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  • Hi Emisernoff122,

    Please remember that our media policy states that image names have to include episode number or name. Names like "Dd52XFsV0AE6YZ9.jpg" and "766be1a07495c7e27e2a731496238fb0.jpg" fail to meet the policy and the files are liable to get deleted.


    • go through your recent uploads, if an image name does not include episode number or name, please edit image description/summary to state which episode the image is from
    • in the future, make sure image names include episode number or name, e.g. for the seventh episode of season five, include one the following in image name: "507", "5x07", "5x7", or "Acceptable Losses".

    Thanks, janus

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    • Why is it wrong to try to help?
      I did not do anything wrong with uploading files and editing pages. 
      And I did not talk to anyone in an unpleasant way, I didn't post any vandalism
      I'm just here to learn about wikia and  nobody here is nice to me or understand me, so I'll stop helping. 


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    • You were informed multiple times of the policy on image names. You continually ignored policy after multiple warnings. The block was meant to get your attention. Creating a second account to go around the block, i.e. sockpuppet, only hurt your case. If you're not willing to follow policy, then goodbye.

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