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Clarke “I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face, or breathed real air, or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, The Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. A hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. Each of us is here because we broke the law. On the ground, there is no law. All we have to do is survive. But we will be tested, by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other.”
“Previously on The 100…”
Abby “The Ark is dying, Raven. I have to prove that earth is survivable. We have nine days to get this ready, so I can survive a drop.”
Murphy “You know, my father, he begged for mercy, when your father floated him. This is for my father.”
Clarke “You’re Charlotte, right? It’s okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?”
Charlotte “It’s my parents. They were floated, and I see it in my dreams.”
Bellamy “No! Wake up, Charlotte. Does it happen often? Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep. You shouldn’t be out here alone. What if I was a Grounder?”
Scene 1 – The Forest
Finn “They got Wells just outside the wall.”
Clarke “Says the guy who just spent another night exploring the woods all by himself.”
Finn “But I’m reckless. And irresponsible. I got you something.”
Clarke “Where did you get this?”
Finn “The art supply store.”
Clarke “I know when we were kids… Wells was always giving me ink, charcoal, just anything I could draw with, really. I found out later that he was trading his own stuff to give it to me. He didn’t want me to know that, either. He let me hate him so that I wouldn’t hate my mother.”
Finn “I know.”
Clarke “My mother killed my father. Just wish there was something I could do. To tell her I know. Make her feel what I’m…”
Finn “Where are you going?”
Clarke “To make her feel it.”
Scene 2 – The Ark
Abby “No! No. No. Hell no. No. No. Th… this isn’t right.”
Jackson “Abby.”
Abby “No.”
Jackson “Abby.”
Abby “Okay. It’s not conclusive. Just because her wristband went out doesn’t mean… okay. It’s the first terminated signal in over a week. We can still assume that things are stabilizing on Earth. We should assume that. I need an analysis of Clarke’s vital signs for the past two days.”
Jackson “Abby…”
Abby “Just have it ready for me when I get back.”
Scene 3 – The Dropship
Monty “Yes! I did it. It’s still operational.”
Clarke “What? Monty needed a working wristband.”
Finn “And you needed to punish your mother.”
Clarke “Look, they’re running out of air, and we need their help. My mother thinking I’m dead is only temporary.”
Monty “Not if I can’t patch it through the dropship mainframe. I can do it. We’ll be talking to The Ark by nightfall.”
Murphy “This section should be finished by tomorrow. Hey! You think the Grounders are just gonna sit around, and wait for us to finish the wall? Maybe we should let the little girl do the lifting for you, huh?”
Connor “I just need some water, okay? Then I’ll be fine.”
Bellamy “Murphy, get this guy some water. Hey, you got this? I’m just kidding.”
Connor “Uhh! What the hell is wrong with you, Murphy?”
Murphy “Look at you! You wanted a water break. Get back to work.”
Octavia “Look, we’re already there. Just a few steps, okay? One foot in front of the other. Hey. What’s wrong?”
Jasper “Hmm? Oh, nothing. I’m good.”
Octavia “Jasper, it’s been a week, okay? You’ve been given a second chance. You gotta use it.”
Jasper “Octavia? Octavia? Octavia! Octavia, are you okay?”
Octavia “Hey, jerk! Get the hell out of here. Jasper, come on. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Scene 4 – The Ark
Kane “Councillor.”
Abby “Councillor.”
Kane “Are you headed to Mecha Station?”
Abby “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.”
Kane “You’ve been down there nine times in the past week. Is there something I should be made aware of?”
Abby “Are you tracking me, Kane?”
Kane “I’m tracking everybody, Abby. Mind if I join you?”
Abby “Not at all. But you’re gonna have to be inoculated.”
Kane “Inoculated?”
Abby “A mechanic came down with strep last week. She’s fine now, but I’m still checking the bacterial levels in the station. We don’t want another outbreak. We can stop by sick bay on the way.”
Kane “That’s all right. I don’t want to slow you down. Just… keep me informed.”
Abby “Absolutely. How soon can you get this thing ready to drop?”
Raven “I’m still scraping up parts to fabricate a pressure regulator. We got two more days, right?”
Abby “Can we launch without that part?”
