Mission Team Alpha was a team of 12 settlers sent by the Eligius Corporation to study the moon, Alpha. They were brought to the site on the Eligius III and were led by Russell Lightbourne.

Their descendants include the Sanctum Citizens and the Children of Gabriel. The twelve that built the Sanctum settlement became known as the Primes.

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The Eligius Corporation wanted to find new worlds to tap for oil, after Earth's oil has been depleted. Eligius III was sent to colonize and study five sites.

Phase One of the mission was to test whether a settlement could successfully survive on the world. This also included studying the lifeforms on the new world. The second phase was to populate, i.e. to build a sanctuary for the human race. For this reason, the team consisted of the families and embryos were sent to further increase the population.

Mission Team Alpha was the team sent to site Alpha, a moon in a binary star system. Due to the radiation caused by the two suns, members of the team were given Nightblood. This wasn't needed though, as Emori stated that Radiation levels were good.

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The group first settled in a wooded area and built a tent camp. They were supplied with motorcycles, guns, building supplies, fuel, food, water, and other materials. 

On day 21, Josephine Lightbourne suggests the name "Sanctum" for the moon and her dad, agrees. Later, Josephine is hanging out with Gabriel Santiago when they notice the bugs going quiet. The suns are eclipsing and the pair head back to camp. There, Russell Lightbourne is in a murderous rampage. He kills his wife, and most of the other inhabitants.

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At some point, the group split. Four families, who later become known as the Primes, establish the settlement Sanctum. They built a radiation shield to keep threats out. Their settlement includes many farm fields around a city area with a palace at the center. Gabriel Santiago went a separate way, founding the Children of Gabriel.

After the arrival of Eligius IV, the existence of the Primes becomes known to the people from Earth who discover most of the Primes alive in their current hosts. As conflict erupts, many of the team's hosts are killed with the manipulations of Josephine Lightbourne leading to the complete erasure of Kaylee Lee's family. However, Josephine's struggle with her new host Clarke Griffin leads to the destruction of her consciousness by Clarke.

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Since the mission took place over two hundred years ago, all members of the original mission were presumed deceased until their practice of bodyjacking was discovered. 

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