Jasper: I won't let you die.

Maya: I won't let you surrender.


Jasper and Maya is the relationship between Jasper Jordan and Maya Vie. They are portrayed by cast members Devon Bostick and Eve Harlow. They début in the first episode of Season Two. The pair first meet inside Mount Weather after 48 of the Delinquents were captured. They immediately take a liking to each other.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In The 48, Jasper and Maya meet. Jasper is disappointed that there's no more chocolate cake left, but, Maya offers Jasper her piece. The pair bond over chocolate cake until Clarke interrupts them. Later, Maya points a gun at Clarke to prevent her from opening a hatch to escape since it would expose everyone in Mount Weather to radiation exposure. However, Jasper is able to persuade Clarke to stop and Maya lowers the gun.

In Inclement Weather, Maya and Jasper are at the piano and continue to bond with one another. An alarm goes off and Maya has to leave immediately. Clarke chases after Maya, with Jasper closely following.

In Reapercussions, Maya shows Jasper a warehouse full of paintings that were collected before the bombs dropped. They almost kiss until a guard interrupts them, and they both flee the warehouse before they are caught. Later, they have breakfast together and Jasper gets Maya to help him find out what has happened to Clarke since she has been missing.

In Human Trials, Maya tries to convince Jasper and Monty to stay at Mount Weather. Monty wants to leave but Jasper wants to stay. Jasper thinks of himself as a coward because he can't bring himself to go search for Clarke outside Mount Weather, even though he knows she would do it for him. Maya reassures Jasper that he isn't a coward; he's just smart. Suddenly, Maya's face begins to turn red and bumps begin to form quickly due to radiation exposure. Jasper and Monty begin yelling and pounding on the door for help. Later, Jasper agrees filter Maya's radiated blood through his body in order to save her life, since Mount Weather's standard treatment for radiation exposure will not work on her. Maya wakes up and is told Jasper saved her life, and she then tells him that he is brave.

In Long Into an Abyss, Jasper mentions Maya's name to Miller when they are breaking into Dante Wallace's office. He states that Maya has disabled the cameras in the office so no one is looking.

In Remember Me, they are seen together working out a plan to get the 47 a radio to escape Mount Weather. During the heist, Maya and Jasper are left behind to fix a painting to cover up the hole they put in the wall. When a guard comes up, Jasper kisses Maya to cover up what they were actually doing.

In Coup de Grâce, Maya is seen comforting Jasper when Monty has gone missing. Maya says she'll check the harvesting compound again, but tells Jasper to stay out of trouble until then.

In Resurrection, the 44 have taken level 5 and the mess hall when Cage radios and says he has Maya and in 20 minutes she'll be dead from either suffocation or radiation burns. She is brought to the mess hall and Jasper comforts her telling her he won't let her die. Luckily, Monty is able to repair the trash chute which gives Maya a way off the level and Bellamy the ability to enter with guns. When they reach the bottom the chute Jasper removes her helmet and hugs her.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Jasper, Monty, Bellamy, and Maya find Clarke and Octavia in the Mount Weather mines. The group splits as Jasper, Octavia, and Maya head to level 5 (since Maya's oxygen is nearly out.) and Monty, Bellamy, and Clarke go to interrogate Dante. Maya tells Jasper there is no way Cage will let her live and Jasper vows to kill him before giving Maya a kiss goodbye and telling her he loves her. Later, Octavia and Maya are found by a kissing couple who call for the Mount Weather Guards. Octavia kills the guards and Maya and Octavia enter the mess hall only to be cornered by more guards. Bellamy who is in the control room with Clarke and Monty pulls the lever to irradiate level 5 to save his sister. Jasper is in the dorm and is holding a knife ready to kill Cage when notices the guards blistering and falling over dead. Since he is still unchained he runs into the mess hall to find Maya ignoring the screams from Harper and Kane to be set free. He finds Octavia holding a dying Maya and takes her in his arms. He claims she was innocent but she says "None of us is innocent," before taking her final breath. Jasper is inconsolably sad and is furious at both Monty and Clarke claiming if he'd had more time he could've killed Cage. Bellamy tells Jasper "[The Mountain Men] never would've stopped," before he and Clarke leave to go retrieve the others from the dorm.


Jasper: "You think we lost them?"
Maya: "I actually don't think anyone was ever chasing us."
-- Reapercussions

Maya: "We'll keep looking. We'll find them."
Jasper: "We both know where they are."
Maya: "I checked the harvest chamber last night."
Jasper: "So check it again! They took my best friends."
Maya: "I'll check again, but you have to look like there's nothing wrong. Like everything is the same. Don't do anything stupid."
Jasper: "Everything's okay. Everything's okay. Everything's... not okay. Time to do something stupid."
-- Coup de Grâce

Jasper: "I won't let you die."
Maya: "I won't let you surrender."
-- Resurrection

Maya: "You think Cage Wallace is gonna let me live here after that?"
Jasper: "We'll kill him."
Jasper: "She was innocent."
Maya: "None of us is innocent."
-- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • They both enjoy eating chocolate cake.
  • They almost kiss in Reapercussions
  • They meet in The 48 in Mount Weather's dining room.
  • Maya is Jasper's second love interest.
  • Jasper saves Maya's life in Human Trials.
    • He lets Maya have some of his blood to heal her from the exposure to radiation.
  • The Maya of Clarke's subconscious in Nevermind blamed Clarke for Jasper ending his life because suggesting Clarke assoicated Maya's death which started sending him off in the deep end until his death.


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