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"My answer is yes. I´ll love you forever, even if we die today."
— Emori, responding to Murphy's proposal. [src]

Murphy and Emori is the relationship between John Murphy and Emori. They are portrayed by Richard Harmon and Luisa d'Oliveira. They début in the twelfth episode of Season Two.


John Murphy first meets Emori in Rubicon while searching for the City of Light in the Dead Zone during the second half of season 2. Both outcasts for two totally different reasons, there was a spark between the two of them from day one, when Murphy first offered her some water. In the Dead Zone while travelling, Murphy learns that Emori was cast out for being a freikdreina; a mutant. She bravely shows Murphy her disformed hand, explaining that her parents saw her as a stain on the bloodline for it. Murphy doesn't see it as such, though, and tells her he thinks it's badass. Despite calling him a liar, Emori is smiling.

However, Emori ends up betraying Murphy, Jaha and the rest of the group travelling. Before knocking Murphy out, Emori whispers something to Murphy. After she leaves him and he comes to, he still remembered the words Emori said to him and still wants to trust her instructions of "due North" despite her betraying him earlier. Due North proves to be correct and Murphy and Jaha end up where they had planned to be. It isn't until after Murphy gets locked in the lighthouse bunker for 86 days at the beginning of Season Three, does he see Emori again. After being released from the bunker, Murphy is distrustful of Jaha and refuses to join him on the approaching boat. Upon seeing Emori, who says to him "John, I don't believe it" Murphy changes his mind and climbs aboard to join Emori.

Later in season 3, the pair are seen thieving from travelers. They argue about what their next step should be, and part ways. Although Emori surprises Murphy and reappears, saying she won't go until she can convince Murphy to go with her. Murphy is then captured by Ontari and becomes her Flamekeeper. In Polis, in Demons, Murphy runs into Emori again and they reconnect. Unfortunately Emori ends up taking the City of Light chip which leads Murphy hesitant to destroy the box containing the chip and everyone from the City of Light's memories. After defeating A.L.I.E., Murphy runs into Emori's arms and hugs her tightly.

In Season Four, they are seen scavenging together and Murphy convinces Emori to travel to Becca's lab with him and his people. At Becca's lab, they need a test for Nightblood. Blamed for lying about the true identity of a hostage, Emori is subjected for the test. Murphy screams at Clarke and fights the restraints on his wrists as they take Emori away from him. He begs Clarke to spare his life and claims he loves her. Clarke assures him that Emori will be fine, before leaving. She ends up not being able to go through with hurting Emori and injects herself. Murphy is released and is seen helping Emori.

They stay back with Raven while the others go to Polis. They grow closer despite Emori being worried that his people won't come back for them before Praimfaya hits. Murphy reassures her and says to her "who needs food when you have love", which seems to do the trick for Emori. They kiss and it is assumed they sleep together again.

In The Chosen when all of Skaikru are being rounded up so they can select their "one hundred" people for the bunker, Murphy worriedly asks Niylah if she's seen Emori. When he finds Emori he makes sure she's okay. A spur of the moment decision takes him and Emori back to Becca's Lab alongside others who will eventually become Spacekru. Both Murphy and Emori make it to space together and are alive at the end of season 4.

Though their relationship journey is not the most stable-they broke up during the time jump between season 4 and Season Five for 6 months-they still manage to prove their love and affection for each other in the end. When Murphy is injured at the end of season 5, in Damocles (Part 2) and it seems he won't be able to make it to the dropship in time, Emori refuses to leave his side, ignoring his pleas to leave him to die, instead telling him "then I guess we're both going to die, because there's no way in hell I'm leaving the man I love behind", confirming that despite their breakup, she still loves him.

In Season Six, Murphy even goes so far as to propose marriage to Emori in The Old Man and the Anomaly. He asks her if she can "love him forever" and produces two Mind Drives that allows them to become Primes; the ability to live forever. Emori is shocked and her reply is interrupted by Josephine in Clarke's body. Later, when Murphy's life is endangered, Emori answers his proposal with "my answer is yes". She tells him that she'll love him even if they die today.

