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For the past and the future we serve.
- We give thanks.
Good health, good food and good company and the blessing of new friends.
- We give thanks.
— Dante Wallace and the Mountain Men [src]

Mountain Men, or Maunon (Trigedasleng), is a term used by the Sky People and the Grounders to describe the group of people who resided in Mount Weather. The Mountain Men are descendants of the United States Government and others who survived the Nuclear Apocalypse by seeking shelter within Mount Weather. They were exterminated by the Sky People at the conclusion of their conflict.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating the Acid Fog that has killed numerous Outsiders, as well as the creation of the Reapers who helped them capture their fellow Grounders for the Mountain Men's blood harvesting program. Because of this, the Grounders and the Mountain Men have an antagonistic relationship. After the events of "Fog of War", part of the remaining Delinquents find out about what the Mountain Men have done and they no longer see them as their salvation.


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The inhabitants of Mount Weather, were sealed when the Nuclear Apocalypse took place. Protected from the radiation outside, they remained isolated inside the facility for decades.

Circa 2093, 56 years before the events of the series proper, they discovered survivors outside without protective suits. Dante's father, the President, believed it meant that the Earth was survivable again opened Mount Weather doors. Within a week, fifty-four people were dead from the exposure to radiation. Among them were Dante's mother and sister.

Sometime after, the Mountain Men began conducting experiments on the Outsiders' ability to metabolize the radiation outside their mountain home. Through the use of the Cerberus Project, the Mountain Men would collect Grounders. Then through the Harvest Project, the Mountain Men would use the Grounders to help filter the radiation out from their blood.

In Season Two, the Mountain Men captured 48 Delinquents and attempted to incorporate them into the Mountain population. They eventually progressed onto using the Sky People's bone marrow, leading to the irradiation of Mount Weather by the Sky People.

The Harvest Project

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The Harvest Project was led by Dr. Lorelei Tsing and known throughout Mount Weather. Outsiders were captured by Reapers. Their blood was drained and used to filter the radiation from the Mountain Men because Grounders have a higher tolerance of radiation. Once they were used up and dead or mostly dead, they were disposed of down in the Mount Weather tunnels for the Reapers to eat.

The Cerberus Project

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The Cerberus Project was led by Cage Wallace, and was unknown to many of Mount Weather, aside from the Mount Weather Guard. Dr. Tsing would sort the strongest Outsiders from the Harvest for Cage to convert into a Reaper. They were restrained while a highly addictive drug called Red was injected. Through sensor and electroshock therapy, the test subjects learned to associate the high-pitched noise of a tone generator with pain in order to control the subjects. Eventually after several stages, if the subject survives, they will have turned into a Reaper.


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Dr. Lorelei Tsing mentioned in Long Into an Abyss that there are 382 people living inside of Mount Weather. However, in Coup de Grâce, the number drops to 380 when a sniper from Mount Weather is killed by a Grounder, and Sgt. Lovejoy is killed by Bellamy Blake. In Rubicon, Bellamy causes a radiation leak that results in the deaths of eleven Mountain Men (including Dr. Lorelei Tsing), which puts the number of Mountain Men to 369. By the end of Resurrection, two guardsmen are killed by Bellamy, one sniper is killed by Clarke Griffin, and ten guardsmen are killed by the Delinquents in the mess hall, leaving only 356 Mountain Men. Several more Mountain Men are killed during the Delinquent sweeps, the skirmishes on the ridge above the door, at the dam, and when they take another group of Sky People captive during Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1). After Clarke and Bellamy irradiate Level 5 in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), all Mountain Men die except for Cage Wallace and Carl Emerson. After Cage is killed by Lincoln, Carl Emerson remains the sole survivor of Mount Weather. In Demons, Clarke kills Emerson, which marks the end of the Mountain Men. In the same episode, Emerson states that 381 Mountain Men died when Mount Weather was irradiated.


Mount Weather 1.jpg

After decades of isolation, Mount Weather was thought to be the last surviving human stronghold. The Mountain Men saw themselves as preservers of culture and civilization and worked tirelessly to conserve it.

The Mountain Men never developed an immunity to radiation. When exposed, they break out in instantaneous lesions and bleeding wounds, which they treat with blood transfusions from the Harvest Project. However, some refused the blood treatments. Maya Vie's mother refused the treatment, resulting in her death.

Dante Wallace had been president of Mount Weather for a long period of time. His father was president before him, implying that the title of president is inherited. The government appeared to be patriarchal.


The Mountain Men primarily spoke American English. Among them, however, there were potentially more dialects and other languages intact, seeing as they had more books at their disposal to study and learn other languages. That they did so is suggested by the numerous flags seen in the Mess Hall.


Mount Weather Guard

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Patch from Guard hat

The Mount Weather Guard, or Mount Weather Security Detail, were the Mountain Men who maintained security within Mount Weather as well as providing military force against the Outsiders. Unlike the Outsiders, the Mountain Men used technological weapons such as missiles, guns, Acid Fog, and various forms of gas. They also assisted in the Harvest Project and the Cerberus Project. The Mount Weather Guard were the army for the Mountain Men inside of Mount Weather, while the Reapers were their outside soldiers.

They wore the hats that said, "Homeland Security: United States of America".

Notable members

Ground Unit

The Ground Unit was a group of Mount Weather Guards who were trained to serve outside of the safety of Mount Weather, using hazmat suits to prevent radiation poisoning. After the Mountain Men began using the bone marrow of the Sky People as a cure for radiation poisoning, the Guards could travel on the ground without using hazmat suits. They were first seen in We Are Grounders (Part 2), when they entered the Delinquents' Camp and brought 48 of them to Mount Weather. They were also used in the Battle of Mount Weather during the Mount Weather War to combat the Grounders and Sky People, who were attempting to blow up the dam and to breach the main door to the Mountain.

Notes and Trivia

  • The citizens of Mount Weather were named after writers, musicians, and artists.[1]
  • Mount Weather saw themselves as the preservers and conservators of culture and civilization, a sharp contrast to the bloody and brutal means they developed to stay alive.[1]
  • There was a group of revolutionary-minded people that was against using Grounders' blood to treat radiation poisoning.
  • Mount Weather had two armies: the Guard and the Reapers.
  • Carl Emerson was the sole survivor of Mount Weather and the Mount Weather Guard at the conclusion of the Mount Weather War.
    • He was supposed to die in the finale, as everyone from Mount Weather was supposed to have died. This was taken out due to time constraints. Instead, he alone survived due to getting the bone marrow treatment in "Rubicon" which allowed Emerson to survive on the surface.
    • As of Demons, all of the Mountain Men are dead, after Clarke Griffin killed Emerson using the Flame.


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