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This page contains music featured on The 100. Besides its musical score, scenes in The 100 included dozens of commercial songs. These songs occasionally played from diegetic sources such as the Rover sound system or Maya Vie's iPod.

Season One

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
Main Title ThemeEvan FrankfortAll
RadioactiveImagine DragonsPilotThe 100 set foot on the ground, discover a lush Earth filled with new wonders; Clarke uses a map to determine the group's location, then informs Finn they were dropped on the wrong mountain.
PromiseBen HowardPilotClarke wakes up to the sounds of wildlife, then she and Finn check out some bioluminescent plants and animal tracks.
We Come RunningYoungblood HawkePilotJasper swings across the river on a vine, then gets speared in the chest.
Can't PretendTom OdellEarth SkillsClarke tends to Jasper, Finn gives her a two-headed deer, Raven works on the pod, Abby and other members of the council watch the transmissions stop while many of the 100 trade their wristbands for food, Bellamy catches Atom and Octavia making out and strings him up a tree
All the Pretty Little HorsesBecky Jean WilliamsEarth KillsTraditional American lullaby, hummed by Clarke Griffin while attending Atom.
ByegoneVolcano ChoirMurphy's LawBellamy and Clarke tell the group why they banished John Murphy.
For My HelpHayden CalninTwilight's Last GleamingThe Culling takes place onboard the Ark while the Delinquents launch the flares in a desperate attempt to contact it.
Down The RoadC2CHis Sister's KeeperBellamy takes Octavia to the masked party on the Ark, and she starts dancing with the others boys and girls.
When A Fire Starts To BurnDisclosureHis Sister's KeeperOctavia is dancing when a boy asks her which Station she cames from.
The Waves Have ComeChelsea WolfeDay TripBellamy tells Octavia that she doesn't have to forgive her but she'll have to accept living with him, Octavia says she had nothing to do with Lincoln escaping, Clarke and Bellamy talk to Jaha who pardons Bellamy of his crimes in exchange for the name of the person who wanted him to shoot Jaha. Shumway gets arrested. Finn tells Clarke his opinion on bringin firearms into the camp, Clarke tells him she trusts Bellamy.
KetteringThe AntlersI Am Become Death
The Other SideWoodkidWe Are Grounders (Part 2)The Delinquents leave the camp and Clarke reassures Bellamy that he has done well.
Exit Music (For a Film)RadioheadWe Are Grounders (Part 2)Abby and Kane take in their first views of Earth.
Prelude In E Minor, Op 28, No. 4 LargoFrédéric ChopinWe Are Grounders (Part 2)Clarke awakens in her room in Mount Weather and tries to make sense of her surroundings.

Season Two

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
Sonata In F Major - K. 494: Rondo: AllegrettoMozartThe 48Clarke sits her room at Mount Weather, then sees someone in a hazmat suit outside her door.
Home IIDotanThe 48Clarke adapts to life in Mount Weather and Bellamy, Finn, Kane, and Abby arrive at the crashed Alpha Station.
The RoadOld Man CanyonInclement Weather
The HopRadio Citizen feat. BajkaInclement Weather
Clair De LuneDebussyReapercussionsMonty expresses his worries over Clarke and doubts about Mount Weather to Jasper who informs him they can trust Maya.
Carol of The BellsUnknownFog of War
Party CrasherMazes And The firstbornLong Into an Abyss
Who's With UsCurrent SwellLong Into an Abyss
HeadspinsSplashhRemember Me
Plastic HeartsFort FrancesRemember Me
Empire Of Our OwnRaignCoup de GrâceCage adjusts to his new role as president in Mount Weather while Dante sits gloomily in quarantine. Clarke, Octavia, Indra, and other grounder warriors take Emerson from the airlock and lead him outside so he can deliver a message.
Op. 118: No.1. Intermezzo In A MinorBrahmsRubicon
Couldn't Stop CaringThe Spiritual MachinesResurrectionThe Grounders and the Sky People march together in an alliance, ready to fight the war to bring their people back from Mount Weather.
Waltz In D Flat Major, Op, 64, No. 1, "Minute Waltz"ChopinBlood Must Have Blood (Part 2)
Werewolves Of LondonWarren ZevonBlood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Played from the Lighthouse bunker sound system, when Murphy finds it. Presumbly it is the same song that was playing when the power went off about 97 years before.
Knocking On Heaven's DoorRaignBlood Must Have Blood (Part 2)The remaining Delinquents and the other survivors return to the Ark campsite. But not everyone can go home again, Clarke says goodbye to Bellamy and walks away alone.

