Lina Renna portrayed young Madi Griffin in flashbacks during Season Five. The flashbacks show events after the death wave including when Madi meets Clarke Griffin.

Life and Career 

Lina Renna is an outgoing and energetic young actress from Vancouver, BC. She got involved in acting early on, signing with an agency at 3 years old. Entry into the industry was completely her decision - she was pointing at the TV, then mimicking the performances she was seeing in TV shows and commercials from the age of 2. She then begged her mom and dad relentlessly to find an agent and start auditioning.

She gained recognize for playing the younger version of Hailee Steinfeld character Nadine in The Edge of 17. Her signature curly hair garnered her comparisons to Shirley Temple early on and like the legendary young actor, she also loves to sing and dance. She comes by these talents honestly as there are musicians and professional dancers in her family.

One of her first roles was on the TV series, Rogue, in which she had a few lines. From then on, she was completely hooked and has worked on feature films, TV series, TV movies, web series, short films and many commercial projects.

She lives with 3 cats, a dog and 2 guinea pigs and loves spending time with and meeting new animals. She has worked with animals on set previously and even did a web series (Puppy Preschool) for the AirBud franchise in which she is the teacher to 4 lovable Jack Russel terrier

Notes and Trivia 

  • Lina is the third actress, after Imogen Tear and Lola Flanery, to play Madi. However, Lina portrays Madi at a chronically younger age to detail her origins.
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