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Bellamy Previously on the 100...
Octavia There are consequences, Bell. Lincoln is dead.
Bellamy We bring you Chancellor Pike of the Sky People.
Pike Where are you taking me?
Grounder To the new commander.
Kane Can I join you?
Octavia Luna, we're on our way.
Clarke Nightblood, Luna has it that's why we have to find her. If she can access ALIE 2-
Octavia She can tell us how to stop ALIE 1.
Jasper Jaha is using the chips to control everyone.
Jaha The more minds turned to task the more powerful ALIE becomes.
Abby Now that Arkadia has fallen, we'll move on to stage two.
Jaha What we're doing is too important and we won't be done until everyone is with us.
Scene 1 - Polis
[A Grounder is leading Kane and Pike through a now decimated Polis.]
Pike About what I expected.
Grounder Shut your mouth!
Kane Hey...We should leave.
Pike Think you're gonna find peace with the new commander?
[They enter the city square and see many grounders and sky people kneeling. Jackson stands up approaching Kane and Pike.]
Jackson Chancellors.
Kane Jackson?
Pike What the hell are you doing here?
Jackson Those aren't necessary.
Grounder This man belongs to the commander.
[Jaha leads Ontari out to meet them.]
Jaha It's alright, Jackson.
Ontari Untie him
[The grounders remove Pike's chains.]
Ontari Now open your mouth and accept the key.
[The grounder takes the key willingly submitting to ALIE.]
Kane Thelonious, what is this?
Pike It's the chip.
[More grounders take the chip and kneel with the others.]
Pike I thought you were crazy. Now I know you are.
Jaha This is unity. Like you always wanted.
[Pike holds a knife to Ontari's throat.]
Pike Everyone back away or the commander dies!
Pike Thank god. Briggs, Grant, get behind me!
[The guards hit Pike knocking him down.]
Pike Briggs, we're farm station!
[They pull Pike.]
Jaha There are no stations here. Just the City of Light. Join us, Charles, please. There's no more need for fighting.
Pike We both know there's no way in hell I'm taking that thing.
Jaha Sorry it has to be this way.
[The guards puts a bag over his head.]
Pike No!
Jaha How about you, Marcus?
A.L.I.E. We need him. He can help us find Clarke and the other AI.
[Kane takes the chip in his hand and throws it as far away as possible.]
Jaha That was a mistake.
Kane I don't think so.
Jaha You will.
[Two guards come behind Kane place a bag over his head and drag him away.]
A.L.I.E. We are still experiencing a 3% rejection rate.
Abby Don't put Marcus with the others. Leave him to me.
Jaha She can be persuasive.
Title Sequence
Scene 2 - Flashback - The Ark
Pike Chancellor. Dr. Griffin.
Jaha Thank you for coming, Charles.
Pike I didn't know I had a choice. So, what is all this?
Jaha What I'm about to tell you is classified. If you tell anyone any part of it..
Pike I'll be floated. I understand.
Jaha Good. I need you to teach a crash course in wilderness survival. Farming, hunting, building shelters.
Pike To the prisoners?
Jaha Yes.
Pike Well, can I ask why?
Abby We're sending them to the ground.
Jaha We have ninety-nine prisoners here. We've divided them into smaller, more manageable group.
Pike They'll be dead the moment the door opens. The ground won't be survivable for another hundred years or more. What did you find? Tell me.
Kane We're only telling you what you need to know Charles. Nothing more.
Pike (to Abby) Your daughter is in the Sky Box. It must be pretty compelling evidence of survivability if you're willing to risk her life.
Kane Clarke is in solitary. You won't be seeing her.
Pike That's okay. She paid attention the first time. Look I've taught most of these kids already or tried to. They're not exactly receptive learners. But I suppose they will be now.
Jaha They don't know they're going.
Kane And if you tell them-
Pike I'll be floated. I got that.
Abby Think of it this way, you finally get to teach Earth Skills to kids who might actually use them.
Jaha Admittedly, it's a leap of faith, Charles. Take it with us.
Pike I can have them ready in four months, three if I-
Jaha They leave in two weeks.
Pike When do I start?
[Kane opens the door and the kids enter. Jaha, Kane, and Abby leave. ]
Pike Welcome to Earth Skills.
Scene 3 - The Woods
[Octavia, Jasper, Clarke, and Bellamy are in the rover following the map in Lincoln's journal to find Luna.]
Jasper It's been an hour since we passed the airplane wreckage. Seeing as we're using a map without any distances, it could be days before we reach the village.
Bellamy At leases we know we're going in the right direction.
Jasper We're running out of daylight. We should stop in the sun and recharge the battery.
Clarke What sun? We keep going until it dies.
Octavia We keep going until we get to Luna.
Jasper Is this her?
Octavia Yes.
