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Sky People[]

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Del-The Calm

Del was a delinquent featured in The 100. He was seen working with the meat in the camp and seemed to be partially in control on the smokehouse.



Deek was a delinquent featured in The 100. There is no known information about him.


Grus 1x06

Grus or his title "Inspector Grus" was a member of the Sky People who lived on the Ark, and was a member of the Ark Guard. In a flashback, he is seen entering the Blake apartment with his men, to conduct a random inspection on authority of The Council. Aurora Blake greets Grus, giving him a new uniform. Aurora then whisper if Grus "has something" for her, to which Grus discreetly gropes her. Aurora then clarifies its about her son Bellamy's recommendation for the guard. This indicates that Aurora was likely performing sexual favors to help Bellamy move up on The Ark. Grus asks Bellamy to stand up, but Bellamy chooses to not stand. Grus gives Bellamy 3 seconds to stand. Grus starts counting, and then Bellamy accidentally knocks over some sewing materials. Aurora is irritated by Bellamy, but Grus reassures her that the Guard will make a man out of him. Grus then exits their apartment.

As we see later, Bellamy would eventually become a member of the guard, implying that Grus kept his word and gave a letter of recommendation.

Alex Murphy[]

Alex Murphy is the father of John Murphy. After John fell ill with the flu, Alex stole the medicine in desperation to help his son. Captured following his crime, Alex was sentenced and floated, causing his wife to begin drinking heavily, a path that eventually led to her death. Her last words towards her son blamed him for the death of Alex. This then caused John to become a criminal and later, a part of the 100.

Monty's Father[]

Monty's Father is a Sky Person, as well as the father of Monty Green and husband of Hannah Green. On The Ark, he was a part of Farm Station and grew pharmaceuticals with his wife. Upon landing on the ground, Mr. Green along with Hannah, and his other Farm Station survivors landed within Azgeda territory, and were cut off from the rest of the survivors at Arkadia. While on the ground, Mr. Green made it his mission to reunite with Monty. One day, when 19 of the children were playing in the snow, Azgeda warriors attacked them. Monty's father was able to save 4 of the 19 children, but died when going back to the fifth.

Mr. Green's death would be later avenged by his son, when Bryan tells Monty it was the Azgeda warrior Tybe who killed Mr. Green. Monty then releases Tybe's prisoners, all converging on him and beating him to death.

According to Monty's son, Jordan Green, Monty's father was Korean.


Leigh in Unity Day

Leigh is a young girl on The Ark and a member of the Sky People.

During the Unity Day celebration, when Chancellor Thelonious Jaha introduces the children in the pageant, who will be performing "The Story of Us." Leigh begins reciting how long ago, 12 Stations were floating alone when they decided to join together. Then, an explosion rockets through the room. After the explosion, Jaha crouches next to Leigh, who was injured in the blast.


Lacroix 302

Lacroix is a member of Farm Station, and a supporter of Charles Pike during the Arkadian Civil War. He along with the other farm station survivors were tormented by the Ice Nation upon landing on the ground. Months after landing on Earth, he is first seen with unit led by Pike in the woods appears and ambushes Kane's group thinking they're Grounders. Once they realize they're on the same side, Lacroix is tasked with Pike to find the other Farm Station survivors and lead them to Arkadia.

As Pikes influence continued to grow at Arkadia, he would join Pikes group to go on to massacre 300 Trikru grounders in their sleep, as they believed they were a threat, due to the fact that he and Pike's allies no longer trust all the Grounders and because of Pike's anti-Grounder sentiment. Later during another ambush, he was apart of unit that found an empty village. The village was actually a trap to lure them in, and they ended up having plants that upon being lit on fire, spreads toxins into the air which he consumed, killing him.