In Season Seven, Murphy and Emori are acting as Primes Daniel and Kaylee_Lee and get to live in the Sanctum Palace together. They are still going strong and Murphy is very caring towards his fiancé. When Emori gets sick and says to Murphy, "you wanted forever", he replies "still do", proving he will be there for her regardless of sickness or health.

After Emori is mortally wounded and dies, Murphy chooses to place her Mind Drive into his own head in order to have a few more hours with her even though it means his own death, feeling that he is nothing without her. Emori and Murphy Transcend together and then decide to join the rest of their friends in coming back to live a peaceful life on Earth.

Throughout the Series

In Rubicon, Murphy is in the Dead Zone with Thelonious Jaha and a few other Sky People trying to find the City of Light. They noticed an abandoned cart and go over to investigate it. A female Grounder jumps out and threatens them with a knife. Jaha tells her that they are looking for the City of Light. She tells them that her name is Emori and that she and her brother were on the way to the City of Light when they were attacked and he was killed. She offers to show them the way if they pull her cart. Murphy offers her some water and she thanks him.

On the way, Murphy asks her why she is going to the City of Light. Emori tells him she was kicked out of her clan for having a deformity and shows him her hand. He tells her that she should not cover it up. He also tells her that he killed two people, but had his reasons for doing so.

After walking for a short while, a Grounder appears on horseback and aims a rocket launcher at the group. Emori puts a knife to Murphy's throat and tells everyone to put their supplies in the cart or they will die. Jaha tries to convince her that they can work together, but Emori tells her no. She whispers something into Murphy's ear before knocking him out.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Murphy is on the shore of the island when a boat horn is heard in the distance. Thelonious Jaha tries to convince Murphy to come with him but he refuses. When the boat arrives Emori is driving it. She calls out to Murphy, he smiles and he asks her who she stole the boat from. After refusing to leave with Jaha, Murphy eventually gets on the boat.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Murphy asks Emori what she is doing there. She tells him that she and her brother were recruited by a woman who comes to them in drones. They collect technology for her and bring it to Gideon on the island. Later, while Emori and Murphy wait for her brother Otan to return with Jaha, she tries to steal the gray case from Gideon because she has other buyers. As she reaches for the case, Gideon opens his eyes and grabs her by the throat. Murphy tries to help her but Gideon's grip is too strong. Emori grabs a knife from her waistband and stabs him in the neck, killing him. She grabs the case and runs towards the boat with Murphy following behind her.

As they wait for Otan to arrive, Emori tries to open the case and tells Murphy that she will split whatever is in there with him. She kisses him on the cheek for trying to save her earlier. She is able to pry the case open and inside they find technology with the infinity symbol on it. Murphy realizes that the case houses A.L.I.E. and Jaha had brought her with them. Later, Otan shows up and Emori asks him why he's not wearing the cover for his face. He demands Murphy gives him the case and grabs his sister and holds a knife to her throat. Jaha arrives and tells Murphy to hand him the case. Murphy holds the case over the water and tells him to let Emori go first or he'll drop it. Jaha tells Otan to release Emori. Murphy throws the case into the water and boards the boat with Emori while Jaha and Otan run to retrieve the case.

In Hakeldama, Emori has now recruited Murphy into the con game she had with her brother Otan. After their latest heist, Emori expresses her desire to search for her brother, but Murphy tells her that's it's a bad idea. Later, during another con, Murphy is lying in the road as bait, while Emori hides in the trees. Three Grounder warriors from Polis appear. They begin to search Murphy and quickly realize that he is the thief they have been looking for. They question him regarding Emori's whereabouts but Murphy's tells them that he is alone. One of the warriors search his bag, while another prepares to kill him. Suddenly, the Grounder searching the bag stops the other from killing him when he finds the blue pill Jaha gave to Murphy. He tells the other warrior that the pill contains “the sacred symbol”. They arrest Murphy and take him to Polis.

