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Clarke Previously on "The 100"...
Dante Welcome to Mount Weather.
Clarke Anya? Ok, come on.
Clarke There has to be another way.
Anya There isn't!
Clarke Thank you.
Anya You killed 300 of my warriors. I can't show my face without a prize.
Finn The Grounders took them. The guy with the one eye. He's got Clarke's watch. Where is the girl who was wearing this watch?! [Gunshot] Let's get moving.
Kane Are we really going to do this? Bring the Ark to the ground?
Jaha Godspeed, my friends.
Dante There were multiple crash sites over 100 square miles.
Jaha It's a missile. Our ancestors used them to destroy the world. We're gonna use one to get back to it.
Scene 1 - The Dead Zone
(Jaha is lying in the dead zone. A boy approaches him and tries to take his black chess knight. Jaha quickly grabs it back)
Scene 2 - The Woods outside Mount Weather
(Clarke and Anya are walking through the woods. Anya has Clarke tied up)
Clarke Anya, we've been walking for hours. Where are we going?
Anya Quiet.
Clarke Why not just kill me and get it over with?
Anya You can tell the commander what the mountain men are doing to us in there.
Clarke So let's work together. We don't have to be enemies.
Anya And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need.
Clarke Hey. We both want the same thing.
(They notice Mountain Men in the distance)
Clarke Get down. They found us. Run.
Scene 3 - The Woods
(Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Sterling, and Monroe are walking through grounder territory)
Bellamy Everyone, eyes peeled. We're in Grounder territory.
Murphy Everything is Grounder territory, all right? I can't keep running, all right? We don't even know if the guy Finn killed was telling the truth.
Finn Keep moving.
Bellamy We can give him a minute.
Finn No, we can't. You heard what that Grounder said. "They'll outlive their usefulness."
Bellamy I heard what he said when you had a gun to his head.
Finn Look, you think I wanted to do that? He would have told his people we're coming, and by the time we got there, our people would be dead. Maybe that's something you can live with, but I can't!
Bellamy Hey, you did what you think you had to do, but you are not yourself right now, and I can't be out here with another loose cannon.
(They notice bodies from the Factory station crash.)
Sterling Guys.
Bellamy Fall in.
Finn Where the hell did they come from?
Bellamy From the Ark.
Murphy It's a rough landing.
Finn There's nothing we can do for these people. We got to go.
Bellamy Did you hear that?
Sterling Hey. Hey, someone's down there.
Mel Please! Up here! Please, help me!
Sterling Mel?
Mel Help me!
Murphy You know her?
Sterling Shut up, Murphy. She's my friend. We have to do something.
Mel Help me! Sterling, please!
Finn We can't stop.
Bellamy This isn't a Grounder, Finn. We have a rope.
Finn You saw her. She'd never be able to hold on to it. We'd have to lower somebody down. It'll take time that we don't have. I hate this as much as you...
Bellamy I know. I... I know. Ok, I know.
Sterling Just hold on! Just hold on, Mel.
Mel Sterling!
Finn We'll come back for her. Ok?
Mel Please!
Bellamy We're movin' out.
(Finn, Bellamy, and Murphy notice Sterling is climbing down to save Mel on a rope)
Finn Wait! Sterling! Hey!
Mel I can't hang on!
Murphy Well, it looks like we're taking that break after all, huh?
Scene 4 – Camp Jaha
Sinclair Copy that. Ladies and gentlemen, the fence is hot. Trust me, you do not want to go near it.
(Sinclair enters a tent to find Raven)
Sinclair Reyes, there you are.
Raven Yes, sir.
Sinclair Dr. Griffin cleared you for work. How's your leg?
Raven It's not a factor. What's the job?
Sinclair Need you to build a radio beacon. If the other Ark stations have survivors, we need to know it.
Raven I'm on it. I got it.
Sinclair Ok, report to engineering and we'll get you started.
Raven Roger that.
(Sinclair notices Raven struggling with her crutches and helps her)
Raven Thank you, sir.
Scene 5 - Tent in the Dead Zone
(Jaha is in a hut in the dead zone. Zoran is offering him water)
Zoran ‘’[in Trigedasleng]’’ Drink. Drink.
Jaha I'm sorry. I don't understand. Hey. Wait, just a se...
(Zoran gives Jaha the drink)
Jaha Ah. Mmm. Ah. Thank you. What's your name? Your name. You.
Zoran Zoran.
Jaha Zoran. Good name. I'm Thelonious.
Zoran Thuh-lawn-us. Yeah. Thee-lo-noose.
(Sienna enters an is immediately defensive)
Jaha Please, I mean you no harm.
Sienna Strangers are not welcome here.
