Hey, you're a great thief.
— Monty to Miller [src]

Monty and Miller was the relationship between Monty Green and Nathan Miller. They were portrayed by starring cast member Christopher Larkin and recurring cast member Jarod Joseph, and début in the seventh episode of season two.

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In the first season, Monty and Miller don't have much interaction however they grow closer when they work together to escape Mount Weather. However, their relationship becomes somewhat strained in Season Three as they are on opposing sides of Arkadia's internal struggle, Monty siding with Pike because of his mother and Miller siding with Kane.

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After teaming up to find a way out of Mount Weather, Monty and Miller grow closer as friends.

Monty compliments Miller in Long Into an Abyss, assuring him that he is a great thief to which Miller chuckles softly.

In Remember Me, they play a card game together before being joined by Jasper and Maya to find out where Harper is. Later that episode, he is shown to be upset when Monty goes missing, implying he's concerned for the other.

He later stands beside Monty as they prepare to fight back against Dr. Lorelei Tsing and the Mount Weather guards in  Rubicon.

Later, in Resurrection, he assists Monty with the trash shoot.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Monty and Miller are both part of the group that goes to Sector 7 in a rover and they smile at each other when the group is singing along to Jasper's music.

In Terms and Conditions, Monty and Miller work on opposing side. Monty obeys Pike while Miller helps Kane. After Bryan bugged Miller, Monty is the one on standby, listening to everything he might say. After he overhears Miller and Harper talking about helping Kane and their plan, he warns Bellamy who manages to stop Kane from kidnapping Pike and sending him to the Grounders. Later, when Hannah comes to ask him and Bellamy if they identified any other traitors, they don't reveal Miller and Harper's names.

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