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Knight was a recurring character in the seventh season. He was portrayed by cast member Xavier de Guzman and debuted in "False Gods".

He was a member of Sangedakru and later Wonkru who takes on a dissenting role in the clan following the destruction of the Flame. After Sheidheda's return, he acted as the Dark Commander's second in command.

Early Life

He was born into Sangedakru and became a warrior. He was chosen to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse in the Second Dawn Bunker.

Throughout the Series

In False Gods, Knight is amongst the crowd when Indra and Gaia attempt to enlist Wonkru's help to repair Sanctum's nuclear reactor. Knight demands that Madi ask for their help herself, challenging why the Commander isn't present. Gaia is forced to admit that she was forced to destroy the Flame to save Madi from Sheidheda, angering Knight as the Dark Commander was Sangedakru's greatest champion and he doesn't believe that Gaia had the right to get rid of him. Knight leads first Sangedakru and then most of Wonkru in abandoning the cause.

In Welcome to Bardo, Knight heckles a passing Indra and John Murphy, asking Indra where her army is and if maybe no one wanted to help her lie to another people about their god. Ignoring Knight, Indra tells Murphy that they don't need an army, they just need Murphy to do his job. Though Murphy suggests at least asking for Wonkru's help, Indra rejects the idea.

In Nakara, Knight is amongst the Wonkru delegation called by Indra when she tries to make Madi the Commander again. As he waits, Knight continues his heckling, demanding to know what grand lie Indra has for them today. When Indra finally enters alone, Knight demands to know where the Commander is, but Indra tells him that there are no Commanders anymore. Knight points out that it's thanks to Indra and Gaia and demands to know why they are there. Indra tells Wonkru that there may not be a Commander anymore, but she is in charge. Knight openly challenges Indra's claim to leadership, stating that she had betrayed and lied to them and now she wants them to follow her. After Indra states that she's not asking, Knight draws his sword in a clear challenge while Indra grabs the staff a nearby warrior is holding. Knight attacks Indra who effortlessly defeats and disarms him before tossing the staff away and making an inspiring speech that rallies Wonkru behind her to fight the threats on Sanctum that endanger everybody. As Knight gets up, Indra places him in charge of getting the guns back from the Eligius prisoners.

In The Flock, Knight takes part in Wonkru's assault to rescue the hostages from the Children of Gabriel and the Eligius prisoners. Afterwards, along with Penn and two other Wonkru members, he is left to guard the door as Indra expects the Sanctummites to slaughter Sheidheda. When Murphy realizes that it is the other way around, he demands the guards open the door, letting it slip in the process that its in fact the Dark Commander within. Finding Sheidheda standing over the slaughtered people, Knight and two other Wonkru guards kneel before him.

In A Little Sacrifice, Knight leaves the Great Hall with the Dark Commander and attends the ceremony where Sheidheda announces his return to Wonkru.

Knight later attends the fight between Sheidheda and Indra and ties a bandana around the Dark Commander's right eye after Madi slashes it out with a knife. Knight accompanies Sheidheda to hunt down the surviving Sanctumites from the massacre, but they discover only the dead left behind. Knight balks after he is ordered to slaughter the families of the dead, particularly the children, showing distaste at the idea of harming children. Despite this, Knight reluctantly agrees to follow Sheidheda's command on the matter.

In The Stranger, Knight stands at Sheidheda's side as the Dark Commander demands that the Children of Gabriel and the Eligius Prisoners kneel or die and then massacres the Children of Gabriel for failing to comply. Knight later reports on the status of the search for those who have so far refused to kneel and is asked about Gaia. Knight explains how he was a part of the group that Indra took to look for Clarke and her friends who are missing and Gaia is believed to be one of them. Knight provides Sheidheda with Madi's notebook and he takes interest in a drawing of the Anomaly Stone, something that he recognizes from when the Dark Commander had the Flame.

Later, Knight unveils a throne of bones for the Dark Commander and has Wonkru carry in the Anomaly Stone which he has recovered. Knight then reveals the best part: he took it upon himself to have Nikki followed when she followed Indra and then disappeared. As a result, Knight has found the missing massacre survivors. Knight accompanies Sheidheda and Indra to the machine shop where Emori forces a stalemate by threatening to detonate the nuclear reactor if Murphy is harmed or Sheidheda attacks. The Dark Commander orders Knight to wait the survivors out and then when they open the door, kill them all. Knight remains behind at the door to the reactor room as everyone else leaves.

In Blood Giant, Knight and two other members of Wonkru use a battering ram to try to take down the door to the reactor room, calling Emori's bluff of detonating the reactor. As a Red Sun eclipse begins, Emori shuts down power to the reactor, dropping Sanctum's shield and letting in the bugs affected by the toxin. The bugs swarm Knight and the other two Wonkru members, partially devouring them. Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Raven and the Disciples arrive with torches and drive off the bugs, leaving behind the partially devoured corpses of the three men.


Knight is shown to be a rebellious and outspoken warrior who greatly respects Sheidheda despite his evil nature. Knight is often shown challenging leadership decisions and later heckling Indra after Wonkru breaks up. Notably, he is the single person to challenge Indra's claim for leadership of Wonkru but was effortlessly defeated by her.

Despite his attitude, Knight does have some reservations as seen when he balks at the idea of killing children, showing that Knight is not completely heartless.

Physical Appearance

He has dark skin and black hair with brown highlights that is pulled back into braids. He has a beard on his chin, a tattoo on his forehead and two scars on his face.


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Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAppears
Welcome to BardoAppears
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAppears
A Little SacrificeAppears
The StrangerAppears
Blood GiantAppears
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Knight (in Trigedasleng): "So, where's the Commander?"
Indra: (in Trigedasleng) "There are no Commanders, anymore."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Thanks to you and your daughter. We know. Then why are we here?"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "There may be no Commander, but make no mistake... I am in Command."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Why should we follow you? You betrayed us! Lied to us! And now you ask to lead us?!"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "I'm not asking. We are Wonkru. Not separate clans. We rose from the ashes of the bunker... and flew across the stars to find a new home. There are threats here that will defeat us if we fail to remember that. Knight, you're in charge of getting the missing guns back from the prisoners."

Notes and Trivia

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