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Josie: So Clarke was the commander. 

Murphy: No. I told you, she wasn't a nightblood then. Abby made me pump Ontari's heart with my bare hands so her brain wouldn't melt, kind of gross. 

Josie: Hmm, kind of badass if you ask me. 

Murphy: I didn't, but thank you. 

Josie: Hey, I am offering you immortality, a chance at godhood, and you can't keep your eyes open?

Murphy: Yeah. Well, even gods need to sleep. Why don't you, by the way?

Josie: Sleeplessness is common the first few nights in a new host. You can sleep when you're dead, which will be never unless you've changed your mind. 

Murphy: I haven't. 

Josie: Good. Now wake up and show me how to be Clarke enough to fool her mother because no nightblood, no drive. 

Murphy: Fine. Lightning round. What card do you play when Abby's on her high horse?

Josie: The dark year, Cannibalism. Yum. 

Murphy: When you want to sprinkle in some shame?

Josie: Addiction. 

Murphy: Inspiration?

Josie: Uh, Clarke in Mount Weather, Clarke in the City of Light, Clarke staying behind so that you guys could go to space, which was fairly awesome, by the way. 

Murphy: Yeah, unless you got in her way. Okay. You've softened the ground. She's ready to break. Take the kill shot. 

Josie: Daddy-- executed for treason and turned in by Abby herself. 

Murphy: Not bad. Maybe you do pull this off.  That would be Madi-- oh, you know, your kid. Consider it a dress rehearsal. 

Josie: Fine. Oh, uh-uh-uh. Easy, Killer. First, you get me past Abby, and then I wipe my friends. 

Madi: Heed your commander or die!

Gaia: No, no, no. You don't interrupt her when she's communing with the commanders, not even Sheidheda, the dark commander. 

Madi: Tears will not save you! Tonight I drink your blood! 

Gaia: He's getting too strong. That's why we have to do the seperation ritual now. 

Josie: I'm not letting her suffer. Madi, wake up. Hey, wake up. 

Madi: Clarke?

Josie: Yep. That's right. I'm here. It was just a nightmare, okay?

Madi: No. It was a memory. 

Josie: It wasn't real.

Gaia: You know that's not true. It is real for her, and ripping her out can permanently damage her. 

Josie: But it didn't, did it, Madi?

Gaia: You don't know what that just did to her mind or to the flame. 

Madi: I'm fine, okay? I'm just tired. 

Josie: Get some rest. We should go. 

Gaia: Yeah, you're right. You should. 

Madi: Both of you.

Josie: Shut up. Let's start again. 

Josie: Echo, Emori, Raven. Hey. 

Murphy: It wasn't me. 

Josie: Pull it together. It's show time. 

Echo: Family meeting. Where's Bellamy?

Josie: Why? What's wrong?

Emori: We ran into Jordan. Is it true? They're immortal?

Murphy: I'm sure he made it sound worse than it really is. 

Raven: They're murderers and body snatchers. How much worse could it be? We're out of here.

Murphy: Hey, hey, slow down. Where are we gonna go?

Josie: Murphy's right. The plan doesn't change. We stay and learn as much from them as we can so we can build our own compound. Bellamy's out scouting a location as we speak. 

Echo: He went without me?

Josie: This whole body-snatching thing just really lit a fire. He's out with a foraging party. You guys were still with Ryker. 

Echo: You let him go alone?

Raven: Wait a second. Back up, Clarke. You expect us to continue to play nice?

Emori: We do still need Ryker to tell us how to bend the radiation field. 

Raven: No. I'll figure it out myself. 

Josie: Raven, I know this is hard, but we've all done things that we're not proud of to survive. 

Raven: I haven't. Fine. I'll try. 

Emori: I'll go with her, make sure she doesn't start a war. 

Echo: I'm going after Bellamy. 

Josie: Echo's going to be a problem. I'll send Jade to keep an eye on her. 

Murphy: Yeah. Back to Bellamy, there's no foraging party, is there?

Josie: Sure, there is, every morning. He's just not on it. He found out that I wasn't Clarke. 

Murphy: I swear to god, if you killed him--

Josie: I didn't, but I will if I have to. 

