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Welcome to Mount Weather.
Dante Wallace [src]

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center or simply Mount Weather, also known as The Mountain, or Maunde (Trigedasleng), is a location featured in the second, third and sixth season.

Mount Weather is a United States military underground bunker and missile silo launch facility located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the eastern United States of America on Earth. It was constructed to house senior US officials in the event of a nuclear war.

The Mountain Men are descendants of the original people who took shelter there during the Nuclear Apocalypse. During Season One, it was the intended dropping point for the 100, but they were unable to travel there as the territory belonged to the Woods Clan. Mount Weather is currently inactive due to a self-destruct sequence initiated by Carl Emerson and the Ice Nation. It was permanently destroyed.

History and Background

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center (a.k.a. the High Point Special Facility), is a U.S. Government Continuity of Operations facility located in the Blue Ridge Mountains– near Bluemont, Virginia, on the border between Loudoun and Clarke counties– about 40 miles from Washington, D.C.

The site was originally acquired by the National Weather Bureau in the late 1800s, which named it the Mt. Weather Observatory. After World War II, the Army Corps of Engineers began construction of the underground complex under the code name "Operation High Point". The underground bunker initially included a hospital, crematorium, dining and recreation areas, sleeping quarters, reservoirs of drinking and cooling water, an emergency power plant, and emergency broadcasting system.

After the first Nuclear Apocalypse, Mount Weather was able to sustain itself using hydroelectric power from Philpott Dam, fresh water from its own underground reservoir, and fresh food from its hydroponic farm. It also served as a preservation of civilization through the U.S. Federal Culture Preservation Initiative.

Mount Weather was believed to be the last surviving human stronghold until Outsiders appeared several decades later. Assuming it meant that the Earth was survivable again, Mount Weather opened its doors. Within a week, 54 people were dead from the exposure. Sometime later a missile silo was constructed as a defense system[1] and the Harvest and Cerberus Projects were initiated. At some point before Lexa was born, Mount Weather fired a missile at the Grounders. According to legend, the missile left a hole in the woods so big that you couldn't see across it.[2]

After the arrival of the Sky People from the Ark, conflict broke out when the Mountain Men kidnaped 48 of the Delinquents in the aftermath of a Grounder attack on the Camp. Intending to use the Delinquents for the Harvest Project to be able to survive on the ground, the Mountain Men faced trouble from without and within when residents of Mount Weather began aiding the Delinquents and the Sky People and Coalition formed an alliance to rescue their people and defeat the Mountain Men once and for all. The conflict ended with the rescue of the surviving Grounders and Sky People as well as the extinction of the Mountain Men aside from Carl Emerson after Level 5 was irradiated by Monty Green, Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake.

Three months later Mount Weather, now in the territory of the Ice Nation, was reoccupied by survivors of Farm Station seeking shelter. With the help of a vengeful Emerson, an Ice Nation assassin activated Mount Weather's self-destruct despite the best efforts of Raven Reyes, Jacapo Sinclair and Gina to stop him. Mount Weather was destroyed with the only survivors being Raven and Sinclair. Emerson was later killed by Clarke, bringing a permanent end to the Mountain Men of Mount Weather.

Throughout the Series

Clark mount weather.jpg

In Pilot, Mount Weather was mentioned as the targeted drop-site for the Exodus ship of the 100. Chancellor Jaha informs the 100 through video about this. He explains it was a military camp in the past, and that it is stocked with supplies for 300 people good for 2 years. He says they should find the supplies immediately. Clarke Griffin, Finn Collins, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green and Octavia Blake go on a journey to the mountain. Wells Jaha asks to come but while his leg was still broken the group suggested he shouldn't leave. When they reach Mount Weather, there is a river blocking their path. Clarke looks at her map and becomes suspicious because there is no river present. Octavia was the first one to get into the water. Soon after that, she was attacked by some sort of sea monster, but Jasper jumped in and saved her. The group still had to cross the river to get to Mount Weather, so they decide to make a rope from branches and cross it. Jasper insists on going first and lands safely on the other side. He finds a roughed up piece of steel, reading the words Mount Weather. He holds it up as the others cheer for him in excitement. Although, only seconds later, he is speared in the chest by a Grounder hiding in the shrubs, and is then thought to be dead by his friends. This was the moment the group found out that they were in fact not alone.

