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Somehow we allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport, and I allowed that, that darkness to rise... But my complicity ends today.
— Kane to Octavia in the pit fight [src]

Marcus Kane was a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. He was portrayed by starring cast member Henry Ian Cusick and debuted in the series premiere. In "The Old Man and the Anomaly" and "What You Take With You", he was also portrayed by Greyston Holt.

Kane was a senior[1] Council member on the Ark serving temporarily also as Chancellor pro tempore[2], and Chancellor of Camp Jaha and later Chancellor of Arkadia. Kane was on the Council when they decided to send the 100 to Earth and when they decided to cull 320 Ark citizens to save oxygen.

Once the Ark came to Earth, Kane helped establish Camp Jaha as its first Chancellor before passing along the Chancellorship to Abigail Griffin when he left on a mission to seek peace with the Grounders. After his return to Camp Jaha, he often sided with Clarke Griffin and worked as an emissary between the Sky People and the Grounders.

After Abby decided to step down as Chancellor, Kane was expected to be elected the new Chancellor of Arkadia, but he lost the impromptu election to Charles Pike. Seeing Pike's tyrannical way of running things, Kane lead a small rebellion against the new Chancellor. However Kane was captured and sentenced to death by Pike but managed to escape to safety. He and his group later secured Pike's capture. Kane then accompanied the arrested Pike to Polis but discovered that A.L.I.E. had taken over most of the city. He was forced into taking the chip after A.L.I.E. threatened Abby's life. He was later freed after Clarke activated A.L.I.E's kill switch. Following Pike's death, Kane became the Chancellor of Arkadia.[3]

Throughout the fourth season, Kane tried to maintain the peace between the Thirteen Clan and the Grounders while he developed a romantic relationship with Abby. After the discovery of the Second Dawn Bunker he betrayed the Skaikru alliance with the Azgeda and attempted to hand King Roan over to Skaikru's new ally, the Trikru, in order to secure the bunker for the two clans. However he failed and was arrested. After the majority of Sky People were being evicted from the bunker he convinced Thelonious to not rebel against the Grounders, stating that he already saved humanity, which included 1,100 Grounders. As a result, Kane and Jaha started the Second Culling in order to stop the riot and secure the survival of humanity and all survivors became Wonkru, one clan with Octavia Blake as their leader.

During the fifth season, he and Abby left Wonkru and joined Charmaine Diyoza and the Eligius prisoners in the Shallow Valley. Kane struggled to help Abby with her drug addiction while he helped Diyoza, giving her advice and information about Octavia. He successfully convinced her that prisoners need Wonkru to survive and Diyoza started bringing defectors to the valley. The two of them successfully escaped to the valley's caves after McCreary's faction defeated Diyoza's. Kane and Charmaine then betrayed Wonkru's attack plans to McCreary in an effort to prevent Octavia from controlling the valley and also to negotiate a settlement between the two warring factions. However McCreary refused any sort of compromise. During the Battle for Eden, a psychologically unstable Eligius prisoner, Michael Vinson, almost killed Kane, leaving him in a coma.

During the sixth season, Kane suffered from the injuries left by Vinson. He was put into cryo after throwing up blood during a heated argument with Octavia. He was later reborn in the young body of a Sanctum Guard named Gavin through a Mind Drive while his original body died. However, he was unable to bring himself to live in such a state and chose to die. At his request, Kane was floated by Indra from Eligius IV after a final goodbye with Abby.

Early Life[]

Marcus Kane was born on the Ark to Vera Kane. As a young boy he would donate his rationed water to The Last Tree however he eventually stopped doing that and distanced himself from his mother's religious group.[4] He later becomes a senior[1] member of The Council, and first in line of succession during Thelonious Jaha's Chancellorship.

As a Councilman, Kane works closely with the Guard on the strict enforcement of the Ark's laws. His responsibilities include the close monitoring of every citizen of the Ark, even of his fellow Council members[5]. Kane's sole goal is the survival of the human race, and thus he considers that friendship and mercy are luxuries which they simply cannot afford.[6]

When Jake Griffin decided to defy the Council about the air shortage and go public, Kane pressed charges against him and included his daughter, Clarke Griffin, in those charges.

Kane appears to have had a special relationship with Callie Cartwig before the events of Season One.

Throughout the Series[]

In Pilot, Kane is first seen in The Ark's control room to monitor the delinquents statuses. Two Delinquents have appeared to have already died but are believed to have died from the crash landing rather than radiation. Afterward, he is seen speaking with Commander Shumway, who says that the Chancellor had been shot, and the prime suspect behind it was Bellamy Blake. Kane says that this must mean they have a traitor among them, as Bellamy Blake disappeared after the chancellor's shooting, meaning that someone helped him escape onto the delinquent's dropship. When returning to the control room, Abigail Griffin and he discusses how John Murphy and John Mbege have both suddenly died. Kane says it was out of radiation, but Abigail Griffin argues that people just don't randomly die without signs of them dying first.

After Abby gives Thelonious Jaha, the Chancellor more medical supplies than the Ark's limit, Kane arrests her. Kane says she will be executed for her crime, but Abby says she did this to ensure he will never become Chancellor. Callie Cartwig, Abby's best friend confronts Kane and tells him to let her go, which Kane refuses saying the penalty will stay.

Before execution, Abby gives her goodbyes and tells everyone good luck. Right after Kane gives the order, Jaha bursts out of nowhere stating that Abigail will be freed. Kane in shock seeing the Chancellor alive is told by Jaha that he will be dealt with later.

In Earth Skills, he is called upon by Jaha in his room, where he and Abby are having a conversation. Abby is dismissed and Kane closes the door. Jaha asks him who would benefit from his death, but Kane tells him to get to the point. Jaha says he is the prime suspect of his attempted assassination, but Kane says he had nothing to do with it. Later, Kane is seen discussing The Culling with other Council members, an event that would kill hundreds in order to extend the Ark's oxygen supply.

When the council is brought together, Kane and two other council members argue that The Culling must take place in order to preserve life on The Ark. Abby and the others argue however that they need to see if the Delinquents can survive on Earth before doing anything. When the vote towards the culling comes to a tie, Jaha is left to make the final decision. Jaha says he will abstain, which infuriates Kane, causing him to bang the table and storm out of the Council room.

Kane can later be seen alongside other Sky People as they watch the Delinquent number slowly go down.

In Earth Kills, Kane is mentioned during a flashback when Abigail Griffin talks to Jake Griffin about the oxygen issue and whether or not he should make the information public. Jake says she sounds like Kane, to which she answers "Because he's right."

In Murphy's Law, Kane is first seen speaking to Abby as they walk past each other in the halls. Kane asks Abby why she has been visiting Mecha Station so often, but Abby does not give him a straight forward answer. Kane asks her to keep him updated. He can later be seen watching over Abby as she makes a deal with Nygel, a worker at Culinary Tech.

Nygel eventually asks Kane to come down and meet her while she is playing a game of chess. Kane passes by his mother Vera Kane, who is preaching to her church about how they will one day return to Earth. Vera asks him if he is there for the church, but Nygel answers her question and tells Vera he is there for her. Nygel then informs Kane that Abby took an illegal tool for unknown uses. Kane asks for evidence, which Nygel shows.

As Kane arrests Abby for her crime, a pod is seen launching, revealing Abby distracted Kane in order to allow Raven Reyes to escape down to Earth.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, Kane is seen with Jaha, asking for his confirmation on the Culling. Jaha confirms it and announces he will be joining those in Section 17, claiming that at the time he would be doing an "inspection". Kane advises him not to, but Jaha says he cannot choose the fate of others if he cannot choose the fate of himself.

Kane is later informed by Commander Shumway that a video of Jake Griffin, Abby's husband, has surfaced and is broadcasted across The Ark by Abby. When the council is brought together to discuss this, Kane says riots are to occur, but to their surprise, there were hundreds of people outside the Council room trying to volunteer for the Culling in order to help their loved ones. This turn of events shocks Kane greatly. Despite this news, Jaha still claims he will participate in the Culling no matter what everyone says. Kane, however, manages to convince him that he must show leadership, and it was him, not Jake Griffin who brought the people together. His death would only cause more problems.

Kane later is watching those who are entering the room for the Culling. Kane informs Abby that he still believes the Delinquents are a lost cause. However, he says he will call off the Culling immediately if there is any word from Raven Reyes. Kane can later be seen alongside Jaha and Jacapo Sinclair. Despite everything, the Culling takes place and those who participated all die.

In Contents Under Pressure, Kane is first seen at a Council Meeting informing Abby that she will be spared for her crimes, but will be removed from The Council immediately. Suddenly, a transmission is heard. Raven Reyes is radioing in from the ground, revealing that The 100 are still alive and the ground is survivable. He is then seen staring at the Ark's last tree where his mother and other Sky People are having a memorial for those who took part in The Culling. Cuyler Ridley steps in and is furious with Kane as he is standing on the ground where his wife died. Kane tries to calm him down but Ridley attacks him. Jaha steps in to save him and tells the room to clear out. Kane is supposedly drinking, which Jaha comments on, telling him to get his act together.

He is later seen at the meeting standing alongside another guard, where Jaha is explaining that the Culling allowed everyone time to make it down to Earth. There are arguments, but Jaha and Diana Sydney are able to calm them down. Kane is then seen returning to the room of the Culling where is his mother is. Vera comforts Kane who feels depressed and responsible for 320 who died. After Diana is brought back to The Council, Jaha announces to Kane and the others that Project Exodus is in order but only 700 of the 2000 citizens of The Ark will be able to make it down.

In Day Trip, he is seen briefly at the council meeting, telling Clarke and Bellamy about a bunker nearby so they can survive winter. Later he arrests Commander Shumway for plotting to kill the Chancellor. Kane asks why he did it, but Shumway just tells him that he’s fighting for what he believes, just like Kane. When Marcus asks what exactly is that, he gives no response.

In Unity Day, Kane is first seen at the Unity Day Celebration. An explosion occurs at the celebration, killing six people. When Kane is ordered by Jaha to figure out who caused it, Kane finds the body of his mother on the floor and impaled by a shard. Kane holds her in her final moments and recites the Traveler's Blessing. Afterwards, Kane and several others are told to guard the Exodus Ship. While guarding it Diana Sydney walks up to Kane and Abby and informs the two of them that Cuyler Ridley was behind the explosion, as revenge for his wife's death in The Culling. Kane thanks her and he is sent to interrogate Ridley.

While interrogating Ridley he is mocked by him, telling him there are more things happening than he thinks. Kane asks for answers, but Ridley gives none. Suddenly one of the guards protecting Kane uses his stun stick to attack another guard and Ridley kicks down Kane. Ridley and the guard then lock Kane and the other guard inside the interrogation room. Later when the area Kane is in loses heat, Jaha comes in to save him. Before Diana Sydney takes off with the Exodus Ship, Kane, Jaha, Jacapo Sinclair and many others make an attempt to stop her from taking it. However, when Diana reveals that not everyone will make it down to Earth, a man jumps on the ship, allowing the Exodus Doors they were trying to pry open to close. Afterward, Kane pulls back Jaha and the Exodus Ship takes off, turning off all power on the Ark.

In The Calm, Kane is first seen waking up after The Ark's catastrophic power failure. After scouring The Ark to find other survivors he comes across Kyle Wick, who is Sinclair’s apprentice and was holding a door open with his arm on his orders. Kane frees him with a tool and they move forward, only to come across more survivors. When Kane tries to make his way to Earth Monitoring station, he finds that the area is covered in rubble. Kane gets on the intercom with Jaha, who instructs him to take the survivors to the mess hall as that is where Sinclair is pumping most power. Kane says he will not leave Jaha as him and the others in Earth Monitoring will die from lack of oxygen, but Jaha says to get his people to safety.

Kane disobeys Jaha, having him and the other survivors remove the rubble to break into the room. Kane and the others help those trapped in Earth Monitoring onto their feet and they continue their mission to helping other survivors. While discussing a way to fix things, Wick mentions that some people who were supposedly launched on the Exodus Ship might have survived, as Diana Sydney might have seen them as a threat and decided to kick them off the ship. Sinclair mentions however that to get there they will have to crawl through a vent, which is very hot. Kane volunteers anyways in order to find the potential survivors.

Before entering, Wick tells Kane good luck and Kane crawls through the vent. Kane struggles throughout the entirety of the crawl but eventually, after kicking the other vent door open he makes his way to the other side, entering the Service Bay. Kane enters a room filled with survivors, one of which is Abby, who was believed to be dead. Kane holds Abby in relief.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Kane is seen at the Ark's meeting where Jaha discusses how everyone should use their final moments wisely as there are only 51 hours of oxygen left. Kane tries to get Jaha to keep looking for another way but Thelonious wants to drink scotch and “be” with his family. Later, Kane can be seen working with Jacapo Sinclair, who asks Kane if he can go home to his wife. Jaha comes into the room and tells everyone if they use thrusters from the stations, this can bring them down to Earth. Kane asks if this is the right way, and Jaha asks if he has any better ideas.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Kane is seen in Earth Monitoring with other Sky People when Sinclair is explaining how The Ark will be brought to the ground. Kane explains how some stations will explode, and the unfortunate fact is some people will be on those stations. Kane is then seen strapped in his seat belt with other citizens as they get ready to launch. However, due to an error in the system, Sinclair says someone will have to launch it manually. Kane volunteers but just before leaving, Jaha launches The Ark in order to save his people. Kane's station lands on Earth successfully and he and Abby admire the beauty of Earth. Abby notices a smoke in the distance and tells Jaha she, Kane, and the others will go investigate it.

In The 48, Kane makes his appearance emerging from the forest and shooting Tristan in the back and head, killing him and saving several delinquents. He then converses with Bellamy Blake and Finn Collins, learning of what happened back at the Delinquents' Camp. Kane orders Jacapo Sinclair to take the majority of the group back to Alpha Station while Bellamy and Finn lead him, Abigail Griffin, and several guards to the 100's dropship.

Once arriving at the camp, Kane enters the dropship and encounters the injured Raven Reyes and John Murphy. He helps Murphy out of the ship and then an enraged Bellamy attacks Murphy, attempting to beat him to death. Kane has Bellamy tazed and then arrested, telling him there are rules and that he is no longer in charge.

Later, Kane leads the group to Alpha Station, which he discovers Sinclair has named Camp Jaha. After complimenting him on the name choice, Kane asks if there has been any word from Thelonious Jaha. Sinclair tells him that they have not heard from him and then calls Kane the new chancellor.

In Inclement Weather, Kane puts Bellamy under questioning, asking him about the Grounders and the type of weapons they use. When questioned on why he couldn't defeat the Grounders when the 100 had guns, Bellamy says that they might have if there were more bullets. Kane mentions that his men found more guns and ammunition in the underground bunker and Bellamy comments that he should have searched better. Major Byrne then appears with a restrained John Murphy and Kane has him locked up with Bellamy.

Afterwards, a gunshot is heard and Kane sees that a civilian had it and shot something in the woods, Kane treats the guy harshly and takes away the gun and learns that Byrne had given it to him. He declares that only members of the guard get guns and that unauthorized use of firearms will be punished severely. Later, a cry is heard from the forest. He and others follow the sound and find three guards who had been crucified to a tree. Back at Camp Jaha, he is looking over the bodies when he spots an uncovered hand of a body. He covers it and then continues into the medical area to ask about Raven. He tells Abby that the kids have one quality; courage. When asked if he sent out the search team, Kane says he takes the crucifixion warning seriously. He apologizes when Abby asks again and says he has made his decision.

In Reapercussions, Kane learns that Abby helped Bellamy and the others escape and gave them weapons. Under the encouragement of Major Byrne, he has her lashed with an electric baton, according to the laws laid down by the Exodus Charter. He also witnesses several guards bringing in a captured grounder and later interrogates the grounder with help from Major Byrne. However, he sends Byrne away once she threatens the grounder with violence when he refuses to speak. Kane says that there has to be a better way to handle the Grounders.

Later, after the lashing, Kane approaches Abby and gives his Chancellorship to her while he heads off on a mission to broker peace with the Grounders.

In Many Happy Returns, Kane is mentioned briefly by Bryne who is trying to explain to Raven Reyes and Kyle Wick that Chancellor Kane is trying to make peace with the Grounders.

In Human Trials, Kane is first seen planting his mom’s Eden Tree before proceeding to walk through the forest with two guards and the captive grounder. He apologizes for tying up the grounder and hopes that some kind of peace can be formed. Later on, once at the village, Kane dismisses the two guards back to Camp Jaha and continues on. Eventually, he unties the grounder, but he is attacked and knocked out. Kane awakens and realizes he's being carried by other grounders. They throw him into an underground cell. After Kane gets back on his feet, he notices a man walking out of the shadows. The man is revealed to be Thelonious Jaha, which Kane is surprised and happy to see.

In Fog of War, both Kane and Jaha remain trapped in the underground Grounder prison, awaiting their fate. Kane tries to break free, but Jaha tells him to be patient. Suddenly, Gustus walks in with Lexa and a few other grounders to inform them that one of them must kill the other. If they are both still alive by sunrise, both of them will die. Gustus leaves Lexa in the room with Kane and Jaha as he leaves the room. Kane and Jaha continue to think of ways to make it back to the Sky People, but nothing smart comes to mind. Ultimately Kane tells Jaha to kill him, however, he refuses and Kane slits his arm. Lexa and Jaha step in to help Kane, and Jaha picks up the knife he was given by Gustus and holds it to Lexa's throat. When Gustus walks in and sees him, Lexa manages to escape his hold and reveals that she is actually the grounder commander, and only needed info from the two. Lexa walks away freeing Jaha to deliver a message to his people, leaving Kane captive in the cellar.