4x04 Stevens

Stevens was a member of the Sky People, as well as a member of the Ark Guard. As the Second Nuclear Apocalypse was underway, tensions were high among clans. Echo brought in Stevens and Bellamy Blake to Roan as she caught them "rebuilding their ship", and hunting in Azgeda territory. Kane tries to reason with Roan for their lives, but Roan says he knows they're holding a Nightblood in their midst, information which Stevens revealed. Kane tries to argue that Nightblood can help save everyone. But seeing as the Sky People lied about this information, Roan ordered Echo to cut Stevens' throat for dishonorably giving away information so freely.


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Caliban was a Trikru guard, who assists Clarke in attempting to save Tris' life. After Clarke fails, Anya leaves Clarke with Caliban so she can deal with Finn. Clarke ultimately kills Caliban and then leaves to go save Finn.


Sindri 2x09 crop

Sindri is a member of Trikru. After the Sky People were welcomed into the Grounder alliance, Commander Lexa held a feast between her and the Sky People to begin discussing the terms of their alliance. Sindri stepped in the middle of their path, protesting the alliance. Sindri speaks angrily of the Sky People, saying that they murdered his wife and child. Gustus orders him to step aside, but Sindri refuses. Lexa then has Sindri beaten by Gustus. Clarke Griffin then intervenes, saying that the people of Tondc will just blame the Sky People for this too, so Lexa stops Gustus from killing Sindri. Lexa then sends a warning, saying anyone who holds the same views as Sindri will be met with death.


410 - champion 13 - shallow valley

Mezi was the member of the Louwoda Kliron Kru and the clan's champion.

He participated in the Final Conclave for his clan to get in the bunker. He was later killed by Luna.

Niylah's Father[]

301 Niylah's Father 1

Niylah's father was a member of Trikru, as well as the husband of an Azgeda defector.

He lives in the trading post with his family. He obtained one of the wristbands from one of the Delinquents and gave it to his daughter.

In "Wanheda (Part 1)," he was last seen leaving the trading post as Clarke Griffin watches him leave, before she comes in to meet with Niylah, in which Niylah expresses that she knows Clarke always come to the trading post right after her father leaves, calling it a good timing.

Niylah's father was killed when Charles Pike massacred 300 Trikru warriors.


Theo was the king of Azgeda, the father of Queen Nia and the grandfather of King Roan.


3x03 Ivon

Ivon was a member of Azgeda. He is a delegate of Azgeda, representing them during the Sky People's summit, merging them with the Coalition.

When several Sky People enter and interrupt the summit with weapons, they claim it's some sort of trap that Azgeda has plans to sabotage. Ivon claims that it was the Sky People that entered with hostile force, not Azgeda. However as soon as it's revealed that Mount Weather was blown up by an assassin of Azgeda, Ivon reveals his coercion in the scheme, revealing this was a plan to trick the Sky People into thinking an attack at the Summit was occurring, when in actuality it was Mount Weather that Azgeda was after. Ivon then calls out Lexa, saying what Azgeda did was how Mount Weather should've been handled to begin with. Shortly after, Lexa ordered the arrests of Ivon and his other delegates. His fate is unknown before and after Queen Nia's death.

Azgeda Ambassador[]

Ice Nation ambassador

Azgeda Ambassador was an ambassador for the Ice Nation during the Grounder Coalition. As the clans prep for the initiation of the Sky People, Commander Lexa holds a meeting between all ambassadors in her throne room. As she enters, all the ambassadors bow except for the Ice Nation ambassador. Titus orders the Ice Nation to bow, but the ambassador says that Lexa should do so for the Ice Nation, saying she is weak for working with "the enemy". Lexa tells Titus to stand down. Lexa tells him to be more respectful of the Sky People as they are to be their guests tonight, but the ambassador claims that she is weak for allowing Wanheda to live. As Lexa's advisors begin to argue with the ambassador, Lexa decides to invite him onto the balcony to deliver the Ice Queen a message. He steps out, only to be kicked off the ledge of the tower, splatting on the ground upon impact. Lexa not only killed him to show that she's not weak, but to send a clear message to Azgeda that Trikru and the other clans will not go down without a fight and will never surrender to Queen Nia.