Jaha Please! I'm injured! Please!
Scene 6 - The Woods
(Clarke and Anya are continuing through the woods)
Anya Quiet. You can't even walk in the woods.
Clarke If I'm such a burden, then cut me loose.
Anya Heavy footfalls, broken branches. You even smell like them.
(They stop before a puddle)
Anya Down. No. Not to drink.
Clarke Then why stop? We should be running.
Anya You reek. Cover yourself in it.
Scene 7 - The Factory Station
(Sterling is climbing down the cliff to save Mel)
Sterling I'm almost there! Once I have her, pull us up!
Murphy Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches.
Bellamy Shut up, Murphy.
Sterling Give me your hand. It's ok, Mel. Ok. I got you. All right. Ok. I got you... All righty. I got you, ok? Give me your hand. You'll be all right. I got you.
(Sterling rope breaks and he falls to his death. Mel still clings onto the tree branch on the side of the cliff)
Bellamy Sterling! Sterling! Mel! Mel, hold on. Focus on me. You can do this.
Mel Oh, no!
Bellamy Yes, you can. You're strong.
Mel I'm not strong! Stubborn, maybe.
Bellamy So be stubborn a little longer. I'm not gonna let you die, you hear me? Ok.
Mel Ok.
Finn We're out of rope.
Bellamy So we make a new one.
Finn If anything happens to our friends when we could...
Bellamy We don't know if we could save our friends. For all we know, they may be dead already. We've all thought it. But what we do know is we could save this one girl.
Monroe Sterling was one of us. She was his friend. I'm in.
Murphy How do we do it?
Bellamy We make new rope from the wreckage. Go find wires, seatbelts, anything. Come on. Come on.
Finn I hope you're right about this.
Bellamy So do I.
Scene 8 – Tent in the Dead Zone
(Jaha wakes up in Zoran's family’s home again)
Jaha You said I wasn't welcome here.
Sienna Zoran's father thought I should let you stay.
Jaha Then I should thank him.
Sienna He is gathering supplies.
Jaha You speak English. I was aiming for the eastern United States. Did I make it?
Sienna This is the dead zone, on the way to the city of light. I am Sienna. You must eat, then rest.
(She brings Jaha food which consists of crushed insects. Jaha eats it)
Jaha Good. Mmm! Thank you. Is the City of Light your home?
Sienna It will be, if we can find it.
(Zoran approaches without his face covering, his mutation is very visible and Jaha is shocked)
Jaha Oh, God. Zoran! I... I'm sorry. He surprised me.
Sienna We're used to the hatred.
Jaha I have no room for hate. What happened to him?
Sienna He was born that way. It happens sometimes.
Jaha Radiation.
Sienna Fate. When such a child is born, we leave it out, let nature reclaim it, to erase the stain from the bloodline.
Jaha How could you do that?
Sienna That is our way. I knew what was expected of me. I could not give up my child. We left our home so that he might live.
Jaha You chose to leave your people?
Sienna He is my son.
Scene 9 – Camp Jaha: Engineering
Wick What the hell are you doing in here, wrench monkey?
Raven Helium, Wick? Really? Ark welders aren't toys.
Wick Come on, Reyes. You got to enjoy life.
Raven You enjoy enough for everybody. So, still dreaming up designs the rest of us will have to fix?
Wick Hey, my designs are elegant.
Raven If only they were realistic. Well, it's been real, but I have a beacon to work on.
Wick In that case, welcome to my party. Schematics are over here on the bench.
Raven You already designed it?
Wick Yep... We're using parts we salvaged from the station's debris field.
Raven Obviously.
Wick Oh, also, I have a little something for you.
(He shows her a brace he made)
Raven What a piece of crap.
Wick You're welcome?
Raven I can get around just fine. What you need to worry about is countering the mountain effect.
Wick That's your job.
Raven Damn engineers.
Wick Damn mechanics.
Scene 10 - The Woods
(Anya and Clarke are walking through the woods being pursued by the Mountain Men)
Anya How are they still following us? It’s because of you. Time to end this.
Clarke Anya, I am stepping where you step. I'm covered in mud. We're not leaving a trail.
Anya They're following something.
Clarke They're not following us. They're tracking us. Search yourself. If I'm right, it should feel like a... a small bump just under your skin.
Anya Ah.
Clarke It's you. Ok, I could remove it, but you need to untie my hands. I just need something sharp and sterile.
(Anya bites her arm and spits out the tracking chip)
Anya I will not go back there.
Scene 11 - The Factory Station
(Murphy, Finn, and Monroe are lowering Bellamy on a rope made of seatbelts)
Bellamy All right. Ease it out slowly. Just hang on. I'm almost there. It's ok. I got you. I got you. Just put your arms around me.