In Earth Skills, the Grounders take Jasper because he crossed the boundary to Mount Weather, namely the river. Mount Weather is then considered territory of the Grounders. The group rescues Jasper and decides to stay away from the Mountain.

In Unity Day, though not revealed until later, Mount Weather begins jamming all ground communications. Mount Weather's jamming causes the crash of the Exodus ship and limits the range of the Delinquents' walkie-talkies. In The Calm, Monty picks up their jamming signal while studying the ship's black box and guesses about a jamming signal causing the crash, but Raven dismisses it as impossible as they know of no one on the ground with that kind of capability.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Clarke wakes up after being knocked out by gas, she wakes up and realizes she is in some type of ward and she has an IV in her arm. She frantically looks around before seeing Monty in the room opposite her and begins shaking the door handle. While doing this she notices a sign that says Mount Weather Quarantine, and Clarke realizes where they are.

In The 48, Clarke Griffin escapes only to realize that Mount Weather is actually a society created by real people, and people still live inside there. Clarke meets Dante Wallace, the president of Mount Weather and explains how Mountain Men are not able to leave the Mountain as the radiation on the outside will kill them as their bodies never adapted to the outside. Clarke and other Sky People bodies did as they grew up around Solar Radiation. Clarke soon comes across her 47 other friends, but only finds Monty and Jasper. Clarke desperately searches for a way out as she believes the rest of her people are still alive. Clarke is interrupted by Mount Weather Security every time, however, and is called in by Dante to talk with her. After their talk Clarke somewhat warms up to Mount Weather but keeps a map of their entire building just in case of emergency.

In Inclement Weather, Clarke continues to look for another way, but the others are unwilling to listen to her, believing Mount Weather to be a safe haven. Meanwhile, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green and the others warm up to Mount Weather. Jasper meets a girl named Maya Vie, who he quickly develops a romantic connection with. Clarke discovers a Mountain Man named Sgt. Langston, who somehow healed from his radiation burns which Clarke saw him earlier with. Seeing that Langston is being put back into medical, Clarke cuts open her arm in order to get answers from Langston and figure out how he was cured. When she finds him she attempts to wake him up but fails. Clarke then notices a vent which she crawls through to explore more. When she reaches the other side Clarke finds the Harvest Chamber, where Grounders are kept in cages, strung up and drained for blood. Clarke finds Anya in a cage, a Grounder who fought in the Woods Clan-Sky People War.

In Reapercussions, Clarke and Anya manage to escape Mount Weather but are held up by Reapers they find below the Harvest Chamber. Clarke and Anya are forced to jump off a Dam to escape the Mountain Men. Meanwhile, inside Mount Weather, Jasper and Maya become closer, but Monty is keen on figuring out where Clarke disappeared to. Jasper ignores him, which irritates Monty. Later Reapers can be seen dropping off Grounders to Mountain Men. A doctor named Dr. Lorelei Tsing walks up and says to harvest all Grounders except for Lincoln, whom she tells the other Mountain Men to put him in the Cerberus Project.

In Human Trials, Dante meets with Jasper in his room, where Dante explains that Clarke didn't trust them enough, and decided to escape Mount Weather herself, despite his attempts to get her to stay. In a plot to discover if the 100 can be used like the Grounders, Maya is deliberately exposed to a radiation leak. Maya, in critical condition, is aided by Jasper who gives Maya a blood transfusion to heal her. The treatment works and Maya is saved, but Monty becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, in another area of Mount Weather, Lincoln is strapped to a table and is receiving drug doses from a man. Later the man lets another Grounder into the same room as Lincoln and the two fight for the drug. Later Dante and Tsing can be seen discussing matters in medical while the man who is revealed to be Cage Wallace, Dante's son, tells him another Grounder, referring to Lincoln has been converted to a Reaper.