3x06 Gavriel

Gavriel was a young boy and a member of Trikru. He is first seen nearby a river, and is encountered by Hannah Green and several armed guards. She pretends to be nice to him at first, but he sees through the ruse and quickly runs away, prompting Hannah and her men to chase after him. While Gavriel runs he is shot at by the attackers, but is eventually grabbed and saved by Octavia Blake who hides him from their sight. Hannah then calls of the search, and Gavriel runs free.

Later when Octavia Blake came to warn a nearby village of an attack from the Sky People, she gets into a scuffle with Semet. Gavriel ends this however, vouching for Octavia by saying that she saved his life. Later, Gavriel can be seen bonding with Octavia by petting her horse, but is quickly rushed away by Semet who tells him to pack his things to avoid the oncoming attack later that night.

Boudalan Ambassador[]

Rock Line Ambassador

Boudalan Ambassador was an ambassador for Boudalankru. After the defeat of A.L.I.E., Echo of Azgeda claims that the Ice Nation is taking control of Polis under the authority of King Roan. The ambassador then steps forward to question Echo's claim, asking where her war chief is. Echo says that her war chief is dead and that she is under control which the ambassador says is not a good enough reason. She then announces to everyone that until a new commander ascends, Polis will be ruled by the ambassadors of the 12 clans, and that if Azgeda wants it they must use force. Echo does exactly that, and slits the throat of the ambassador, killing her.


Jacov was a member of Trishanakru.

Jacov DNR crop

Jacov arrives with Ankara and another Grounder to confront Octavia Blake on Ilian's farm. They recognize her as a member of the Sky People. The group takes issue with her influence on Ilian, as well as the actions she has committed against some of their friends, particularly Jacov, who is mad at her for killing his friend Terro. Octavia warns Jacov to stay back after he charges her with his blade, which proves unsuccessful as he keeps getting knocked back by her. Eventually the trio all attack Octavia at once, with her killing Ankara and the third Grounder, and shoving a blade right into Jacov's chest, killing him.


4x03 Terro

Terro was a member of Podakru. He and Ilian were in Polis searching for and destroying "tech", as it was this technology that allowed them to be placed under control of A.L.I.E..

He is first seen getting in the way of Octavia Blake, but Ilian dissolves the scuffle and reminded Terro what their goal is to find the tech. Although Octavia is let go, she is later followed by Terro and his group, believing Octavia knows the location. They arrive back to the Flamekeepers' Temple, and try to bust their way in. Eventually they manage their way through, and find Octavia inside along with Indra and Gaia. The trio surrenders being outnumbered, and Terro takes Gaia's bag away from her. It is there they find and destroy what they believe to be the tech they were looking for.

Later, it is revealed that Octavia hunted down and brought Terro's head to King Roan for his actions.


5x11-Kahlan kom Sangedakru

Kahlah is a former member of Sangedakru and later a member of Wonkru. Before Praimfaya struck, he was able to move into the Second Dawn Bunker for survival.

Eventually the bunker would run out of food, forcing Wonkru to resort to cannibalism. As he seated with everyone else looking at their human meat, he like everyone else is disgusted. Octavia Blake tells him to eat, to which Kahlan declines. Octavia says he doesn't have a choice, but Kahlan says that one of the men that died for this meat to be served was his brother. Octavia calming down, says that Kahlan's brother died as a sacrifice for Kahlan to survive. Kahlan says he will die with his brother before eating, and Octavia pulls a gun out, causing tensions to rise in the cafeteria. Octavia gives him one final warning, but Kahlan stands his ground. Octavia then shoots him in the chest, killing him.


4x02 Rafel

Rafel is an ambassador for Trishanakru.

In the aftermath of A.L.I.E.'s demise, some of the members of Trishanakru, led by Ambassador Rafel, wanted to overthrow King Roan and Azgeda for protecting Skaikru, whom they blamed them for the deaths of some of their people, including Ilian's family. Their plan was to kill Roan and seize power, in order to destroy Skaikru. However, their plan ended, when Rafel was assassinated by Octavia Blake for going against King Roan.


