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  • Hi Sublat,

    Please be aware that this wiki's media policy states that image names have to include episode number or name. Names like "Taylee.png" fail to meet the policy and the files are liable to get deleted.


    • go through your recent uploads, if an image name does not include episode number or name, go to file page (e.g. "File:Taylee.png"), under the "About" tab, click "Add a description" and add episode name/number there (here is an example).
    • in the future, make sure image names include episode number or name, e.g. for the seventh episode of season five, include one the following in image name: "507", "5x07", "5x7", or "Acceptable Losses".

    Thanks, janus

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  • Welcome Sublat to The 100 Wiki!

    Congratulations on your first edit! Thank you! There is a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and help improve the wiki.

    • Forums: Check out our forums and meet other fans!
    • Don't forget to sign in! This allows you to keep track of your achievements and contributions.

    Once again, thank you for visiting the The 100 Wiki and congratulations on making your first edit! We look forward to seeing you again!

    - Janus100 (talk) 20:16, April 20, 2019 (UTC)

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