Raven “We could launch, but we’ll be dead before we get to the ground. And I mean bad dead. Ruptured lungs, air bubbles in the brain. We need that part. Why? What’s wrong? Did something change?”
Abby “Clarke’s wristband signal went out.”
Raven “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean anything, right? She took it off like the rest of them. Okay. I can get a pressure regulator. Today.”
Abby “How?”
Raven “The less you know, the better.”
Scene 5 – The Dropship
Clarke “This knife was made of metal from the dropship.”
Jasper “What do you mean?”
Clarke “Who else knows about this?”
Octavia “No one. We brought it straight here.”
Jasper “Clarke?”
Clarke “It means the Grounders didn’t kill Wells. It was one of us.”
Jasper “So, there’s a murderer in the camp?”
Bellamy “There’s more than one murderer in this camp. This isn’t news. We need to keep it quiet.”
Clarke “Get out of my way, Bellamy.”
Bellamy “Clarke, be smart about this. Look at what we’ve achieved… the wall, the patrols. Like it or not, thinking the Grounders killed Wells is good for us.”
Clarke “Oh, good for you, you mean. What… keep people afraid and they’ll work for you? Is that it?"
Bellamy “Yeah. That's it. But it’s good for all of us. Fear of the Grounders is building that wall. And besides, what are you gonna do… just walk out there and ask the killer to step forward? You don’t even know whose knife that is.”
Clarke “Oh, really? J.M. John Murphy. The people have a right to know.”
Murphy “No water till this section is up! What? What are you staring at, huh?”
Clarke “You son of a bitch!”
Murphy “What’s your problem?”
Clarke “Recognize this?”
Murphy “It’s my knife. Where’d you find it?”
Clarke “Where you dropped it after you killed Wells.”
Murphy “Where I what? The Grounders killed Wells, not me.”
Clarke “I know what you did, and you’re gonna pay for it.”
Murphy “Really? Bellamy, you really believe this crap?”
Clarke “You threatened to kill him. We all heard you. You hated Wells.”
Murphy “Plenty of people hated Wells. His father was the Chancellor that locked us up.”
Clarke “Yeah, but you’re the only one who got in a knife fight with him.”
Murphy “Yeah, I didn’t kill him then, either.”
Octavia “Tried to kill Jasper, too.”
Murphy “Come on. This is ridiculous. I don’t have to answer to you. I don’t have to answer to anyone.”
Bellamy “Come again?”
Murphy “Bellamy, look, I’m telling you, man. I didn’t do this.”
Bellamy “They found his fingers on the ground with your knife.”
Clarke “Is this the kind of society that we want? You say there should be no rules. Does that mean that we can kill each other without… without punishment?”
Murphy “I already told you. I didn’t kill anyone.”
Connor “I say we float him.”
Delinquents “Yeah.”
Clarke “That’s not what I’m saying.”
Connor “Why not? He deserves to float. It’s justice.”
Clarke “Revenge isn’t justice.”
Connor “It’s justice. Float him!”
Clarke “No! Get off him! Get off of him! Let him go! You can’t do this! Get off me. No! No! You can stop this! They’ll listen to you!”
Connor “Bellamy! You should do it.”
Delinquents “Bel-la-my!”
Clarke “I saw you in the woods with Atom. I know you’re not a killer. Bellamy, don’t do this. Don’t… Don’t. Bellamy. You can’t do this, Bellamy. No, Bellamy, no! How could you?!”
Bellamy “This is on you, princess. You should’ve kept your mouth shut.”
Finn “What the hell are you doing? Cut him down! Charlotte, get out of here now! Cut him down! Get out of my way.”
Charlotte “Stop! Okay? Murphy didn’t kill Wells! I did!"
Clarke "Oh, my God.”
Scene 6 – The Ark
Guard “It’s not meal time yet.”
Raven “I’m not hungry. I’m here to trade. Before you tell me I’m in the wrong place, just let Nygel know it’s her little bird.”
Nygel “Well, well, well. How long has it been, little bird?”
Raven “I need a pressure regulator.”
Nygel “What for?”
Raven “Regulating pressure.”
Nygel “That’s good. I see you got your mom’s sense of humor.”
Raven “What do you want for it?”