DNR - Rhanda

Rhanda is a Grounder and a war chief, part of the Trikru Alliance.

She was present in the bunker, during a disputed talk between Indra and King Roan.

Indra's Mother[]

713 Indra's mother 1

This Trikru member is the mother of Indra and the grandmother of Gaia. Her husband died in the battle with Sheidheda when the Dark Commander invaded Trikru territory and she kneeled before him, something that her daughter thought her to be a coward for.

In "Welcome to Bardo," after realizing that Sheidheda has been resurrected, Indra tells the Dark Commander about her mother and Indra's negative opinion of her for kneeling to the Dark Commander.

In "Blood Giant," under the influence of the Red Sun eclipse, Indra experiences hallucinations of her mother and the Dark Commander. The hallucinations, which appear to be a reenactment of Indra's childhood memories, reveal that Indra's mother kneeled to Sheidheda in exchange for him sparing her daughter's life.

In "The Last War," when Indra kills Sheidheda for good, she declares in Trigedasleng "for my mother," indicating that Indra has forgiven her mother's actions and decided to avenge her.

Mountain Men[]

Main article: Mountain Men

Sgt. Langston[]


Sgt. Langston was a security guard for Mount Weather. He was a part of the survey corp that entered the outside world with hazmat suits on.

He is first seen being brought into medical by Lorelei Tsing and several other doctors, as he was exposed to radiation and has severe burns on the upper half of body from the chest up. Later that day he is in the mess hall, almost fully recovered, and telling his fellow guards that he needs one more treatment to fully heal him. He travels to the medical bay, goes to sleep, and begins getting a blood transfusion. If he survived the subsequent war, he was killed when Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake irradiated the mountain.

Paul Tilling[]

Tilling3 2x15

Paul Tilling was a security guard for Mount Weather. He along with most of the other guard were in support Cage Wallace to extract the blood from the Delinquents in order to allow their people free passage to the outside world.

He is first seen arriving in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peters, alongside another guard. They're investigating whether or not the couple is hiding any of the He questions them with an aggressive tone, saying he's heard from others that they've been taking home extra rations of food with them. Paul also brings into question the couples history with denying blood treatment for well over a decade. Tensions then rise even higher when he notices that two additional cup stains are visible on their table, and then grabs the Peters and places them on their couch. He pulls out his pistol, and says they must give away the location of the delinquents or they will be killed. Soon after those who were hiding, Jasper Jordan, and a Mountain woma Maya Vie come out to protect the Peters. This however is in vain, as Paul executes both the Peters, and takes a horrified Jasper and Maya into custody.

Later, Paul is seen moving several of the delinquents captured in handcuffs. Paul is blocked by Vincent Vie in his journey. Paul orders Vincent to move, but Vincent says to let go of his daughter Maya. Paul says that she's been helping the outsiders, and that this is the last time he'll ask Vincent to move away. Vincent refuses, and Paul moves forward with his gun, with Maya pleading for her father to stop. This confrontation is cut short however, as Paul is shot in the head by a hidden Bellamy Blake, killing him instantly.

Mr. and Mrs. Peters[]

Mr. and Mrs. Peters were citizens of Mount Weather. They were husband and wife, and members of the Mountain Men who don't believe in the blood treatment system offered, and wish to help the Delinquents, in their case Jasper Jordan and a Mountain woman, Maya Vie. They are first seen when Cage Wallace is giving a speech over Mount Weather's intercom, discussing how there are members among the Mountain Men that are helping "the outsiders", and those who help them will be considered enemies of the state.