Murphy: You don't get it. If Bellamy knows that Clarke is dead, then all of this is for nothing. He may as well just kill himself now. 

Josie: That seems a tad impulsive. I was thinking of giving it till second moon. That's when the foraging party comes back and Echo finds out I was lying. You have until then to get him on the side of the angels. 

Murphy: The angels being us?

Josie: We're all the hero of our own story, John. Come on. I'll take you to him. Follow Echo. 

Murphy: Let me go! What the hell are you doing? Let me out! 

Bellamy: Murphy. 

Murphy: Bellamy. Heh. Oh, you figured it out, too, huh? I bet that I can make something to cut this strap. 

Bellamy: Who else knows?

Murphy: Nobody yet. Just us. Tried to offer me a deal. 

Bellamy: What deal?

Murphy: We agree not to retaliate, they help us build our compound. 

Bellamy: And what did you say?

Murphy: What do you think I said? It's Clarke. She might not have been my favorite of late, she's still one of ours. 

Bellamy: She cared about you, Murphy. I know that it might not have always seemed like it, but she did. She cared about all of us, and she would never let us die here. 

Murphy: You saying we should take the deal?

Bellamy: No. No. You were right. We don't need them to help us build our own compound. We kill them all, and we take theirs. 

Murphy: Where's Blodreina when you need her?

Diyoza: Bioluminescene. Cool. 

Octavia: What if it's another trap?

Diyoza: You don't trap something you think is already dead. Quiet. On me. 

Xavier: Don't move. Don't make me shoot you. 

Diyoza: Drop it. Octavia, what is it? What's wrong? Move. 

Xavier: Fascinating. 

Octavia: Oh, it's spreading. 

Diyoza: What is this?

Xavier: I assume she went under, leaving only her hand exposed to temporal flare, though not fully, or it'd be fossilized like the trees. I can help her, not at the point of a gun. Good choice. There's medicine, but to get it, we need to go back to the place where it happened. I'll give her 3 hours tops before the time dilation reaches her brain and she's dead. 

Diyoza: Fine, but then you're taking me to the old man, or you're dead. 

Xavier: Ah, so you're looking for Gabriel. What did Russell promise you?

Diyoza: 40 vestal virgins and a side dish of none of your damn business. You're not boring. I give you that. 

Ryker: Channel the radiation through a spatial light modulator with a calculated phase variation. 

Raven: And it follows a curved trajectory in free space. Cool. Got it. We jury-rig the security pylons Eligius used for the prisoners to handle the radiation. 

Ryker: We provide the reactor fuel. 

Raven: Yeah, out of the goodness of your own hearts, I'm sure. 

Ryker: Did I miss something?

Raven: No. I did. 

Emori: I think it's time to get some rest. 

Ryker: How long have you known?

Raven: No. You go. I don't need rest. I need to get this done as fast as I can so we can get the hell out of here. You know, as someone who's lived with pain for longer than I can remember, I can get wanting a new body, just wouldn't murder someone else for it. 

Ryker: It's not murder. We don't force people. 

Raven: Oh, yeah. That's right. I forgot. You raise them from birth to believe you're gods so they sacrafice themselves willingly for the greater glory of you. It must be nice to be worshipped. 

Ryker: No, not really. 

Raven: This you and your mom? Priya, right? Hallowed be her name. 

Ryker: Yeah.

Raven: What's wrong? I'm sure she's way more important than some barmaid. Of course, Delilah wasn't just a barmaid, was she? She was a daughter and a friend. 

Ryker: I was just a kid. Russell killed us in the first red sun not long after this was taken. I didn't ask to be resurrected. 

Raven: No, but you're Ryker the ninth now, though, right, 8 bodies? How old were you when you snatched this one?

Ryker: 206. 

Raven: I'll look at that reactor now. 

Echo: Who leaves to scout without a map? I'll get you out of here. 

Man: Please. Mercy. They're inside me.

Jade: Stop! No. 

Echo: You were in the tavern. Why are you following me?

Jade: I have my orders. Let's go. 

Echo: He's in pain. 

Jade: Not that it's any of your business, but he chose this path. 

Man: Jade...