Nygel “Oh, I don’t move machine parts anymore. It’s too dangerous. How about settling for some herb and moonshine like everybody else?”
Raven “Save the act for someone who doesn’t know better. Just tell me what it’s gonna take.”
Nygel “I owe a favor to the chief of electrical, and he’s got a thing for tough, pretty girls like you.”
Raven “You’re joking, right?”
Nygel “I never joke about business, Raven. Kane’s watching my every move, so, if I’m gonna do this, you’re gonna need to make it worth my while.”
Raven “By screwing the chief of electrical? I can’t do that.”
Nygel “Then I guess you don’t need to regulate pressure as badly as you thought you did.”
Raven “Go float yourself, Nygel.”
Nygel “You know, your mother would’ve taken that deal. In fact, she did. Many times.”
Raven “Don’t you dare talk about my mother that way!”
Nygel “Little girl."
Raven “No! I'll float you, Nygel! Get off me!”
Nygel “Bye, little bird!”
Scene 7 – The Dropship
Murphy “Bring out the girl, Bellamy!”
Bellamy “Why, Charlotte?”
Charlotte “I was just trying to slay my demons, like you told me.”
Clarke “What the hell is she talking about?”
Bellamy “She misunderstood me. Charlotte, that is not what I meant.”
Murphy “Bring the girl out now!”
Charlotte “Please don’t let them hurt me.”
Bellamy “If you guys have any bright ideas, speak up. Now you stay quiet.”
Finn “Those are your boys out there.”
Bellamy “This is not my fault. If she had listened to me, those idiots would still be building the wall.”
Murphy “You want to build a society, princess? Let’s build a society. Bring her out.”
Charlotte “No! Please, Bellamy.”
Bellamy “Charlotte, hey, it’s gonna be okay. Just stay with them.”
Murphy “Well, well, well. Look who decided to join us.”
Bellamy “Dial it down and back off.”
Murphy “Or what? What are you gonna do about me? Hang me?”
Bellamy “I was just giving the people what they wanted.”
Murphy “Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Why don’t we do that right now? So, who here wants to see the real murderer hung up? All in favor?? I see. So, it’s okay to string me up for nothing, but when this little bitch confesses, you all let her walk? Cowards! All of you are cowards!”
Bellamy “Hey, Murphy! Murphy. It’s over.”
Murphy “Whatever you say, boss. Son of a bitch! Hey! Come on. Let’s get the girl. Charlotte! Charlotte, I know you can hear me! And when I find you, you are gonna pay! Come on.”
Scene 8 – The Ark
Abby “I’ll be right back.”
Raven “All those people out there?”
Abby “Oxygen deprivation. It’s just the beginning. Why are you here?”
Raven “I messed up. I can’t get the part. Nygel wants me to…”
Abby “You went to Nygel?”
Raven “Yeah.”
Abby “Kane’s been trying to get her for years. Did anybody see you?”
Raven “I don’t know. No. Abby, I’m trying to tell you. We can’t launch today.”
Abby “Are you sure Nygel has the part?”
Raven “She can get one, yeah."
Abby "Okay. I’ll take care of it.”
Raven “What are you gonna do?”
Abby “The less you know, the better.”
Nygel “Hello, Dr. Griffin.”
Abby “Nygel.”
Nygel “Morphine. What do you want for it?”
Abby “Pressure regulator.”
Nygel “I underestimated Raven. How does a girl like that get such a well-connected benefactor?”
Abby “You have three seconds to decide. Do we have a deal or not?”
Female Voice “Attention. The mess hall will be closed tomorrow from 1100 hours to 1200 hours.”
Scene 9 – The Forest
Clarke “It’s gonna be night soon, Finn. Where are we going? At least tell me you have a plan and we’re not just wandering aimlessly through the woods.”
Finn “I have a plan.”
Clarke “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Just because we saved you doesn’t mean you’re forgiven. Got it?”
Finn “Clarke.”
Clarke “What?”
Finn “She’s just a kid.”
Clarke “She’s a killer. You killed someone, Charlotte. Ended his life. Did you stop to think about that for even one second? Look at me! You can’t just kill someone to make yourself feel better.”
Murphy “Charlotte! Clarke and Finn can’t save you.”
Clarke “We should run.”