Two security guards, one of which Paul Tilling, eventually enter their room, which the Peters let in willingly. The guards enter with passive aggressiveness, whilst the Peters say they are willing to cooperate with their orders. Paul starts asking questions about them bringing home extra food, as well as Mr. Peters refusing blood treatment 12 times in 15 years, and Mrs. Peters 30 times. Mrs. Peters says they only take the blood when need be. When Paul notices cup stains on their table, he escalates the situations and the Peters are thrown to their couch. Paul tells them they better say where the delinquents are hiding or he'll shoot. Out of fear, Jasper and Maya reveal themselves, only for Paul to shoot both Mr. and Mrs. Peters in the head, killing them both.


Main article: Sanctumites


608 Gavin the Guard

Gavin was a Sanctum Guard and the husband of Sierra, another Sanctum Guard.

Gavin chose to sacrifice himself after being tricked by the Primes into saving Marcus Kane. Although Raven Reyes was very concerned about his "sacrifice", due to Gavin's indoctrination growing up, he showed commitment and excitement to the idea that he, a null, would have the opportunity to become one with the Primes. He was then mind wiped and killed by Simone Lightbourne, who used his body as Kane's new host body, which was now inoculated with Nightblood.

This wouldn't last long however, as his new host Kane, driven by grief, took his own life in Gavin's body by having Indra float him out into space. His wife later became the host to Miranda Mason before all of the Primes aside from Russell Lightbourne were floated by Clarke Griffin.


607 isaac

Isaac is a Null Sanctumite and janitor, who is a lover of Kaylee Lee, who has sympathized with the Nulls, due to her relationship with Isaac, who caused Kaylee to see what the Primes had become.

Isaac was also a spy for the Children of Gabriel when he tried to rescue the Null infants from being sacrificed as part of Oblation. However, when he tried to rescue a last Null infant, Josephine confronted Isaac, who reveals that Nulls should have rights and not be discriminated, telling her that Nulls should be more than just guards or janitors. After she refuses, Josephine kills Isaac, in which his death caused Kaylee to murder Josephine for killing her lover. Kaylee then stopped Oblation, thus ending the discrimination of the Nulls and fulfilling Isaac's dream of helping the Nulls.


Joaquin Memento Mori

Joaquin was a member of the Sanctum Guard.

Joaquin attempted to commit suicide by allowing plants to consume him, after he blamed himself for Rose's death, because he turned down the Radiation Shield that allowed the Children of Gabriel to escape Sanctum and bring a kidnapped Rose into the forest, where she died. Feeling guilty and depressed, Joaquin fed himself to the plants, which are consuming his body. He was then mercy-killed by Echo, who smashed him in the head with a rock.


Tai Sir

Tai is a Null citizen of Sanctum. Years prior to the arrival of Eligius IV, he offered up his baby up for Oblation, which eventually lead to his wife offering herself as well. In the present timeline, it is revealed to him by Ryker Desai that the Primes and everything they do in Sanctum is a complete lie. Given he lost his family because of their devotion, Tai requests a meeting with the Primes. His reason for the meeting was to reveal to them where Echo was, but in actuality he used it as an opportunity for revenge, as he took a glass of shard and slit the throat of Simone Lightbourne, which lead to his imprisonment.

Later, he along with several members of Wonkru, were tied to the stake for all of Sanctum to witness the burning of those who have committed crimes against Sanctum. Although the members of Wonkru were able to talk their way out of their burning, Tai was no so fortunate, as Russell Lightbourne was still enraged at him for taking his wife's life, so Russell chooses to burn Tai at the stake, ending his life. Tai's killing of Simone was short-lived as she was resurrected shortly thereafter in the body of Abby Griffin, before being floated into space by Clarke Griffin.


Tory 613

Tory is a citizen of Sanctum and the apparent leader of the Adjusters. She sets herself on fire to run towards the tavern as both a suicide attack and murder–suicide to burn it down and to kill everyone in it. Although she tried to set the tavern on fire in her last moments, she was prevented by Octavia Blake, causing Tory to fall on the ground in flames, leading to her death.



Tobin is a Sanctumite and a member of the Faithful.