Jasper What do you think she's gonna say when we show up asking her to put an AI in her head?
Octavia Lincoln said she helps those that are in trouble. She'll help us too.
[They stop the rover.]
Jasper You think she can help us find a better map?
Bellamy We'll backtrack. Find somewhere where the trees aren't so bad.
Clarke Guess we're going on foot.
Jasper Anyone hear the part where I said it could be days?
Octavia Stop! You hear that?
Clarke Water.
Bellamy Eyes sharp, they could be hostile.
Octavia They're not hostile. Put the guns down!
[They run through the forest before reaching the water.]
Jasper Where's the village?
[Octavia looks through Lincoln's journal and sees that the drawing in the book identical to the nearby landmark.]
Octavia No. Oh no, it can't be.
Jasper It isn't a village. It's just a bunch of rocks.
Clarke She's gone.
Jasper What do we do now?
Octavia [Screams]
Scene 4 - Flashback - The Ark
[The Ark. Earth Skills class. Pike is demonstrating how to make a fire.]
Pike The ability to make fire kept the human race alive during the Ice Age. There we go. There we go. Who knows? It may do the same for us someday.
[Pike blows on the spark and it ignites.]
Pike Voila. The different between life and death.
[He puts the flame under a glass box.]
[Murphy sarcastically applauds.]
Pike Thank you, Mr. Murphy. Perhaps you'd like to tell us the key to surviving on the ground?
Murphy Not really, no.
Pike Ms. Blake, how about you? The key to survival on Earth. What is it?
Octavia Not dying.
Pike You can laugh all you want, but we've got a lot to learn here. Making fire, tying knots, how to navigate using the stars, how to hunt. You have to learn which plants you can eat and which-
Jasper Which ones you can smoke?
Pike Mr. Jordan, that is precisely why we had to separate you and Mr. Green. Listen, the answer to my question, the key to surviving on the ground and on the Ark is to keep fighting at all costs, against all odds. The minute you give up, you're dead. Am I boring you, Mr. Murphy?
Murphy I'll survive
Scene 5 - Polis
[Murphy is locked in a cell in Polis. Pike is brought into the cell.]
Pike If you wanna kill me, kill me! Briggs, you don't have to do this. You're strong. Fight it, we'll get our people, and get out of here! Briggs!
Grounder Who's ready to take the key?
Murphy What are the odds?
Pike John Murphy?
Murphy Told you I'd survive.
Indra You should have killed me on that battlefield.
[Indra turns around.]
Indra I won't make the same mistake.
[She pulls out her chains and reveals a knife. She walks towards Pike.]
Indra You killed 300 of my people. Now you'll take 300 my hand.
Pike Get on with it.
[Indra rips his shirt and takes the first 2 cuts. Pike yowls in response.]
Scene 6 - The Beach
[Octavia and Jasper are making a fire.]
Clarke It'll be dark soon. We need to talk about what we're gonna do.
Octavia We wait until first light. Then we split up and search the shore in both directions.
[Octavia begins blowing on the timber and places it in the wood so it can ignite.]
Bellamy I agree. Lincoln wouldn't have put this spot on the map unless it was important.
Octavia Don't touch that!
Bellamy Come on, O. How long?
Octavia I don't know. I can't even look at you. Because every time I do, I see Pike putting that gun to Lincoln's head. I hear the gunshot. I see him fall.
Bellamy I didn't kill Lincoln.
Octavia No, but he is dead because of you!
Bellamy I came to you. You didn't take my help. If you had just trusted me I'd-
[Bellamy walks off sadly. Jasper throws a plant into the fire and it grows larger.]
Octavia What did you just do?
Jasper Nothing. I just threw these in the fire.
Clarke What is it?
[Octavia opens Lincoln's book and pulls out the same plant throwing it into the fire so it grows bright and green.]
Octavia Signal fire. He was trying to tell us. This is how we contact Luna.
Jasper I'll get more.
[Clarke looks back to see Bellamy walking away.]
Scene 7 - Polis
[Kane is locked in a room in the Polis tower guards drag in Abby who is chipped unbeknownst to Kane.]
Kane Abby.
Abby Marcus? Oh, thank god!
Kane Are you alright? Did they hurt you?
[He cradles her face in his hands.]
Abby They found me hiding in the woods near the camp. Please...tell me you know where Clarke is.
Kane No, I thought she was here.
A.L.I.E. He's telling the truth.
Abby No, I saw them shoot at her. She got in the rover with Jasper. And they got away. I'm sure.
Kane Well that's good. If the others found her that means she's safe.
Abby Listen to me, they're after Clarke.
Kane How do you know they're after her?
Abby They questioned me for hours. She has something that they want.
Kane What? What?
Abby I don't know.