In Fog of War, Cage and Tsing meet up with Dante to ask him to take the Delinquents blood by force, to which Dante says no and that he will only take volunteers. Later Dante says he sees something in Jasper to motivate the Delinquents to donate blood to Mount Weather. Jasper tries but no one listens. Later Jasper and Monty are escorted by Maya, who tells them the Mountain Men are listening to them in their room at all times. Maya takes them to a vent where they poke through to see the Harvest Chamber. Maya says that this is how they stay alive, through the blood of Grounders. Jasper then says to cooperate with Mount Weather and most Delinquents agree to donate blood. Later when the Delinquents are giving blood, Dante grabs Cage and tells him if he finds out Maya was poisoned by the radiation leak because of him, the Wallace family name will end with him.

In Long Into an Abyss, Cage and Tsing use Keenan Mykulak, a citizen of Mount Weather to test the outside world from the blood The Delinquents gave them. Keenan however once exposed to rain is killed immediately by burns. Cage and Tsing determine they need to go to extreme measures if they want to survive off the Delinquents blood. Meanwhile, Jasper, Monty, Nathan Miller and Harper McIntyre work together to break into Dante's office to discover more about Mount Weather. Upon reaching Dante's office The Delinquents find little and head back to their room. Harper, however is kidnapped in the process by Cage and Tsing. Cage and Tsing perform a Bone Marrow on Harper in order to extract as much blood from her as possible, which puts Harper into extreme pain.

In Remember Me, Jasper, Monty and the others continue to investigate ways of escaping Mount Weather. Maya aids them on their missions, and Jasper apparently the group had discovered something in the walls of the art gallery that may be able to help them. Jasper, Monty, Maya and Miller sneak out and break the wall down, and find a device to use to contacting their friends. The group manages to get away nice and safely, but Monty suddenly goes missing. Monty sneaks away from the group to get to Mount Weathers control room, where he can investigate the room for anything useful. While inside he uses a radiation suit in order to make sure he does not get caught. When Monty is about to leave, he is confronted by Carl Emerson, who states that Monty forgot to write up the status of the room on his clipboard he uses. Monty signs it, but Emerson notices that the writing he put does not declare the Control Room safe. Emerson chases and catches Monty, knocking him out.

In Coup de Grâce, Jasper, scared for Monty and Harper who are missing, decides to finally confront President Dante Wallace to ask him some questions. Jasper pulls a sword on him, but Dante manages to overcome Jasper and take the sword from him. Seeing him distraught, Dante realizes that Cage and Tsing kidnapped his friends and are using them for their experiments. Dante takes himself to Tsing's lab, and orders for her arrest, freeing Monty and Harper. When Dante attempts to arrest Cage however, the guards turn on Dante and arrest him, with Cage stating that their people deserve to go to the ground. Meanwhile, Bellamy Blake allows himself to be captured, posing as a Grounder in order to infiltrate Mount Weather and find the Delinquents. Maya finds him, after his is tortured and is being drained, having taken the place of a grounder. Maya sets him free but they are stopped by Sgt. Lovejoy. Maya and Bellamy defend themselves from Lovejoy, but are saved by Echo, the grounder inside a cage that Bellamy helped. Bellamy takes the clothes of Lovejoy and says he will come back for Echo and all the other grounders. While Jasper is locked along with the other delinquents in his room, Bellamy and Maya run off to think of ways to save them, with Jasper noticing and finding hope in Bellamy's presence.

In Rubicon, While scouting Mount Weather, Bellamy finds out Mount Weather is preparing for an attack on the Grounder Coalition at Tondc. The plan is to wait for everyone to arrive at Tondc, and then send a missile. Bellamy immediately informs Clarke and the other Sky People so they can evacuate. Meanwhile, Jasper and the other Delinquents are being held in their room as Dr. Tsing comes in with several guards and takes delinquents one by one. Jasper and the others try to fight back, but fail every time. In an attempt to save them, Bellamy holds down Jasper disguised as a guard and reveals his identity. Bellamy gives jasper a gun and tells him to get ready for the next time they come to take his friends. Bellamy then visits Dante, who is being held in quarantine on orders from Cage. Dante informs Bellamy of a way to irradiate the area to save the Delinquents. Bellamy finds a way to do so, killing 11 guards, as well as Dr. Tsing. Jasper and the others grab the guards guns and get ready to fight back.