Mel I can't.
Bellamy Yes, you can. It's ok. This will hold. I'll get you up. I promise. Ok? Ok. Ok. I got her! Pull us up!
Murphy Don't you worry, Bellamy. I won't drop you.
Bellamy Just pull, Murphy.
Scene 12 – Camp Jaha: Engineering
(Raven and Wick are working on the beacon)
Raven Hey. I'm changing the tone frequency to 400 hertz.
Wick It'll increase the radiated modulation depth. Atmospheric noise will screw us.
Raven So the signal's fainter. At least they'll know we're out here.
Wick What's wrong? The current is not getting high enough. We might as well be shouting into the wind.
Raven We put an insulator between the mast and capacity top hat.
Wick Already tried that. Not working.
Raven Then you're doing it wrong.
Wick Raven.
Raven Don't worry. I'll fix it. I always do.
Wick Try my damn brace!
Raven Your damn brace sucks!
Wick Come on, Raven. Elbow grease ain't gonna fix this.
Raven What would you know about elbow grease?
(Raven tries to climb the tower but is unable to with her injured leg)
Wick Hey, come on. Let's go back to the work room. We'll think it through.
Raven Leave me alone, Wick!
Scene 13 - The Factory Station
(Murphy, Monroe, and Finn are pulling up Bellamy and Mel)
Finn Pull, Murphy!
Murphy Aah!
(The seatbelts snap but Murphy grabs both ends holding them together)
Murphy Come on! A little help!
Finn Oh, no! Pull! Pull!
Bellamy What the hell is happening up there?!
(Arrows begin flying towards them)
Finn Grounders! Cover!
Bellamy How many are there?
Monroe We can't see 'em!
Finn In the trees! In the trees! Aim for the trees!
(An arrow hits Monroe in the leg)
Monroe Aah! No, no, no!
Bellamy Just hang on.
Monroe Aah!
Murphy We're gonna need to cut her loose.
Bellamy We can't do this.
Murphy Bellamy, you got to cut her loose!
Bellamy No way!
Murphy Cut her loose!
(A foghorn is heard)
Finn Acid fog. Monroe, get back on the rope!
Murphy Come on!
(They successfully pull up Bellamy and Mel)
Mel Thank you. Thank you.
Finn We have to take cover from the fog.
(Octavia runs towards them)
Octavia Bellamy.
Bellamy No, we don't.
Murphy She blew the horn.
Bellamy Octavia.
(Bellamy and Octavia hug)
Scene 14 – Camp Jaha: Engineering
(Raven is staring out the window)
Wick Bring me down, Reyes.
(He notices Raven seems distracted)
Wick Hey, you know why you're working on the beacon?
Raven I'm not. Find someone else.
Wick Because I asked for you. You're the best mechanic we got.
Raven Go, me. Exactly 3 mechanics made it to the ground.
Wick You were top-3 on the Ark, too. I say this even though you refuse to acknowledge the ingenuity of my designs.
Raven Or insanity.
Wick Listen, you have a first-rate mind. You do. Use it. Your leg's messed up, and that blows. Figure out a way to work around it.
Raven How do I do that? You could let your friends help, for one. The rest, it's up to you.
(Wick offers Raven his brace again and this time she takes it. She tries it on her leg and attempts walking)
Wick What do you know? It holds.
Raven Barely.
Raven Oh, whatever! My design worked! You can admit it!
Raven Whatever. This thing's an offense to mechanics everywhere.
(Wick inhales some Helium)
Wick You're welcome.
Raven Helium.
Wick Argon! [Normal voice] What? Are we not just tossing out noble gasses?
Raven No, you idiot! I know what we have to do to raise the beacon.
Scene 15 – A Tent in the Dead Zone
(Jaha is watching Zoran from a distance)
Jaha Zoran. Zoran, please. Come on. Come on. Please. I have something for you.
Zoran What is it?
Jaha So you do speak English.
Zoran Not to strangers.
Sienna It's all right.
Jaha Heh! Well, we're not strangers anymore.
(He hands Zoran the black knight)
Jaha It's called a chess piece. The black knight. The game teaches long-term strategy. Taught my son how to play when he was about your age.
Sienna Where is your son now?
Jaha Dead. I chose different from you. I put my people first.
Sienna Your people must be very important to you.
Jaha So was my son.
Scene 16 - The Woods
(Clarke and Anya are still walking through the woods)
Clarke Anya, you're still bleeding. At least let me bandage it before it gets infected.
(Anya agrees with Clarke who quickly stabs her in the neck with a tranquilizer dart)
Clarke I can find my way home from here. Looks like you're my prisoner now.