In "False Gods", Tobin is seen listening to Russell Lightbourne, in actuality Sheidheda, who speaks to the Sanctumites to be calm and stay together. After a few minutes Tobin approaches to the front, and shoots Russell with a gun. The shot is intentionally non-fatal. After he shoots him, the rest of the Faithful stomp and beat him to death. It is later revealed by Alyssa that Sheidheda gave Tobin the order to shoot him as a way of delaying "Russell's" execution, and that Tobin was more than willing to give his life for the Primes.


The 100 703 Cora crops

Cora is a citizen of Sanctum. She shows up to her shift at Sanctums reactor, where she relieves another man of his shift. As soon as he leaves, she begins kissing James Crockett whom she holds affection for. James beings flirting with her, saying he could fix the reactors power problem in 5 minutes. The lights in the control room begin flashing above them. Realizing one of the control rods is malfunctioning, they try to fix the issue via the control room, but realize it has to be done manually. Before James enters the room, Cora displays her concern, but James brushes her off. James climbs up to fix the rod, but both begin to freak out when they notice they're receiving burns. Realizing they're nuclear radiation burns, Cora pleads to James to do something, but it's too late and they both succumb to the radiation, screaming in agony. Her body is later found by Raven Reyes and Emori as they investigate the impending nuclear meltdown. After Raven, Emori, John Murphy, Hatch and three other Eligius Prisoners manage to stop the meltdown, Cora and James' bodies are removed from the reactor.


Zahir 707 crop

Zahir is a Null Sanctumite and the wife of Paula, where the two resided peacefully in Sanctum. At some point, they sacrificed their son Sachin as part of Oblation. In later years, a new group would enter Alpha and try to bridge peace between the people of Sanctum and the Children of Gabriel. Zahir and his wife are brought to a congregation of both groups, where they are expected to see their long lost son again. However, unlike his wife, Zahir is one of the more fanatical members of the Faithful and is only willing to go along with it if Daniel Lee, in reality John Murphy posing as the dead Prime, is there to give his blessing.

Emori introduces the couple to their son, who now goes by Nelson. While Paula is relieved to have finally meet her son, Zahir shows a bit of restraint at first. Although Nelson wishes to hug his father, Zahir rejects him, and says that giving him away was the right thing to do as Nelson is an "abomination" to him. Zahir calls out all the Children of Gabriel, and then begins to choke Nelson while Paula and Emori plead for him to stop. Nelson takes matters into his own hands and stabs Zahir in self-defense, killing him. Nelson, who had previously had doubts about allying with the Eligius Prisoners, rejects his identity as Sachin and leads the Children of Gabriel in joining forces with the prisoners.


Arabel 610

Arabel is a Null citizen of Sanctum and the wife of Tai. She and her husband sacrificed their child in the Offering Grove as part of Oblation. A year later, after she was devastated by the loss of her infant son, Arabel laid down in the Offering Grove, committing suicide. This has led to Tai's devastation and later, his revenge against the Primes.

Children of Gabriel[]

Main article: Children of Gabriel


609 unnamed COG member 1

Jericho was the leader of the unit of the Children of Gabriel encountered by Josephine Lightbourne and Bellamy Blake, while Bellamy is seeking Gabriel's help to remove Josephine from her host Clarke Griffin's body.

After failing to contact Gabriel, Jericho and two of his people return, only to discover that Josephine is a Prime with Bellamy identifying her in an effort to convince Jericho to spare Josephine's life as leverage over Russell. With Jericho preparing to execute her, Josephine willingly relinquishes control to Clarke who knocks out Jericho, kills two other Children of Gabriel members and escapes after giving Bellamy the keys to his shackles. Jericho and his men chase Clarke through the nearby forest, but she alerts Jade and other nearby Sanctum guards who shoot Jericho dead and chase after his men.


6x03 Geo

Geo was the member of the Children of Gabriel.

After the Children of Gabriel incapacitate Madi and Gaia while Diyoza pretends to be paralyzed, they begin searching the Gagarin and Geo shows a knife to Diyoza and taunts her, saying that the man she killed with the knife, was his friend. However, one of the Children of Gabriel members tells him to leave her alone.