Jade: You're strong. You can do this. 

Man: Join me. 

Jade: I would, my friend, but I have another charge. 

Echo: You know him?

Jade: He's the guard who lowered the shield that let your ship in the night they took Rose. He blames himself for her death. He should blame me. Now let's go. 

Man: Mercy. 

Jade: I said no! 

Echo: Your fight is over. 

Bellamy: Hey, save your energy. You're gonna need it. 

Murphy: Yeah? For what, another war? Is that really what Clarke would want?

Bellamy: I don't know what Clarke would want. It's too bad we can't ask her. 

Murphy: We know she wanted to do better. Somehow I don't think risking all of our lives for revenge is a step in the right direction. 

Bellamy: Why aren't you restrained like me?

Murphy: I don't know. Maybe I seem less likely to rip their heads off. 

Bellamy: Why are you really here, Murphy?

Murphy: You really want to know?

Bellamy: Yeah. 

Murphy: Fine. I'm here to convince you to take the deal. There. I said it. 

Bellamy: Why am I not surprised? What did you see when you died, Murphy?

Murphy: I'm trying to save my own ass? Yeah. I am, but I'm also saving yours, just like I did during the red sun. Bellamy, if we take this deal, we get everything we want. We get to live. 

Bellamy: Not Clarke. 

Murphy: We can't bring her back. We can make sure the rest of us survive, starting with you. If you don't take this deal, Josephine will kill you. 

Bellamy: Then let her try. 

Murphy: Oh, so that's it, then? We start another war? We destroy another planet? Is that what you want? Is that what Monty would have wanted?

Bellamy: Hey, Monty--listen to me. Monty would be ashamed of you. 

Murphy: Maybe he would be, or maybe he'd see that this is how we do better. 

Bellamy: Get out. 

Murphy: Don't worry. I'll do my best to make sure they only kill you. 

Diyoza: Wait. Tell me if I got this right. The old man is actually the original Gabriel, prime number 13, only he lost his stomach for immortality, so he became a terrorist to kill his own people. 

Xavier: He'd call it a moral awakening. 

Diyoza: Don't we all? 

Xavier: So you're looking for redemption-- is that it? -- By helping Russell kill Gabriel. I can offer you a better way. 

Diyoza: No. Screw redemption. 

Xavier: Ah, I see. Did Russell tell you the child will be considered worthless? You don't have the blood, and neither will she. They'll call her a null. She won't be able to bear children. She'll clean toilets or volunteer to die as a guard or attend to the dead. 

Diyoza: At least she'll be alive. 

Xavier: If you could call it that. 

Diyoza: Save your breath. I'm not joining your little rebellion. My days of fighting for lost causes are over. 

Xavier: Really? Then explain Octavia. She's as lost as they come, yet you help her. 

Diyoza: Easy. 

Xavier: You know what I think? I think you don't want her to end up on the same page of your history books as you. 

Diyoza: You see a lot. How is this possible?

Xavier: That's a question for the old man. Maybe he'll answer it before you kill him. Here it comes. 

Diyoza: Tree sap? That's your miracle cure? So help me God, if you're just buying time for your friends to come and save you--

Xavier: Buying time. Interesting choice of words. I prefer time in a bottle. 

Madi: Leave me alone! 

Gaia: Heda. 

Madi: I see him in mirrors. 

Gaia: Soon, he'll be everywhere. That's why we need to do the separation ritual now. 

Madi: Where's Clarke?

Gaia: I don't think we have time to wait anymore, Heda. You'll have to be strong without her. Now, I've never done this before, but, luckily, Raven kept Titus' book. It contains the wisdom of Bekka Pramheda. The ritual is simple, but you'll need to focus like never before. You won't be alone. According to this, there's a dream space in the flame where you can summon the other commanders to confront Sheidheda, but if anything goes wrong, you need to hold on to a good memory, let it be like a shelter that keeps you safe in a storm. Do you have that memory?

Madi: The day I met Clarke. Before the bear trap. 

Gaia: Perfect. Now lean back. Close your eyes. Concentrate and repeat after me. The flame is my guide and I am the flame. 