Meanwhile, Cage and several other Guards are still in Mount Weathers control room. Cage orders Emerson to launch the missile on Tondc. Clarke, manipulated by Lexa, did not warn them of the coming attack, and hundreds are killed. After hearing the news, Cage visits Dante to ask him if he had anything to do with what happened to Tsing and the guards, and he admits that he did. Cage then injects him with Delinquents blood, telling him he will thank him for that later.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), having been betrayed by Lexa and the Coalition Clarke is now alone with only Octavia for backup. They manage to get inside Mount Weather with help from Bellamy, Maya and Monty through the mines. The group enlists Dante's aid, but he is no longer on their side, wanting his people to live. They are able to reach the Control Room as the power outage trapped everyone on Level 5 where they witness Cage Harvesting bone marrow from everyone through the security cameras. Clarke contacts Cage and demands he stop or she'll kill Dante, but he refuses. Clarke kills Dante and sees no other choice but to irradiate Level 5 again and kill all of the Mount Weather residents to save her people. Monty sets it up while Bellamy hesitates, as they will be killing everyone, including the people who helped them and children. Then after seeing Octavia on screen, Bellamy places his hand over Clarke's, refusing to let her bear this alone. Irradiated air fills Level 5 from the reversed scrubbers leading to the surface and the Mount Weather population, including Maya, dies. Cage and Emerson, having received the treatment from the Delinquents blood, survive and escape, but Cage is killed by Lincoln. The Sky People are alive, but Clarke is horrified by the actions she took to save them and departs on her own.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Abigail Griffin decides to open Mount Weather as a medical facility, after being convinced by Eric Jackson and Nyko, when she and Jackson were treating Nyko's wounds.

In Ye Who Enter Here, many survivors from the Farm Station have taken shelter at Mount Weather. However, an assassin from the Ice Nation sneaks in and activates the self-destruct sequence in the President's office. Having been warned by a mortally wounded Gina, Raven and Sinclair hunt down and kill the assassin and retrieve the codes from his arm in an attempt to help Gina disarm the self-destruct. However, Gina dies before they can give her the codes. Mount Weather self-destructs, killing 49 Sky People. It's revealed that Carl Emerson gave Queen Nia the self-destruct code to help instigate a war between the Grounders and the Sky People.

In Demons, Emerson tries for a final time to get revenge upon Clarke and her friends for the deaths of everyone in Mount Weather. However, Clarke kills Emerson by implanting the Flame into his head, liquifying Emerson's brain. With Emerson's death, the last survivor of Mount Weather is gone and the Mountain Men are left extinct.

In The Four Horsemen, after Thelonious Jaha states that he knows of a potential bunker that could hold thousands, Raven points out that all of the government bunkers considered for the Delinquents to survive in are listed as compromised or unviable and Mount Weather has been destroyed.

In God Complex, after Clarke plans to tie Luna down in order to get her bone marrow to create Nightblood, Raven angrily compares it to Mount Weather.

In Damocles (Part 1), while arguing with Echo about the blood on their hands, Clarke asks her if Echo thinks the people she blew up in Mount Weather don't matter because Echo was following orders. Echo doesn't respond to this accusation, instead stating that she should've killed Clarke when she had the chance. Shortly afterwards, while trying to convince Clarke to do the right thing, Madi reveals that Lexa has been showing her Lexa's memory of abandoning Clarke outside of Mount Weather. Madi explains that it was Lexa's biggest regret and she is trying to keep Clarke from making a similar mistake. This ultimately helps convince Clarke to save Echo and free her and Madi to save Wonkru.

