Kira Snyder was a writer and producer on The 100.

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Kira Snyder lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a lifelong writer, in college, she majored in drama with an emphasis in playwriting. Her love of computer games led her to a left turn into technology, where she worked for 7-8 years as a game writer, designer, and producer until getting accepted into the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop. Landed her first job in TV and made her living as a screenwriter ever since.[1]

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The 100 Edit

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Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Producer Edit

  • Season One (co-producer, 12 episodes)
  • Season Two (co-producer, 9 episodes; producer, 7 episodes)
  • Season Three (producer 15 episodes; supervising producer, 1 episode)

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • She is a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and the paranormal.[2]
  • Cinematic heroines Princess Leia and Marion Ravenwood made a huge impact on her as a kid.
  • She loves doing research. For the series, she researched how Civil War doctors treated stab and arrow wounds.[3]
  • She is the writer of "Fog of War", the episode that featured the first appearance of Lexa.[4]
  • She and Kim Shumway​ wrote the Traveler's Blessing.[5]
  • She wrote an urban young adult mystery series, Parish Mail, with a Southern Gothic setting.[4]

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