Finn “Yeah, that’s one way to go. I like my plan better. Get in. Get in.”
Clarke “Finn, what is this place?”
Finn “For now, it’s home.”
Clarke “I can’t believe you kept this place quiet.”
Finn “Come on, Clarke. What would be the point of telling anybody?”
Clarke “Some of this stuff could be useful.”
Finn “Like what? There’s no weapons. All the food expired, like, ninety years ago.”
Clarke “Yeah, but we could repurpose. Share with the group. You can share this with the group if you’d like.”
Finn “What’d you find?”
Clarke “Well… Looks like they never made it here. No. I figure the bombs took them by surprise.”
Finn “All this preparation. What a waste.”
Clarke “I don’t know. Maybe they were lucky. They couldn’t have lived more than a few years down here, then when they ran out of food or lost their minds, they would’ve opened the doors and been dead within a few days. Back then, maybe sooner. Anyway. What are we gonna do about her? If I hadn’t confronted Murphy, none of this would have happened.”
Finn “How could you know it’d go down like that?”
Clarke “Bellamy knew. We think the Grounders are a threat. Now we’re killing each other. There have to be consequences. We can’t just let them hang people.”
Finn “No. Hopefully, we figure it out before Murphy kills us for helping her.”
Clarke “He’s not the forgive and forget type.”
Scene 10 – The Ark
Raven “How did you…"
Abby “Don’t worry about it. How fast can you install it?”
Raven “I don’t know. A few hours, maybe.”
Abby “We may not have that much time.”
Raven “I’m on it.”
Vera Kane “Our ancestors built this Ark to be our salvation, but it’s also our test. But we endure because we have faith. Faith that one day, generations from now, our people will return to the ground. Are you here to join us?”
Nygel “He’s here to see me, Vera. Go on with your mumbo-jumbo. Your mother’s inspired today, Marcus. I remember when you were the tender of the tree. You were a cute kid.”
Vera Kane “Let’s begin the offering.”
Kane “Why did you bring me down here, Nygel? What do you want?”
Nygel “It’s about what you want. I have something for you.”
Kane “Unless it's a signed confession, I’m not interested.”
Nygel “Not even if it involves your friend Abby Griffin?”
Kane “What about Abby?”
Nygel “She and a girl named Raven Reyes asked me to get them a pressure regulator. As a lowly culinary tech, I didn’t feel I had a choice when one of your fellow Councilors asked me to help her break the law.”
Kane “And since when do you give up your customers?”
Nygel “I don’t have customers, Marcus. I am a citizen of The Ark, and I don’t believe anyone should be above the law. Do you?”
Kane “You’re a plague on this ship, Nygel. And even if what you said is true, it’s your word against a member of the Council, and who do you think the people will believe?”
Nygel “You know… you should thank me. With Abby out the way, your agenda should sail right through.”
Kane “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Nygel “You’re almost as convincing as your mother.”
Vera Kane “As the Earth will one day provide for us, so we provide for the Earth.”
Nygel “Waste of water if you ask me.”
Kane “Not to them.”
Scene 11 – The Bunker
Clarke “Finn. Finn, wake up. She’s gone.”
Scene 12 – The Forest
Murphy “Charlotte! You can’t hide forever. Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you.”
Charlotte “Let me go!”
Bellamy “I’m trying… hey, hey. I’m trying to help you.”
Charlotte “I’m not your sister! Just stop helping me! I’m over here!”
Bellamy “Are you trying to get us both killed?”
Charlotte “Just go, okay? I’m the one they want.”
Bellamy “Okay, Charlotte, listen to me. I won’t leave you.”
Charlotte “Please, Bellamy. Aah! Murphy! I’m over here!”
Murphy “Come on out, Charlotte! Come on out.”
Finn “Someone else was here.”
Charlotte “No, no! Murphy!"
Clarke "Murphy has her.”
Scene 13 – The Ark
Raven “Abby, how about I pace in the operating room next time you’re working?”
Jackson “Abby, did you take morphine from the clinic?”
Abby “They inventoried already?”
Jackson “No. Kane was just here. He’s on his way to Mecha to arrest both of you right now. You gave Nygel morphine?”
Abby “She turned me in. How much longer?”
Raven “Twenty minutes.”