In Long Into an Abyss, Kane is mentioned by Abby about how Thelonious would be leaving him still in Grounder captivity if they leave camp.

In Spacewalker, he is first seen returning to Camp Jaha and is greeted by Abby. The two rejoice at the sight of each other and enter their meeting room to discuss Finn Collins. When Thelonious walks in, Kane is in shock when he sees him handcuffed, and Thelonious explains that he is considered a traitor. When they bring up Finn, Kane and Jaha try to explain to Abby that giving Finn away is an option they may have to consider, much to Abby's displeasure. By the end of the episode, he is seen ready to watch Finn's execution. He watches in horror as Clarke Griffin mercy kills him in order to help her friend.

In Remember Me, Clarke meets up with Kane and Abby to discuss the terms that Lexa gave her, saying that Finn must be given to the grounders. Abby states that the grounders are being led by a child, but Kane points out that they are as well, referring to Clarke. He is then seen amongst the group camping out the night until they reach the grounder camp. He comes up to Abby saying they should let Thelonious go, but Abby brushes him off. When they get to the camp, he is inspected by Gustus, the commander’s bodyguard, and he is rid from his weapons. The commander declares that Finn will be burned which Kane protests about saying that he should be buried with his people, but is ignored. Later during the grounder feast, Kane offers Lexa alcohol as a gift to the grounders. However, after one of her loyal guards Gustus tries the alcohol, it appears to be poisoned and Gustus is rushed out of the room. Lexa states that no Sky Person was to leave the feast room, isolating even Lincoln in the room until they figure out who is responsible.

Marcus is then seen asking Clarke who she thought would have done this, however, she herself is clueless. Later the grounders decide that Raven Reyes is responsible, and they take her outside to perform their torture ritual. However, this is quickly stopped by Clarke, who manages to figure out that Gustus poisoned himself as he thought it would protect Lexa and end the alliance.

In Survival of the Fittest, he is seen in Camp Jaha gathering a group of grounders together to train with the Sky People. He reveals to have convinced Abby to let Jaha out of his cell and converses with him about the grounder alliance, which Thelonious disagrees with. He gives a speech about how they may not like each other, but they can work together to take down the enemy. When John Murphy gets into an argument with a grounder, he tells Murphy he's on cleaning duty, much to his displeasure. When the grounder slurs something about Murphy, a fight erupts in the room with grounders and Sky People.

Throughout the episode, he is seen watching over everyone as they train. Penn steps forward to try a gun, but Indra stops him saying he knows better than to use guns. When Octavia Blake steps forward to fight a grounder, but loses to him. Kane is then seen helping her on her feet with a few others. After she recovers, Kane proposes to Octavia to take watch over Indra as a spy, but Octavia declines.

In Coup de Grâce, Kane is first seen watching over Emerson in his containment airlock. Abby soon joins him and the two have a brief discussion about how everyone sees Clarke as their leader, which Abby is frustrated about. Later, Kane is interrogating Emerson. He gets frustrated when the man refuses to answer his questions and suggests that they expose Emerson to radiation in order to have him speak. This idea is quickly shot down by Clarke and Abigail. However, after learning that the Mountain Men have begun to harvest the 47, it is Kane who prevents Clarke from opening the door. Yet after Clarke takes Emerson away with the help of Grounders, Kane tells Abby that they should trust her daughter, which Abby reluctantly agrees and lets her free Emerson to deliver a message.

In Rubicon, Kane is seen standing beside Clarke when she decides not to go to Tondc. He reminds her that the Commander is expecting her and that good leaders know which battles to fight. She tells him that she understands and asks him to go in her place. Abby then walks in and tells Kane that Sinclair gave her a note from Jaha stating that he left with twelve others for the City of Light. Kane says that they cannot afford to go after them.

Later, Kane is at Tondc when Indra approaches him, asking about Clarke and Lexa. He tells her that he hasn't seen them since they went downstairs. When Indra suggests that they search the woods, he agrees. The pair reaches the edge of the forest just as the missile strikes Tondc.

In Resurrection, he is seen caught in the rubble of the destruction in Tondc. Kane uses a loose piece of the rubble in order to catch the attention of someone. Abby eventually finds him and works desperately to help Kane escape. Abby tries to lift the rock off of him but fails to do so. Kane tells Abby to not worry about him and to go find Clarke, but Abby reveals to him that Clarke was actually aware of the missile, and chose to not do anything about it. Kane tells her, however, that she did what she was taught to do on The Ark, referencing with the process of floating. Later, Octavia and the other seconds find Marcus and Abby and send help to retrieve Kane from the ruins.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Kane is revealed to be at Mount Weather after a black bag is removed from his head. We later see Kane handcuffed to the wall, hands behind head, beside Abby. Kane begs Cage to let them donate their Bone Marrow as Abby is locked into restraints on the operating table. His pleas are ignored, and he is forced to watch Abby suffer great amounts of pain as her bone marrow is extracted. After level five is exposed to radiation and all the guards die from radiation exposure, Octavia grabs the keys and frees Kane and the others. He quickly runs to Abby and reassures her that she is ok as he frees her. Shortly after, he assures Bellamy that he has done well. As they return to Camp Jaha, Kane is seen walking beside Abby, who is on a stretcher and they are hand in hand.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Bellamy goes to see Kane about traveling to Sector 7 and Kane gives his consent, however, he tells Bellamy that the weapons brought along are for reinforcements only and enforces the "non-lethal" response rule. Kane also says that there hasn't been a Grounder attack in three months meaning they might finally be at peace and tells Bellamy not to screw that up. Bellamy agrees and leaves the room, and Abby wakes up from the couch in the corner of the room and gazes at the Sector map Kane has drawn, wondering if Clarke is in Sector 7. Kane offers to send out another search and rescue party but Abby says that Clarke will only be found if she wants to be found. David Miller interrupts their conversation and tells Kane that there were three clicks on the secure channel, meaning that "she" wants to meet with him. Later on, Kane meets up with Bellamy and Monty Green in Sector 4. Kane is with Indra. Bellamy starts to explain the killing of the Ice Nation warriors but Kane dismisses him, saying that they'll talk about it later. He tells the two that Indra has come to warn them about Clarke, and Indra states that Clarke is being hunted by everyone. The four take their rover vehicle to search for Clarke, and Indra explains Clarke's situation and suggests they start searching for her at the trading posts. They encounter a fallen tree and Indra warns everyone that it has been cut down, but Bellamy disagrees, stating they don't know for sure. As Bellamy begins to investigate, another tree falls behind them, trapping them.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Bellamy, Monty, Indra, and Kane have been trapped in Sector 7 in the rover for three hours waiting for something to happen. Bellamy pokes his head out the moon roof and suddenly has a knife to his throat. The rest of them are ordered out of the rover as Bellamy is yanked out through the moon-roof. Indra, Kane, and Monty are quickly taken hostage by what appear to be Ice Nation warriors who find the Farm Station beacon on Monty. Monty tries to fight them and Bellamy calls out his name to get him to stop. One of the warriors repeats Monty's name and Monty recognize her voice as his mother's. Monty's mother, Hannah, removes her face mask and she and Monty embrace. Charles Pike orders the rest of them to stand down and greets Kane and Bellamy. Monty asks where his dad is and her mother tells him that he didn't make it. Kane asks Pike how many of them from Farm Station survived and Pike says only 63 have survived and the rest of them are camped in the mountains to the north. He calls them "Grounder killers" and everyone cheers, "Hoo-rah!" Bellamy interrupts and tells them they need to find Clarke. Pike recognizes Clarke's name as a former student of the Earth Skills class that he taught on the Ark. They go to move the trees blocking the rover and Bellamy asks Monty if he is okay. Monty replies that he has to be. Pike tells Kane that everyone from Farm Station survived the landing, three times as many as the 63 who are still alive. Indra tells Pike the Ice Nation can be ruthless and he should take pride in those he saved. Kane introduces Indra and Pike. They get the trees out of the way of the rover and Kane sends the Farm Station warriors to collect the rest of their people and head to Arkadia. Pike and Hannah go with Kane, Bellamy, and Monty after Clarke.

At the trading post, Niylah is getting beaten up and interrogated by Roan’s bounty hunter partner as he asks her where Clarke and Roan went. He is about to cut off her hand when Bellamy shoots him dead. Indra tells Niylah in Trigedasleng they are there to help. Pike demands she speak in English and Kane orders him to scout the perimeters with Monty and Hannah. Bellamy pleads with Niylah to tell them about Clarke. Niylah recognizes him as Skaikru and tells him that Clarke was there last night and the bounty hunter told her his partner was Ice Nation. Bellamy thanks her as Monty comes back to tell them he found their tracks but they can't take the rover because there are too many trees.

They are walking through the same field where Clarke and Roan were previously. Indra calls for everyone to be quiet as they hear war drums coming from a distance. Indra recognizes them as Azgeda by the three dead scouts in the field. Pike tells everyone they need to get the bodies off the field before the army arrives or they will be blamed for it. Bellamy spots Roan and Clarke far on the other side of the field as Kane spots the incoming army advancing from another end of the field, separating them from Clarke. Monty points out a cave for them to hide in until the army passes through and Indra leaves to warn the Commander because the Ice Nation has just marched into Trikru lands. Indra warns Kane that if the Ice Queen gets Clarke first, she will die and they will all be at war.

Bellamy wants to go after Clarke but they are stuck in the cave with the corpses of the three Ice Nation scouts as they wait for the army to clear out. Monty asks Hannah once again what happened to his father. Hannah tells him how Farm Station landed in the snow, absorbing some of the impact. She starts crying and Pike takes over the story, telling Monty that the children were playing in the snow and were the first to die. Monty's father saved four of fifteen kids but was killed when he went back for the fifth and died a hero. Kane tells Pike that not all Grounders are the same as the Ice Nation and Pike says they are to him. Later, Monty finishes telling them how forty-two people got out of Mount Weather alive and they did what they had to do. Pike tells Monty he did the right thing and asks if Mount Weather belongs to the Sky People now. Kane tells him they use it for supplies because of the established truce. Pike warns Kane the Grounders will break the truce and they need the Mountain. Monty notices that Bellamy had stolen a scout's uniform and was no longer in the cave. They find Bellamy limping along, still trying to follow after Clarke and Roan. Kane and Pike try to get Bellamy to give up but he is worried about losing Clarke. Monty convinces Bellamy to head back and try again later.

In Ye Who Enter Here, outside Polis, a truck arrives carrying the Sky People. Kane exits and tells everyone to leave their guns and radios in the truck and Lexa's guards will escort them to the summit. He tells Nelson and Hill to remain behind in the truck and man the radio. He notices one of the Arkadia Guards has a med kit from Mount Weather and orders him to leave it behind. Abby tells him to not take out his anger on the guard and Kane responds that she put their entire summit agenda at risk by moving people into Mount Weather. Abby tries to excuse herself by saying she did it to save Nyko but Kane tells her opening a hospital is different than moving into the Mountain and now they will have to add that to the list of objectives for the summit meeting: lifting Lincoln's kill order, opening trade, and getting Clarke back. He quickly apologizes for using Clarke as a bargaining chip but Abby worries they will not get Clarke back.

Kane enters Polis, seeing it for the first time above-ground and is amazed at the sight. He wanders through a marketplace with Abby and their guards as they take in everything. A girl grabs Abby's hand and drags her to a kiosk where a woman is frying up some local food and offers a piece to Abby but she refuses. Kane, however, happily accepts the food and offers the woman the patch off his jacket in exchange. Abby sees that Kane has a vision for their people and offers him the Chancellor's pin but he refuses, saying they should hold an election instead of passing the pin around. Indra arrives and welcomes them to the capitol.

Marcus and Abby are in Lexa's bedroom, waiting for her to arrive. The door opens behind them and Clarke walks in. Abby is overjoyed to see her and hugs her. Clarke gets down to business and tells them the terms of the summit have changed because of the Ice Nation. They are no longer there for a treaty but to join the Coalition to avoid a war. Abby refuses and Clarke calls it their new Unity Day where the Sky People can either be the thirteenth station or the thirteenth clan. Abby asks for Kane's advice and he agrees with Clarke.

At sundown, the summit begins with the Grounder Anthem as Clarke strides into the throne room and takes a stand before Lexa. Clarke pauses in front of Lexa before dropping down on one knee and bowing to her. Roan is the first to bow to Lexa after Clarke and the rest of the people follow suit with Marcus and Abby and the rest of the Skaikru as the last kneel. Lexa orders everyone to rise and welcomes the Skaikru and Clarke to the summit. She tells the rest of the clans she is initiating them into the Coalition and the leader of the Skaikru will bear the mark. Abby passes the leadership over to Kane and he offers his forearm to be branded with the mark of the Coalition.

Octavia, Bellamy, and Pike barge in, holding a guard captive. Bellamy warns everyone the summit is a trap. Ivon, the Ice Nation representative, tells them it was the Skaikru who barged into the summit with guns. Pike says they are right because two Skaikru guards are already dead. Lexa asks how they came by the information and Octavia realizes Echo is no longer with them. Bellamy realizes Echo betrayed them as Kane tells him to stand down. Kane and the rest of the Skaikru then return to Arkadia as they fear it will be the next site of an attack. Clarke decides to stay behind in Polis with Lexa and Kane tells her to stay safe.

In Watch the Thrones, Kane is first seen at a council meeting with Pike and Abby following the attack on Mount Weather. Pike wants to retaliate against the grounders but both Marcus and Abby refuse, saying that the Commander will bring the Ice Nation to justice. They both attend the Mount Weather memorial when Pike approaches informing them that an army of 300 grounders is approaching Arkadia. Kane tells Pike he already knows since Indra radioed and the army is, in fact, a peacekeeping force, sent to protect Arkadia from the threat of the Ice Nation. This causes anger among the citizens and one even throws a rock at Lincoln's head which breaks into a full out riot before Pike is able to end it.

Kane and Abby later arrive when Pike, Bellamy, Hannah and the other Farm Station survivors are trying to leave to go attack the army. He puts them in lock-up, however, Pike demands that he show the Arkadian's the brand mark on his arm. Kane obliges announcing that it is the brand mark of the Coalition symbolizing that they are the thirteenth clan and therefore are in this fight together. Pike, however, instead says it is much more resemblant of what farmers did to their livestock before it s slaughtered. A Farm Station citizen then tells Pike he should run for Chancellor, which the vast majority respond to positively as they chant his name as he is led away.

The next morning, Kane arrives in lock-up and hands Pike the Chancellor's pin congratulating him on his victory in the election. Pike takes his first few actions as Chancellor which including freeing himself and the other Farm Station survivors, rejecting the brand mark of the Coalition and proceeding with the massacre. All the Farm Station follow Pike out of the cell but Kane stops Bellamy telling him it's not too late to choose the right side. To Kane's dismay, Bellamy says that he already has before following Pike.

In Hakeldama, Kane is seen standing next to Abby when Pike, Bellamy, and the other Farm Station survivors return from the massacre. They listen to Pike's speech and Abby seems horrified that Pike's regime was able to kill 300 but leave no wounded. Indra radios Kane asking him to come to the site of the massacre but knowing Pike is watching his every move, Kane sends Octavia instead. Kane catches Bellamy and berates him about murdering 300 warriors sent to protect them. Bellamy says that Trikru are a threat as they killed 37 of his friends before The Ark survivors even landed on the ground.

Kane meets with Jaha who is with Abby in medical following his return to Arkadia. Jaha claims to have found the City of Light but neither Kane nor Abby believe him. Abby asks Kane where his uniform is and he admits that Pike stripped him of his command. He later assists Abby in helping both Clarke and Octavia escape Arkadia after Bellamy tries to have them arrested.

In Bitter Harvest, Kane is first seen in contact with Octavia over radio. She is spying on Gillmer and Hannah when they spot a grounder kid. Gillmer and Hannah chase the kid trying to kill him but Octavia cuts them off and saves the kid's life. She radios back Kane and says they need to find out what Pike's regime is up to, as they were willing to kill a kid to keep it hidden.

Nathan Miller is helping Kane bug the Chancellor's office while Kane goes to distract Pike. He tells Pike they need to stop the distribution of the Jaha's chips but Pike says than that's Abby field, not his. Pike begins to walk towards his office when Kane stops him again mentioning the grounder prisoners. Pike claims they are a liability which is why he won't set them free. Kane insists that not all grounders are the enemy but Pike tells him they've already been through this and election decided what the majority of Arkadians think. Realizing he's stalled Pike for long enough, Kane sarcastically tells him to keep up the good work leaving him to go to his office. Kane later finds Pike's regime in the hangar bay and again tries to convince Bellamy to choose the right side. Bellamy, however, brushes Kane off again before getting into the rover with the other members of Pike's regime and driving off.

Later that day, Kane enters medical. He finds Abby and tells her he blames himself for Pike's Chancellorship and expresses his fear over the safety of the kids. Abby reassures him that the 100 are no longer just kids and seeing that he is stressed she kisses him on the cheek in order to give him hope.