A.L.I.E. We don't have time for this. If Ontari is right and Clarke finds another nightblood, she'll be able to activate the other AI. We can't let that happen.
Abby Marcus...I'm afraid.
[They embrace.]
A.L.I.E. Try harder.
[Abby makes eye contact with Kane for a moment before proceeding to kiss him. She pushes him down onto a couch but he pushes her away.]
A.L.I.E. He knows.
Abby Marcus.
Kane You've taken the chip.
[Guards enter the room and grab Kane from behind.]
Abby Put him on the cross.
Kane Abby. Abby! Abby, wait! Abby?This is madness! Abby! This is madness!
[The guards tie him down on the cross.]
Abby This is unity.
Kane Abby, please.
Jaha Take the key!
Kane Abby,please. Wake up!
Abby Just tell us where Clarke and the others are hiding.
Kane I can't do that. I can't.
[The others watch unsympathetically as he is nailed to the cross.]
[As the cross is lifted, Kane screams multiple times As A.L.I.E, Abby, Jaha, Ontari and some various Sky People and Grounders watch.]
Scene 8 - The Beach
[Clarke is walking towards Bellamy.]
Bellamy Let me guess, you came here to fix things. Wanheda, the peacemaker.
Clarke I came to see if you were okay.
Bellamy Well, I don't need your help. Clarke. I've lost her.
Clarke Give her time, Bellamy. There may be blood on your hands but it's not Lincoln's.
Bellamy Some of it is.
Clarke Maybe. But you didn't want that to happen. You tried to stop it. Octavia will forgive you eventually. The question is, will you forgive yourself?
Bellamy Forgiveness is hard for us. I was so angry at you for leaving. I don't want to feel that way anymore.
Clarke You know, you're not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe you'll get that someday. But we need each other, Bellamy. What we're doing now, the only way we're gonna pull this off is together.
[They embrace. Suddenly people begin rising from the water. Bellamy and Clarke notice but are promptly knocked out. The warriors make their way to Jasper and Octavia who are still tending to the signal fire.]
Octavia No, no, it's okay.
[Clarke and Bellamy are brought bound and gagged.]
Grounder Who are you? Why did you signal?
Octavia I am Octavia of the Sky People and I seek safe passage.
Grounder Skaikru, bringers of death. Why should we give you safe passage?
Octavia Lincoln. He sent us.
Grounders Remove their gags and free their hands.
Bellamy What's going on?
Octavia I don't know.
[The grounder hands Octavia vial of liquid.]
Clarke What is that?
Grounder Safe passage.
Jasper What does it do?
[Octavia drinks it.]
Bellamy Octavia, wait!
Octavia I trust Lincoln.
Grounder If only she drinks, only she goes.
Jasper See you on the other side.
[Jasper chugs the liquid.]
[Octavia falls to the ground.]
Jasper Oh crap.
[He falls to the ground as well.]
Grounder Last chance.
Clarke Together.
Grounder Signal the boat!
[Clarke and Bellamy each drink from the vial before falling to the ground.]
Scene 9 - Flashback - The Ark
[Pike walks out into a hall to find Jaha.]
Pike I was sorry to hear about your son's arrest. Will he be in my class today?
Jaha No. We're keeping Wells in solitary until launch tomorrow.
Pike Yeah. You don't want him telling the others that the Ark is dying.
Jaha Charles-
Pike It's the only thing that makes sense. Why else would you send kids and not scientists? Do you even care if they live or die?
Jaha We are talking about my son.
Pike Yes, then send me with them.
Jaha Out of the question. What you teach them-
Pike I've taught them nothing! They don't care. So they don't learn, they don't pay attention because they don't think they have a reason to. Let me tell them we're sending them down. Maybe if they're afraid then-
Jaha No. No.
Pike Please. I've only got one more class to reach them.
Jaha Then figure out a way to reach them. Because you are all they've got.
[Jaha leaves.]
Murphy Can we just get out of here, seriously?
Harper You got better things to do, Murphy?
Murphy Is that an offer, McIntyre?
Harper You're such a dick, Murphy.
Pike Everybody, take your seats. Now! I'm sure all of you are will be glad to know that we are officially done talking about Earth Skills.
Murphy Great, in that case-
[Murphy stands up to leave.]
Pike Sit down! How would you feel about assisting me with today's lesson, Mr. Murphy?
Murphy Sign me up.
[Pike punches him.]
Murphy What the hell was that?
[Pike punches him again. Murphy raises his hands and goes to sit down.]
Pike I know all about you, John Murphy.
Murphy Oh, you do, huh?
Pike Yeah I do. Mother drank herself to death after father was floated for stealing medicine to save you. That's a tough row to hoe, I'll give you that. So what does he do with the second change his father gave his life to buy for him? Wasted it. Setting the arresting officer's quarters on fire. Say something.