In Fallen, a chained Murphy watches as Ontari undresses. She proposes for them to have sex. Murphy refuses, telling her that he can't because there's someone else: Emori. Ontari indirectly threatens his life while comparing herself to Emori. Murphy ends up giving in and it is assumed that they have sex.

In Demons, Murphy finds Emori in Polis. They reunite and head to a room, where they sleep together. Murphy then tells Emori that Ontari isn't the real Grounder Commander. Jaha later appears in Polis, and he claims to know that Ontari isn't the real Commander. He then reveals that Murphy told him this knowledge, leading to him discovering that Emori has taken the City of Light chip. Murphy is then locked up, as Jaha persuades Ontari to take the chip as well.

In Red Sky at Morning, A.L.I.E. and Jaha request Emori's help to prevent Murphy from destroying Jaha's backpack that was being used as a mobile transportation unit for A.L.I.E. Emori enters and tells Murphy that the backpack contains a nuclear fuel cell which, if destroyed, will irradiate the entire city causing Murphy to stop and work more carefully to destroy it. A.L.I.E. uses Emori to stall Murphy and prevent him from destroying the backpack until her migration is completed. Emori warns Murphy that if he destroys the City of Light then all of its residents will be gone including her causing him to stop. Pike destroys the backpack instead and Murphy runs to Emori to ensure she is okay and she tells him he is too late. Murphy then covers her face and leaves her to prevent her from following them.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Murphy mentions to Bellamy that he is working to save somebody that he loves (Emori) just like Bellamy.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Emori is part of the group under A.L.I.E's control sent to prevent Clarke from destroying the city of light. When the City of Light has been destroyed, Emori like the other residences regains her control and freedom. Emori and Murphy reunite and hug as she apologizes to him.

In God Complex, Murphy did everything he could to protect Emori from being tested on. When they were tied up, Emori seemed to accept her fate and tried to persuade Murphy to live. She begged him to "Survive, please", showing her feeling for him. When Miller went to drug her, the last thing she did was look at Murphy. Murphy repeatedly begged for Emori's life, stating that he loves her and he will kill anyone who hurts her. When she is taken and the doors close, he let out a painful yell of anguish.

Sometime during the six years after Praimfaya, Murphy and Emori broke up. For the last six months, Emori roomed with Raven instead of living with Murphy.

Murphy also broken off from the rest of Spacekru and needs watching. Emori states she'd rather choose toilet duty over him.

In "Shifting Sands", Murphy escapes from Charmaine's group and runs into his. Emori is angry yet not surprised he left Raven, though he explains she made a deal to get him released. In the car, Murphy's shock collar activated, and Emori without hesitating reached out to him, getting shocked herself. Once it stopped, she spoke to him, seemingly worried, asking if he's alright. Realizing that the group needs to go and warn Bellamy, Murphy says he has to stay [as the collar has a perimeter shock set and a tracker], and tells the other to go. As the car pulls away, Murphy is surprised that Emori has stayed with him - showing despite their current bad blood, she still cares for him him.

In "Damocles (Part 2)", Emori is willing to die with Murphy, "There's no way in Hell I can leave the man I love behind", when he is wounded and too weak to make it to the Gagarin. He tells her to leave, not wanting her to die - preparing to die alone [something he told Raven he never wanted to do "I don't want to die alone"] - showing he loves Emori more than anything. Later, on Eligius IV, Emori visits Murphy after Jackson removes the bullets.

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Emori: "My people saw me as a stain in the bloodline, something to erase."
John Murphy: "Screw 'em! I wouldn't cover it up. I think its badass."
Emori: "Liar."
-- in Rubicon

John Murphy (to Emori): "Come on really; are you about to steal from the people you steal for?"
John Murphy: "You know, this whole helpful guide act, I'm not really buying it."
Emori: "Then I guess you're just gonna have to keep an eye on me."
Emori (to Murphy): "Thank you for saving my life."
-- in Wanheda (Part 2)
John Murphy: "Going after Otan is not a good move. It's not a survivor move."
Emori: "Then wait for me, I'll come back."
John Murphy: "In this world when people leave they don't come back.
Emori: "I did."
John Murphy: "Not for me you didn't. I just so happen to be there."
John Murphy: "What did he say?"
Emori: "He said you're cute... for a thief."
John Murphy: "Yeah, well too bad he's not really my type."
-- in Hakeldama
Emori: "I recognize some of this tech."
John Murphy: "Let me guess. The flamekeeper was one of your customers?"
Emori: "Now, how the hell did you pull this off?"
John Murphy: "You know me. Just doing what I can to stay alive."
Emori: "You're cute when you're modest.
-- in Demons

