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Yes. I'm a null who was left out to die in the woods. No. I would not like to fight you.
— Luca [src]

Luca is a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Dylan Kingwell and debuts in "Nakara".

He is a young Child of Gabriel who befriends Madi Griffin and Rex. He is a null who was left out to die in the woods when he was an infant. After the Children of Gabriel refuse to kneel before Sheidheda, they are massacred, leaving Luca the only survivor thanks to Indra.

In "The Last War", Luca transcends with the rest of the human race to live forever.

Early Life

He was born in Sanctum but was thrown out in the Offering Grove because he was born a null. He was rescued by the Children of Gabriel and raised as one of them.

After the overthrow of the Primes, he and the Children of Gabriel returned back to Sanctum, where they settled there.

Throughout the Series

In Nakara, he approaches Madi Griffin as she's drawing in her book. He asks her if her drawing is from Earth. She says she doesn't really know. Rex then approaches and asks if Luca and Madi want to play soccer. Luca says yes and Madi is about to when Indra walks up and says she needs to speak to Madi. Luca and Rex go off and play soccer.

In The Queen's Gambit, he thanks to Emori he is reunited with his biological parents.

In The Stranger, Luca is amongst the Children of Gabriel when they refuse to bow to Sheidheda. As a result, the Dark Commander massacres everyone with a machine gun.

Later, as Indra respectfully closes Nelson's eyes and tells him that his fight is over in Trigedasleng, she notices Luca amongst the corpses with his eyes open and realizes that he is still alive. Indra quietly orders Luca to play dead and then, under the guise of removing his corpse from the room, drags Luca out of the Great Hall.

Shortly afterwards, Indra brings Luca in a covered wheelbarrow to John Murphy and Emori in the machine shop and explains that the Dark Commander had slaughtered the Children of Gabriel for refusing to kneel and shows them Luca as the sole survivor. Indra asks them to protect Luca and Emori leads him into the reactor room where the survivors of Sheidhedas first massacre are hiding. Madi is shocked to see the blood-covered and shell-shocked Luca and Emori reassures Madi that its not her friend's blood. Emori has Jeremiah take Luca to the decontamination shower to get cleaned up. Emori orders Madi not to push Luca to talk, telling her that the day before Luca lost his biological parents and that day all of his people were killed. Emori asks Madi to be there for Luca and to be his friend.

Awhile later, Luca sits against a wall with Madi, Rex and Lee and refuses food. Madi states that the others won't eat then if Luca won't and tells him about losing everyone she knew to the death wave and how Clarke helped her through it. Madi suggests that Luca's friends can help him through his grief too and he silently accepts the offered food.

In Blood Giant, a depressed Luca joins Madi and Lee in petting Picasso before Madi leaves to join the adults in discussing their situation. After Nikki escapes and takes Jeremiah hostage, Luca takes the opportunity when the power goes out to knock her unconscious from behind with a wrench.

In A Sort of Homecoming, after Clarke strands her group on a regenerated Earth, Madi tells her that her life was on Sanctum and mentions Luca and Picasso as her friends that she left behind.


He showed kindness towards Madi Griffin and offered to be her friend. He wasn't afraid to stand up for himself when he thought Rex was going to bully him for being a Null, but didn't hesitate to accept his friendship when it was offered.

After losing his biological parents and his people, Luca was left in a shell-shocked grieving state in which he didn't even want to eat. However, Madi convinced Luca to let his friends help him.

Physical Appearance

He has white skin with slim average body, short brown hair and brown eyes.


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Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoAbsent
The Queen's GambitAppears
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingMentioned
The Dying of the LightFlashback
The Last WarCredit Only

Killed Victims

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Notes and Trivia

  • Following the death of Gabriel Santiago, Luca is the last surviving member of the Children of Gabriel.
    • Subsequently, this also makes him the only member of the Children of Gabriel to Transcend.
  • Luca lost his biological parents in Sheidheda's first massacre and his people in the Dark Commander's second.
  • Dylan Kingwell who plays Luca and Chuku Modu who portrays Gabriel Santiago both previously appeared in The Good Doctor episode "Point Three Percent." However, in The 100, the two never share a scene together.


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