Later at night, when Geo realizes that Wonkru are not coming, he told one of the Children of Gabriel members that this plan will fail, but one of the members says that he is aware. However, Tosh says that Geo is right and they've waited long enough, saying that they have the weapons and the three decapitated heads of the Primes, declaring that they should "take their win and go home." After finishing the conversation, Tosh, Geo and the one of the Children of Gabriel members says "death is life", before Tosh leaves.

When Octavia attacks and kills five Children of Gabriel members, Geo points the gun at her, but Diyoza manages to kill him.


Eduardo was the member of the Children of Gabriel.

Eduardo was a null infant, who was left in the Offering Grove to die, as part of Josephine's Oblation. He was rescued by the Children of Gabriel and was taught by Gabriel Santiago on how to remove the Mind Drive so that he wouldn't be brought back. When Gabriel raised him and loved him like a son, Eduardo saw him as his father figure and loved him very much. After Eduardo learned to perform the procedure on Gabriel, he refused. When a free-born host, Xavier was born, Eduardo believed it was a sign to bring Gabriel back, but Gabriel became close with Xavier, who was also like a son to him, and rejected Eduardo's idea that they use Xavier to resurrect him. Gabriel thought that he had talked Eduardo out of it. When Gabriel died of old age, Eduardo went against his wishes and used Xavier as a host to resurrect Gabriel. After Gabriel was resurrected, he realized what Eduardo has done. Eduardo was then killed by Gabriel, who was enraged at him for killing Xavier. After Gabriel posed as Xavier for ten years, the Children of Gabriel believed that Eduardo had been killed by the Sanctum Guards around the same time that Gabriel disappeared.


Main article: Pre-Apocalypse Characters

This section is for minor characters who lived before the start of The 100 series.

Colin Benson[]

Dr. Colin Benson was a quantum physicist and Fields Medal winner, who was friends with Gabriel Santiago. He joined the Eligius Corporation and traveled to Planet Beta on Eligius III. He once met Becca Franko, who expressed envy for the adventure he would be going on and a preference for Planet Beta over Russell Lightbourne's choice of Planet Alpha.

When Colin arrived to Planet Beta, Mission Team Beta's transport ship crashed on the planet, killing all but Colin and preventing any attempts to colonize the world. Alone on Beta and using radio frequencies, Colin located the planet's Anomaly Stone and built a wooden cabin on top of it. Colin studied the Temporal Anomaly and the Anomaly Stone, eventually figuring out the code to open the Anomaly to another world, possibly Bardo. Colin was living there at least until he activated the Anomaly for the first time. Colin subsequently died on the planet, presumably of old age. Despite having activated the Anomaly, he apparently chose to remain on Beta for the rest of his life.

Hundreds of years later, Colin's skeletal corpse became a part of Orlando's picnic and chess game. Arriving through the Anomaly on Beta, now dubbed Skyring by Hope Diyoza, Gabriel found Colin's skeletal corpse and recognized his old friend. Gabriel recovered Colin's Memory Drive and used a memory viewer to study Colin's memories in the hopes of discovering the secret to activating the Anomaly Stone to travel to Bardo. From Colin's Memory Drive, Gabriel learned of the fate of Mission Team Beta and eventually found Colin's memory of successfully entering a code into the Anomaly Stone. However, when Gabriel ran off to alert Hope and Echo and to find something to write the code down with, the memory viewer was found and destroyed by Orlando, preventing the three from getting the code from Colin's memories. Without the ability to view Colin's memories again, the three were forced to wait for five years until the Disciples arrived to collect Orlando.

Later, as Gabriel contemplated using a piece of Eligius tech to repair the Flame, his hallucination of Josephine Lightbourne reminded Gabriel that he'd "used a damn Etch-a-Sketch to watch the Colin Benson Show" on Skyring and that he could thus surely rig the computer to fix the Flame.