Scene 17 - The Dead Zone
(Zoran drags Jaha out of his home)
Zoran You must go! Quick! Come with me! Come with me! There. Look at the ridge.
Jaha Who are they?
Zoran Bad men. They're coming for you. No one comes to the dead zone. They must have seen you fall from the sky. You have to run, now.
Jaha If they expect to find me, what happens to you if they don't?
Zoran Go! Go before they see you. We can take care of ourselves.
Scene 18 - The Factory Station
(Octavia is helping with Monroe's wound while Bellamy ties a sling onto Mel's arm)
Bellamy Thank God you came when you did. I was going back to camp when I heard shots.
Murphy Nice foghorn. What happened to your boyfriend?
Octavia He's gone.
Murphy All right.
Bellamy Hey. I'm sorry, O.
Octavia The Grounders will be back, so we need to go, now.
Finn Yes, we do.
Bellamy Octavia says the arrow might be poisoned. I have to take them home.
Finn I know. I'll meet you as soon as I can.
Bellamy I know.
Murphy Parting, such sweet sorrow, right?
Bellamy Where the hell do you think you're going?
Murphy Come on. Bellamy, you know if I go with you, they'll just lock me up again.
Octavia Really?
Bellamy Watch his back. (to Octavia) I can't get them home without you.
Octavia Of course, you can't. Let's go.
Scene 19 - The Dropship
(Clarke drags Anya back to the dropship. She sees the faded note her mother left for her when Anya stands up and attacks her)
(Clarke seems to have the upper hand)
Clarke Anya, wait. Aah! Aah! Hey... Aah! I don't want to kill you, Anya.
Anya Then you're the one that's gonna die. You fought well.
(Anya knocks Clarke down and prepares to deliver the final blow but she pauses upon noticing the beacon)
Anya You fought well.
Clarke Do you see that? I knew it. He lied. My people are out there.
Scene 20 – Camp Jaha
(Wick and Raven are looking at the beacon)
Wick So the balloon beacon wasn't a bad idea.
Raven I think the word you're searching for is "genius."
Wick You should have been an engineer. You already have the arrogance.
Raven Oh, that's what they teach you. I wondered.
Sinclair Well, that's one way to do it.
Major Byrne What the hell are you doing?
Wick Oh, it's a radio beacon.
Major Byrne Wrong. It's a target.
Raven Hey, wait a second!
(Major Byrne shoots down the beacon)
Wick We fell from space in a football stadium. I think they already know we're here.
Major Byrne Chancellor Kane's out risking his life to negotiate with the Grounders. You better hope he's successful. Because if he isn't, every Grounder within 50 miles of here now knows exactly where we are. I expected better, chief. All guards to the wall, now! You see a Grounder, you're authorized to shoot on sight. Let's go. Cover the perimeter. Move.
Guard Yes, ma'am. Unit two with me. Unit one, south wall.
Scene 21 – The Dead Zone
(Zoran stands with Sienna. Jaha is watching grounder approach)
Zoran He won't run! Please! They'll hurt him!
Sienna If he runs, they'll hurt us.
Zoran Father? He brought the bad man here? Mother, why are you doing this?
Jaha It's ok, Zoran. Listen to your mother.
Zoran You can still run! Please!
Jaha If I do, that man will hurt your family, and I won't let that happen.
Sienna There is a bounty on sky people.
Jaha "Sky people"?
Sienna We needed the horse to reach the city of light.
Jaha Yeah. To survive, we do what we must. I hope you find your new home.
(Jaha walks off towards the grounders with his hands up. They knock him unconscious. Zoran cries into his mother's arms)
Scene 22 – The Woods outside Camp Jaha
(Clarke and Anya approach Camp Jaha)
Clarke Look at that.
Anya How many are there?
Clarke I don't know. A lot, I hope. I'm letting you go. I'm not weak, but I'm not like you. Our only chance against Mount Weather is if we fight together. To beat them, we'll need our technology and your knowledge of this world. I know my people will help. The question is, will yours?
Anya The commander was my second. I can get an audience.
(Clarke and Anya shake hands)
Clarke Please hurry.
(Anya walks off and a gunshot is heard)
Clarke Aah! Anya!
Anya Aah!
(Anya collapses, she's been shot. Clarke rushes towards Anya and tries to put pressure on the wound)
Clarke Hey. Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no, no. No, no. Hey. It's ok.
Anya ‘’[In Trigedasleng]’’ My fight is over.
Clarke No. No, no, no. Anya, you're ok. You're ok.
Guard Shot two more. Alpha team's got two Grounders down.
(Guards arrive and knock Clarke out and bring her into Camp Jaha)