In Memento Mori, "Clarke and Mount Weather" is one of the things that John Murphy tells Josephine Lightbourne about to help convince Abby to make Nightblood for the Primes. As Murphy suggested, Josephine later brings it up while convincing Abby to make Nightblood for the Primes in exchange for using it to save Marcus Kane.

In Nevermind, Mount Weather is seen in a dream-like Mindspace, where Clarke is trapped inside her head, due to Josephine controlling her body.

In What You Take With You, while commenting on the complexities of Clarke and Bellamy's relationship, Josephine mentions them bonding over "the actual genocide at Mount Weather" after Bellamy's selfish actions nearly caused a genocide on the Ark.

In Ashes to Ashes, as Clarke works with Gabriel Santiago to build a Red Sun toxin bomb to attack Sanctum, she realizes that Josephine was right about Clarke killing a lot of people to save hers again and comments on how "this is Mount Weather all over again". Clarke is inspired to find a less violent way than causing a massacre to save her friends.

In The Last War, while arguing with the Judge, Clarke admits to committing genocide out of love and demands to know the Judge's reason for doing it.


The Mount Weather facility is functionally intact with 21st century technology, such as electrical power, gas-grenades, gas-masks, laser-sighted assault rifles, and a hospital large enough to have a dedicated Quarantine Ward. It provides its own agricultural products and has its own underground water reservoir.

Philpott Dam

Philpott Dam

The power for Mount Weather is provided by the adjacent Philpott Dam. Through five turbines, it is able to generate enough electricity for the entire mountain. There is also a backup generator within Mount Weather itself, but it can only run the most basic areas of the mountain.

The mine tunnels also connect to the dam and were used by Clarke Griffin and Anya to escape Mount Weather. Later, Raven Reyes and Kyle Wick blew up four of the five turbines, causing a catastrophic failure and power loss across all of Mount Weather, forcing the Mountain Men to evacuate everyone to Level 5.

Mount Weather Mines

A map of the Reaper tunnels

Main article: Cerberus Project

The Mount Weather Mines are a series of tunnels built underneath Mount Weather and the surrounding areas. They are connected to the outside through a series of entrances. It is unknown what their original purpose was, however, they were used by the Reapers to transport captured Grounders to and from Mount Weather.

Quarantine Ward

Clarke in Quarantine on Level 3

Main article: Mountain Men

The Quarantine Ward was used to house the 48 Delinquents after they were brought to Mount Weather in the first season finale. It was later used to imprison the overthrown president of Mount Weather, Dante Wallace by the current president, Cage Wallace.

Harvest Chamber

The Grounders caged in the Harvest Chamber

Main article: Harvest Project

Since Mountain Men were not able to adapt to the outside as they had remained in Mount Weather the entire time, they eventually realized they could use Outsiders to filter their blood of the radiation that was poisoning the Mountain Men. Through the Harvest Project, Mount Weather detained hundreds of Grounder prisoners at a time over a 56-year period. They built a Harvest Chamber filled with cages to hold the Grounders pending Harvest. Each Grounder was used multiple times before the Mountain Men disposed of them, sometimes still barely alive, by leaving them in the mines for the Reapers to feast on.

Level 5

The Sky People chained up on Level 5

Main article: Mount Weather War

When the Mountain Men began harvesting the Delinquents of their bone marrow, an additional room was set up with 47 cages specifically to house the Delinquents. Only two Delinquents, Monty Green and Harper McIntyre, were ever imprisoned there before their release by President Dante Wallace. After Cage Wallace took over the presidency, the Delinquents resisted arrest and imprisonment. After power was lost to most of Mount Weather, the Delinquents' dormitory on Level 5 was turned into a makeshift prison and the Delinquents and other captured Sky People were chained to the walls to await bone marrow harvesting.


facility orientation map

Below is the facility map given to the 48 delinquents during their orientation tour upon being released from quarantine. Clarke Griffin added to this map from her own knowledge after she tried to escape with a pencil she was given by Dante Wallace.

