Kass Morgan is a young-adult fiction writer and editor. She is the author of The 100 book series, which includes The 100, Day 21, Homecoming, and Rebellion. The eponymous TV series is based off her works.

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Morgan was born in New York July 21, 1984, and lives in Brooklyn. She studied literature at Brown University (Bachelor's degree) and Oxford (Master's), and is a fan of science fiction and Victorian novels.

In the afterword of The 100, she thanks her family—father, Sam Henry Kass; mother, Marcia Bloom; brother, Petey Kass; grandparents, Nance, Peter, Nicky, and David; and the Kass/Bloom/Greenfield clans.

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  • Visited the set of TV series in the week of September 7 while filming Season Two.
  • Called in on the internet episode of After Buzz for the last episode of season two review.[2]
  • Revealed she follows William Shatner on twitter, and he is a huge fan of the show.
  • Kass Morgan background in classic literature works its way into the story ― many of her characters are named after popular science fiction writers.[3][2]
    • Clarke Griffin - Arthur C. Clarke, was a British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist.
    • Wells Jaha - H. G. Wells, an English writer in many genres, and called father of science fiction.
    • Octavia Blake - Octavia E. Butler, Female writer, first science fiction writer to win the Genius Grant.
    • Bellamy Blake - Edward Bellamy, American author and socialist, and futurist writings.

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  • On set season 1
  • Kass watching a scene being filmed

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