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  • Hi. I am not aware of them going to the Mothership until Abby and Raven did last episode. I know had been to the Gagarin, several times.

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    • It may not be explicitly confirmed but I believe that's where Raven, Echo and Emori came back from. And even if not, it's not like they would be stupid enough to leave Niylah to starve to death without food. If they didn't have enough food to keep one person alive for a couple days, all that group wouldn't have stayed awake when Clarke's group was first sent to earth. Heck, they wouldn't even have left Madi, Gaia and Diyoza to starve to death.

      If we jump to make every character status to "Unknown" when we don't see them for a couple of episodes, then almost everyone would just be marked as Unknown because technically they can die whenever they're not on screen.

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  • Hi, I’m here to discuss raven’s home and Andi Mack. I know, ur annoyed, but hear me out: I heard StarUniverseFan13 say that the show has made history. She said that it’s entirely new compared to Raven’s Home, it’s had the first Asian main character on Disney channel, its diverse, it’s Disney’s highest rated show, it’s had the first homo main Disney character, it’ll be on for a long time, and the first Disney teen pregnancy...

    1. Raven’s Home throws back to old, iconic and lovable characters. That’s what makes it awesome? So who cares if it’s old or new?

    2. The first main Asian Disney Star in history was Maddison Hu on Bizardvark, which aired a year before Andi Mack started airing

    3. There have been many, many Disney shows with so much diversity that have aired before Andi Mack. Take, for example, The Proud Family, That’s So Raven, and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

    4. Ratings have been up and down for ‘Andi Mack’. Plus, its gotten lower than the very early airing raven’s home constantly, which is quite sad. And you’d expect some episodes to be high in ratings (if people are bored) because it airs later than all the other shows. Yet, it’s been struggling constantly to even reach 0.95 million

    5. Disney channel has already featured homosexuality. It’s happened, so it makes no difference if placement is slightly different

    6. There has been teen pregnancy featured in previous Disney shows (The SUite Life of Zach and Cody, Lizzy Magurie, The Proud Family)

    7. By the way things are looking for the show, it might end after season 4. People are already tired of it, and Disney channel even admitted that they renewed it too quickly. For Ravens home, they’ll be sensible and take the time before renewing. Who knows, maybe they’ve already secretly renewed raven’s Home for another season or 2. Plus, if raven’s home gets canceled, that’s bye bye for Andi Mack, bye bye for Bizardvark, bye bye for Coop and Cami, bye bye for Disney channel. So...yeah.

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  • Hi, welcome to The 100 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the I Am Become Death page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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