Following the failed attack on the grounder village, Pike is conferencing with Bellamy. They both know that someone told Octavia who in turn warned the grounders. Both Pike and Bellamy know it is Kane but they have no proof and therefore can not arrest him. Pike dismisses Bellamy and tells him to find proof.

In Terms and Conditions, Kane is first seen listening in on a council meeting with Nathan Miller and Harper McIntyre. Kane is still trying to find a peaceful solution but Harper suggests just kidnapping Pike and handing him over to the grounders. Kane refuses and says that it's not who they are. Kane enters while Pike and his team and sorting through their ammunition storage saying he'd like to talk to Pike. He leads Pike outside and tells him that he needs to turn himself in. Pike refuses and says that he is leading Arkadia to victory.

Kane, Miller, and Harper listen in on another council meeting and are in horror when they overhear Pike's regime will be destroying another grounder village, unaware this a trick set up by Pike since he is aware they are listening in. Kane meets with Jacapo Sinclair and they plan to disable to rover however, they are unaware that the conversation was overheard by Monty. Sinclair sets the plan in motion but he is caught and arrested by Bellamy. Sinclair is interrogated but he says nothing before he is brought to lock-up and tells Lincoln to get ready for Kane's plan.

Bellamy meets with Kane where Kane again tries to convince him to change sides but Bellamy refuses and says that was exactly the same reason he met with Kane, to try and convince him to change sides. Bellamy is called to lock-up and leaves. Pike meets with Kane while Bellamy tries to get information from Sinclair. When Sinclair requests immunity from Bellamy and begins telling him of the plan Lincoln comes forward and begins beating him. Bellamy enters the cell and a full riot breaks out. All the guards are called to lock-up leaving Kane and Pike alone. Kane takes the opportunity to shock Pike, knocking him out before kidnapping him and placing him the rover. Harper radios Kane and tells him the plan is working, however, Monty overhears the conversation through Miller's bug and tells Bellamy to go for the main gate. There, Bellamy stops in front of the rover preventing Kane from going any further. Bellamy refuses to budge and Kane is forced to surrender himself to the guards.

Later, Kane is being interrogated by Pike. Pike asks him if he has anything to say for himself. Kane states that he admires Pike's dedication to rule of law but begs him to look beyond the rules. Pike refuses and sentences Kane to death. Bellamy seems shocked and as Kane is led away to a cell, Bellamy asks Pike if they're really killing their own people now. Pike claims that Kane's execution will serve as an example and hopefully will convince other's to join his side.

In Stealing Fire, Kane is seen in lock-up alongside Lincoln, Sinclair, and the other grounder prisoners. When Pike arrives, he sentences Lincoln and Sinclair to death as well. Kane is later taken to see Abby before his execution. She says she won't let it happen but he begs her not to save him since he fears her life would be put in danger in doing so. Abby reveals her affection for Kane when she cradles his face and tells him "[she] can't do this again," in reference to her late husband Jake Griffin. Kane pries her hands off him before telling her to not make this any harder than it already is. He then calls for the guards and is taken away.

Back in the cell, Pike arrives to take Lincoln, Kane, and Sinclair. He places them in a room and orders the guards to shoot anyone who comes near. However, the prisoner's hide under the floorboards so when Pike arrives it appears they are already gone. The guards are also drugged and Pike realizes he walked the prisoners right into their master plan. Abby enters the room and undoes Kane's handcuffs as Octavia coordinates the escape with Harper over the radio. Monty and his mother overhear them but Monty redirects the guards to the main gate in order to allow the prisoners to escape. As the prisoners are all leaving Arkadia, Kane turns to Abby and she tells him she isn't leaving with them as she is needed in Arkadia. In response, he kisses her passionately and tells her "May we meet again." Abby leaves and Kane overhears Pike's message on the radio saying that if the prisoners do not turn themselves in the sick grounders will be killed. Lincoln turns himself in and hands Kane Octavia so they can escape Arkadia. Later, as the resistance is leaving Arkadia, Lincoln's execution is taking place. Octavia awakens and crawls forward to watch it, Kane stands behind her as she watches Pike shoot Lincoln in the head.

In Fallen, Kane and the resistance enter Lincoln's cave. When Bellamy asks where Lincoln is, Octavia angrily says that he is dead before proceeding to beat her brother. Kane tries to intervene to stop it but Bellamy refuses his help and allows Octavia to continue beating him. Later, Monty radios Bellamy and tells him he's in trouble, Kane is hesitant to respond since he believes it's a trap set up by Pike but Bellamy convinces him otherwise. The resistance agrees to meet Monty at the dropship, still wary about Pike, however, Kane refuses to bring the entire resistance. He initially plans on going alone however, Octavia offers him an ultimatum. They then both agree to bring Bellamy as a hostage so they have someone to trade for Monty.

Bellamy, Octavia, and Kane arrive at the dropship and find it deserted. Bellamy assumes they arrived first but Octavia knows they didn't and calls for Pike to come out. Monty emerges, Pike behind him with a gun to his head. Pike tells them to put down their weapons since Kane can't shoot Pike since Monty would be in the shot. Kane puts down his gun and surrenders while Octavia fights back. Pike goes to untie Bellamy and Bellamy agrees to lead him to the rest of the resistance. Furious, Octavia goes to attack her brother but she is shocked and knocked out.

Bellamy is leading Pike who has Kane and Octavia prisoner to the resistance's camp. However, as they approach the blockade line, Bellamy betrays Pike calling for the grounders of the blockade to take him. The grounders kill Pike's guards and take him prisoner. Pike tells Bellamy he's doomed them all. Octavia prepares to kill but Kane tells her not to. He says that since the grounders didn't get justice for Finn Collins, they'll need justice for Pike. The grounders decide on taking Pike to Polis and Kane offers to come along saying that they are the thirteenth clan and he has the mark of the Coalition. The grounders begrudgingly agree and tell him to not slow them down. He tells Octavia and Monty to return to Arkadia, and tells them to tell Abby he'll look out for Clarke in Polis. Before leaving, Kane asks Bellamy if he turned in Pike for his sister or because he knew it was the right thing but Bellamy simply brushes him off. Kane then walks off into the distance following the grounders.

In Join or Die, Kane is seen entering Polis with the Grounders and Pike. He is shocked to see that Polis is completely decimated and adorned with crosses where dying and dead grounders are laying. Jaha approaches and offers Kane the key to the City of Light but he refuses, throwing it off into the distance. A bag is put over his head and Kane is dragged off as a prisoner. However, Abby approaches Jaha and requests he leave Kane to her instead.

Kane is later seen in the Polis tower when a chipped Abby enters pretending to be unchipped in an effort of gaining Clarke's whereabouts. When Kane gives no useful information, A.L.I.E. Abby is instructed to try harder. In order to do so, she attempts to seduce Kane by passionately kissing him and throwing him down onto a bed. However, he soon realizes that this is not how Abby would normally behave and he stops her. As a result Abby orders for Kane to be crucified as he begs for her to wake up.

Kane is also seen in the flashbacks on The Ark when he brings Pike to Chancellor Jaha and Abby when Pike is told that he will be teaching Earth Skills to delinquents. He is also forced to intervene when Pike begins hitting Murphy and attacking the other delinquents, however, he assumes that it was the kids and not Pike who had started the brawl. He also stands beside Abby while the 100 board the dropship and watches her say farewell to Clarke. He apologizes to her but Abby simply retorts, "you got your extra air."

Kane is seen on the cross still refusing to give Jaha any information. Kane begs Jaha just to shoot him and get it over with, however, Jaha claims if he shoots Kane he won't get what he's looking for and instead he points the gun at Abby. Upon seeing Abby's life in danger, Kane immediately agrees to take the key which Jaha happily gives him.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), the chipped Kane shoots Roan and allows for Clarke to be taken by Jaha. He then ambushes, Pike, Indra, Miller, Bryan, and Octavia and shoots Pike and Bryan. However, he is unaware that they have planted a bomb. While, Pike, Miller, Bryan, and Octavia escape, Indra notices Kane is far too close to bomb and she pushes him away from it in order to save his life.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), he is seen with the other chipped soldiers climbing the Polis tower. When he reaches the top he is confronted by Octavia who tricks him into thinking she'll take the chip. He seems content with that, however, Octavia throws shock batons into the water electrocuting him and other chipped victims. After he wakes up, he enters the throne room and finds Bellamy guarding Clarke. He begins to strangle Bellamy but luckily, Clarke is able to terminate the City of Light before he does any more damage. Kane awakens from the City of Light and begins sobbing into his hands. He is soon approached by Abby and the two embrace.

In Echoes, after the defeat of A.L.I.E., Kane exits the tower along with Thelonious Jaha and together they witness the death and pain that was caused to the people. After Echo prevents them from treating King Roan he pleads her to let them, on the basis of the alliance, but the Azgeda commander is unmoved. As Echo publicly blames the Sky People for bringing A.L.I.E., Kane steps in and defends Clarke as well as the actions of the Skaikru. However Echo moves to occupy Polis with her army, forbidding anyone from leaving. Unfazed, Kane uses the secret passage in the temple and organizes the escape of all Skaikru civilians. Once this is done, Abby reviews the wounds that Kane received on his wrists when A.L.I.E. nailed him on the cross. He quickly reassures her that he is okay and warmly directs her to focus 'on what comes next'. Clarke also watches the exchange and appears to be happy with her mother's relationship with Marcus. The two are distracted when Indra along with Octavia and Bellamy Blake barge in. After a moment of staring one another, Kane and Indra share a warm embrace, both of them very glad to see each other alive after their last ordeal. Indra then explains the situation and Abby is distraught, wanting the Sky People to avoid partaking in the upcoming war. Kane quickly rejects that on the grounds that the Azgeda will come for them next and proposes to unite all the other tribes against the Azgeda. Indra says that they need the Flame in order to achieve that but Clarke refuses to give it, before adding that there is no time, and informs them the reason A.L.I.E. created the City of Light. Marcus is visibly upset upon hearing the news.

After the supposed Skaikru surrender to the Azgeda, Echo sends Jaha back to his people with a message. He is wounded and Kane catches him. Jaha then discreetly relays to him that he successfully delivered Octavia Blake to the building where King Roan is being treated. Knowing that Abby needs time in order to treat Roan, Kane instructs Bellamy to offer Echo technology, guns and anything else he can think of in order to keep her talking. After Echo takes down Bellamy and orders the Skaikru to disarm, Kane accepts the demand and orders the Guard to lay down their firearms, buying Abby more time. He is subsequently apprehended by the Azgeda.

After Clarke makes a deal with Acting Commander Roan, he decides to stay in the capital as the official Ambassador of the Thirteen Clan and ensure that Roan keeps his throne while the rest of the Sky People try to find a solution about the upcoming Second Nuclear Apocalypse. As they greet each other, Kane shakes Bellamy's hand and doesn't let him go telling him emphatically to 'turn the page' and not look back by doing better every day than the day before. Bellamy accepts Kane's advice.

In Heavy Lies the Crown, Marcus and Abby make love before the doctor realizes that King Roan is expecting her. As she raises from the bed she notices the chain with her late husband's ring on it that she used to wear all the time. She hesitates putting it on but Marcus notices it and puts it himself on her instead, adding that Jake is part of who she is. He then warns Abby to be careful, as they are in hostile territory.

After Octavia overhears Rafel she reports to Kane and together they ask for a private audience from King Roan. He accepts and Kane tells him that they were right for not trusting the Trishanakru and that Rafel is planning on challenging Roan to a duel. The Azgeda King is not bothered by this development, being willing to fight the duel himself which prompts Kane to remind him that he is still recovering. Kane then recommends to have someone else fight on Roan's behalf but Roan refuses on the basis that the other clans won't follow him if he hides behind other warriors while also not being a rightful Commander. He then adds that if civil war breaks out he could very well lose, which will allow the other clans to move against Skaikru. Kane says that 'no one has to die' and that his goal is to keep Roan on his throne until they find a solution. Roan asks how is that solution going and Kane says that his people are 'working on it'. He then asks Roan to let him speak to Rafel and talk him out of it, to which Roan agrees but warns him that if Marcus fails, he will have to fight the ambassador.

Kane along with Octavia find Rafel in a small gathering in Polis and asks him to speak privately before adding that he knows he is planning to challenge King Roan. The ambassador agrees but tells Ilian to stay. Kane asks Rafel to reconsider but the ambassador laughs it off, blaming Skaikru for the chip. Ilian then says that Skaikru made him murder his entire family and Kane replies by saying that he is sorry but explains that the chip affected every clan and if they blame Skaikru for the City of Light, they should also credit Skaikru for destroying it. He then iterates that no more blood needs to be spilled and that the clans are stronger together. Rafel however suspects that King Roan is still weakened which is why he sends Skaikru to talk him out of it and refuses to reconsider.

Later into the night Kane meets Abby in their chamber. He asks her if Roan can fight but Abby tells him that it is too early. Marcus then laments that he cannot achieve a simple task, referring to his failure in talking Rafel out off it but Abby is hopeful that Marcus will eventually find a solution. Shen then says that there is nothing she can do about Roan and Kane realizes that she wants to return to Arkadia and Clarke which he grudgingly accepts. He then notices that Abby no longer wears her necklace which contained Jake's ring and the two exchange a kiss.

The next morning, the scheduled gathering takes place in the throne room with the Ambassadors from all the clans and King Roan. As the ambassadors make their way in, Kane makes a last ditch effort to persuade Roan to cancel the gathering but Roan tells him that he failed and it will be single combat. When Echo arrives in the chamber with the news of Rafel's death, Roan suspiciously looks at Kane initially considering that Marcus was behind the ambassador's death, before praying for the departed. During the prayer Kane looks at Octavia, as he correctly suspects that she was behind Rafel's death.

In A Lie Guarded, Marcus speaks on radio with Abby who is on a boat heading for Becca's Island. They make plans for distributing the nightblood syrup as quickly as possible on the population and wish each other luck. After they end the call Octavia arrives and Kane asks her to sit. He then chastises her for not returning the Flame to King Roan to which Octavia replies that she would have had to kill Indra's daughter. However Marcus is unconvinced, heavily disapproving that Octavia killed an 'innocent boy' instead. He then continues, saying that there is a darkness inside of her and he knows that she is still mourning. Octavia is not interested in Marcus' words and stands up in order to leave but Kane raises his voice telling her to sit down. She reluctantly agrees and Kane continues by telling her that she didn't have to kill the boy or Ambassador Rafel or Pike. Octavia answers by saying that Pike 'got what he deserved' but Kane interjects telling her that justice and vengeance are not the same thing. Octavia then says that for her it is the same thing but Kane is disappointed and he cannot let his people 'go rogue' which prompts Octavia to say that she is a warrior but Kane rejects that saying that a warrior knows when not to kill and that Lincoln had taught her that. He then announces to her that she is removed from his security detail and Helios will return her back to Arkadia. He then leaves in order to meet King Roan.

Marcus is surprised to meet King Roan at the embassy. The King immediately demands to know the Skaikru progress on dealing with the upcoming Praimfaya but Kane does not provide information, simply stating that they are still working on it. Displeased by Kane's dishonesty, Roan interrupts the Chancellor and calls for Echo who enters the room along with Bellamy Blake and Guard Stevens, both of them restrained and gagged. Kane asks for an explanation and Roan informs him that Echo saw the Sky People repairing Arkadia and these two were illegally hunting in his woods before adding that Stevens confessed Arkadia's repairs would provide shelter from radiation. Kane explains that this was a backup plan but Roan knew that already as Stevens said previously the same thing. The King then informs Kane that he also learned from Stevens that the Skaikru have a Nightblood. Marcus explains that they discovered nightblood helps metabolize radiation and that they plan to turn everyone into Nightbloods. Echo interjects calling it blasphemy. After a few moments of consideration King Roan gives the signal and Echo kills Guard Stevens, cutting his throat. Kane rushes to Stevens but he can't do anything. Roan then declares that the alliance is broken and Skaikru and Trikru are now enemies. He then orders for Kane and Bellamy to be taken as prisoners. Marcus pleads but is ignored.

In the cell Kane assures Bellamy that Abby will find a cure and they will get through this. Bellamy reluctantly agrees. King Roan then enters the cell and informs them that he is planning on capturing Arkadia, and the two of them, will follow his army as hostages. After Roan informs them that Octavia was killed, Kane looks visibly distressed, covering his face with his hands.

In The Tinder Box, as the Azgeda army is marching to Arkadia, they are ambushed by Skaikru. King Roan, in order to prevent them from potentially wiping out his army, he brings forward his two hostages, Chancellor Kane and Bellamy Blake. After Roan leaves to meet with Clarke, Echo gives orders to the army in case a fight breaks out but Kane interjects telling her that they are ambushed and her army will surely be wiped out. Hearing Marcus, Bellamy realizes that someone warned the Sky People, and thinks it was his sister, Octavia and thus she was not killed by Echo.

After Monty Green descends into the valley and informs the Azgeda that one of their men, Riley, has gone rogue, Echo prepares to leave with a few archers and save their king. However Marcus warns her that if they try to move out of formation, the Guards will open fire. Bellamy instead makes a counter-suggestion to Echo which she agrees to and the Chancellor, after a few moments of consideration, agrees as well. He then activates the radio and identifies himself and David Miller and asks him if he is alright. Marcus then orders the Guard to allow Bellamy and Echo to pass and find Riley. Echo then grabs the radio from Kane's hands and orders the Azgeda to arrest Monty before adding that if she does not return until sunset, they are to kill Marcus and Monty.