Abby “They’re gonna be here in five. No matter what happens, you launch that pod. Do you understand?”
Raven “I’m not going without you.”
Abby “Only one of us needs to get to the ground, Raven. The second you find those kids, you radio back. Three hundred innocent people will die if you don’t.”
Raven “Abby, they’ll float you.”
Abby “Then they’ll float me. Tell Clarke I love her.”
Scene 14 – The Forest
Murphy “Charlotte!”
Charlotte “Put me down!”
Murphy “Charlotte! Damn it. Bellamy! You cannot fight all of us. Give her up.”
Bellamy “Maybe not, but I guarantee I’ll take a few of you with me.”
Clarke “Bellamy! Stop! This has gone too far. Just calm down. We’ll talk about this.”
Murphy “I’m sick of listening to you talk.”
Bellamy “Let her go."
Murphy "I will slit her throat"
Charlotte “No, please. Please don’t hurt her.”
Murphy “Don’t hurt her? Okay, I’ll make you a deal. You come with me right now, I will let her go.”
Bellamy “Don’t do it, Charlotte. Don’t do it, Charlotte!”
Charlotte “No! No, I have to! Murphy, this is not happening. I can’t let any of you get hurt anymore. Not because of me. Not after what I did.”
Clarke “Charlotte! No! No, no, no! No! Bellamy. Bellamy. Bellamy, stop! You’ll kill him!”
Bellamy “Get off me! Uhh! He deserves to die.”
Clarke “No! We don’t decide who lives and dies. Not down here.”
Bellamy “So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide…”
Clarke “No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it’s dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we’re gonna survive down here, we can’t just live by whatever the hell we want. We need rules.”
Bellamy “And who makes those rules, huh? You?”
Clarke “For now, we make the rules. Okay?”
Bellamy “So, what, then? We just take him back and pretend like it never happened?”
Clarke “No! We banish him.”
Bellamy “Get up.”
Clarke “Bellamy! Stop!”
Bellamy “If I ever catch you near camp, we’ll be back here. Understand? As for the four of you, you can come back and follow me, or go off with him to die. Your choice.”
Scene 15 – The Ark
Raven “Come on, come on! No! Damn it! She gave us a bad part.”
Kane “I’m hoping… there’s a logical explanation for all this.”
Abby “My daughter.”
Kane “I know. I’m sorry. We all knew it was a long shot.”
Abby “I still believe.”
Kane “What’s the pressure regulator for, Abby? There’s no bacteria, is there? Your infected mechanic… Raven Reyes. What’s she up to? Did you know that her boyfriend Finn Collins… was one of the hundred? Your obsession… is now gonna get her floated, too. If you don’t tell me what you’re up to… I won’t be able to save her.”
Abby “You still don’t understand. I’m trying to save all of us.”
Kane “Arrest her. Continue to search for Raven Reyes.”
Guard “Sir. What was that? Sir, a pod launched.”
Kane “Abby… what have you done?”
Abby "We have to know the truth."
Scene 16 – The Dropship
Clarke "That’s why we’ve decided to banish… Anybody got a problem with that?”
Jasper “Will we be able to talk to them?”
Monty “No. More like morse code. You want to do the honors?? That port right there.”
Octavia “What the hell?”
Jasper “What happened?”
Monty “It didn’t work. I think we fried all the wristbands.”
Jasper “Sit there at your own risk. I think I might be cursed.”
Octavia “Then call me a risk taker. And Jasper, you’re not cursed.”
Jasper “I’m unlucky then.”
Octavia “No. Brave.”
Jasper “Brave? For getting my face bashed in or for ruining any chance to contact The Ark?”
Octavia “No, for standing up to a bully and trying to help everyone.”
Jasper “Yeah. And failing. Both times.”
Octavia “I didn’t see anyone else step up. Did you? And I don’t care how things turned out. You were brave to try. And bravery is always rewarded.”
Scene 17 – The Bunker
Clarke “Finn! Finn, stop it! Calm down!”
Finn “We’re dead to them! Don’t you get that?”
Clarke “No, there’s still hope.”
Finn “Even you don’t believe that. It’s over, Clarke. They’re gonna die up there, and we’re alone.”
Clarke “You’re not alone.”