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I knew it. He lied. My people are out there.
Clarke about Dante lying about the Sky People's whereabouts

Many Happy Returns is the fourth episode of the second season of The 100. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall.

After being betrayed by someone she thought she could trust, Clarke takes matters into her own hands and proves she's not going down without a fight. Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy race against time to save a stranger. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Raven and Wick while working together, and an unexpected reunion occurs.


Zoran wanders the Dead Zone.

Jaha has crash-landed in what appears to be a desert. A young boy finds him and sees that he is holding tightly to a chess piece in his hand.

Anya has taken Clarke captive and is bringing her back as a prisoner when they're discovered by the Mountain Men who shoot tranquilizers at them. Clarke and Anya take off with Clarke grabbing one of the tranquilizer darts that missed them.

Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Monroe, and Sterling discover Mel hanging over the side of a cliff.

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Murphy, Finn, Monroe, and Sterling are following the map created by Delano to get the missing Delinquents back from the Grounders. They come across the massive debris field of the Factory Station that crashed into the side of a cliff and it doesn't appear there are any survivors. As they're about to leave, they hear a lone survivor, Mel, calling for help from down below. Sterling recognizes her and decides to go after her while Bellamy and Finn argue about whether or not to leave her. Finn wants to leave because he thinks they're running out of time and the longer they wait, the more likely the Delinquents will be killed.

Back at Camp Jaha, the residents have just electrified the fence that is surrounding the crashed Alpha Station. Raven has been cleared for duty and says that her leg is not a factor in her ability to work. She is assigned to build a radio beacon to help them find other survivors of the Ark.

Jaha meets Sienna.

Jaha awakens in a tent to find a young boy, Zoran, giving him something to drink. His mother, Sienna, enters and tells Jaha that strangers are not welcome.

Clarke and Anya are still making their way through the woods; however, the Mountain Men are easily tracking them. Anya blames Clarke for being loud and smelling too much and slathers her in mud to try to cover her scent.

Sterling attempts to save Mel.

Sterling is trying to rescue Mel from the side of the cliff yet none of the others are doing much to help him. The rope Sterling is using comes undone and Sterling plunges to his death, shocking Monroe and Murphy. Finn wants to leave Mel behind but Monroe protests and Bellamy refuses to leave Mel. Bellamy tells them to find some materials to make a new rope.

Jaha awakens to Sienna offering him food. She tells him he landed in the Dead Zone, which is on the way to the City of Light. Zoran enters and Jaha is startled to see his face is deformed. Sienna explains that Zoran is considered a stain on the bloodline and usually children born with such deformities are left to die. She and her husband, Osias, decided to leave their clan instead.

Raven works on the radio beacon.

Raven goes to work on the radio beacon when she runs into Wick. He tells her that he designed the schematics for the beacon and he also made something for her: a leg brace. Raven criticizes his efforts as they get to work on the beacon.

Monroe, Finn, and Murphy create a rope out of seatbelts so Bellamy can resuce Mel.

Anya is still blaming Clarke for the fact that the Mountain Men are able to follow them. Clarke, however, realizes that they're not really following them; they're tracking them. She tells Anya to look for a bump under her skin and Anya finds one in her forearm. Clarke asks Anya to untie her so she can remove it for her, but Anya ignores her and tears out the tracking device with her teeth.

Back at the Factory Station wreckage, the Delinquents have made a rope out of seatbelts for Bellamy to climb down and rescue Mel.

Raven starts to climb the radio tower.

Raven is attempting to climb up the radio tower to fix the radio beacon but refuses to try the brace Wick made her. She struggles to climb up the tower but eventually realizes it's now impossible for her to do so with her bad leg. She has to admit defeat.

Murphy keeps Bellamy and Mel from falling to their deaths after their makeshift rope breaks.

