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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
|Fog of War = appears|Long Into an Abyss = appears|Spacewalker = appears|Remember Me = appears|Survival of the Fittest = appears|Rubicon = appears|Resurrection = appears|Bodyguard of Lies = appears}}
|Fog of War = appears|Long Into an Abyss = appears|Spacewalker = appears|Remember Me = appears|Survival of the Fittest = appears|Rubicon = appears|Resurrection = appears|Bodyguard of Lies = appears|Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) = appears}}
== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==

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Lexa is a recurring character on the second season of The 100. She's portrayed by cast member Alycia Debnam Carey, and debuts in Fog of War. Lexa is the commander of the Woods Clan.

Throughout the Series

In Fog of War, she is sent by Gustus to oversee Marcus Kane and Thelonious Jaha as they are kept captive underground at a grounder camp. Eventually when Kane cuts himself to save Jaha, Lexa helps out by covering up with wound. Jaha however quickly takes advantage of the situation and holds a knife to Lexa's throat just as Gustus and the others walk in. Lexa speaks in Trigedeslang to Gustus to let him know that she has the situation under control, and takes down Jaha in a quick swoop, revealing that she was the grounder commander the entire time. Lexa orders to have Jaha taken away and Kane remained locked in his cell.

In Long Into an Abyss, she is first seen in her tent just outside of Camp Jaha. Clarke Griffin is sent in to discuss terms with Lexa to decide how they can settle their feud. Indra throughout the conversation says that she should just end Clarke now, but Lexa tells Indra to stand down. Clarke mentions Anya, who was the mentor of Lexa, and tells her how they were willing to make peace. Clarke reveals that there is a way to cure being a reaper, with the grounder Lincoln as proof. Clarke takes Lexa and her guards to The Camp, where Lincoln is currently residing. Lexa and her brethren look on at their fallen soldiers from the battle that erupted. When they enter the dropship, Lincoln appears to be dead, with Octavia Blake clutching his body in sadness. Before a battle between the two groups breaks out however, Abigail Griffin manages to revive Lincoln through an Ark stun stick. Lexa and Clarke then return to Lexa's tent. Lexa then tells Clarke if she brings her Finn Collins, their will finally be peace with the two groups.

In Spacewalker, she is seen at the end ready to execute Finn. Clarke comes rushing in to beg Lexa to take pity on Finn and to kill her instead. Clarke gives many arguments, but Lexa still argues that Finn is guilty. Lexa then allows Clarke to say goodbye to Finn. However, Clarke spares Finn by stabbing him in the stomach, preventing a more painful death. The grounders are about to attack Clarke, but Lexa tells them to stand down.

In Remember Me, Lexa is seen speaking with Clarke about having their peace ceremony to finally bring peace once and for all with the grounders and sky people. Lexa then tells Clarke she must bring the body of Finn to perform a final ritual, to which Clarke agrees. Later she is seen with Gustus, speaking about her safety with the sky people. Gustus says to be worried, but Lexa brushes him off.

When they finally arrive at the grounder camp, dozens of grounders are angered by the sight of sky people. One steps in front of Lexa and questions her leadership, to which Gustus steps in to beat him down, but is quickly stopped by Clarke Griffin to avoid more issues. During the ritual, Lexa allows Clarke to burn Finn's body. After the ceremony, Lexa tells Clarke of her past lover, Costia. Lexa tells Clarke to move on, and showing that she is not ready to move on is weakness.

Finally during the feast, Lexa is offered Alcohol during the feast by Marcus Kane. Gustus tries the drink to make sure it is safe. Seconds later however, Gustus is seen hissing and coughing, meaning that the drink was poisoned. Lexa orders that no Sky Person will leave the feast room until they figure out the situation. Eventually they determine that Raven Reyes was the one responsible, and tie her to a post, to perform a torture ritual. However, Clarke saves Raven and it is revealed the the poison was in the cups, not the drink, meaning Gustus put it in himself to protect the commander.

