Monty: It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, almost.
— Monty referring to Harper in DNR

Monty and Harper is the relationship between Monty Green and Harper McIntyre. They are portrayed by cast members Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist, and début in the tenth episode of Season One.

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Monty and Harper were both friends with Jasper Jordan. In I Am Become Death, Monty felt jealous when Jasper began to get attention from everyone including Harper for his war stories. Monty and Harper didn't have much direct interaction during the rest of Season One.

In Season Two, Harper and Monty are among the small group of delinquents that planned to escape Mount Weather.

In Long Into an Abyss, when Monty, Miller, Jasper, and Harper break into Dante's office looking for any evidence, Harper is kidnapped by Mount Weather guards as she stands watch. Monty shows concern when they realize that Harper is missing.

In Remember Me, Monty breaks into Mount Weather Control room but is discovered when he tries to leave. Monty is taken to the harvest chamber and placed in a cage. Harper is in the cage next to him and her current health situation deeply concerns him.

In Coup de Grâce, Monty sees in shock as Dr. Lorelei Tsing is doing another bone marrow procedure on Harper. Monty pleads to Dr. Tsing to stop because she is too weak. Monty is thrilled when he sees Dante and Jasper come in to save them. Monty is later seen, holding Harper's hand and giving her something to drink while she's recovering.

In Rubicon, Monty tries to fight off the guards when they return to take Harper for another procedure.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Monty and Harper are relieved to see each other again and hug.

In Stealing Fire, Harper is angry at Monty unwilling to trust him after he previously chose to follow Pike.

In Red Sky at Morning, Harper asks Monty to help her under the pretense of keeping watch. She tells him she that doesn't want to just want to spend her time dreading the next attack. Monty tells her that they have no choice but Harper says that they do and kisses him. Monty asks Harper if she has been chipped but she assures him that she is still herself. She then leads him away and the two have sex. Afterward, Harper tells Monty that this is the first time she has felt happy and safe in a long time before he is called away by Raven.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Jasper tells Monty that he is happy for Harper and Monty, however, it is revealed that he is chipped. Jasper later threatens Raven and Monty with Harper's life if they don't destroy the machine.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Monty frees Harper from Jasper's control and together they incapacitate him. After A.L.I.E is destroyed, Monty and Harper embrace.

In Echoes, Monty and Harper sleep with each other again. Following that, Harper tells Monty she doesn't expect anything more from their relationship but Monty implies that he does. Harper is happy with that and they kiss before being walked in on by Raven yet again.

In Heavy Lies the Crown, Monty are Harper are part of the group that heads for Farm Station. While overlooking the station, they hold hands. Monty are Harper end up being on opposite sides of the hydro generator debate with Monty wanting to take it home and Harper wanting to save the slaves but this doesn't impact their relationship as a whole.

In A Lie Guarded, Monty is upset with Clarke for leaving Harper off the list. While Clark argues that Harper may be a drain on medical resources, Monty is only disgusted to find Clarke went into Harper's medical records.

In The Tinder Box, Harper expresses concern when Monty goes to speak with Bellamy and Kane. She is even more worried when Monty and Bellamy switch places, with Monty becoming a hostage.

In God Complex, Monty tells Harper he's leaving on a mission with Kane and Jaha. Harper is happy for him but as she drunk, she comments on the fact that the world is ending in 10 days. Monty asks how much she's had to drink but Harper answers that she's had just the right amount. Monty and Harper kiss several times and Monty reassures her that they will find a solution. Monty bids goodbye to Harper and Harper tells him she'll be there if he returns. She quickly corrects herself and they kiss again before Monty leaves.

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  • Monty and Harper were the only two Delinquents that survived the Bone Marrow procedures in Mount Weather.
  • In Season Three, their relationship is at stake since Monty rather worked with his Mom, seemingly forgetting about the friendship they'd built in Mount Weather. Harper even sasses Monty in Stealing Fire.
  • Harper and Monty sleep together for the first time in Red Sky at Morning.
  • Monty and Harper are the only two Sky People who survived Praimfaya of those who chose to stay at Arkadia instead of going to the Second Dawn Bunker
  • Monty and Harper were the last 2 Sky People that left Arkadia before the death-wave arrived, with the others already dead by that point.
  • Monty and Harper said "I love you" for first time in "The Other Side", Monty was the first one to say it, then Harper said it back. However, in DNR, Monty told Harper that he loved her, but she never said it back until The Other Side.
  • In Season Five they had a son together, Jordan Green.

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