Kane alongside the rest of Sky People and Azgeda return to the burning Arkadia. He watches with horror the destruction of his home, unable to do anything to stop it.

In We Will Rise, the next morning after the fire, an angry mob of Sky People break into Ilian's cell and start beating him. The Chancellor and a few Guards are with him but they are unable to stop them, forcing Kane to draw out his gun and shoot in the air, drawing everyone's attention. Kane then shouts that he will shoot anyone who tries to harm Ilian, while aiming with his gun towards the mob.

Later on there is a meeting between Monty, Bellamy, Chancellor Kane, King Roan and Clarke. Monty begins listing what has survived and what was destroyed during the fire. Bellamy asks if there are any good news to which Kane says that no one has died. Then they discuss transporting the fuel to Becca's Island and Kane says that the roads are unsafe but he cannot spare many Guards after what happened with Ilian. King Roan then volunteers his personal guards and Kane thanks him. As the meeting concludes, Kane announces to Clarke that he is also coming but Clarke tells him that he can't. Astounded, Kane reminds Clarke that he is the Chancellor and Clarke says that because of that very reason he must stay in Arkadia and help the Sky People, before adding that she knows he wants to be with Abby. Marcus then expresses his worry that going into space on a 100-year old rocket will be dangerous but Clarke says that they have to try before adding that she will send Abby his love. Kane accepts and tells her that in the meantime he will try to salvage the situation in Arkadia as much as possible. Then the two share a warm embrace.

As the mob rallies again in Arkadia's bar, Monty informs Kane that Ilian is unguarded. The Chancellor and David Miller reach first the infirmary and lock it down as the mob starts pounding at the door. Chief Guard Miller asks Kane to reconsider since they floated people in the Ark for less but the Chancellor refuses on the grounds that they cannot allow mob rule and if they descend into that, there is no coming back. However Octavia unlocks the door letting the mob inside, in response Kane draws out his gun in a last ditch effort to stop the mob. However he is betrayed by Miller who immobilizes him with his shock baton.

The mob drags Ilian outside the structure to be executed with Kane arriving as well. Monty asks him what they can do to save him, but the Chancellor says that he doesn't know. However Thelonious Jaha appears and tells on the radio to sound the alarm; the alarm starts ringing and Kane helps with the ruse by screaming for people to get inside because the black rain is coming. The ruse works and the mob leaves however Octavia does not go anywhere, ready to execute Ilian. Marcus approaches and pleads her to stop, Octavia is not reconsidering; then Marcus reminds her that on this spot Lincoln had kneeled and Pike had shot him and if she goes through with this, she will be just like Pike. Octavia then starts crying, dropping the gun. Marcus tries to console her but she refuses his advances and starts running away from Arkadia. He asks her where she will go but she doesn't answer back. In the meantime Jaha arrives and removes the restraints from Ilian setting him free. Marcus asks him what is he doing and Jaha tells him that he is saving their people, just like he does.

In Gimme Shelter, Bellamy returns to Arkadia with the rover and Kane welcomes him back. However a few moments later the black rain starts pouring. The Chancellor orders the alarm to be activated while he shouts to the people to get inside. He and Bellamy are the last ones to get inside. When Bellammy sees a man on the ground, they both rush out of the bunker again and drag him inside. Bellamy then asks Kane where is his sister and Kane informs him that Octavia left hours ago. He wants to find her but Kane stops him reminding him that it is too dangerous, the Rover hasn't charged its batteries yet, he doesn't know where she is and that his sister is capable of surviving on her own. He then shouts to everyone to remember the drill and drop their contaminated clothing into the containers. He then undresses and pours clean water on his skin. While doing this, a man asks him if his wife is safe and Kane tells him to ask his sector leader and they are going to count everyone once they can. Mark Colton also make radio contact with Arkadia and informs Kane that he and his son, Peter, are stuck near the Factory Station wreckage. His son is soaked with black rain and they need to come quickly and save them.

Later on, Kane walks inside the bunker assessing the situation. Harper McIntyre approaches him and informs him that the man he and Bellamy saved earlier is very sick and must go to the med bay. Kane refuses on the basis that the med bay is already full and that he won't survive anyway. Harper then explains that she is the reason he won't survive because when he reached out his hand she didn't help him. Kane replies by telling her to help him now and make his last moments as comfortable as possible. Kane then approaches Bellamy who is putting on a damaged anti-radiation suit. Bellamy asks if everyone is accounted for and Kane informs him that Jaha and Monty report that all 200 from sector 5 are alive while the other sectors are still accounting but two are down already prompting Bellamy to say 'not for long'. Kane then attempts to discourage Bellamy since his suit was damaged by the fire and that Mark Colton was resourceful and have found shelter but Bellamy has made up his mind adding that his son was one of the 100 delinquents. Bellamy opens up the bunker's door and walks to the rover with Kane watching from within. However he quickly realizes that his suit is not fully insulated from the black rain and starts running towards the rover while Kane shouts to him to come back. Once inside the rover, Bellamy tells Kane that he is right, the suit is worthless. Then they switch to a private frequency and seeing that he cannot convince him to come back, Marcus tells Bellamy to not take unnecessary risks. He then goes to the bunker's radio station. After the rover gets stuck in the mud Kane successfully convinces Bellamy to not leave the rover on the basis that three people will die instead of two. Bellamy then asks what to tell them and Kane simply says 'the truth'. Kane looks grief stricken as he listens in the exchange.

Kane contacts Abby informing her that the black rain has arrived. He goes on to say that it is worse than they thought as the rain burns upon contact while from now on the water is contaminated and the food they stored was lost in the fire and whatever they have will last them for only a couple of weeks. He then asks if she found a solution and to Kane's relief she says 'yes' but she may have to take a life in order to test it. Abby pressures Marcus to tell her what to do and he reluctantly says that they must do what it takes to survive, and then they can take their humanity back. As the rain slows down, he hears Bellamy contacting Mark Colton on the radio, but Mark doesn't reply back. He contacts Bellamy and consoles him, telling him that he is proud of him. He then approaches Harper who is crying, touches her warmly on the shoulder and tells her that she cannot always be who she wants to be.

After the black rain stops, Bellamy returns back to Arkadia. Kane is waiting for him at the gate and informs him that they have no news from Octavia yet prompting Bellamy to repeat what Kane told him earlier, that 'you cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved'.

In God Complex, Thelonious Jaha meets Kane in the Chancellor's office. He tells him that he needs to speak to a Flamekeeper but Kane dismisses Jaha's theories since they already found the Second Dawn bunker. However Jaha insists saying what they found was a decoy and the real bunker was reserved only for those who reached Level 12. Kane is eventually convinced and agrees to make contact with Indra who would probably know where her daughter is. Thelonious says that in the meantime he will assemble a team and walks to the door but the Chancellor stops him reminding him that Polis is a warzone so Thelonious counter-suggests that the team will be small and travel light since they need thinkers, not fighters.

The team, led by the Chancellor, eventually reaches Polis and Kane grimly observes that the black rain arrived in Polis as well. He then goes on to meet with Indra while ordering Monty to lower his weapon. Kane thanks Indra for agreeing to meet him and smiles to her but she replies by punching him in the face. She accuses him that the Skaikru allied with the Azgeda and Kane responds by saying that they are still trying to save everyone. Indra remarks that he is a fool if he believes that prompting Kane to say that it is more foolish fighting for a city that won't exist in 10 days. Indra is still unconvinced however and turns around to leave; Kane tells her that they are looking for Gaia and that her daughter may be able to save them all, prompting Indra to ask 'how'. The team then visit Gaia and quickly discover that the central symbol of the tattoo on her arm is identical with the one on the Second Dawn pendant prompting Jaha to turn around and ask Kane if he still thinks it's a coincidence. Gaia is reluctant however to disclose information about her order prompting Kane to remind her that the Skaikru helped her protect the Flame before. Gaia then informs them of where this symbol comes from, a crypt inside the temple. However the temple is under Azgeda control so Indra vows to fight their way in but Kane stops her telling her that the Azgeda are still allied to Skaikru and they have the royal seal so no one needs to die but Indra replies back telling him that alliances will not be honored while they are so close to Praimfaya.

Later on the team along with a disguised Indra approach the temple and are stopped by Azgeda who demand them to drop their weapons. They do and then Kane comes forward identifying himself as the Chancellor of Skaikru and requests safe passage to the temple after revealing the royal seal. The Azgeda guard consents but Indra steals Monty's rifle and kills them. Kane is outraged and screams to her that they let them pass and that this was not what they agreed but Indra stands by her choice telling him that if they find a bunker she is not going to share it with the hated Azgeda. Jaha consoles Kane telling him that this is not their war while Monty reminds Kane that the Azgeda will blame Skaikru for the killings, referring to the fact that their warriors died from gunshot wounds. They eventually reach the temple and Jaha tries to unlock the entrance with the pendant while Kane looks on. As he fails, Kane turns to Indra asking her to buy them more time by repositioning the Trikru army around the temple. Indra refuses but with Gaia's intervention she acquiesces in bringing her personal guard to defend the temple if they give her their guns. Kane is uncertain however Jaha convinces him to agree. As Kane gives Indra his pistol he tells Indra that 'blood demands blood' will be the end for all of them.

As the Azgeda push to retake the temple, the team fails to find a way to unlock the bunker door, Kane in particular tries to forcefully open it prompting Gaia to remind them that the door has never been opened. Indra then arrives telling them that the defenders won't hold for long and that they have to leave. Kane tells Jaha that they can return later but Jaha refuses to leave on the basis that the death wave is approaching and they have no spare time. After they successfully open the door Jaha enters the Second Dawn Bunker followed by Kane; they are both excited for finding the means of saving their people.

In DNR, Kane stays in Polis while the rest of the team returns to Arkadia. He makes a secret deal with Indra betraying his alliance with the Azgeda; the Skaikru would share the bunker with the Trikru while King Roan will be captured but he will live as he will also be inside the bunker, at Kane's insistence. When the truck arrives in the outskirts of Polis, Kane is waiting to greet them. Then the Trikru make their move and move against King Roan with Kane reminding them that the deal was to take him alive. However the Skaikru and Trikru are counter-ambushed by the Azgeda and capture Kane along with the rest of his people.

During Clarke's meeting with Roan, the King refers to Kane's betrayal. Eventually he agrees on a meeting and Clarke insists that the Chancellor should be present but Roan refuses saying that the Chancellor is lucky that he is still alive.

In Die All, Die Merrily, Kane and the other captured Sky People have been released. He along with Jaha, Bellamy and Clarke watch the ceremony where the Champion from each clan is presented. Later on Gaia approaches the group and reminds them to move their people to the designated safe zone except the two representatives. After she leaves Jaha strongly disagrees with the tournament and does not believe Octavia can win, Kane reluctantly agrees. Clarke disagrees and reluctantly recommends them to cheat in order to win. Kane does not like the idea since they will be disqualified if they cheat and by extension their people will be left out of the bunker to die. Jaha continues mentioning that even if Octavia wins the tournament, the Grounders will not honor the terms of the tournament and let only Skaikru into the bunker. Kane disagrees and believes they will honor the terms on the basis that the tournament is sacred to them. He then tells Jaha to get the Sky People to their designated safe zone while he will stay and help Octavia with the preparations as their fate now rests in Octavia's hands.

Kane and Bellamy then visit Octavia as she practices and the Chancellor tells her that he saw the Blue Cliff warrior practicing with two corvo blades and that she is left-handed so Octavia should go for her weak right hand. She says okay and Kane continues telling her that the Plains Rider and the Champion from Shallow Valley are strong but they are slow so she can avoid them and that the black rain can start pouring at any moment so she should remain close to places where she can find cover. While helpful, Kane's instructions stress Octavia and Bellamy does not approve. Octavia notices Bellamy's disapproval and tells him to speak; Bellamy explains that she does not need to engage each warrior, instead she should hide. Octavia does not find this honorable but Kane agrees with Bellamy, telling Octavia that she only needs to kill the last champion. Octavia eventually agrees. Then Marcus bids her goodbye and the two share a tight hug and then Octavia thanks Kane for his advice.

As the tournament is raging on the streets of Polis, Kane and Bellamy are in the throne room acting as the two Skaikru representatives. They are visibly distressed when they announce the first dead, fearing for Octavia. Bellamy then laments that he didn't tell Octavia that he loves her but Kane reassures him that she knows that already. Later on the duo is watching the fight atop the balcony when Bellamy notices the Blue Cliff warrior killing a champion with a bow. However Bellamy recalls that Kane mentioned that the Blue Cliff warrior was equipped with two corvo blades and he suspects that the person he saw is in fact Echo who is cheating. Kane is unconvinced however and tries to stop Bellamy telling him that if the Ice Nation is cheating the Flamekeepers will find it and disqualify them. Bellamy disagrees as he does not believe they would since Echo is a trained spy. Kane then warns Bellamy that they will be disqualified if they catch him on the battlefield but Bellamy is adamant on the basis that Octavia will lose anyway if she has to fight against two Azgeda warriors instead of one. Kane finally agrees but tells Bellamy to get to the battlefield after it gets dark so that it would be harder to get caught.

During the night, it is announced that only four warriors still remain. Kane approaches Indra and tells her that he is sorry that the Trikru won't survive, since their champion was killed. Indra mentions that Octavia is doing well prompting Kane to tell her that it is thanks to her and her teachings. After Octavia wins the tournament she enters the throne room and declares that everyone will share equally the bunker, Kane approaches her with sadness and reminds her that there won't be enough room for all their people. Octavia is unconcerned however, telling Kane that it is Unity Day. After the Sky People force their way into the bunker, Octavia along with the Flamekeepers, Indra and Kane go to the temple and discover what had occurred. Kane runs to the bunker door trying to open it, but without success as it is locked, being very frustrated with what his people did.

In The Other Side, Thelonious Jaha is effectively in charge of the Sky People even though Kane is supposedly the Chancellor.[7] As Octavia is waiting for Bellamy to open the bunker door, Kane is talking with the clans but stalling with the process in order to buy as much time as possible.

In the meantime, Abby visits Bellamy in order to treat his wound, and the former tries to convinces her to release him by reminding her that Kane is outside before quoting him as well. It works and Abby aids Bellamy with his escape. She then proceeds to meet with Jaha telling him that they should really open the bunker door. Jaha assumes her desire is because Kane is locked outside. He tries to convince her in the end telling her that 'Marcus was a good man', but Abby responds by incapacitating him before telling him that 'Marcus is a good man'.

After the Grounders enter the Second Dawn Bunker, Kane is in the command room along with Octavia, Indra, Bellamy, Abby and Jaha. He is trying to figure out who to select among their people to remain in the bunker and tells the rest that the bunker needs specialists, before agreeing that Raven should obviously be among those.

In The Chosen, the Sky People are forced out of the main bunker and into the rotunda, with Kane being among them. Later on they are in the command room as Abby makes contact with Raven. Raven mentions Abby's illness in the radio call prompting Kane to ask Abby what she is talking about. However they are interrupted as Bellamy, Clarke and Jaha enter the room. Jaha tells Marcus that their people are scared and they need to talk to them. Kane replies by telling him that they are waiting for Raven to arrive to the bunker because only then they would have all their essential personnel. Jaha is incredulous that 364 of their own people will be left outside the bunker to die. Kane says that he does not like it either before being interrupted by Jaha who pressures him to fight. However Kane dismisses that by saying that any resistance will cause all of them to be killed by the Grounders before adding that the best course of action is to hold a lottery for the remaining 80 spots. Jaha says that this won't work but Kane reminds him that he was the one who suggested holding a lottery back in Arkadia. After Clarke and Bellamy volunteer to go and bring Raven back, Abby refuses to allow her daughter to leave but Kane trusts Clarke and agrees before adding that both of them will have a spot in the bunker when they get back.

After they leave Kane addresses the Sky People in the rotunda informing them of their new reality and pleads them to accept it. Some of them are enraged that their fate will be decided in a lottery. Geoff Hardy demands bigger participation because unlike the Grounders they know how to operate the bunker's facilities. Kane responds by saying that he does not like it either and reminds them that they did something similar before with the Culling. Hardy then asks if Niylah will be in the Sky People's lottery even though she is a Grounder. Kane asks them not to turn on each other but Hardy accuses him that he can say that because his spot is guaranteed. The enraged mob however has heard enough and one of them grabs Niylah dragging her out of the bunker. Kane orders the Guards to stop them while he also rushes to the scene but he is obstructed by the mob.

After Octavia threatens them that they only have a few hours to decide who will stay at the bunker, the lottery begins with each person writing their name and after the paper is checked by Kane, it is dropped inside a large vase. However David Miller writes his son name instead which Kane accepts it. Marcus then notices that Abby is tense and pauses the lottery process for a minute in order to talk to her. Abby explains that she feels responsible for the death of 364 people but Kane reassures that she did the right thing since she saved far more at the same time. Abby then continues mentioning what she did at the lab and that she no longer recognizes herself. Kane repeats what he told her over the radio; after they survive they will also get their humanity back. But Abby asks him to draw 81 names from the lottery instead of 80 and she will be among those who will be left out of the bunker. Marcus tries to convince her not to do this but Abby has made her mind.