Anaconda - Callie Cadogan's friend

Lucy is an activist for the Tree Crew organization, which fights the government and corrupt politicians. She is best friends with Callie Cadogan.

She is first at Callie's mansion, where Callie is cleaning Lucy's head wound. Lucy comments on how Callie's father's training really paid off for stitching her wounds, but Callie says she was actually taught by her mother. While they're watching television, Lucy tells the TV to turn off volume and turn off music. Lucy apologizes for bringing up Callie's parents, and tells Callie to show her arms. Callies arms are bruised, which upsets Lucy who says the government that is inflicting these wounds to citizens are defending those in power who are corrupt. Lucy and Callie decide it's time to get back out and protest, but not before Callie's mother Grace walks in, scaring the two, as they don't want her to see their injuries. Grace walks in arguing with Callie about her dropping out of MIT. Amidst the argument, Grace quickly figures out the both of them are injured, but isn't mad at them. Callie and Lucy then walk out of their room to move forward on their protest.

Before she goes downstairs, Lucy waits while Callie goes to chat with her family about something private. After several minutes, Lucy goes down to see if everything is okay. Callie reassures her, but Grace sneaks up on Lucy and injects her with a sedative that makes her pass out. With the apocalypse coming very soon, Callie regretfully leaves Lucy unconscious in their mansion, leaving her fate unknown.


Eriko cropped 7x08

Eriko is a member of the Second Dawn who fled to the bunker during the first Nuclear Apocalypse. Upon overhearing Callie Cadogan say that they were going to spend the rest of their lives in the bunker, Eriko starts to panic as she thought they were only meant to be there for a few years. Two years later, she leaves the bunker with Callie Cadogan and the other Second Dawn defectors, all of whom were inoculated with Nightblood, to go and live on the ground.


Janie was the girlfriend of August. During the Nuclear Apocalypse, she became trapped outside of the Second Dawn Bunker and Tristan prevented August from letting her in, condemning Janie to die of the radiation.


607 Olivia

Olivia is a college student and a friend of Josephine Lightbourne.

She is seen in a flashback within Josephine's mind, where Olivia asks if Josephine is going to be embarking on her "secret family project" and Josephine says she'd like to stay back and remain in school. Eventually a man named Dave shows up and shifts the mood. Dave makes things uncomfortable to the two woman, as he has a particularly upset with Josephine for ignoring him so much. After Dave puts a gun on the table, Olivia asks what he's doing, but he tells her to shut up, making Olivia more nervous. Eventually Dave out of frustration, puts a gun to his head and shoots himself, spraying blood all over Olivia and Josephine, leaving the two in shock.

Emily McAdams[]

Emily McAdams was the wife of Cole McAdams.

Sarah McAdams[]

Sarah McAdams was the daughter of Cole McAdams.


Poppy was the friend of Sarah McAdams that was mentioned in "Thirteen".

When the Nuclear Apocalypse was about to happen, Sarah mentioned to her father that Poppy gave her a bike.

Becca's Assistants[]

Becca's assistants 301

Becca's Assistants were two individuals that worked for Becca Franko and her company. Both of them are first seen when John Murphy is watching old footage of the bunker on Becca's Island, where they come across the body of Chris. The two realize that China wasn't responsible for the Nuclear Apocalypse, but it was because Chris let A.L.I.E. out. When the radiation is coming, the two then move Chris' body out of the bunker but never return themselves, suggesting that they perished, before they could return and use the bunker themselves in order to survive.

The two are then seen in another old recording that Murphy watches, where the two assistants, along with Chris are revealing A.L.I.E to Becca for the first time.

Eligius IV Security Guards[]

These characters were members of the Eligius Corporation. They flew aboard Eligius IV and served under Captain Stevens, ensuring the safety of the crew and watching over the Eligius Prisoners. However, it wouldn't be long until the prisoners rebelled, blowing their way into the captains quarters and killing Stevens, and then killing all of the guards soon after.