan: Raven, now! 

Raven: Almost there. 

Clarke: Let's go. Weapons hot. We don't know what's waiting for us on the other side.