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Echo Previously on "The 100"...
Madi Once we kill their Primes, we take over Sanctum.
Bellamy Is that your idea or Sheidheda's?
Madi Who cares if it works?
Miranda Unh!
Jordan Unh!
Madi Aah! Jordan?
Guard Lock the child up with the others.
Josephine Clarke's alive, but the brain we now share is dying.
Murphy Find Gabriel. He was one of them.
Bellamy Stay safe.
Echo Save Clarke.
Jade They're not talking.
Russell Put them with the others.
Murphy Agh!
Bellamy It's Josephine. Clarke, she gave you control? You got to run.
Clarke No. I'm not leaving you.
Bellamy Go find Gabriel now!
Clarke Why can I see you?
Josephine Because it's getting worse. Give me back control. I'll just get it anyway when you fall asleep. What are you doing now?
Josephine Gabriel, my name is Clarke Griffin. Josephine Lightbourne is in my head. If you can hear this, we're coming to you.
Scene 1 - Forest
Josephine Be careful. We're close to the camp now. When Gabriel hears the engines, he'll-
Clarke Quiet. I'm concentrating. Ohh. Unh! Ugh!
[Clarke's vision goes blurry and she loses control of the motorcycle. She is thrown from it]
Clarke Ohh.
Josephine Told you I should drive. Now will you give me back control, or do I have to wait until you fall asleep?
Clarke Shut up. I have to call Gabriel.
[Clarke pulls out her radio, but it broke in the fall]
Josephine Yeah. You broke that, too.
[Motorcycles approaching]
Clarke I have to hide.
Josephine Ok. Here's the deal. If we go back to Sanctum, I'll give you your body back. Fine! We can just wait for my Guards to find us. It shouldn't be long now.
Clarke We don't know that they're your people. What if the Children of Gabriel took out your Guards? I mean, they do kind of suck. You want to risk losing our head?
[Engines racing]
Clarke I swear to God, if you're lying, I'll take out the Mind Drive myself and destroy it before I die.
Josephine Yeesh. Tense much? Relax. Just keep your eyes moving all around so I can see. We're looking for...this. Clear the leaves. You'll find a hatch.
[Clarke clears the leaves and exposes a hatch handle] [Thunk] [Motorcycles approaching]
Man Whoa.
Woman Keep your helmets on and your guns ready. These are the enemy's woods.
Josephine I guess my Guards don't suck after all, huh?
Clarke Stop doing that.
Man The engine's still warm. She can't be far.
Josephine There should be a lighter or some matches in the supply kit.
Clarke We lay low here until they pass. Then we go on foot.
Guards [Shouting indistinctly]
Man Spread out a little bit.
Clarke What is this place?
Josephine Observation blind. We built them all over. I use them to study species in their natural habitat.
[Clarke pulls alcohol out of the supply kit]
Clarke Studying, huh?
Josephine Research can get boring. Gabriel helped with that.
Clarke You guys seem to have a lot of history. Why does he want to kill you now?
Josephine He doesn't.
Clarke Really? Death to Primes? Could have fooled me.
Josephine It's not literal. The Children of Gabriel consider themselves enlightened, freeing minds one at a time. In the 70 years since he left, they've killed exactly no Primes.
Clarke Why did he leave?
Josephine He wanted to be able to die. I didn't. Simple as that. Why? What are you thinking?
Clarke I'm thinking it's not as simple as that. I'm thinking that he lost he taste for body snatching, and I'm hoping for all our sakes that he doesn't destroy your Mind Drive as soon as he takes it out.
Josephine Hmm. Bellamy's plan - save you, trade my Drive for your people.
Clarke It would mean letting you resurrect again. Would he do it? Does he still love you? [Breathing heavily]
Josephine Clarke? Are you all right? Clarke? No, no. No, no, no.
[Clarke collapses, she starts seizing]
Josephine Not now. We'll be stuck here. The vines will come. This is not what I meant by falling asleep. Fight through it, Clarke, or I'll be locked inside a Drive inside your head inside this box forever. We're so screwed.
Scene 2 - Sanctum
Raven Simone's gonna want payback for Kane. Let's just get our people and go back to the-
Abby This can't be good.
Russell Where our new Prime?
Simone The fool killed himself, wasting a good Mind Drive. What happened here?
Russell Can we make the blood or not?
[Simone shakes her head no]
Russell Put them with the others!
Guard Yes, sir.
Raven Hey. What-what is this? Hey. Get off me!
Guard Let's go.
Abby What are you doing?
Simone Wait. There's something I've been meaning to tell you. He doesn't want you to know this, but your daughter is dead, too.
Abby What?
Russell I said take them.
Raven Oh. Hey!
Abby What are you talking about? No! Wait! No!
Russell That was unkind, Simone, and not exactly true. Clarke's mind survived the procedure. Her friends found out and got her past the shield. I have teams searching the woods, and I'm holding her people as insurance.
Simone Insurance? Our daughter is gone, our home is an armed encampment. We should have never let them stay.
Russell You're right. This is my fault, and I'm dealing with it.
Simone What else aren't you telling me? Why is Sanctum on lockdown?
Russell Miranda's dead, killed by the child host, Clarke's daughter. We have her in custody with most of the others, but two of them are still at large. We believe they're in Sanctum, which is why we're on lockdown.
Simone Lockdown isn't enough if someone is hiding them. Russell, these people know the truth about us. How long till it spread to our people and they come after us? An example must be made.
Russell If you think I'm executing a child-
Simone Not the child. She has the blood. We burn the rest, we find out who was helping to hide the other two, and they burn with them.
Russell Shh, shh, shh, shh. Listen to yourself. I know how you feel. I feel it, too, but if we do that, we leave nothing left to bargain for Josephine, and we will have become just like them.
Simone Look around you, my love. The dream of Sanctum is already dead, but because I trust you, we'll only kill one.
Scene 3 - Sanctum - Machine Shop
Jae You're a liar.
Ryker Believe me, I wish I was, but your daughter's not one with the Primes. No one is.
Tai Err!
[Tai hits a cup off the table. It hits the ground with a clatter]
Tai I sacrificed my baby boy...for nothing. My wife couldn't live with that. She laid down in the offering grove a year later, and I still believed. I believed.
[Tai walks toward Ryker and gently lands into his chest. Ryker hugs him]
Tai [Crying]
[Ryker looks up to the second floor, Gaia and Echo stare back at him]
Blythe Ann It's not a lie. Jordan tried to tell us the truth.
Gaia [Whispering] Ok. The ship is back, the fuse is lit. Now how do we get our people out?
Echo [Whispering] Relax. Revolutions take time.
Gaia [Whispering] I don't care about their revolution. We need to get our commander out of here.
Echo [Whispering] She banished you. Still, she's all you care about. Let's hope the null guards are more easily swayed.
Gaia [Whispering] Meaning what?
Echo [Whispering] Meaning if they don't rise up and overthrow their false Gods once they learn the truth, we're gonna need a plan B.
[Knock on door]
Ryker Everybody get in position.
[Ryker opens the door]
Ryker What is it?
Man [Whispering]
Ryker All right. Go.
[Ryker closes the door]
Ryker Go directly back to your quarters. If you get stopped, you show them my work orders.
Tai Wait. What do we do with what you told us?
Ryker Nothing yet. Once enough people know the truth, we can change things peacefully.
[Tai, Jae, and Blythe Ann exit] [Door shuts]