Season Three

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
DNAClairityWanheda (Part 1)
Add It UpViolent FemmesWanheda (Part 1)The Delinquents sing along in the rover on the way to Sector 7.
Symphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98: I. Allegro Non TroppoJohannes BrahmsWanheda (Part 1)
Add It Up (feat. Shawn Mendes)The 100 CastWanheda (Part 1)While in the Mount Weather Complex, Raven asks to a young boy from Skaikru (Shawn Mendes) to play a piano song.
Ain't Gonna StopNatural ChildYe Who Enter Here
Take a Life with MeTree Adams & Julia DominczakYe Who Enter HereThe Grounder Anthem, played as Lexa and Clarke prepare for the ceremony while the Ice Nation assasin plans his attack.
Thousand EyesOf Monsters And MenHakeldamaRaven caves and takes the chip.
RemainsAlgiersTerms and ConditionsAfter being sentenced to death, Kane is brought to the lockup cell. Miller, Harper, and Bryan sit around a campfire in remorse. Raven desperately tries to regain her memories of Finn. Jasper listens to Maya's Ipod while Monty and Bellamy question their alliegance to Pike.
CloudEliasStealing FireThe resistance escapes Arkadia while Lincoln's execution takes place.
Sold in the CityCriminal HygieneFallen
OntariTree AdamsFallen
Murphy and Emori Grifter Love ThemeTree AdamsDemons
Rock-a-bye BabyTraditionalDemons
A Hero's FuneralTree AdamsDemons
A CrucifixionTree AdamsJoin or Die
RadioactiveKodaJoin or DieIn a flashback, the Delinquents board the dropship to Earth.
Luna of the Boat PeopleTree AdamsJoin or Die
ALIE and the City of LightTree AdamsRed Sky at Morning
Satellite Migration CompleteTree AdamsRed Sky at Morning
Luna's SorrowTree AdamsRed Sky at Morning
The Flame Will ProtectTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)
Raven's PathTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)
I Will Always Be with YouTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)
The Program That Ended the WorldTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)
Perverse InstantiationTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)
The AwakeningTree AdamsPerverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Season Four

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
The AwakeningTree AdamsHeavy Lies the CrownIn a flashback, Ilian realizes he killed his whole family under ALIE's control.
I Don't Like MondaysThe Boomtown RatsHeavy Lies the CrownPlayed in the background and sung by Jasper.
Through The Eyes Of A ChildAuroraThe ChosenWonkru carries bodies of sleeping Skaikru members out

Season Five

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
Science/VisionsCHVRCHESEdenClarke drives away from desolate Arkadia to find water.
Young Lady, You're Scaring MeRon GalloEdenAn increasingly desperate Clarke stops to eat bugs after one hits her windshield.
Burn It DownShattered SunShifting SandsMusic played by the prisoners settling into Shallow Valley. Diyoza shuts it off and reprimands them for disrespecting the valley and the imminent danger from Wonkru.
Every Name Has a Number (007)DENIROShifting SandsAfter Diyoza's rebuke, she says training starts tomorrow, "and for godsakes play something with a beat!" This begins to play.
HowlJake HoulsbyAcceptable LossesMany storylines reach their climax for the episode, including Diyoza revealing her pregnancy and Madi being called to fight.

Season Six

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
This Is the SeaThe WaterboysSanctumPlayed by Murphy on an electronic device he finds in a Sanctum residence as the first Wonkru members explore Alpha. He sings along to Emori.
Flower Duet (Sous le dôme épais) from Lakmé, Act 1Léo Delibes, ComposerRed Sun RisingBackground as biologist Josephine Lightbourne describes local plant life to her parents, 236 years before the Eligius IV landed.
UnderwaterRÜFÜS DU SOLThe Face Behind the GlassPlays during the party at the Naming Day celebration.
Cómo Me QuieresKhruangbinThe Face Behind the GlassBackground in the final act as Bellamy joins Echo at the bar, post-celebration.
Alors On DanseStromaeThe Gospel of JosephinePlays prominently as Josephine VIII (using Clarke's body as a host) paints and dances to the beat.
Clair de LuneClaude Debussy, ComposerMemento MoriThe tune on a music box Ryker Desai made in a previous host. Raven snaps at him to turn it off.
AloneHÆLOSMemento MoriJosephine VIII tries to go to sleep but starts seeing Clarke's memories.
ApocalypseCigarettes After SexMatryoshkaPlays as mindspace-Josephine I shows Clarke her memory of Josephine II dancing with Gabriel II.
Other SideGaitsThe Blood of SanctumPlays through the final sequence in Sanctum.

Season Seven

Song TitleArtistEpisodeNotes
DaknessPinegroveFrom the AshesPlays during the picnic at the farmhouse in Sanctum.
HymnJoel PorterHesperidesPlays during the opening scene with Hope Diyoza and Dev.



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