She's taken a liking to me.
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Murphy and Ontari is the relationship between John Murphy and Ontari. They are portrayed by cast members Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish. They début in the ninth episode of Season Three.

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During their first meeting Ontari was impressed with Murphy's nonchalant attitude towards her and others. She physically and verbally abuses Murphy, but he still suggest that he become her flamekeeper and she reluctantly accepts his advice. Later, she rapes him.

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In Stealing Fire, Ontari meets John Murphy and is impressed that he's not scared of her and doesn't care whether the people live or die. He tells her he thought her actions were smart and they do what they have to survive. She physically and verbally abuses him, but they flirt nonetheless. Ontari often undresses in front of him, and he doesn't look away.

In Fallen, Murphy proposes he become Ontari's "fake flamekeeper" to maintain her "fake commander" status. At first she's reluctant but eventually accepts his advice. Later, she chains Murphy up and undresses in front of him, suggesting they have sex. He tells her there's someone else. She asks if she's also a Commander, but Murphy says she isn't. Ontari then wonders if she would kill Murphy for cheating on her and threatens his life. Murphy murmurs "The things I do to survive," and she forces him to have sex with her.

In Demons, Ontari witness the reunion between Murphy and Emori, but Murphy lies to her and claims to not know who Emori is. Later, Ontari learns that Emori is Murphy's former lover and threatens to kill him for his lies and betrayal. However, Jaha prevents her from doing this, claiming Murphy has information and instead Ontari orders Murphy to be locked up.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), after Ontari is rendered brain dead, Murphy doesn't appear to care much beyond the fact that it ruins their plan to use Ontari to take the Flame and destroy A.L.I.E. Murphy keeps Ontari's body alive as part of the plan, manually pumping her heart which disgusts him, but makes no real effort to save Ontari's life. When she is no longer needed, Murphy stops pumping her heart and she dies which he shows no real care for.

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Ontari: "How much longer?"
Murphy: "Purification is a process."
Ontari: "You're not afraid of me."
Murphy: "I don't scare easily. The truth is, I think what you did was smart. A little crazy maybe, but... we do what we need to do to survive, right?"
Ontari: "You know I plan to wipe out your people."
Murphy: "So I've heard. Sucks for them."
-- Stealing Fire

Murphy: "Like it or not, Ontari, a fake commander needs a fake flamekeeper."
Murphy: "Wanna explain this?"
Ontari: "I don't trust you."
Murphy: "Well I gotta say, I'm a little hurt by that."
Ontari: "How about now?"
Murphy: "Now I'm a little less hurt. Wait. There's somebody else. And I'm sorry."
Ontari: "Is she a Commander too?"
Murphy: "Nope."
Ontari: "Would she kill you if you ever lied to her? Did anything to break her trust or upset her in even the slightest way?"
Murphy: "The things I do to survive."
-- Fallen

Murphy: "Ontari, listen to me, you cannot trust these people."
Ontari: "Seems the only person I can't trust, is you. I told you what would happen if you betrayed me"
-- Demons

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