Lexa carries out the torture on Gustus, which leads to his death, with Lexa delivering the final blow. At the end she is seen entering her own tent to discuss terms about what their next move with Mount Weather is.

In Survival of the Fittest, she is seen discussing a strategy as to how they will break into Mount Weather to free her people. An angered Grounder named Quint jumps into the conversation and says that they should not listen to any Sky Person. Lexa tells him to stand down, but Quint refuses, saying that she murdered his brother in the dropship explosion. Later she is seen saving Clarke from Quint, who was about to stab her. Clarke says that he killed her guard Major Byrne, to which Quint says she is lying. Lexa then tells Clarke that she must kill him, but Clarke is hesitant. However, the sound of a beast is heard by everyone, and starts to pounce its way through the forest. Lexa then slits the leg of Quint, leaving as bait for the beast.

When Lexa, her guard and Clarke arrive at the beasts compound, the beast jumps in revealing itself to be Monaw, a gorilla the lurks the forest. Monaw swoops in and kills Lexa's guard, with Clarke firing numerous bullets into it. The two run away and hide in its cage, with Lexa using her blade to hold the door. Lexa and Clarke discuss a way to get out, but they are not sure what to do. However they wait for Monaw to burst in, and allow then escape only to lock his cage from the outside. When they exit the compound, Clarke says that the plan they had to put Bellamy Blake as an inside man could be taken another step.

In Coup de Grâce, photographs of her and Clarke are seen being held by Mountain Men who where sent as scouts. This means that Clarke and Lexa are seen as targets by Mount Weather, and their assassination could end the war.

In Rubicon, Lexa is first seen indoors at Tondc about to begin the peace treaty with the other grounder nations. Clarke comes up to her and tells her that Mount Weather is ready to fire a missile at everyone there. Lexa says that if they evacuate, they will know a spy is inside Mount Weather. Clarke argues desperately to Lexa that the alliances will never hold, but Lexa says it will simply motivate everyone to fight even more. Later she and Clarke are seen slowly exiting Tondc before the missile hits. Lexa sneaks off away from the camp to make sure Mount Weather doesn't notice she survived the attack.


Lexa, as leader of the grounders, commands respect and is very powerful. However, she is clearly seen to be more reasonable and merciful than the other grounders, and more willing to trust the sky people. Lexa has shown to be the voice of reason among the chaotic nature of the grounders, she has a very neutral personality and is more of the logically gifted grounders yet to be shown.

Physical Appearance

Lexa is of average height, slim, with a high forehead, plump lips and youthful face. Lexa wears tribal-like face paint most of the time, but has been seen without it. Alike most other grounders shown so far, Lexa keeps her hair hair out of her face with a number of layered braids.



Anya was Lexa's mentor before Lexa was called to be the leader of her people. Lexa has been shown to care very deeply for Anya. Lexa began trusting Clarke because of her past relationship with Anya, showing how close she was to Anya.

Marcus Kane

Marcus Kane and Lexa had spent some time together following his imprisonment. Kane believed that Lexa would be open for more negotiations, implying her practical nature.


Clarke and Lexa are allies. Lexa respects Clarke and Clarke has saved her life.


Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Absent
Inclement WeatherAbsent
Many Happy ReturnsAbsent
Human TrialsAbsent
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssAppears
Remember MeAppears
Survival of the FittestAppears
Coup de GrâceAbsent
Bodyguard of LiesAppears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Appears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Absent


"Blood must be paid in blood."

"I thought I'd never get over the pain, but I did... by recognizing it for what it is -- weakness."

"The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry."

"I was wrong about you, Clarke. Your heart shows no sign of weakness."

Notes and Trivia

  • Lexa is the Commander of the Woods Clan and the first official leader for the Woods Clan seen in the show
    • Lexa was once Anya's second in command.[1]
  • It is hinted by Gustus in Remember Me that Lexa played an important role in uniting the 12 Grounder Clans.
  • Lexa is the believed to be the first LGBT character to appear in The 100.


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