Murphy, Finn, and Monroe are helping to pull Bellamy and Mel up the cliff face when they suddenly come under attack by Grounders. The rope breaks, with Murphy being the only thing stopping them from falling to their deaths like Sterling. Monroe starts shooting at the Grounders and is hit in the leg with an arrow. Finn and Murphy continue struggling as they try to pull Bellamy and Mel up. A foghorn is heard, warning of an Acid Fog attack, and the Grounders flee. When Bellamy is pulled up, he realizes that Murphy had saved their lives. As they're about to take cover from the incoming Acid Fog, Octavia appears and they realize she blew Lincoln's horn and saved their lives.

Raven tries on the brace Wick made for her.

Wick admits to Raven that he asked for her specifically to work on the beacon with him because she's the best mechanic they have. He tells her that she needs to figure a way around her injured leg by letting her friends help for once. Raven finally agrees to try his leg brace.

Jaha gives Zoran the chess piece that used to belong to his son.

Jaha convinces Zoran to come talk to him and shows him the chess piece he brought down with him from the Ark. He tells Zoran about his son, Wells, and how he taught him how to play chess.

Clarke stabs Anya with a tranquilizer dart.

Clarke and Anya are still wandering around the woods when Clarke jabs her with the tranquilizer dart, telling Anya that she can find her way home from there and Anya is now her prisoner.

Zoran rushes into the tent to tell Jaha that he needs to leave immediately because "bad men" have come for him because they saw him fall from the sky.

Bellamy ties up Mel's arm.

Bellamy helps Mel tie up her injured arm while Octavia bandages Monroe's wounded leg. Murphy asks her about Lincoln and she tells them he is gone. Because of Monroe and Mel's injuries, they need to get them back to Camp Jaha. Bellamy allows Finn and Murphy to continue the search for the missing Delinquents and gives them two guns for protection before they part ways.

Clarke and Anya face off in a battle of strength.

Clarke has managed to drag Anya back to the drop ship and spots the faded and unrecognizable writing on the side of the dropship with only her name clearly legible. Anya wakes up from the tranquilizer and the two engage in a bloody, long-lasting brawl until Clarke finally gets the upper hand. As she's about to kill Anya, she spots a glinting light far in the distance and sees a weather balloon high in the sky. This causes her to realize that other Sky People are out there still.

Raven and Wick had come up with the idea of elevating the radio beacon by using the balloon but it is literally shot down by Major Byrne who tells them they've created a target. Wick tells her that he thinks the Grounders already know where they are because they fell from the sky in a "football stadium." Byrne commands all the guards to the walls and to shoot any Grounder on sight.

Jaha surrenders himself to the "bad men".

Jaha has disappointed Zoran because he refuses to run from the "bad man." Sienna explains that there is a bounty on Sky People and her family needs the horse in exchange for Jaha in order to reach the City of Light. Jaha doesn't want them to get hurt so he goes to the "bad man" who knocks him out.

As Clarke and Anya approach Camp Jaha, Clarke tells Anya that their only chance against Mount Weather is if they fight together. Anya says the Commander was her Second and that she can get an audience. They part ways with Anya heading back to her people when a gunshot rings out and Anya falls over. Clarke runs to her side and tries to help Anya but Anya ends up dying.



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Clarke (to Anya): "I just need something sharp and sterile."
Wick (to Major Byrne): "We fell from space in a football stadium. I think they know we're here."
Jaha (to Sienna): "You chose to leave your people?"
Murphy: "Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches."
Bellamy: "Shut up, Murphy."
Anya (to Clarke): "You fought well."
Clarke (to Anya): "Do you see that? I knew it. He lied. My people are out there."
Clarke: "We don't have to be enemies."
Anya: "And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need."
Murphy (to Bellamy): "Don't worry, Bellamy. I won't drop you."
Bellamy (to Finn): "I heard what he said when you had a gun to his head."
Bellamy (to Murphy about Finn): "Watch his back."
Jaha (about Zoran's face): "What happened to him?"
Sienna: "Fate."

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