John Murphy: "What are you doing?"
Emori: "Stocking up. What's it look like?"
John Murphy: "Stocking up for what exactly?"
Emori: "It's not safe for my kind here. Freikdrena are forbidden. I have to leave this place, John."
John Murphy: "So, what, you're gonna bail on me again?"
Emori: "I didn't bail on you. I came back. I took the damn chip because Jaha said he would take me to you."
John Murphy: "Hey. Come with me to Arkadia. (Emori chuckles) I'm serious, Emori, okay? We can be together there. My people will protect you."
Emori: "Are you sure about that? How many times have they cast you out?"
John Murphy: "It's different now. They owe me. Okay? Please. Come on."
Emori: "Okay."
John Murphy: "Okay?"
Emori: "Okay."
-- in Echoes
Emori: "This is why they left us behind? To scavenge tech?"
John Murphy: "Hey, we talked about this. We didn't get left behind. They're coming back."
Emori: "Forgive me if I don't believe what your people say anymore."
Raven Reyes: "Murphy's actually right. Don't worry. They might ditch him, but I'm too awesome to leave behind."
John Murphy: "There you go."
Raven Reyes: "Congratulations, Emori. You get to live in a hole in the ground for 5 years. Thanks for playing."
-- in DNR

John Murphy: "I remember that. The place we first met. Love at first knife to throat. Oh, you are so beautiful."
Emori: "John, where are we?"
John Murphy: "Josephine called it the Mindspace. If it were up to me I would've chosen our cave, but..."
Emori: "I died."
John Murphy: "You did. Not acceptable."
Emori: "You put my Mind Drive in your head. Two minds, one body. You'll die, too. You have to take it out."
John Murphy: "Without you, I'd just be surviving, Emori, I wouldn't be living."
Emori: "No, no."
John Murphy: "Hey, hey. I would take a few more hours with you over forever without."
Emori: "No, no, no. You can't do this. I won't let you do this, so wake up."
John Murphy: "Emori..."
Emori: "Wake up. Just wake up! (shoves Murphy) Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Jackson! Jackson! Wake him up!"
John Murphy: "Emori."
Emori: "Don't let him do this! Jackson! John! John! (Murphy grabs her) Let go of me!"
John Murphy: "Stop! Stop! This is ok with me."
Emori: "No, it's not ok with me."
John Murphy: "It's ok, it's ok." (music begins playing)
Emori: "What is that? (Murphy laughs) What?"
John Murphy: "The last time I asked you to dance you stabbed me with a butcher knife."
Emori: "Relationships."
John Murphy: "Yeah." (Murphy and Emori dance together)
-- in The Last War

Notes and Trivia

  • They are the third Grounder/Skaikru couple on the show.
  • Unlike other charcters, Emori calls him John.
  • In "Gimme Shelter", while keeping a prisoner captive, Murphy admitted that he loves Emori. In "God Complex", he told Clarke that he loves Emori.
  • Both of them were cast out of their people at some point in their lives. Murphy was banished from the 100 and Emori was cast out because of her mutation.
  • Murphy's relationship with Emori contributed to his character development, changing him from someone who cares only for himself to having another person to care for.
  • They are the only couple on the show that got back together after breaking up.
  • Murphy and Emori have been together for 6 years (excluding their "break").
  • In "Red Sun Rising" Murphy calls Emori his girlfriend, officially confirming that they are back together
  • A lot of fans call them the "post-apocalyptic version of Bonnie and Clyde".
  • They are the first couple on the show to get engaged.
  • In "The Last War," Murphy calls their first meeting as being "love at first knife to throat."


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