After the process was completed, the Chancellor returns to the rotunda and starts drawing names from the lottery and reading them loudly to the assembled Sky People, one of the being Nate Miller's. At some point Kane notices that Hardy is signaling Jaha so he asks Eric Jackson to continue the process while he follows Thelonious in order to find out what he is up to. His suspicions prove correct when he discovers Jaha preparing to arm the Sky People with masks and gas canisters in an effort to take over the bunker once again. Kane asks him to stop but Jaha is adamant. Marcus then tries to block his way but Jaha easily overpowers him intending to hurt Kane if the latter continues to obstruct his way. Kane then begs him to listen to him for a moment and Jaha finally acquiesces. He tells him that he was the one who found the Second Dawn Bunker, and thus responsible for saving 1100 Grounders and by extension, humanity. But if he goes along with this plan he will undo everything he accomplished. Jaha is convinced and asks him how to stop the mob. In the end the two drop the gas canisters to their own people and initiate the Second Culling by using Clarke's list. The Chancellor identifies which one will stay into the bunker and which one will be carried outside by the Grounders. When he reaches an unconscious Abby he whispers to her that he is 'sorry' and against her explicit wishes he decides to bring her into the bunker.

In Red Queen, a few weeks after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, Kane is attending Osleya's Council representing the Sky People even though typically they are no longer separate clans. When the subject of blanket thievery is brought up Kane mentions that in the Ark the crime would be punished by floating but he hopes that in the bunker they will treat criminal behavior differently, as befitting the severity of each crime. Kane then notices a certain sound coming from the ceiling and the council is abruptly ended. He is then seen in the bunker's exit room along with Abby putting on their anti-radiation suits. He volunteers to help Abby with the tape but she says 'No I can do it', prompting Kane to tell her that this was the most she told him in a month. Abby then says that this beating must come from Clarke but Kane is unconvinced reminding her that Clarke went to space along with the others. After he finishes helping her with the tape, Abby rudely orders Kane to put on his helmet. However they are unable to open the hatch, much to Abby's frustration who wanted to bring her daughter inside the bunker while Kane observing that this development means they won't be able to exit the bunker also.

Later that day there is a meeting between Octavia, Indra, Kane, Abby, Jaha and Kara Cooper regarding the exit door which is blocked and does not allow them to leave the bunker. Jaha tells them that he studied the blueprints and there is no other exit. Everyone is grim hearing this development except Kane who points out that due to radiation levels they can't leave the bunker for the next five years anyway before adding that they could cut around the hatch or find a weak spot on an outer wall however Jaha dismisses all suggestions as unfeasible. When Cooper accuses Octavia for being responsible for the Second Culling Kane steps forward and tells her to stop. Because of the unrest Indra proposes to increase the guards on each floor with each clan assigning their own, Kane agrees and adds that he will segregate meal times and convene the delegates. Abby then reminds everyone that there are too many people in the bunker but Octavia does not wish to hear more of this and Kane agrees with her as this is not an urgent issue, however he adds that Jaha is correct and a culling of the population might be necessary. Octavia then reminds Kane that she is in charge however he is unconvinced since Octavia hasn't shown much interest in leading, causing Indra to defend her. Indra then asks Abby what will happen if they reduce their rations by half and Abby mentions that they will survive but they would wish they wouldn't prompting Kane to quip that 'some of us already do', in reference to Abby's recent psychological state.

During meal time Kane is shown in the dining hall receiving his ration. He is waiting to receive more food on his plate but when he realizes none is coming, he silently moves on. His eyes wonder in the room, finding Abby, but since she is avoiding him and no longer speaks to him he walks to Jaha's table asking his permission to sit there. Jaha agrees and tells Kane that this was a difficult day for all of them and Kane answers back saying that they don't even know if it was Clarke. Jaha then calls Kane his political mentor before adding that whatever problem he is having with Abby, the doctor will come around since they have plenty of time ahead. Ethan Hardy then asks from Jaha if there is more food and Kane quickly volunteers his own ration but Jaha stops him, thanking him, before turning to Ethan and mentioning that Marcus needs to eat too and that he must get used to half rations. Before leaving, Jaha tells Kane that he is still glad that he convinced him not to fight Octavia for the control of the bunker. In the meantime Eric Jackson is concerned with Abby's condition, telling her that Marcus informed him that Abby's headaches have not stopped and that both he and Marcus are concerned with her condition. Abby dismisses his concerns however and asks him not to discuss his medical condition with Marcus again. After Cooper begins the uprising Kane approaches her demanding to tell him what is going on; Cooper says that 'we are taking back what is ours' before one of her accomplices hits Marcus with a rifle butt on his head and incapacitate him.

Marcus wakes up, grabbing his head as it still hurts. He is in the hydroponic farm along with Abby and their hands are tied. Abby asks him what are they going to do but Cooper overhears her and says 'we are gonna live'. Kane asks Cooper why they are restrained and she tells him that she does not kill her own people, even the ones responsible for the deaths of her father and husband, in reference to Kane's implication in the culling at the Ark which resulted in the death of Cooper's father while Abby being responsible for Cooper's husband death since he was thrown out of the bunker because Abby opened the door to the Grounders. Kane defends Abby but Cooper continues, asking Abby if she would have opened the doors if Kane was already inside. Abby remains silent and Kane asks Cooper to stop because this won't bring her husband or father back. Cooper agrees but says that this will at least stop the next culling on her people.

Later on Jackson brings Marcus and Abby two full plates of food while one of Cooper's accomplishes observes from a distance. Abby tells him that it's too much food and Jackson explains that the rationing has ended; Kane thanks Jackson but tells him that he and Abby will share one plate together. Jackson also mentions that he wants to save Nathan Miller who is on the other side of the door but he is unable to convince anyone to help him. After he leaves, Kane points out that Jackson's intentions to save the person he loves are similar to what he faced when he decided to bring Abby into the bunker. Abby accuses him that he took away her choice but Marcus stands by his decision and refuses to apologize before pointing out that Abby is a doctor so she would have saved her even if he didn't love her. Abby doesn't believe him however as she points that Kane had nearly floated her when they were at the Ark.

As they wait for hours while restrained, Marcus warmly touches Abby in her arm before telling her that he couldn't bear to lose her as the world was ending, believing that he could overcome any difficulty as long as he had her on his side. He continues telling her that she wasn't at his side because she decided that she didn't deserve what the two of them had or that she deserved to survive. Abby replies saying that she didn't deserve to live. Marcus continues wondering how she could believe he could carry her outside and shut the door and insists he would have done it again if he had to since he is not that strong. He then asks her if she ever regretted opening the bunker's doors and saving him, Abby nods negatively. However as Marcus gently touches her face and comes closer in order to kiss her they are interrupted as the Grounders start banging on the dining hall's door. After Octavia manages to get inside the hall, Cooper runs to the hydroponic farm intending to shoot Abby before she gets captured while Kane telling her not to shoot. Cooper then changes her mind and attempts to kill herself as Kane urges her to stop. Shortly afterwards, Abby, Marcus and Jackson are lead by Octavia to Jaha who is dying from his wounds. Kane urges Thelonious to fight but Octavia tells him that 'she thinks his fight is over'. After asking Octavia to take care of Ethan, Jaha asks Kane to take him to his wife and to his son. Marcus then recites to him the Traveler's Blessing as his friend dies in his arms. All of them are crying and are deeply saddened by Jaha's death. Later on Marcus and Abby are in the rotunda as Octavia announces the new rules and initiates the gladiatorial fights.

The final scene of the episode takes place 6 years later as the Blodreina is watching a fight. Gaia orders for the next fighters to enter the ring, one of them being Kane, his hair now longer to his shoulder and slicked back.

In Pandora's Box, Gaia informs the attendants that those fighters are in the ring because they broke the law and thus made themselves enemies of Wonkru. Kane in particular is accused of stealing medicine. Then a short ritual is performed and everyone recites a few words. Kane however does not participate merely staring disapprovingly towards the Blodreina. The fight then starts and everyone rushes to equip themselves with a weapon but Kane is reluctant to participate, however as he is about to get attacked he equips himself with a shield and later on he also grabs an axe. He is not aggressive however, merely trying to defend himself from enemy blows. Kane almost gets killed a couple of times but he is lucky and survives till the end when he loses self-control and repeatedly bashes the skull of his final opponent with a warhammer. As the fight is raging, Abby is locked inside a room banging at the door and shouting that she is the one who stole the medicine and Kane is going to get killed for her fault. After Kane's victory, the crowd is not pleased with the spectacle, so Blodreina decides that Kane is not exonerated and will have to fight again tomorrow, causing Kane to cover his face with his bloodied hands as he is about to cry.

The next day, before his upcoming fight, Kane is held in a nearby cell where he is visited by Octavia and Indra. Octavia tells him that he had the crowd on his side the other day but he lost them when he showed weakness. She also knows that he didn't steal the medicine and is willing to let him go if he tells her who did it since only the guilty should fight in the arena. Kane tells her that everyone is guilty but the Red Queen has no patience for 'philosophy lessons' but Kane double downs and commends her that Wonkru is strong and that she kept them together even during the Dark Year. Octavia interrupts him however and warns him not to talk again about the Dark Year because that is against the law and she will put him back into the area even if he tells her the truth. Kane then simply states that he won't fight prompting Octavia to tell him that he will die. As she is about to leave the cell Kane tells her that everyone lost their way and he has been silent for too long and that the arena does not deliver justice which Octavia disagrees with. Kane continues telling her that her mother was floated for giving birth to a second child, namely herself, but they have a chance to act more humanely in the bunker. Marcus emphasizes that strength without mercy is nothing and she can end all this as it is not too late. However Octavia is not convinced and asks him again who stole the medicine; Kane remains silent and Octavia leaves. Indra then finds the opportunity to privately speak to him but Kane tells her beforehand not to try to talk him out of it and she says she won't. Instead she takes him to where Abby is held. The two immediately share a warm embrace while Indra tells Abby that Kane won the previous day and she arranged today for Kane to fight against a weaker opponent but he is refusing to fight and she hopes that Abby will change his mind. Abby instead confesses to Indra that she was the one who stole the medicine but this doesn't work since Marcus knew that Abby would confess in order to save him so Indra, on Kane's instructions, had Abby locked up in order to prevent this. Indra then leaves the room telling them they have one minute. Marcus wonders what have they done and Abby replies that they did whatever it was needed to survive but Marcus rejects this as an excuse before telling her that he can't do it anymore. Indra enters the room again telling them that they need to go and Abby pleads for more time. Marcus asks Abby to promise him not to confess even after he dies because his sacrifice will be for nothing and also to stop taking the pills. Abby makes the promise. Marcus then leaves telling her that he loves her and the two embrace one last time. After he leaves for the arena, Abby starts crying.

In the arena, just like the previous day, Kane does not participate in the ritual instead he stares disapprovingly towards Octavia. His opponent quickly runs to grab a weapon but Kane remains motionless at the center of the arena. His opponent then pleads him to fight because if he won't, both of them will be killed. Kane however tells him that he won't so his opponent injures him twice in an effort to provoke him but it doesn't work. The crowd is also infuriated as there is no spectacle. Octavia is furious and climbs down from her throne in order to enter the arena while Kane tells the spectators that they allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport but his complicity ends that day. Blodreina then enters the arena and Kane's opponent kneels and drops his weapon however Kane remains motionless. Octavia then asks him to choose if he is Wonkru or the enemy of Wonkru and Kane tells her that he already made his choice. She then grabs a swords and kicks Kane to the ground, taunting him by questioning his survival instinct. The crowd starts cheering again, as they are pleased with the spectacle. Kane replies by telling her that saving his people is not just about keeping them alive before telling her that it is not too late. Octavia however says that it is for him and prepares to strike and kill Marcus as Indra looks on, powerless to stop it. But just as Octavia is about to, a loud noise from the ceiling is heard and rubble starts falling. Indra orders the evacuation of the arena and the return of the prisoners to their cells; a guard runs and takes Kane with him.

During Clarke's meeting with Abby, the latter turns to Indra and asks her what will happen with Marcus. Indra tells her she will get him to the ground but after that it's up to them to figure out what to do. And indeed a few hours later when Octavia leaves the site to meet with Bellamy Indra radios her men on the bunker to lift Kane next. Once on the ground, Marcus is delighted to see Clarke and runs to her in order to embrace her, while wearing handcuffs. Indra then approaches them and secretly gives Kane the keys for his cuffs telling him to wait for the night and if he gets caught she won't be able to help him.

As darkness falls Clarke, Kane and Abby find a secluded place in Polis and remove Kane's handcuffs. Marcus asks Clarke where will he and Abby go if the Shallow Valley is the only survivable place. Clarke volunteers to talk to Octavia and reason with her but Abby quickly tells her that she won't succeed. Their conversation is interrupted however after a blast is heard. After Charmaine Diyoza demands that Abby come with her, the latter agrees on the condition Kane comes with her as well. Diyoza agrees and the two of them board the Gagarin while Octavia denounces them as traitors.

In Shifting Sands, Kane and Abby are in Clarke's old home. Kane is concerned that Octavia will get the Wonkru killed as they are not aware Diyoza is equipped with missiles. She doesn't listen to him however as she is looking at some drawings which Clarke had painted. They find a drawing of Madi and wonder who she is and then Kane finds two beds and assumes that Clarke wasn't alone. Diyoza and an Eligius prisoner then enter the house and Diyoza tells them that they can live in this house as long as Abby is loyal and useful; Kane inquires for more information and Diyoza elaborates that they need a doctor after their own physician died. She then introduces them to their first patient, Michael Vinson, who tells Abby and Kane that it's a privilege to meet both. Kane inquires why Vinson still wears a collar and Diyoza explains that Vinson is mentally unstable while giving Kane the controller of the collar in case 'Vinson's demon comes out'. After Abby inquires about her pills, Kane asks Diyoza if they are her prisoners and she explains that they are the ones who approached her and prefers the term 'protective custody'. Kane then inquires about Raven Reyes and John Murphy wanting guarantees that they will not be harmed otherwise they would be unwilling to help her. Diyoza approaches Kane and asks if he has a hidden talent and Kane explains that she wants intel on Octavia, such as how many fighters and guns she has while showing her a drawing depicting the Red Queen. Diyoza takes the drawing and cuts in half before telling Kane that she does not trust traitors.

A few hours later Abby is examining Vinson's lung x-ray while struggling with her addiction. Marcus approaches her gently massaging her arms and kissing her head as he tells her that it's okay and that he knows how to help her. However Abby tells him that it is not okay as she almost got him killed back in the arena and Marcus had to kill someone because of her. Diyoza then barges into the house and quizzes Abby to see if she is capable enough to diagnose the sickness. Once she confirms Abby's medical skills, she tells them that they get to stay in the house. Kane then informs her that there are more like Abby, but Diyoza calls him a 'determined traitor'. Kane ignores the insult and continues saying that there are doctors, farmers and engineers but Diyoza reminds him that they are all trained to kill. Kane explains that they had no choice before comparing them with the Eligius prisoners who are not by any measure less brute or violent. Their conversation is interrupted when Paxton McCreary arrives.

The next morning Marcus wakes up finding Abby looking much better than the previous day and focused as she is reviewing the prisoners' biopsies. He demands to give him the pills but Abby refuses despite promising him to stop taking them. Moments later McCreary enters the house with two men and orders them to take Kane. As they walk out of the village Marcus thinks the men will kill him but instead they bring him to Diyoza who informs him that Octavia was not killed as her soldiers shielded her during a sandstorm. She asks Kane if an army of murderers and thieves would follow her into a sandstorm and Kane highly doubts that. The colonel then offers him tequila but Kane says that he never had tequila before. Before he sits, he tells Diyoza that he wishes she didn't give Abby back her pills prompting Diyoza to quote her father and sharing some of her personal history. She then tells him that the 'pill thing' is between him and his wife and she doesn't care as long as she does her job. Kane informs her that Abby is not his wife and the two drink a glass of tequila which causes Kane to cough a little. Diyoza then expresses the interest of bringing Wonkru to the valley but she must first learn about Octavia.

In Exit Wounds, Kane and Diyoza are in the church watching from a device the activity of Wonkru in Polis. Kane tells her that she tries to make them think she is in control but Diyoza teases him before saying that 'fostering dissent is like seduction, takes time'. After McCreary questions Diyoza's attempts to win over Wonkru, Kane mentions their illness causing McCreary to draw out his pistol and aim at him. Diyoza tells him to stand down since Abby is working around the clock to find a cure, and if Kane dies, all progress will go away. McCreary then accuses Kane that he is creating division among the Eligius prisoners but Diyoza trusts Marcus and steps in front of McCreary's pistol eventually convincing him to back down.

Back in Polis, Octavia is holding a council and correctly assumes that Kane is behind this. Miller then says that Kane knows where Wonkru is vulnerable and he is sharing it with the enemy while Cooper adds that 'in the arena Kane openly defied Octavia to stir dissent and dissent spreads like a virus'. Later that day Octavia offers Echo to spy for her; Bellamy objects but Echo agrees that it is a good plan because if no one defects she will lose faith in Kane. As she prepares to leave, two defectors approach Echo, Tarik and Karina. They reveal that they didn't have the courage to leave with Kane and ask her to join them in their escape.