[Pike punches Murphy again.]
Pike Do something.
Murphy You know, I get it. You trying to teach us to fight back?
Pike Wrong.
[Pike lifts up Murphy and begins beating him.]
Octavia Stop it!
Jasper Leave him alone!
Pike No one is coming to help you. No one is coming to help any of you.
[Fox pounds fiercely on the door.]
[Pike throws Murphy to the ground.]
Pike Is that all you got? Gonna take more than the kids from your own station to save you.
[Pike throws Murphy onto a table as Fox continues banging on the door.]
Pike Who will save you?
[A guard is picking the lock on the door.]
Kane Override it.
Pike Don't you see? This is life or death!
Kane Hey! Charles, you alright? Are you out of your minds? What the hell is this?
Pike This is graduation. Congratulations. Class dismissed.
Scene 10 - Polis
[In the Polis cell, Indra is still taking cuts from Pike.]
Pike You can't break me, grounder.
Murphy If you want her to stop maybe you should try shutting up.
Indra Only one way this stops.
Murphy What's wrong with you people? He's strong. We need him if we're gonna fight our way out of here! Listen to me! Our real enemy is out there. Jaha has an army of chipped soldiers. They don't feel any pain. That means they're not gonna stop until all of us either join them or die.
Pike Don't waste your breath, kid.
Indra Yu gonplei ste odon (Your fight is over.)
Grounder Woman Indra, wait! The boy make sense.
Murphy Ask yourself this, do you want your revenge or do you want your people to live?
Indra Both. I'll get my revenge. Just not today.
[Indra walks back and places her knife into the wall so it appears she is still chained.]
Murphy (to Pike) Go float yourself. Everything I learned, I learned on the ground.
Scene 11 - Flashback - The Ark
[The hundred are being escorted to the dropship.]
Female Voice T-Minus 5 minutes and counting.
[A cover of radioactive plays.]
♪ I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals ♪
[Kane and Abby are seen watching.]
♪ I'm breaking in, I'm shaping out
Checking out on the prison bus ♪
Jasper Have you seen Monty? Is he already onboard?
♪ This is it the apocalypse ♪
[Two men walk by holding a stretcher where Clarke lies.]
Abby Wait!
[Abby looks at Clarke and puts a wristband around her wrist.]
♪ I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my system blow ♪
Abby What are we doing?
♪ Welcome to the new age, to the new age ♪
[Abby strokes her daughter's face and the rest of the hundred are seen boarding the dropship.]
♪ Radioactive, radioactive ♪
Kane Abby, it's time.
♪ Radioactive ♪
Abby May we meet again.
[She kisses Clarke's forehead before the guards take her away.]
♪ I raise my flag, I don my clothes
♪ It's a revolution I suppose ♪
[Bellamy sneaks past the guards grabs Octavia's arm and gets on the dropship with her.]
Bellamy Let's go.
Kane I'm sorry, Abby.
Abby You've got your extra air.
Scene 12 - Polis
[Kane is still on the cross screaming.]
Jaha Marcus. Let me stop the pain.
A.L.I.E. He's strong.
Jaha Yes, always has been. Marcus. I'm afraid we're out of time. We need to know where the resistance you led against Pike hides.
Kane Just shoot me. Shoot me.
Jaha If I shoot you, I won't get the answer.
[Jaha puts the gun to Abby's head.]
Kane Wait!
Jaha You can stop this.
Kane Alright. I'll do it. I'll do it.
[Jaha moves the gun away from Abby and gives Kane the key.]
Jaha Take the key.
[Kane looks up feeling all his pain disappear.]
Scene 13 - Flashback - The Ark
[The dropship launches from to Ark. Clarke and other delinquents are seen on the dropship.]
Scene 14 - Flokru Rig
[Clarke awakens.]
Bellamy Where the hell are we?
Octavia My sword's gone.
[Clarke checks and she still has the flame.]
[Octavia pounds on the walls and the door is opened and woman enters.]
Octavia Luna.
Luna Where is Lincoln?
Octavia Lincoln is dead.
Clarke Lincoln said that you would help us.
Luna Did he?
Clarke Luna, you're the last of your kind. The last nightblood.
Luna So Lexa is dead as well.
Clarke Her spirit has chosen you to become the next commander. Titus entrusted me with the flame to give to you.
Luna Then he should have told you that I left my conclave, swearing to never kill again.
Clarke You don't have to kill. To lead is your birthright, how you lead is your choice. Here.
[Clarke retrieves the flame.]
Luna I recognize the sacred symbol, but what is that?
Clarke This is the flame. It holds the spirits of the commanders. Of Lexa. Will you take it and become the next commander?
Luna No.
[She closes Clarke's palm and leaves.]
Clarke Hey, wait!
[Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper look out to notice they are on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean.]