Madi: The Flame is my guide and I am the Flame. The Flame is my guide and I am the Flame. The Flame is my guide and I am the Flame. Where are the other commanders?

Sheidheda: It's just you and me now. Your teacher knows nothing. Neither did mine. He tried to hold me back. She fears your power. She wants to control you. My first teacher tried to control me. So desperate for me to conform, that he kept me in chains. So I killed him. You must kill her before she kills you, because she will. 

Madi: No. You're a liar. The flame is my guide! And I am the Flame! The Flame is my guide! And I am the Flame! The Flame is my guide! And I am the Flame! 

Gaia: Heda?

Madi: What is this? Let me go.

Gaia: We're not through. The ritual takes repetition. The restraint is to protect you in case he breaks through. Let's start again. 

Madi: Does Clarke know about this?

Gaia: Clarke's not here. Now sit down. 

Josie: Any progress on the Kane problem?

Abby: The Kane problem? Is that what you think this is? No. No. There's no progress. 

Josie: That's not what I meant. What if I told you the primes had a way to save Kane...but to do it, you'd have to turn him into a nightblood first?

Abby: What are you talking about?

Josie: Come inside, and I'll show you. They call it the miracle of Sanctum. All you need to do is teach them how to make nightblood, and then that's yours-- well, Kane's, I mean. You make him a nightblood, you download his mind. That's it. It really is a miracle. 

Abby: His mind is gonna go in another person's body?

Josie: But we've done worse, haven't we-- the culling on the ark, Mount Weather, Becca's lab. 

Abby: No. We did that to survive, for all of us to survive. 

Josie: And we did. We survived. Now we get our humanity back. 

Abby: By taking innocent lives?

Josie: Russell told me that his people would volunteer for ths. If the primes can make nightblood, then they can bring back all of them at once. It would be the most spectacular thing that's ever happened here, and people would love you for it. 

Abby: That doesn't sound like you, Clarke. 

Josie: I know. I know. It's just...Kane should be here, Mom, more than the rest of us combined. We've been trying to be the good guys, but he's just good. 

Abby: Yeah. Yes. He is. 

Josie: And this isn't just about you. We need him more than ever. If he could negotiate peace in Polis, then he can save us here and now. 

Abby: I wasn't aware that we needed saving. 

Josie: We don't. It's just a figure of speech. Listen to me. Mom, I know you blame yourself for Dad's death...and I know you blame your addiction for what happened to Kane. Mom, I'm afraid of what will happen to you if we lose him, too. I can't lose you. 

Abby: Okay. I'll do it. 

Simone: The Lees have been part of our prime family for over 200 years. How can we just erase them forever?

Josie: We don't really have a choice. I've done my job. Abby will show us how to make nightblood. But only if we bring her lover back. 

Simone: Why come to me, and not your father?

Josie: Dad thinks with his heart-- this body is proof of that--  but we have to be practical. We have zero hosts, so we either die in these bodies or we wipe the Lees and live forever. Mom, once Abby shows you how to make nightblood, we'll never be on ice again. The best part-- no more nulls, no oblation. Anyone can be a host. We'll have the genetic pick of the litter. 

Simone: Thank you for your sacrafice. 

Raven: Mind turning that off? 

Ryker: Hey, don't touch that. 

Raven: I'm trying to work. Turn it off. 

Ryker: My second host built that, Alejo, made it when he was 12 out of recycled radios. At least they were still good for something, huh?

Raven: An offering to the gods, huh?

Ryker: How do you do that? How do you make something beautiful seem so profane?

Raven: News flash-- keeping a gift from somebody whose body you stole is profane. 

Ryker: How about this? This was given to my sixth host, Tyman Averi, from his mother Annabel. Every month, we celebrate Ty's life together. Is that profane?

Raven: So you haven't forgotten the people who died for you. I'm touched. 

Ryker: I think about them every day. 

Emori: Hey, Abby needs you. 

Raven: What for?

Emori: I don't know, something about Kane. She needs to get up to the mothership ASAP. I'll relieve you here. 

Ryker: Have a nice flight. 

Raven: Hey, can I ask you a question? Is this your last body? Yeah. Didn't think so. 

