This article is a guide to official merchandise based on The 100, the CW TV series adaptation of the novel series by Kass Morgan.

Blu-ray and DVD

The Complete First Season


The 100: The Complete First Season was released on September 23, 2014, which features all 13 episodes of Season One plus extensive bonus features.[1]

Creating the World of The 100. Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

  • In the Beginning (7min) - Explore the origins of The 100, cast and crew talk about the concept and mythology of the show.
  • The Ark (7min) - The f/x and design of the orbiting collection of space stations are explored here.
  • A New Earth (7min) - Explore the VFX, SFX, and art departments created the life-sustaining orbiting station The Ark and a post-apocalyptic Earth both magical and lethal. Conducted by the Zoic studio guys.
  • Grounders, Reaper and Mountain Men (8min) - Talk with the wardrobe, hair and makeup departments about creating the look of the various tribes of human survivors of the nuclear apocalypse who become integral to the second half of the season.

Other Special Features

  • 2013 Comic Con Panel (14min) - The creators and stars of the new show preview what can be expected in this dystopian tale.
  • We Are Grounders – Part II (2min), Audio commentary on the finale episode. Conducted by Showrunner, Jason Rothenberg and Director of the episode, Dean White.
  • Deleted Scenes (2min), include two Scenes for the finale episode.

The Complete Second Season


The 100: The Complete Second Season was released on July 19, 2016, which features all 16 episodes of Season Two plus extensive bonus features.[2]

Special Features

  • Unlocking the Mountain - Cast and producers take us inside Mount Weather and share their insights on its secrets and the events that led to the epic season finale.
  • Pre-visualization Stunts: Season 2. Fight rehearsals intercut with aired scenes give an exciting, inside look at what goes into creating a truly visceral and realistic looking fight scene.
  • 2014 Comic Con Panel.
  • Deleted Scenes.
  • Gag Reel. A collection of some of season's funniest outtakes and mishaps.

The Complete Third Season


The 100: The Complete Third Season was released on July 19, 2016, which features all 16 episodes of Season Three plus extensive bonus features.[3]

Special Features

  • A Short-Lived Victory: Unlocking the Season 3 Finale. Jason Rothenberg and the rest of the cast talk about the making of the intense, dramatic and heart-pounding season finale.
  • Arkadia: From Wreckage to Salvation. Insight into the creation of Arkadia and the experience of working with this unique set.
  • Ice Nation: Brutal and Fierce. Insight into one of this season's most ruthless adversaries.
  • Wanheda: Clarke's Journey. Jason Rothenberg, Adina Porter and Eliza Taylor discuss the growth and journey of show character Clarke Griffin.
  • Polis: Capital of the Grounders. Insight into the inspiration behind and creation of the most ambitious set to date, the Grounder city Polis.
  • Pre-visualization Stunts: Season 3. Include fight rehearsals intercut with aired scenes gives an exciting, inside look at what goes into creating a truly visceral and realistic looking fight scene.
  • 2015 Comic-Con Panel.
  • Deleted Scenes.
  • Gag Reel. A collection of some of season's funniest outtakes and mishaps.

The front features the artwork you see up top and the back includes season three details, some images, and the list of special features. There is also a booklet inside that includes a list of the episodes with synopsis, original airdates, more images, and series credits.

The Complete Fourth Season


The 100: The Complete Fourth Season was released on July 18, 2017, which features all 13 episodes of Season Four plus extensive bonus features.[4]

Special Features

  • 2016 Comic-Con Panel
  • From Outcasts to Leaders
  • Creating A Post-Apocalyptic World
  • Jasper's Journey
  • The Stunts of the 100
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

The Complete Fifth Season

The Complete Fifth Season DVD

The 100: The Complete Fifth Season was released on October 9, 2018, which features all 13 episodes of Season Five.[5]

Special Features

  • Redemption and Rebirth
  • 2018 WonderCon Panel
  • Gag Reel


Original Television Soundtrack - Season 3


The 100: Original Television Soundtrack – Season 3 was released on April 15, 2016, which features original Season Three music from composer Tree Adams. Who describes the score as "gritty" and "rife with Middle Eastern colors and epic orchestral themes." [6] This is the first soundtrack release for the show.

Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg first approached Adams — known for his work on Californication and Legends — because he wanted to take a more "cinematic" approach in season 3. With that in mind, Adams has created a score that adds to the groundwork the first two seasons laid. "We keep going back to this idea that we're going to use the same box of crayons," Adams told EW. "But we are going to try to create a little bit more of a complicated construct to help underscore some of the mythology." The end result is a score that he describes as "gritty" and "a mixture of Mad Max and Middle Earth."[7]

Track list
1 The Riot's a Distraction Tree Adams 2:29
2 Clexa Theme Tree Adams 7:04
3 The Flame Will Protect Tree Adams 3:03
4 Bellarke Theme Tree Adams 3:50
5 Perverse Instantiation Tree Adams 2:15
6 Hunt for Lincoln Tree Adams 3:23
7 Clarke Is the Flamekeeper Tree Adams 3:25
8 Satellite Migration Complete Tree Adams 3:15
9 Polis Tree Adams 2:53
10 Wanheda Tree Adams 3:22
11 Take a Life with Me (Grounder Anthem) Tree Adams & Julia Dominczak 2:42
12 Murphy and Emori Grifter Love Theme Tree Adams 3:18
13 Skaikru Heroic Theme Tree Adams 3:48
14 A Crucifixion Tree Adams 1:27
15 I Will Always Be with You Tree Adams 2:01
16 A Hero's Funeral Tree Adams 3:15
17 Fate of the Mountain Man Tree Adams 3:10
18 Luna's Sorrow Tree Adams 1:20
19 Jasper's Dilemma Tree Adams 3:23
20 Alie and the City of Light Tree Adams 4:00
21 Monty's Choice Tree Adams 1:32
22 The Program That Ended the World Tree Adams 1:55
23 Raven's Path Tree Adams 3:03
24 Pike's Army Tree Adams 0:58
25 Ontari Tree Adams 3:57
26 Ice Nation Tree Adams 3:40
27 Luna of the Boat People Tree Adams 3:26
28 Octavia Gives Chase Tree Adams 1:46
29 The Awakening Tree Adams 3:39

Original Television Soundtrack - Season 4

The 100: Original Television Soundtrack - Season 4 was released May 19, 2017.[8][9]

Funko Figurines

Funko released Pop! figurines for six characters in April 2017.[10] They also released a special figurine for the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con.[11]

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