After the surviving defectors board Gagarin, Diyoza arrives along with Kane. He notices that Karina is bleeding and instructs Echo to press on the wound to avoid further blood loss until they get to Abby. In the meantime Diyoza puts a collar on each defector. Kane doesn't like this and privately asks her what she is doing and Diyoza explains that this is a precaution. He then asks her if he will wear one too and the colonel tells him to stop worrying and that she takes care of her friends.

In Acceptable Losses, Kane along with the other Wonkru defectors are following Diyoza in the Shallow Valley's village. She tells them that in order to survive everyone has responsibilities, and so they should. Kane then adds that they left Polis for a better way so they must do their part. Later on he returns to the gas station where he finds Karina on the table. Abby is sitting on the floor, sorrowful that she couldn't save her. Marcus wonders how many pills she got and if Abby's drugged state prevented her from saving Karina. The doctor blames Karina's death on the rifle shot and Octavia but Marcus' patience has run out. He grabs Abby's arms in order to gain her full attention and tells her that he risked his life in the bunker and he promised her she would quit the pills but Abby interjects saying that she will eventually quit. Marcus tells her to stop lying as she is now taking one to work and one before she sleeps. He then tries to take the pills but Abby does not let him. He continues telling her that this was supposed to be their second chance but Abby tells him he is wrong; they are in the Shallow Valley because of her, because she serves a purpose. And she can save the sick prisoners if she is functioning. Marcus then reminds her that people are already dying while pointing to Karina before adding that she isn't entirely functional since she didn't even close up the corpse. Abby shouts that she did everything she could but Marcus simply tells her that it wasn't enough and leaves.

As Echo and Raven wonder who can install the keylogger to Gagarin's bridge since both of them are unable because of their geo-tracking collars, Echo mentions that Kane could. Raven rejects the idea because Kane is loyal to Diyoza and she doesn't know what happened in the bunker but he has changed; Echo agrees with her adding that everyone from the bunker is now different. A few minutes later Kane enters the church and announces to everyone that Karina is dead and that they must ensure her death was not in vain. He then mentions that she was Louwoda Kliron Kru so her funeral will take place this afternoon.

Diyoza then starts interviewing the defectors along with Kane. During Echo's interview, the spy realizes that Diyoza already knows most things about her, because of Kane. After the interview is over Diyoza tells Marcus that he is not very chatty today. She assumes that it's because of Karina, adding that it is not his fault that the girl died. Marcus says that it is her fault, explaining that he saw the Eligius logo on Abby's pills and Karina died because her doctor was too high to operate. Diyoza however blames the bullet not the doctor for Karina's death but Kane insists telling her that she should cut Abby's drug supply which will make her a better doctor. The colonel is not certain on this assessment before adding that the detox could kill Abby and even if it works she will only think of drugs and not how to find a cure for the Eligius prisoners. Kane however is not particularly against that prospect considering that Diyoza is not sick and it would be a great way to get rid of some prisoners. Diyoza then compares that with sending the 100 delinquents to die on the ground or abandoning 300 prisoners on an asteroid. Kane is not convinced by Diyoza's supposed ethical barriers and quizzes her why she is not letting Abby examining her, suspecting that she might be sick as well adding that she can trust Abby not to tell anyone. Diyoza laughs on Kane's last comment and states that Abby is a drug addict before ordering Kane to bring the next defector for the interview.

In the meantime in the bunker's dining hall, Clarke and Monty Green are informing Bellamy about the worms and if Octavia successfully weaponizes them, then Echo, Raven, Murphy, Kane and Abby will be in grave danger. They decide to bring the matter to Indra and after they show her Cooper's breeding tests they confront Octavia. Blodreina however justifies her actions because they are in war and considers the aforementioned as acceptable losses. Later that night Indra visits Octavia in her command room and tries to change her mind but Octavia accuses her that she helped Kane escape, threatening her that she should throw her into the fighting pit. Indra says that she won't apologize for protecting Octavia from herself.

The next morning Marcus visits Abby who is still working on a cure. He apologizes for what he said the other day. Abby asks him if he believes that she did all she could to save Karina and he agrees. Marcus then approaches her telling her that he loves her and that he wants to take care of her during the detox before adding that he would even die for her but he won't watch her kill herself anymore. Marcus then asks her to choose between him or the pills. Abby begs him not to force her to choose citing that she needs a little more time and the progress she did with the cure but Marcus has heard explanations before and insists that she must choose. Abby does not reply and Diyoza arrives in the gas station, noticing the tension between the two. She offers to come back later but Kane, knowing that Abby is not willing to give up the drugs, leaves saying that he is done. Abby is silently crying as she prepares herself to examine Diyoza.

In How We Get to Peace, Kane is brought to Diyoza who is onboard the Gagarin. She notices that he is holding a backpack and asks him if he is going somewhere. Kane asks if he needed permission for that and Diyoza affirms that. Marcus then explains that he was going to the southwest quodrant to map out a settlement. Their conversation however is cut short as Robert, the Gagarin prisoner who escorted Kane to Diyoza starts a violent coughing fit. Diyoza tries to console Robert by informing him that Abby is working on a cure prompting Kane to ask her why she does not give him something for the pain, a jab of course to Diyoza giving pills to Abby, feeding her drug addiction. Diyoza does not answer back, instead she sends her man off to rest and then walks to Kane who had started browsing her notebook. As Marcus was checking a page filled with names, Diyoza closes the notebook and Kane teasingly asks if that was a list of the people she killed to which Diyoza remarks that she'd need a bigger notebook for that. Marcus then asks why he is brought to her and Diyoza informs him that Clarke contacted her on the radio and that she plans to kill Octavia, and if she is successful she will allow Wonkru to share the valley with them. Kane remarks that Clarke will get killed but they are interrupted after Murphy radios Diyoza. Kane volunteers to answer himself but Diyoza takes the radio and silently listens to the entire broadcast. Then she replies back and Murphy informs her that they have McCreary and they kill him if they don't trade him for Raven. Diyoza then asks Kane if Murphy will follow through with his promise since he knows him to which Kane answers 'probably'. He then tries to convince her to do the trade by informing her that McCreary's men will not take this well if they find out, but this has the opposite effect as Diyoza sees this as an opportunity as she believes that McCreary's people will then become 'her people' if Murphy kills McCreary. Diyoza then explains to Kane that the two radio could solve all her problems; Clarke killing Blodreina will solve her 'external' problem while the death of McCreary will solve her 'internal' problem so they could finally enjoy peace. But Kane does not agree with her explanations noting that they are replacing one dictator with another since political assassinations, torture and all the other things she has done make her no better than Octavia and that he too has sacrificed the few in order to save the many and has realized that the ends do not always justify the means. Marcus then storms off the Gagarin.

When Raven finally meets Abby she asks where why she has not seen her yet, considering she saw Kane a couple of times already. She then wonders what had happened to them in the Second Dawn Bunker but Abby does not elaborate further.

Later that day Diyoza, escorted by an Eligius prisoner, Cash, find Marcus reviewing a plot of land. She approaches him and explains that she has fought the abuse of power her entire life and that she is not a dictator as she wants peace. Kane smiles and wonders why she had then drawn battle plans in her notebook and Diyoza explains that these were defensive plans. Kane accepts her explanation but declares that until she recognizes that they are all people, the Shallow Valley will only be a battlefield while he points out to the beautiful landscape around them. Diyoza then asks him to explain what he sees and Kane then points out to various places in front of them where the various facilities will be, including a proper medical center for Abby. Diyoza is inspired by Kane's vision and she also adds a school for children before revealing to him that she is pregnant. Marcus asks how far long and Diyoza answers that the baby is 100 years and 5 months old and that Abby says she is healthy. Kane is happy to hear that the baby is a girl and touches on Diyoza's belly, noticing a kick. Diyoza then thanks Marcus, confessing that until she met him she couldn't bear the thought of raising a child in such a world; she gave him hope. Marcus like the word Diyoza used, adding that this could be a good name for her child.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Kane is mentioned as one of those who lead the defector teams to the south woods in order to dig the ground and prepare for the new settlements. Later that night when Diyoza radios to her men that Code Blue has been activated, the contingency plan in case McCreary moves against Diyoza, she also mentions that Kane knows what Code Blue is and how to handle the defectors under his care. During the confrontation between Diyoza and McCreary, one of McCreary's accusations against Diyoza was that Kane is working on a settlement for the Wonkru.

Just as the Spacekru captives, Wonkru defectors and Miles Shaw are about to flee during the Eligius prisoners' infighting, Kane arrives in a hurry. He is glad to find everyone and announces that they need to take Abby and Diyoza and get inside the Gagarin where he also dropped the rest of the defectors, following Code Blue protocol. Echo however dismisses Kane's instructions, mentioning that Abby will be fine since the Eligius prisoners won't hurt their doctor and Diyoza is 'not their concern' and prepares to leave along with the rest except Jordan who looks hesitant. Before they leave, Kane angrily asks them if they are interested in peace, elaborating that Diyoza negotiated with Wonkru to live on the settlement they are building in the south woods, and if she dies, the deal won't be honored by the rest of the Eligius prisoners. Upon hearing this, Raven becomes unsettled while Murphy simply says 'oops' because the Spacekru was secretly helping Octavia as well as undermining the stability among the Eligius prisoners, unaware that Kane was slowly convincing Diyoza and working for a peaceful solution. Shaw then declares that he is coming with Kane but Echo is adamant and grabs him in order to leave saying that Octavia would never surrender. However he angrily resists her so Echo asks Raven to successfully persuade him to come with them while Kane is silently watching the exchange. In the end Murphy decides to stay with Kane explaining to Emori that he must help him save Abby.

When Kane and Murphy finally get to the Gas station from the back door, Abby is absent as she had already been captured by McCreary's men. Instead he finds McCreary aiming to shoot Diyoza who is packing her things. Immediately he shoots him on the neck much to Diyoza's relief. Murphy announces that McCreary's people are in control and Kane asks Diyoza about Abby. Diyoza says that they took her but she will be okay so Marcus helps Diyoza who is wounded to flee the camp as more of McCreary's men are about to come. However they forget behind Diyoza's notebook which contains among other things, defensive plans for the Shallow Valley as well as instructions on how to initiate The Sword of Damocles. Kane's shooting also proves not to be fatal as McCreary regains consciousness shortly after they leave.

In The Dark Year, the Spacekru captives, Wonkru defectors, Kane, Diyoza and Shaw are seen in a cave in the Shallow Valley, as they have been hiding from McCreary's patrols. Echo finds out that McCreary is no longer looking for them and is instead moving troops to the northern section. They ask Diyoza what this means and she explains that the know Wonkru is on the march and are making preparations. Murphy then mentions that they hacked the Eye in the Sky before being quickly silenced by Echo. Kane then tells Spacekru that they can't be helpful unless they know all the facts prompting Diyoza to tell Kane that the fact is that she got played. After they set up the antenna, Echo radios Bellamy informing him that they lost the element of surprise. However as she does not trust Kane and Diyoza she speaks in Trigedasleng. She then divides the fugitives into two teams and tells Kane to give her the gun. Marcus grabs the backpack in order to give her the gun but he also says that he is coming with them. Echo refuses however telling both him and Diyoza that trust must be earned first.

In a flashback from the Dark Year, Cooper is informing Octavia, Indra, Kane and Abby that the fungus has destroyed most of their protein-producing crops and that they won't have access to proteins for about a year. Marcus, horrified by the news, he simply repeats Cooper's words. Abby says that they know what this means, and Marcus whispers her name as he doesn't want to face her suggestion but Abby continues stating that they will starve to death if they don't get at least 10% of their calories from proteins for that amount of time, before telling Marcus that she is sorry but that is a fact. After they start discussing cannibalism, Kane asks if they are seriously considering this prompting Octavia to ask him if he can offer an alternative solution, but he does not.

As everyone is on their missions, Kane and Diyoza are alone in the cave. Marcus brings wood for the fire while telling Diyoza to lie down as he had instructed her. Diyoza says that the baby is fine but Kane does not want to take any risks and tells her that they don't know that before adding that she needs a real doctor. Diyoza then says 'so do you' implying that Kane must reunite with Abby again. As Marcus tends the fire she continues saying that she worries about Abby too and then describes to him how Abby physically shielded Diyoza and her baby when McCreary was about to shoot her and then calls her a 'brave woman'. Marcus nods his head in agreement and Diyoza adds that opioids are a curse and when she was at the army she had lost more men to pills than the war. Marcus then asks her about the current war and how she believes it will play out. Diyoza says that there is going to be high casualties among both sides with Wonkru specifically suffering casualties at the border, but when they get within the valley because of their numerical advantage and level of training they will prevail and "the Red Queen will reign over the valley". Diyoza then wonders if Octavia will pardon Kane and Abby instead of slaughtering them all and thus the war has a "happy ending" but Kane dismisses Diyoza's comments as he does not believe Octavia will show any mercy. Marcus then picks up the map and asks himself 'how to choose between a monster and the devil'.

In another flashback from the Dark Year, the Wonkru is on the dining hall where they all have been served human meat for the first time. Octavia describes the necessity of eating the meat and some in the hall follow her example and take a bite. However Kane refuses to engage in cannibalism and stands up announcing that this is a decision each individual must make for himself. However Abby does not approve of Kane's words and stands up as well telling him that there is no choice and he will have to eat or he will face starvation. But Kane does not relent telling Abby that there is always a choice before leaving the dining hall. Following his example, many more Wonkru walk out as well.

After Abby regains consciousness she tells Clarke what horrible things transpired during the Dark Year which forced her to take drugs. In a flashback, Abby and Octavia are discussing their options since a significant portion of Wonkru is refusing to partake in cannibalism. Abby tells Octavia that when the Ark faced a similar problem they allowed everyone to decide for themselves which nearly destroyed them. And in order to avoid that she must use violence to force the unwilling. Octavia then asks Abby if she expects Kane to be exempted but Abby instead tells her that Kane is the key and if he submits, the rest will follow. So when human meat is served again at the dining hall, Octavia assigns armed guards at the doors. As he enters the hall Kane notices that and asks Abby about the guns but she ignores him. Many Wonkru including Kane do not eat again but this time Octavia forces the issue by threatening to kill those who refuse. Kane approaches Octavia asking her to stop but she ignores him. Octavia kills three Wonkru before Kane finally relents and says that he will eat if only she stops the shootings. As Marcus takes the first bites he signals to the rest to follow his example, which they do.

In the episode's final scene Diyoza and Kane surrender to McCreary onboard the Gagarin, just a few hours before the Wonkru attack commences. McCreary demands to know why they surrender and Diyoza tells him that the Wonkru knows his battle plans with Kane adding that they can help him win. McCreary then wonders why would they want to help him and Kane simply states that he will not let 'the devil in this garden' referring to Octavia.

In Damocles (Part 1), Kane is on the bridge of Gagarin along with Diyoza, McCreary and other Eligius prisoners. In order to taunt Kane, McCreary keeps the radio open so that he hears the ongoing massacre. Eventually he closes the radio and taunts Kane by asking if something's wrong since he thought he wanted this to happen. Kane then tries to convince him that all of them seek the survival of the human race and that the Eligius prisoners can benefit by the skills of Wonkru. Diyoza seconds Kane's words. When Paxton says that he is no longer a criminal, Kane says that he will be if he commits genocide. Paxton is agitated by his words but Diyoza quickly diffuses the situation by telling McCreary to relax and that Kane is on their side. McCreary then orders Diyoza to be taken away and locked up informing that the only reason he hasn't killed her yet is because she is still pregnant to their daughter. Kane then reminds McCreary that they gave him what he wanted and their intel was good. He then asks to go and see Abby but McCreary says that because his intel was good he is still alive and refuses to let him see Abby until she finishes treating his men and examines his unborn daughter. Paxton then picks up the radio and taunts Kane again by inviting him to listen again to what he has done, adding that those screams were the sound of victory.

When the Spacekru return to the cave and radio Bellamy, Monty answers the call and informs them that the attack was a disaster as they were expecting them. Then the Spacekru correctly assume that Diyoza and Kane betrayed them to McCreary.

Later that night Kane finally goes to the gas station after being allowed by McCreary. He tells Abby that McCreary informed him that she finished her work and Abby confirms that stating that she performed 122 procedures in 5 days without pills. Marcus says that he heard that too and asks for Clarke's whereabouts in order to thank her for helping Abby when he couldn't. Abby informs Kane that she asked her to sleep with Madi at the church so that the two can talk. The doctor then notices that Kane is troubled and asks him what's wrong. Marcus explains that McCreary is refusing to accept Wonkru's surrender which will cause everyone's death and he is responsible for helping McCreary achieve that. Abby tries to console him by telling Marcus that she also helped McCreary by curing his lungs. However Kane sits down and continues, explaining that he is very tired of having to choose the least bad option. Abby says 'first we survive, then we get our humanity back' reminding Marcus that he had given her this advice while affectionally touching his hand. Kane however withdraws his hand saying that he wishes that he still believed that, but Abby is hopeful. She then takes the pill she found on the floor earlier and cracks it open showing that she is now capable of resisting her drug addiction. Unbeknownst to both of them, Vinson is watching them from one of the windows.