Echo: Went to the spot we chose for our settlement. Bellamy wasn't there. You already know that. Where is he?

Jade: Please. Cut me loose. The vines, I can feel them under my skin.

Echo: Who sent you? You said you had another charge. 

Jade: I know what I said.

Echo: Clarke said Bellamy went to scout. No one knew I was coming out here except for my people. The primes knew she was a nightblood. Oh, my God...that's not Clarke. She's a prime, and you're protecting her. I swear on my mother's soul, if Bellamy is dead, I'll slit your master's throat. 

Jade: He's not dead, okay? He has until second moon. 

Echo: Thank you for being truthful. I'll come back for you if I'm in time. 

Josie: I don't want to fight, okay? 

Bellamy: Why are you here?

Josie: Because we're both struggling to live with this, and I was hoping maybe we could help each other through it. You went to my father?

Murphy: I take big swings. 

Russell: What are you doing?

Josie: Saving us. He knows you killed Clarke, and, unlike the snake behind you, he will cry over spilled milk. 

Russell: Enough. What the hell's the matter with you? Have you become so callous to the feelings of others that you don't remember what it's like to lose someone you love?

Russell: I know you're in pain. I know you want revenge. I would, too. We had a chance to bring back our daughter, and we took it. We didn't consider the consequences. 

Josie: For God's sake--

Russell: Be quiet. 

Murphy: Maybe you should just let the man speak. 

Bellamy and Josie: Shut up, Murphy. 

Murphy: I think you should hear him out. I think we can trust him. 

Bellamy: Do you now?

Russell: You can. Look. I can't bring your friend back, but I can guarantee safety for the rest of your people. We'll share everything we've learned about surviving on this moon. 

Bellamy: Why did our ship just take off?

Murphy: Abby's showing them how to make nightblood. 

Bellamy: I take it she doesn't know that her daughter is dead. You're gonna have to kill her, too. You think my need for revenge is strong? There's only one way this ends. 

Murphy: Bellamy, stop, alright? You don't want them to kill all of us. Just think. 

Russell: Josephine! 

Murphy: Bellamy, come on. Don't do this. 

Josie: I'm sorry, daddy. Violence is all they know. If killing him is what you need, then do it, but let the violence end eye for an eye. Big swings. 

Octavia: So what's the verdict?

Xavier: The spreading seems to have slowed. 

Octavia: That's a good thing, right?

Xavier: It's buying you some time.

Diyoza: I don't understand. It sped up my healing. Why is it slowing hers?

Xavier: I suppose it's because you don't heal old age, but the truth is, I have no idea. 

Octavia: How long do I have?

Xavier: Not long, a day, maybe two. 

Diyoza: You said it would cure her. 

Xavier: Actually, I said it might. Whoa, what are you doing?

Octavia: Cut it off. 

Diyoza: Bold move. Will it work? And if you say it might, we're gonna have a problem. 

Xavier: Hold on. Your arm's movement. I--I want to try something. Here. Let it scrape against the boulder. Don't try to control your hand. Just let it move. Close your eyes. That's enough. Take a look. A logarithmic spiral, the shape of the anomoly. It's the source of the temporal flares. 

Octavia: I don't understand. What does it mean?

Xavier: It's not just a tremor. It's a message. The anomoly's calling you...just like it called me. 

Diyoza: I guess we better see what the hell this anomoly wants. 

Echo: Bellamy...What's going on?

Bellamy: Clarke's dead. 

Echo: So when do we attack?

Bellamy: We don't. We do what Clarke would have done. We survive. Madi, hey... I have something to tell you.

Gaia: I'm so sorry, but training will help you get through this. Heda? 

Madi: This is your fault. 

Gaia: I know you're upset. 

Madi: Upset? They killed her, and now Bellamy says we can't get revenge.

Gaia: I understand why you might want that, but if revenge leads to war--

Madi: No more lessons. 

Gaia: Heda, we can get through this together. 

Madi: No. As your commander, you are hereby banished. 

Gaia: Heda, think. I'll have no choice but to obey your command, and you need my help now. 

Madi: I said I kill you. Shut up. 

Josie: Today: Good. Tomorrow: Better.