Kane: What are you trying to prove?

Octavia: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Survival of the Fittest

Kane and Octavia is the relationship between Marcus Kane and Octavia Blake. They are portrayed by starring cast members Henry Ian Cusick and Marie Avgeropoulos, and debut in the tenth episode of Season Two.

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Kane and Octavia first meet at some point between "Human Trials" and "Survival of the Fittest". In the latter mentioned episode, Kane realizes Octavia is the only thing currently keeping the Sky People-Grounder alliance together. He asks her to be a spy but she declines. Octavia saves Kane's life numerous times, both in "Resurrection", when she and the other seconds rescue Kane and Abby from the ruins, and in "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)", when she undoes his cuffs after entering the Mount Weather dorm. In the third season, Kane and Octavia trust each other much more deeply. While Kane operates a coup against Pike within the walls of Arkadia, Octavia relays him information on the Grounders.

During the six years in the Second Dawn Bunker, their relationship deteriorates. At the start of season 5, Octavia forces Kane to fight to death against several other members of Wonkru. When the Eligius prisoners open the bunker, Kane decides to escape with them, rather than taking his chances with Octavia and the fighting pit. Throughout the season, he helps Charmaine Diyoza and Paxton McCreary against the Octavia-led Wonkru.

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Kane and Octavia are first seen interacting in Survival of the Fittest, Kane offers a grounder a gun and is shocked to see the Grounders seem afraid of them. Octavia tells him that they are afraid of guns. She tells him that according to legend if a grounder picks up a gun and uses it even to kill another grounder, Mount Weather will wipe out their enter village. Kane remarks to a guard beside him they don't know nearly enough about these people. The guard then informs him that [Octavia] certainly does. Later, when Octavia finally convinces Indra to let her fight against Fio. Kane tries to tell Indra to stop once Fio knocks Octavia down. After Indra finally tells Fio to stop, Kane picks up and Octavia and helps walk to medical. He asks her what she was trying to prove and she tells him "what doesn't kill you makes you strong."

After the grounders have brought back food. Kane goes to sit next to Octavia, he is aware she is the reason the alliance is so far not failing and she tells him not to screw it up. Aware that Octavia is now Indra's second, Kane asks her to be a spy. Octavia seems offended by this and despite Kane's claims that it is looking out for people, declines and goes to sit with Indra.

In Resurrection, Octavia and the other seconds help rescue Kane and Abby from the ruins. Once they have saved them, Octavia drapes a blanket over Kane.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), after the irradiation of Mount Weather, Octavia enters the dorm. Kane, who is chained to the wall tells her to get the keys from the guard. Octavia retrieves them and undoes his cuffs first, freeing him.

In Hakeldama, Kane confronts Octavia about her sneaking out of Arkadia the day before. Octavia asks him if he has better things to do than worrying about her whereabouts. Kane then tells her that he needs her to sneak out again and meet with Indra in his place. He shows her a crawl space and tells her to report back. Octavia steps into the crawl space and tells him she was born for this. Later, Octavia returns to Arkadia with Clarke. When Clarke's plan to convince Bellamy fails, Octavia rescues her. Clarke and Octavia meet with Kane and Abby at the same crawl space from before and escape Arkadia.

In Bitter Harvest, Octavia is spying on a few members of Pike's regime and radioing Kane information. She soon has to rescue a grounder kid from Gillmer and Hannah all the while not responding to Kane who is worried on the other end. She then finally radios back and informs Kane that Pike's Regime was willing to kill a kid to keep his plan quiet and he needs to find out what Pike is up to.

In Terms and Conditions, Octavia is mentioned to be out of radio contact by Harper. Miller and Harper worry about Octavia but Kane informs them she's likely fine and "there are a lot of reasons she may have gone dark."

In Stealing Fire, Octavia leads the escape plan for Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair. They hide under the floorboards and after climbing out Kane remarks that it was a little tight. Octavia retorts "try doing that for sixteen years." After all of the resistance excluding, Kane, Octavia, and Lincoln have escaped, Pike radios and says that the injured and sick grounders will be executed if the members of the resistance fail to turn themselves in. Lincoln immediately agrees to sacrifice himself and says goodbye to Octavia. He sedates her and places her in Kane's arms.

While the resistance is escaping Arkadia, Lincoln's execution is taking place. Octavia wakes up and crawls closer towards the settlement. Kane stands behind her and holds her as she watches Lincoln's execution take place.

In Fallen, the resistance arrives at Lincoln's cave to find Bellamy chained up. Bellamy asks where Lincoln is and Octavia admits that Pike killed her before beating up Bellamy. Kane turns away from the scene unable to watch. Later, after Monty radios and Kane agrees to meet him the dropship. Octavia insists on coming, saying he'll have to kill her to stop her. Kane and Octavia then both agree to take Bellamy as a hostage. They arrive at the dropship and find that Pike is already there. Pike has a gun to Monty's head so Kane surrenders despite Octavia's protests not to. Octavia then puts a sword to Bellamy's neck but one of Pike's guards shoots at her. After Bellamy tells Kane where the rest of the resistance is hiding and agrees to lead them to it, Octavia tries to attack her brother but is tased by one of Pike's guards. As Bellamy and Pike lead a captive Kane, Octavia, and Monty they realize they are approaching the blockade line. Bellamy calls for grounders of blockade announcing that they have Pike. The grounders kill all of Pike's guards and take her captive. Kane asks where they are going to and grounder says that Pike is being taken the commander in Polis. Kane asks the join the grounder who agrees. He then asks Bellamy if he did this for Octavia or because he believed it was right. Bellamy brushes him off and Kane follows the grounders to Polis.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), a chipped Kane tries to attack Indra and Octavia but Octavia is unable to harm him.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Kane, Emori, and other chipped grounders encounter Octavia and the resistance against ALIE. Octavia convinces Kane she will take the chip and Kane seems pleased. As he and the other chipped soldiers step into a puddle of water, Octavia and resistance throw shock batons into the water electrocuting the chipped soldiers and giving the resistance time to escape.

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After the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, they spend six years within the Second Dawn Bunker. At first Kane is on the Council and helps advice Octavia, who is Osleya (Champion in Trigedasleng). However, after Octavia becomes Blodreina (Red Queen in Trigedasleng), their relationship deteriorates. He disagreed with Octavia forcing Wonkru to "eat or die", i.e. cannibalize the dead or be killed themselves, and all crimes being punished to gladiatorial combat.

At the start of season 5, Kane took the blame for stealing medicine, resulting in him being put in the ring to fight to the death. He survives the first day but Octavia decides to make him fight again. The following day, he refuses to fight and Octavia comes into the ring. Before she can kill him, the bunker is opened by the Eligius prisoners. Once back on the ground, Indra secretly gives Kane keys to his cuffs and tells him to escape at night. When the Eligius prisoners sever the truce with Wonkru, Kane and Abby decide to escape Octavia with them. Kane decides to help Charmaine Diyoza because he believes she is the lesser of two evils. Even after Paxton McCreary takes control, he decides to continue helping the Eligius prisoners, telling McCreary, "I won't let the devil in this garden", referring to Octavia.

In Sanctum, Octavia and Kane have a heated argument over his past actions, causing Kane to bleed out and almost die.

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  • The writers considered making Kane be Octavia's father but decided not to.[1]

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