During the night Kane is lying on the bed and calls for Abby when he hears the door open. Instead Vinson replies back informing him that Abby went to the Gagarin in order to examine Diyoza. Kane then starts looking around for the trigger to Vinson's collar which Vinson notices and informs Kane that Abby took the trigger with her when she left. Kane thanks Vinson for the information and promises to inform Abby that he was looking for her. Vinson says that he was actually looking for Kane which the latter accepts while keeping some distance. Vinson then expresses his admiration for Kane, since thanks to him the war is going well and he managed to get hundreds killed on a single day, commenting that the number of people he had killed during his entire life didn't even come close to Kane's feat. Kane then declares that he knows what he has done and that he will struggle with it his entire life. Vinson says that unlike him his conscience is unburdened and Kane diplomatically answers that he is happy for him. Wanting to cut the conversation short, Kane tries to excuse himself and go to Gagarin's bridge but Vinson blocks his path. Vinson suggests to Kane to "embrace the demon" just as Abby does with her addiction while Kane's eyes wonder around the room looking for any weapons that he could use. He eventually locates a scalpel but Vinson notices Kane's intentions again. He then draws out of his pocket Abby's pills informing Kane that he provides her with pills and asks him if he knows that. Kane says no, and that she has stopped taking them anyway. He then continues saying that he surely is grateful for saving his life and if he truly cares for her then he will stop feeding her addiction and allow her to heal. Vinson says that he can't do that. Upon hearing this, Kane becomes nervous, unconsciously looking at the scalpel again and asks Vinson to leave. Vinson ignores him and continues saying that most ex-addicts fall back to their addiction in the wake of a personal tragedy such as the loss of a loved one, obviously referring to Kane's death which would wreck Abby. When Kane realizes what Vinson is talking about he dashes towards the scalpel but Vinson manages to pick it up first stabbing Kane multiple times in the abdomen. Even though he is wounded, Kane punches Vinson three times in a row throwing him to the floor and tries to leave the gas station but Vinson quickly gets up and grabs him throwing him on Abby's operating table. He then repeatedly slams him on the table until Kane loses consciousness and then Vinson starts biting his neck. A few moments later however Abby arrives and uses the trigger on Vinson, turning it to max volume which kills him. She then runs to the table and puts her hand on Kane's neck wound while reviewing his abdomen wounds and then around the room, trying to figure out how to save him. Marcus whispers to Abby that he knows that she instructed Octavia to break his spirit but he forgives her. Before losing consciousness he repeats to her that Octavia killed those people, not her.

In Damocles (Part 2), as everyone is evacuating into the Gagarin, Abby is operating on Marcus. She hears the door open and without looking she asks that person to help her as she is currently stitching Kane. Much to her surprise and fear she finds out that person is Octavia who tells her that she is not there to kill her and that she is sorry for Kane but she must leave. Abby refuses and Octavia reminds her that this is not a choice and that they faced a similar dilemma back during the Dark Year. However Abby is resolute and says that it is a choice prompting Octavia to ask her if it is okay for her to be the monster but not for Abby. She also reminds Abby that she is as guilty as she is. Abby says she is right and that Kane knew of Abby's involvement. She then tells Octavia to kill her or leave her because she is not leaving the man she loves. Octavia does neither, instead she says that she has a better idea.

Two minutes before impact an unconscious Kane is being hurriedly carried into the Gagarin by Abby, Octavia and other Wonkru members. Bellamy asks what happened while Clarke tells her mother that she didn't know about Kane. Abby agrees and tells her that she couldn't know before adding that the mothership has an operating room, and if they get there, she can save Marcus.

Onboard the Eligius IV, Bellamy asks Clarke about Murphy and then inquires about Kane. Clarke informs him that Kane has been put into a drug-induced coma but she doesn't know why and Jackson has told her that there is not enough of the drug in order to keep him for long. She then adds that it doesn't look good. Both of them look saddened before Bellamy comes up with the idea of putting Kane into cryo. Clarke says that this is a brilliant idea and quickly gets up in order to tell Abby.

In the episode's last scene, it is revealed that Eligius IV is no longer orbiting Earth but it has been sent to Planet Alpha by Monty Green.

In Sanctum, after waking up 125 years later, Abby is trying to save Kane. First, she used first generation Algae, given by Jordan Green, which Monty Green left for him, to put Marcus in coma, so she can perform surgery. Then she tells Niylah that she needs blood donations from anyone she can to save him.

With enough blood, Abby finally manages to wake Kane up. Abby shows Kane the new world through the window on Eligius IV. Kane tells Abby that everything they've done led to this moment; and it was worth it.

Suddenly, Octavia interrupts them and angrily confronts them for their betrayal. She blames Kane for betraying them by blinding following Diyoza and causing so many of Wonkru to die in the gorge, including Ethan, who was the first to be shot. Kane retaliates by saying that if she didn't burn the Hydrofarm, they wouldn't have lost so many people. As the tension rises, Kane's still weak blood system gives up and he starts vomiting blood. Octavia helps Abby put Kane on bed. On realizing that Kane won't recover, Octavia says "Your fight is over" and leaves. Abby doesn't want to give up on Kane yet. So, she puts him back into cryosleep. Abigail then asks Jordan to make more algae.

In The Gospel of Josephine, Josephine Lightbourne finds Abby and Eric Jackson arguing over saving Kane. Jackson states that Kane's kidneys have failed and he will need full hemodialysis for starters. Though Abby wants to try another form of dialysis, Jackson states that Kane's abdominal bleeding prevents that. Josephine, posing as Clarke, hands Abby a book on Nightblood, suggesting that it could help but Abby states that its useless. As Abby tries to come up with ideas, she has "Clarke" take notes for her, leading Josephine to nearly expose herself by writing with her right hand while Clarke is left-handed. Josephine, using her experience as a biologist, offers Abby an alternative to dialysis using a Sanctum insect which pleases Abby.

Jackson later discusses the procedure with Abby, stating that it won't work as it will take 15 hours and Kane only has about ten minutes to live once his cryosleep pod is open. Abby eventually admits that she already knows, but she wants to save Kane because he's true and good and deserves to live. Abby feels that she and Jackson don't since they stood by Blodreina during the Dark Year while Kane was the only one who tried to stop it.

In Memento Mori, Josephine approaches a despondent Abby and asks if there has been any success with solving "the Kane problem." Abby is confused by Josephine's wording at first, but admits that there has been no luck. Josephine reveals that the Primes have a way to save Kane, but it would require turning him into a Nightblood first. Josephine shows Abby a Mind Drive and explains that she can turn Kane into a Nightblood and upload his mind to the drive so that he can survive by being downloaded into a host. Abby hesitates because it would mean using the body of an innocent person, but Josephine is able to use the things she learned from Murphy, particularly Abby's guilt, to convince her to make the Primes Nightblood in exchange for their help in saving Kane. She later has Raven fly her back to Eligius IV to start her work.

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Abby completes the Nightblood serum with the help of a reluctant Raven and turns a young "Null" Sanctum Guard named Gavin, into a Nightblood with it. After Gavin's mind is wiped, Kane's mind is uploaded into his body via a Mind Drive while Kane's original body is allowed to die. Kane regains consciousness in Gavin's body, at first confused and then horrified after he sees his deceased original body.

In What You Take With You, Kane has a hard time adjusting to being in Gavin's body, particularly as he has lost everything that he feels makes him who he is. While meeting Simone Lightbourne, Kane realizes one of the Guards in the group knew his host and she reveals that she was Gavin's wife. Kane has an angry outburst about the Primes hiding the truth from their people about how they murder the hosts to implant the Mind Drives. Kane and Raven later wake Indra who points out that the situation on Sanctum is no different from what both the Sky People and the Grounders have done in the past. Raven suggests that to break the cycle, they destroy the Nightblood by floating it which will prevent the Primes from recreating it unless they can find a pilot willing to take them into Zero-G.

As everyone prepares to leave in the Gagarin, Indra leads a group to take the Sanctum citizens captive and seize the Nightblood before it can be delivered to the ground. Raven reveals that Kane doesn't want her to see what comes next, but reluctantly relents and leads Abby to the airlock where Kane is preparing to float himself and the Nightblood. Raven activates the intercom so that Abby can talk to Kane who in Abby's mind appears in his original body. Kane tells Abby that what he is now is wrong though he understands why she did it and admits that if he lost her, he'd have done whatever he could to bring her back as well. Kane recognizes that neither of them will be able to live with what Abby has done and refuses her suggestion that they can build a new life together. Kane reminds Abby that she once told him that her job was to make sure that they deserve to survive and states that that's what he's doing now. The two exchange "I love you's" and Kane states that if he doesn't do this, they will both live to regret it and many more innocent lives will be lost. "This is how we get our humanity back."

Stepping away from the door, Kane grabs the Nightblood and signals Indra who begins reciting the Traveler's Blessing alongside Raven. Declaring "your fight is over", Indra tearfully floats Kane and the Nightblood as a devastated Abby watches helplessly.

In Adjustment Protocol, Abby remembers Kane along with Jake Griffin and Clarke in her last moments as Russell wipes Abby's mind.

In The Blood of Sanctum, the Primes reveal to Indra that they have succeeded in recreating Nightblood despite Kane's attempts to stop them.

In A Sort of Homecoming, after returning to a regenerated Earth and the Second Dawn Bunker, Octavia experiences flashbacks of her actions as Blodreina, including forcing Kane into a fight to the death.


At the beginning of the series, Kane is a pragmatic individual, cold and willing to do whatever he deems necessary to "save the human race". Rather than seeing himself as overly dedicated or mean, he saw others as lacking what it takes to do what needs to be done. He cared little for the lives of individuals, only for the survival of the human race as a whole.

After the Culling of Section 17, however, Kane is filled with regret and remorse over his actions as he learns that humanity had actually survived on the ground and that he could have prevented those deaths if he waited just a day or two. This personality change would gradually develop over the course of the next season and a half.

Marcus becomes very selfless and willing to sacrifice himself. He stands up and begins to offer to leave himself behind on the Ark to allow the remaining humans to make it to Earth in We Are Grounders (Part 2), though Thelonious Jaha is already launching the ship before Marcus can do that. In Fog of War, when Jaha and Marcus are informed they must kill the other to stop the bloodshed, Marcus never considers hurting Jaha to be an option. When Thelonious refuses to kill Marcus, Kane slits his own wrists with the knife.

While he is extremely dutiful and obedient he learns from Thelonious that on special occasions the Chancellor must know when not to follow the rules and laws but break them and doing what he thinks is best. Kane takes this lesson at heart and a few days later he disobeys Jaha's direct order to abandon him and instead he stays and clears the rubble, saving his Chancellor and friend. Later on he would do the same by leading the resistance against Chancellor Pike.

Though he is no longer "cold", Kane often thinks logically rather than emotionally; one example is that he attempted to betray the Azgeda in order to ally with the Trikru and save his people in the process. What he believes is right is, more often than not, helpful for more people, such as his suggestion to turn in Finn to the Grounders and establish safety for the remaining Arkadians, though he is written off as unfeeling for his objective approach.

He often shows regret and remorse whenever he is compelled to make a sacrifice for the greater good of his people. Kane's philosophy is to sacrifice the few to save the many but he does not believe the cause always justifies the means.[8] Especially when one loses their humanity in order to achieve their goal, no matter how noble this goal is.[9]

Physical Appearance[]

Kane is a tall man in his forties with wavy dark brown hair and eyes, and tan skin. He appears to have an authoritative presence.

In Season 3, Kane has grown facial hair. In Season 5, after the 6 years and 7 days jump, his hair is longer to his shoulder and is slicked back.


Abby Griffin[]

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On the Ark, Abigail Griffin and Kane served together on The Council and constantly had opposing views. Kane and Jaha had Abby's husband, Jake Griffin, floated and her daughter, Clarke, arrested on treason charges for wanting to go public about the Ark's air problem. Due to Abby's constant rule-breaking, Kane has arrested her for numerous charges and attempted to float her with Chancellor Jaha intervening at the last moment to grant her a pardon. Later, in The Calm, he seems to start caring for Abby, saving her life when he is exploring the other deck to look for survivors. On Earth, Marcus is the first person to follow Abby out of the Ark ship once it lands.

In The 48 they go out looking for the Camp of the Delinquents and Clarke together. When Abby gives guns to the Delinquents to help them escape and look for Clarke and the others, Marcus per the Exodus Charter sentences her to shock-lashing in Reapercussions before passing along the Chancellorship to Abby. In Resurrection, Abby finds Marcus trapped under rubble after the missile on Tondc, pulling on a piece of metal to make noise and she grabs his hand to stop him. Abby tries to help him and he tells her to leave him and go find Clarke until Abby explains that Clarke got out as she already knew about the attack. When rocks fall down and trap them both further, they talk about how their actions on the Ark have influenced Clarke and the sins they have to answer for. In the season finale, after they are captured by Mount Weather and Abby has her bone marrow extracted, they return to Camp Jaha, holding hands.

In Bitter Harvest, Abby kisses Marcus on the cheek, in order to give him "hope". In Stealing Fire Marcus is to be executed by Pike but is freed by Harper Miller Bryan, Octavia and Abby and has to flee Arkadia. Abby decides to stay behind. In response, he kisses her passionately. The two then do not meet again until Join or Die, when Marcus goes to Polis. Abby, under the influence of A.L.I.E., pretends to be unchipped in order to obtain Clarke's whereabouts from Marcus. She seduces him, but he realizes it's not her. A.L.I.E. has him crucified for refusing the chip. However, Marcus eventually agrees to take the chip when A.L.I.E. threatens to kill Abby. Later, in Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), they reunite at the end after Clarke shuts down the City of Light. Abby and Marcus share an embrace while crying, to comfort each other.

In Heavy Lies the Crown Abby and Kane sleep together. They spend the majority of the season separated from one another. In The Other Side Abby learns that Kane has been locked outside of the bunker. Abby and Bellamy Blake work together to open the bunker door. As a result only 100 members of Skaikru can remain in the bunker. Abby says she will be outside during Praimfaya. When Kane protests she tells him that she loves him, but she has made her decision. Kane does not follow Abby's wishes, and keeps her inside the bunker.

Octavia Blake[]

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Kane and Octavia have a mutual respect for each other and Kane acts in a fatherly way toward her. In Survival of the Fittest, Kane picks her up out of the mud after she is beaten by Fio and asks her what she's trying to prove to which she replies, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Later, he acknowledges that Octavia is the one who brought the Grounders together with the Sky People. He asks her to "look out for [her] people," she replies that she is. Octavia is the one to find Kane in the rubble in Resurrection. Kane is the first person Octavia releases in Mount Weather when she retrieves the keys after the irradiation of Level 5 in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2).

In Season Three, Kane shows to have more trust in Octavia. In Watch the Thrones, they are on the same side in the conflict at camp between Pike and the others. Kane sends Octavia outside of the walls in his place to rendezvous with Clarke and Lexa in Hakeldama. He helps her and Clarke escape Arkadia later in the episode with Abby's help. In Bitter Harvest, Octavia spies on Pike's people for Kane, keeping him informed on what they are doing outside of the walls of Arkadia. She informs him that they are willing to kill a kid to keep whatever they're doing secret, that he has to find out what Pike's up to. He tells her to "be safe." Octavia helps Kane escape execution in Stealing Fire with the help of others and he carries her out of Arkadia when Lincoln drugs her to sacrifice himself for his people. In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Octavia is unable to harm Kane too much when he is attacking her and Indra under A.L.I.E's control.

Their relationship however deteriorates rapidly in Season Five as Octavia rules the Wonkru as "Blodreina", instituting gladiatorial battles and forcing cannibalism on the populace, including Kane. This rivalry further develops as Kane along with Abby join the Eligius prisoners in Shallow Valley and counsels Charmaine Diyoza on how to undermine Octavia, even going as far as betraying Wonkru's attack plans to Paxton McCreary in an effort to stop her from taking over the valley who he describes as a "viper".

It was during a heated argument with Octavia that Kane's stitches did not hold forcing Abby to put him into cryo as she couldn't find a way to save his life.

Thelonious Jaha[]

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Thelonious Jaha appears to be on friendly terms with Kane, despite accusing him that he was behind his attempted murder in the Pilot on the basis that Kane would benefit the most from the Chancellor's death. Kane however appears to care about Jaha, advising him not to take his own life along with the 320 whose lives will be taken in the Culling.

Jaha knows Kane well enough to recognize that he is intoxicated in Contents Under Pressure and tells him to pull himself together. When Jaha stays behind as the Ark descends to Earth, Kane stays in contact and is seen asking about him multiple times later on Earth. When they are both held captive by the Grounders in Fog of War, Marcus and Jaha appear to be glad to see one another. They both refuse to kill one another and eventually Kane tells Jaha to kill him and ultimately cuts his own arm when Jaha refuses to comply, to which Jaha is visibly distressed. Marcus, despite being a firm believer of punishments (his sentence of 10 shocklashes to Abby in Reapercussions), insisted that Thelonious be pardoned for treason in Remember Me. Due to their close relationship Kane manages to convince Jaha to abort his attempt to take over the Second Dawn Bunker and instead implement the Second Culling.

Vera Kane[]

Vera Kane was Marcus' mother. They had a strained and distant relationship, although he began to let her in again after he told her he didn't know who he was anymore, following The Culling. The next days however he distanced himself from his mother until on Unity Day Vera was mortally wounded during the bombing. As she was dying in his arms, Marcus recited the traveler's blessing he learned from her in his childhood. When he arrives on Earth he plants the Eden Tree his mother had taken care of on the Ark.

