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Nakara is the sixth episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninetieth episode of the series overall.

NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS - Clarke and her friends find themselves on a planet that is not what it seems.


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Clarke Griffin: "Human."
Jordan Green: "Bummer. What? Seeing an alien would be awesome."
Nathan Miller: "You, uh, still think aliens are awesome?"
Indra: "Excuse me, I need to borrow your god."
Indra: "Where are the guns? What do you want?"
Nikki: "My husband back. Tell Raven I said bang, bang."
John Murphy: "Huh. You thought Diyoza was a handful."
Hope Diyoza: "Mom?"
Octavia Blake: "Diyoza."
Charmaine Diyoza: "Oh my god, Hope!"
Sheidheda: "You fool, I'm not Russell. Do you play, or not?"
Nelson: "What do you mean? How's that possible?"
Sheidheda: "Don't tell me Gabriel neglected to teach his children how Mind Drives work because I'd rather not waste our precious time."
Nelson: "He did. Of course he did."
Sheidheda: "Then you know that two minds can't share a body. I killed his mind. Now his body is mine. Sit. I'll teach you."
Nelson: "Who are you?"
Sheidheda: "Someone who knows how to give you what you want."
Nelson: "And what is that?"
Sheidheda: "What everyone wants -- power."
Nelson: "I don't want power. I want justice."
Sheidheda: "You can't get justice without power."
Nelson: "Why are you telling me this?"
Sheidheda: "Wonkru is weak. They have no leader, and their guns were stolen last night. My guess it was the Eligius prisoners. You and the prisoners share an enemy, perhaps even the same goal."
Nelson: "Somehow I doubt a bunch of murderers and thieves want justice."
Sheidheda: "Don't make me repeat myself."
Nelson: "Power. They want power."
Sheidheda: "Oh."
Nelson: "Ok. You have all the answers. How do we do it?"
Sheidheda: "You make allies out of the murderers and the thieves. Then you take out the enemy's queen."
Clarke Griffin: "The wall just moved. Quick, help me push it! The shifting ground moved it, maybe we can move it back."
Raven Reyes: "It -- It's not shifting ground. Clarke, this isn't a cave. It's a living organism. If I'm right, that's digestive enzyme meaning..."
Clarke Griffin: "We're its next meal."
Octavia Blake: "You're a janitor."
Levitt: "Heh. Yeah. Still on the code-breaking team, though. They need me for that."
Octavia Blake: "Of course."
Levitt: "It was worth it. To see another way to live, to feel what you made me feel. Now punch me again and run."
Indra: "I'm sorry, Madi, I don't know what else to do."
Madi Griffin: "What's wrong?"
Indra: "I'm failing my mission. Sanctum is on edge. You've seen the fighting, the attempt on Russell's life. You know last night, a woman set herself on fire for him. That's nothing compared to what I fear comes next. Our guns were stolen, nearly 50 of them, over 2,000 rounds. I have a good idea who has them, but I can't get them back unless all of Wonkru is with me. Madi… we need our Commander. I know you don't want this. I don't want this for you, but there are forces at play here that are greater than our wants. Responsibilities we must yield to."
Madi Griffin: "What about Clarke?"
Indra: "I'll talk with Clarke, but the truth is, no one understands this more than her. That's why she's out there right now looking for our friends. Her people need her. Like yours need you."
Raven Reyes: "How do you do it?"
Clarke Griffin: "Do what?"
Raven Reyes: "Stay so damn strong. Whatever happens, Clarke Griffin doesn't break."
Clarke Griffin: "That's not true."
Raven Reyes: "Really? I killed 4 people in the nuclear reactor... 8 more later that night for good measure and I feel like my soul's cracked open. You just hum along like a finely tuned engine."
Clarke Griffin: "Raven --"
Raven Reyes: "Maybe this is karma for everything we've done, all the people we've killed."
Clarke Griffin: "Hey, the people we've killed we've killed to save the people we love."
Raven Reyes: "They loved people, too. When does it end?"
Clarke Griffin: "It doesn't end here. I don't believe in karma, Raven, and if we have a soul, yours isn't cracked. You're a good person, maybe the best I know."
Raven Reyes: "Best you know, huh? Then why didn't I go in? I could've welded those pipes myself, but instead, I sent Hatch and his people to die. I could've welded myself, but I was -- I was afraid."
Clarke Griffin: "Hey, it's ok."
Raven Reyes: "I was so afraid. Oh, Clarke, I'm sorry."
Nathan Miller: "How about you find us a planet with a beach?"
Jordan Green: "Yeah, preferably one that doesn't eat people."
Raven Reyes: "I'm on it."
Emori: "Indra, what is it? Let us help."
Indra: "Sheidheda."
Emori: "What? In Madi? But I thought--"
Indra: "Not in Madi. In Russell. When we removed the Flame from Madi, Sheidheda's consciousness disappeared into the computer. From there, it jumped into the..."
John Murphy and Indra: "Mind Drive."
John Murphy: "Yeah."
Emori: "So kill him."
John Murphy: "We can't. Fanatics think he's Russell. They'll burn it all down. Of course, if we tell them he isn't Russell, they'll still burn it all down. Either way, their god is dead."
Emori: "Which will be the least of our worries because if we tell them, Wonkru will know Sheidheda is back."
John Murphy: "You really think they'd follow him?"
Indra: "Sangedakru would, and eventually, the others would kneel. I've seen it before. That's why we need Madi."
John Murphy: "No, that is why we need you. I mean, come on, Indra. We weren't actually in that bunker, but I don't think it takes a genius to figure out who was really running things down there while Octavia was painting her face with blood. Besides, who's bossier than you?"
Indra: "I'm a soldier, a warrior. That's my role, always has been."
Emori: "Indra, the fact that you don't want it, it's why you should do it."
Indra: "Get rid of this."
John Murphy: "Can we at least watch?"
Indra: "No."
John Murphy: "I'm gonna watch."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "So, where's the Commander?"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "There are no Commanders anymore."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Thanks to you and your daughter. We know. Then why are we here?"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "There may be no Commander, but make no mistake... I am in Command."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Why should we follow you? You betrayed us! Lied to us! And now you ask to lead us?!"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "I'm not asking. We are Wonkru. Not separate clans. We rose from the ashes of the bunker... and flew across the stars to find a new home. There are threats here that will defeat us if we fail to remember that. Knight, you're in charge of getting the missing guns back from the prisoners."
Nathan Miller: "Niylah! Look familiar?"
Niylah: "The Second Dawn. How is it possible there's people here from the bunker in Polis?"
Nathan Miller: "It's gotta be a coincidence, right?"
Clarke Griffin: "Let's go. Weapons hot. We don't know what's waiting for us on the other side."

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