Level 1

  • 101 - Horticulture
  • 103 - Warehouse

Level 2

  • 201 - Science labs
  • 202 - Science labs
  • 203 - Warehouse
  • 204 - Warehouse

Level 3

  • 301 - Quarantine (the 48 were brought here after being taken)
  • 303 - Medical labs
  • 304 - Medical labs

Level 4

  • 402 - Life support

Level 5

  • 502 - Mess Hall
  • 503 - Kitchens
  • 504 - Library
  • 505 - Residences (the 48 resided here)
  • Unknown - School

Level 6

  • 601 - Commons
  • 602 - Commons
  • 604 - Gyms
  • 605 - Residences
  • 606 - Residences (residents of Mount Weather presumably resided here)

Level 7

Main access tunnel to Mount Weather complex is protected by a blast-proof steel door.

According to the elevators and Clarke's map, there is a level above level 1.





Mountain Men

Main article: Mountain Men

Mount Weather was inhabited by descendants of the US government and military officials that survived the nuclear apocalypse in the underground bunker.

When the Delinquents first arrived in "We Are Grounders (Part 2)," there were 384 residents in Mount Weather 184 men, 174 women, and 26 children.


Main article: Delinquents

48 Delinquents were brought to Mount Weather in the first season finale. This includes:

Sky People

Main article: Sky People

Several Sky People were captured during Mount Weather War, but after Clarke and Bellamy irradiated the Mountain, everyone was rescued. Later the Sky People scavenged some materials from the Mountain, before a truce with the Coalition was formed, restricting access. Chancellor Griffin broke the truce when she moved in a group of 36 Farm Station survivors and 13 other Sky People and searching for medical equipment. An assassin from Azgeda, along with Carl Emerson, set off Mount Weather's self-destruct sequence, resulting in the deaths of everyone inside and leaving Mount Weather uninhabitable. Known Sky People, who stepped inside:


Main article: Grounders

Through the Harvest Project, Mount Weather detained hundreds of Grounder prisoners at a time over a 56-year period. They built a Harvest Chamber filled with cages to hold the Grounders pending Harvest. Each Grounder was used multiple times before the Mountain Men disposed of them, sometimes still barely alive, by leaving them in the mines for the Reapers to feast on. The only known grounder, who was inside the Mountain is Echo.


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We Are Grounders (Part 2)Appears
Season Two
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Many Happy ReturnsMentioned
Human TrialsAppears
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssAppears
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Survival of the FittestAppears
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Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Appears
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Season Six
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Ashes to AshesMentioned
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent

Notes and Trivia

  • Mount Weather is based on a real facility.[3] The real Mount Weather is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains– near Bluemont, Virginia, 40 miles from Washington, D.C.
    • The Philpott Dam is also a real place in Bassett, Virginia, though it is located approximately 196 miles southwest from the real Mount Weather.
  • Aerial views of the facility were shot in Vancouver. The dam and the communications tower are VFX. The inside does not resemble the inside in the real world; most of the interior of the real Mount Weather is unknown to the general public.
  • Art in Mount Weather arrived through the "U.S. Federal Culture Preservation Initiative".[4]
  • Numerous flags hang inside the mess hall, including:
    • An early Confederate flag, the "Stars and Bars" (seven star version)
    • United States Marine Corps flag
    • Washington, D.C. flag
  • There are similarities between the Mountain Men and "The Enclave" faction from the Fallout series. It is also set generations after a nuclear holocaust devastated most of the Earth's surface.
    • They are descended from politicians, elite military units, and other powerful people (the "military-industrial complex") who survived the nuclear holocaust by hiding in the nation's most advanced bunker complexes.
    • They still have access to the pre-apocalyptic technology, making them one of the most dangerous factions in the post-nuclear world.
  • As of "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)," all the residents are dead, apart from Carl Emerson who was given the bone marrow treatment about ten days earlier.
    • Emerson died in "Demons," making the Mountain Men the second extinct race of people on the show, the first being the Reapers.
  • During Season Two, an in-world Tumblr account was created for Mount Weather.
  • Philpott Dam, which provides the Mountain with power, shares it’s name with production designer James Philpott.


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