Callie Cartwig[]

Callie Cartwig and Kane appeared to share some kind of romantic connection and Kane seemed to care about her somewhat. He says to her he cannot compromise for anything, "even her" in the Pilot. She has since died, and received no mention of her from Kane.

Bellamy Blake[]

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The two first meet in The 48, after Kane saves Bellamy and Finn's lives from a grounder by shooting him in the back of the head. Afterward, Finn and Bellamy lead Kane, Abby, and the other Ark survivors to the Dropship. Kane then arrests Bellamy for attacking Murphy and informs him that he is not in charge anymore. In Inclement Weather, Kane interrogates Bellamy for information on the Grounders but finds it is of no use. They seem to have become somewhat closer in Spacewalker, as Kane refers to Bellamy as "son".

In the third season, Kane and Bellamy have grown closer, however, this bond is severed when Bellamy aligns with Charles Pike and Kane forms a resistance against Pike. They have begun to mend their relationships as of the end of Season Three.


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Charmaine Diyoza[]

Marcus and Charmaine Diyoza gradually develop a friendship and partnership in Season Five. Their relationship is initially that of kidnapper and hostage, as Kane is held in Shallow Valley under "protective custody". But they later become close partners after Kane proves himself to be useful, feeding her information about Blodreina and Wonkru as well as making plans for a colony on Shallow Valley. Diyoza's trust on Kane pays off as he helps her following Paxton McCreary's victory over her faction. While hiding in a cave, Marcus cares for Diyoza as she is well into her pregnancy and develop a plan on defeating McCreary. In The Dark Year they work together again, this time by betraying Wonkru's war plans on Paxton in an effort to stop Blodreina and convince him to accept a peaceful settlement between Wonkru and the Eligius prisoners.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAppears
Earth KillsMentioned
Murphy's LawAppears
Twilight's Last GleamingAppears
His Sister's KeeperCredit Only
Contents Under PressureAppears
Day TripAppears
Unity DayAppears
I Am Become DeathCredit Only
The CalmAppears
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Appears
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Appears
Inclement WeatherAppears
Many Happy ReturnsMentioned
Human TrialsAppears
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssMentioned
Remember MeAppears
Survival of the FittestAppears
Coup de GrâceAppears
Bodyguard of LiesCredit Only
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Credit Only
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Appears
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Appears
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereAppears
Watch the ThronesAppears
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsAppears
Stealing FireAppears
NevermoreCredit Only
DemonsCredit Only
Join or DieAppears
Red Sky at MorningCredit Only
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Appears
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAppears
The Four HorsemenCredit Only
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxAppears
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterAppears
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyAppears
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenAppears
PraimfayaCredit Only
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
EdenCredit Only
Red QueenAppears
Sleeping GiantsCredit Only
Pandora's BoxAppears
Shifting SandsAppears
Exit WoundsAppears
Acceptable LossesAppears
How We Get to PeaceAppears
Sic Semper TyrannisAppears
The Warriors WillCredit Only
The Dark YearAppears
Damocles (Part 1)Appears
Damocles (Part 2)Appears
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingMentioned
The Children of GabrielMentioned
The Face Behind the GlassCredit Only
The Gospel of JosephineMentioned
Memento MoriMentioned
NevermindCredit Only
The Old Man and the AnomalyAppears
What You Take With YouAppears
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolFlashback
The Blood of SanctumMentioned
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingFlashback
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Marcus Kane: "If we’re going to kill hundreds of innocent people, we're gonna do it by the book. Is that clear?"
Marcus Kane: "Wishful thinking isn’t good science."
Marcus Kane: "Now, you all think I’m a bad guy, but I’m the only one who’s willing to do what it takes to save us."
Marcus Kane: "Friendship’s a luxury we can’t afford."
-- Pilot

Marcus Kane: "We don’t have time. Engineering needs six months to fix life support, and we’ll be out of oxygen in four. Nobody wants to do this, but the inescapable fact is that for every day we delay, ten more people will need to be sacrificed. So today it’s two hundred and nine, tomorrow it’s two hundred and nineteen. The day after that is two hundred and twenty-nine. We’re the ones who need more time."
-- Earth Skills

Marcus Kane: "You’re a plague on this ship, Nygel."
-- Murphy's Law

Marcus Kane: "One decision does not define a man."
-- Twilight's Last Gleaming

Marcus Kane: "Three hundred and twenty people. If I had waited a day - two days - they’d still be alive."
Marcus Kane: "I swore an oath to defend and to protect these people, instead I killed them."
-- Contents Under Pressure

Marcus Kane: "I'm not going to let these people die here."
Marcus Kane: "No one else can die because of me."
Marcus Kane: "A wise man once told me, I needed to learn when not to follow the law."
-- The Calm

Marcus Kane: "I have to find a solution."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 1)

Marcus Kane: "Salvation comes at a price."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Marcus Kane: "Everything’s going to be okay."
Marcus Kane: "You are not animals. There are rules. Laws. You are not in control here anymore."
-- The 48

Marcus Kane: "We can’t keep this up and hope to survive."
-- Reapercussions

Marcus Kane: "If I’m wrong about this, only one of us has to die."
Marcus Kane: "Let this be the first step toward peace."
-- Human Trials

Abigail Griffin: "Marcus."
Marcus Kane: "Chancellor."
Abigail Griffin: "I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again."
Marcus Kane: "I had those fears myself."
-- Spacewalker

Marcus Kane: "I don’t give a damn about the title! I just want to save our people!"
-- Coup de Grâce

Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin: "Being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight."
-- Rubicon

Marcus Kane: "Because [Clarke] grew up on the Ark. She learned what to do from us."
Marcus Kane: "She made a choice, like executing people for stealing medicine and food. Like sucking the air from the lungs of 300 parents so they could save their children."
-- Resurrection

Marcus Kane to Mountain Men: "What’s wrong with you people?"
Marcus Kane: "Hey! We can donate [bone marrow]"
Cage Wallace: "That’ll never happen."
Marcus Kane: "I can. I can make it happen with her help. We can all survive."
Cage Wallace: "We can’t."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Marcus Kane to Bellamy Blake: "Our people believe this is real peace. Try not to screw that up."
-- Wanheda (Part 1)

Marcus Kane: "Not all Grounders are the same."
Charles Pike: "They are to me."
-- Wanheda (Part 2)

Abigail Griffin: "What if they won’t give [Clarke] back and it’s my fault?"
Marcus Kane: "We won't leave without your daughter. Promise."
Marcus Kane to Abigail Griffin: "No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together."
Marcus Kane: "If Lexa falls, the coalition shatters and there’s no way we avoid that war."
-- Ye Who Enter Here

Marcus Kane: "There’s nothing simple about this."
Marcus Kane to Charles Pike: "I’m saying we were collateral damage in someone else’s war."
Marcus Kane: "It’s the mark of the commander’s coalition. It means we’re in this fight together."
Charles Pike: "It’s what farmers used to do to their livestock."
-- Watch the Thrones

Marcus Kane: "Public opinion is a funny thing, Charles."
Marcus Kane: "I let this happen. I demanded an election, and now we have Chancellor Pike. We’re on the brink of a war we can’t win, and all I can do to stop it is to send kids into harm’s way."
Abigail Griffin: "Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, they’re not kids anymore."
Marcus Kane: "With Clarke gone, Bellamy’s the key. I've been trying to reach him but Pike’s influence is strong, and he really believes he’s doing the right thing."
Abigail Griffin: "Everybody always does."
Marcus Kane after Abigail Griffin kisses his cheek: "What was that?"
Abigail Griffin: "Let’s call it hope."
-- Bitter Harvest

Marcus Kane: "When this ends with our camp in ruins, you won’t be able to say no one told you there was a better way out."
Charles Pike: "No. When this ends with Arkadia victorious, you’ll only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong side."
Bellamy Blake: "Keeping an eye on Sinclair was an easy call."
Marcus Kane: "Was it? Spying on your friend, that was easy?"
Bellamy Blake: "People in camp were losing focus. There’s a threat outside these walls."
Marcus Kane: "The threat’s inside the walls. Can’t you see that? Pike’s turning us against each other."
Bellamy Blake: "He’s the Chancellor. Have you forgotten that?"
Marcus Kane: "No. No. I haven’t."
Bellamy Blake: "Then do the right thing."
Marcus Kane: "That's the problem. No matter how I look at it, I am."
Bellamy Blake: "Really? Because the way I see it, Monroe died because of you."
Marcus Kane: "And now Pike’s locked up Sinclair. You don’t think he’ll be the next to die?"
Bellamy Blake: "Of course not."
Marcus Kane: "Think about where this ends. Half the camp behind bars while the other half starves. People won’t stand for it. They’ll turn against Pike, but by then, it’ll be too late."
Bellamy Blake: "Pike has a plan."
Marcus Kane: "Pike’s always got a plan, and it’s always the same one: take the fight to the grounders. That’s what got Monroe killed."
Bellamy Blake: "You’re crossing a line, Kane."
Marcus Kane: "No. No. I crossed it. I asked you here because I hoped you’d join me. It’s still not too late to choose the right side."
Bellamy Blake: "That’s exactly what I came here to tell you."
Marcus Kane to Charles Pike: "I admire your adherence to the rule of law. I really do. But these are times when we have to look beyond the rules. To realize they were established to serve a world of the past, not of the future. I beg you, one last time, to see the world as it is, not as it was, or as you want it to be."
-- Terms and Conditions

Marcus Kane: "Are you all right?"
Abigail Griffin: "I won’t let this happen to you."
Marcus Kane: "Abby, listen. Anyone caught helping us will be condemned to death, too."
Abigail Griffin: "Then I won’t get caught."
Marcus Kane [chuckles]: "Look, I’m begging you. I’m begging you, just don’t...don’t do it. Our people need someone here to show them a way out of the dark."
Abigail Griffin: "I can’t do this again."
Marcus Kane: "Please. Don’t make this any harder than it already is."
Marcus Kane: "Death can be an act of unity too. We don't break. We don’t show fear. The people will remember."
-- Stealing Fire

Marcus Kane: "Did you do this for your sister, or because it was the right thing to do?
Bellamy Blake: "You’re welcome."
Marcus Kane: "It matters until you see that, you’ll still be lost."
-- Fallen

Octavia Blake: "'Rogue'. I'm a warrior."
Marcus Kane: "No. A warrior knows when not to kill."
-- A Lie Guarded

Marcus Kane: "Who you want to be, doesn’t always win."
Marcus Kane (to Abigail Griffin): "Taking a life should never be easy. I hope it’s not easy for you. Your humanity is your greatest strength. Sometimes we need a different kind of strength. We need to survive. Then we can all find our humanity again."
-- Gimme Shelter

Marcus Kane (to Thelonious Jaha): "You already found the Second Dawn Bunker."
-- God Complex

Octavia Blake: "You could have walked away with your freedom yesterday. You had the crowd on your side, but you lost them when you showed weakness. I know you didn’t steal the medicine, Kane. Admit it. Tell me who took it, and I’ll let you go. Only the guilty should fight in the arena."
Marcus Kane: "We’re all guilty."
Octavia Blake: "I’m not here for a philosophy lesson, Kane. I’m here to give you a second chance."
Marcus Kane: "And I’m offering you the same. You kept us together, Octavia. It’s true. Wonkru’s strong. We could have torn ourselves apart during the dark year."
Octavia Blake: "One more word about the dark year, and I will put you in the arena, even if you tell the truth. You know the law."
Marcus Kane: "I won’t fight."
Octavia Blake: "Then you die."
Marcus Kane: "You lost your way. We all have. I’ve been quiet too long. You think the arena delivers justice?"
Octavia Blake: "I know it does."
Marcus Kane: "Your mother... your mother was floated for having a second child, for having you. I was party to that and so much more. We have a chance to do something better here. We’re throwing it away. Octavia, please. Strength without mercy is nothing. It’s nothing, but you can end it. You can save us. It’s not too late."
Octavia Blake: "Tell me who stole the medicine, Kane."
Octavia Blake: "So be it."
Marcus Kane: "Abby, what have we done?"
Abigail Griffin: "What we had to do to survive."
Marcus Kane: "How many times can we tell ourselves that?"
Abigail Griffin: "It’s the truth."
Marcus Kane: "No. It’s what we say to justify the horror we inflict on each other."
Marcus Kane: "I can’t do it anymore."
Abigail Griffin: "But you have to fight. You have to fight. I’ll do anything. I’ll give up the pills. I’ll do anything. I can’t lose you."
Marcus Kane: "I lost myself."
Marcus Kane: "I will not fight you. I will not kill this man."
Marcus Kane: "Somehow we allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport, and I allowed that, that darkness to rise... But my complicity ends today."
Octavia Blake: "You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose."
Marcus Kane: "I already have."
-- Pandora's Box

Charmaine Diyoza: "Come on, Kane. Without graveyard McCreary, my internal problem is solved. Without the Red Queen, our external problem is. This is how we get to peace."
Marcus Kane: "Is it? Because from where I’m standing, it looks like we’re trading one dictator for another. Political assassinations, torture, wrongful imprisonment."
Charmaine Diyoza: "This is about me giving Abby pills."
Marcus Kane: "You mean, feeding an addict’s addiction to save your people’s lives without a thought for the life you’re destroying? Yes. It is. I’ve seen the horrors we inflict on each other in the name of survival, Colonel. God knows I’m as guilty as anyone. But we’re on the brink here, on the edge of an abyss I’ve stared into before, and I can tell you, having sacrificed the few to save the many more times than I care to admit. Eventually, the few becomes the many. The ends don’t always justify the means, and if you don’t know that by now after everything you’ve been through, then you’re just as bad as Octavia. And we’re already lost."
-- How We Get to Peace

Marcus Kane: "I didn’t want you to see this, Abby. Not again."
Abby Griffin: "Please, Marcus, I’m begging you. Don’t do this."
Marcus Kane: "It’s already done. This... this is wrong, Abby. I know you know that. I understand why you did it. If I lost you, if I could get you back, I’d probably do the same. But you won’t be able to live with yourself and neither can I."
Abby Griffin: "Marcus, please. We are so close. We can make a new life. We can start over."
Marcus Kane: "Not like this. You told me once that your job was to make sure that we deserve to survive. You remember? (Abby nods) That’s what I’m doing now."
Abby Griffin: "No, please. I can’t do this on my own."
Marcus Kane: "Yes, you can, Abby. You’re so strong. You’re so much stronger than me. You saved me so many times. Not just my life, me."
Abby Griffin: "I need you. I love you."
Marcus Kane: "I love you, too. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. But if I don’t do this now, then we both live to regret it, and so many more innocent lives will be lost. This is how we get our humanity back."
-- in What You Take With You
Indra: "In peace, may you leave this shore."
Indra and Raven Reyes: "In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again."
Marcus Kane: "May we meet again."
Indra (in Trigedasleng) "Your fight is over."
-- in What You Take With You

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Though initially portrayed in "Pilot" as power-hungry, throughout Seasons One and Two, he has become self-aware and regretful of his actions, showing remorse for his decisions on the Ark and taking full responsibility for the choices he has made.
  • Kane's plot line focuses on redemption.
  • "Earth Kills" is the first episode he doesn't appear in.
  • "Praimfaya" is the first season finale he doesn't appear in.
  • "Eden" is the first season premiere he doesn't appear in.
  • On multiple occasions, Marcus has decided that killing himself in order to help others is the best option to solve life or death issues, often putting himself up for sacrifice. This is shown when he tries to manually launch the Ark down to Earth at the end of Season One, and when Lexa forces him and Jaha to fight to the death.
    • This is finally fulfilled in "What You Take With You."
    • It is implied that due to his actions including the Culling on the Ark, and giving the battle plans to Paxton McCreary that led to the massacre of Wonkru at the gorge, Kane became guilt-ridden and suffers a suicidal depression, and later commits suicide in Season Six.
  • It was originally suspected he ordered the attack on Thelonious Jaha, though it was revealed in "His Sister's Keeper" that it was Commander Shumway who really did.
  • Some fans have theorized that Kane could be Octavia's or Bellamy's father, but Jason Rothenburg tweeted that these theories are false.[10]
    • Kane was originally Octavia's father but the writers opted not to go that route.[11]
  • He was the first Chancellor of Arkadia. Following the death of Charles Pike, he became the Chancellor of Arkadia again.
    • He was never been elected as Chancellor. However, he became Chancellor twice; following of Thelonious Jaha's sacrifice left behind in the Ark and Charles Pike's death.
  • Marcus is the first person born after the Nuclear Apocalypse to be reborn in another body using the Mind Drive.
    • However unable to live like that Kane committed assisted suicide afterwards.
  • Henry Ian Cusick is still credited as main cast in opening credits of Season Six although he only appears at least 3 episodes. This marks season 6 for a season with the least amount of appearances.
    • The last episode he appeared as Marcus Kane was when he was going to kill himself. Kane was seen in his old body (Henry Ian Cusick) while the character's most appearance on that episode was portrayed by another actor.
  • He is the eighth main character to die in The 100. The seven preceding ones are Wells Jaha, Finn Collins, Lincoln, Roan, Jasper Jordan, Thelonious Jaha, and Monty Green.
  • He was the first major character to die in Season Six. The second was Abby.
  • He is the second major character to die by commiting suicide. The first was Jasper.
  • Kane was the second Sky Person to become a Nightblood, before being reborn in the body of a Sanctum Guard named Gavin.


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