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What is the point in beating yourself up over all the crappy things you've done? You did them! And don't say you had reasons, because at the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons, because they are your reasons. No matter how much you punish yourself, it's not gonna change anything. It's not gonna bring anyone back. The way I see it is we can spend our last days wallowing in our reasons, or we can do...we can do whatever the hell we want. Really mean it this time.
— Jasper to Bellamy Blake [src]

Jasper Jordan was a major character in the first, second, third, and fourth seasons. He was portrayed by Devon Bostick and debuted in the series premiere.

Jasper was part of the original 100. He was arrested along with his best friend, Monty Green, for stealing herbs from the Ark garden and sent to juvenile lockup. Jasper was a Gunner for the Delinquents against the Woods Clan. Jasper also served as the primary chemist for the 100's time on Earth.

Jasper battled PTSD that developed after he was speared in the chest in "Pilot." This has continued on throughout the second season. He was initially supposed to be a minor character that died in the "Pilot" but his fate was changed due to the cast and crew liking his character so much.

While inside Mount Weather, Jasper became dependent on the Mountain Men, believing they had the Delinquents' best interests at heart. When Jasper learned the truth, however, he was determined to save his people and leave Mount Weather, becoming a leader for the Delinquents trapped inside.

In Season Three, Jasper became severely depressed due to Maya's death, and he developed grudges against Monty and Clarke. He made several attempts to drink himself to death, but fought against it. He later joined a resistance of Sky People, who fought the Artificial Intelligence A.L.I.E. after she took control of nearly all the Arkadians and residents of Polis. He eventually took the chip himself to try and relieve the pain of losing Maya. He was released from the city of light after Clarke pulls A.L.I.E.'s kill switch.

In Season Four, Jasper was much of the same, coming moments away from committing suicide with a pistol before being interrupted. However, after learning that there was another nuclear apocalypse looming and there was very little hope for any of them to survive, he became more cheerful. He entered a mode of disregarding his actions, believing that since they were all going to die soon anyway, that he won't be around to reap the consequences. When the rest of the Sky People leave to go to the Second Dawn Bunker, Jasper decided to stay behind at Arkadia in order to die. He had one last talk with Monty before he died from overdosing on the tea that he made from the hallucinogenic Jobi Nuts, committing suicide as he begged Monty to say his last words before he dies as Monty watched in despair.

Early Life[]

Jasper was born on The Ark to chemist parents. He is best friends with Monty Green and did great in chemistry class. At some point before his crime, Jasper attended a Masquerade dance with his friends where he first saw Octavia Blake, who he grew a liking to.

Jasper was arrested alongside Monty after they were caught "stealing herbs".[1]

Throughout the Series[]

Pilot 014

Monty and Jasper strapped to the wall of the dropship.

In Pilot, Jasper is seen on the dropship with Monty Green talking. Outside of the Dropship Jasper approaches Clarke Griffin and briefly flirts with her until Wells Jaha pushes Jasper away from them, which inadvertently causes a conflict between Wells and John Murphy.

Pilot 043

Jasper Jordan and Monty

Later, Jasper and Monty are talking with other Delinquents when they're roped into Clarke's journey to Mount Weather by Finn and Octavia also joins them. While they are walking, Finn places a flower behind Octavia's ear and Jasper mentions to Monty that Finn has game. Monty mentions the flower is poison sumac. Finn asks how they got imprisoned. Monty and Jasper hint they were arrested for stealing pharmaceuticals ("herb") from the Ark gardens and forgetting to replace it. Jasper asks Octavia what she was arrested for. She replies for being born and rushes off to join Clarke and Monty makes fun of Jasper by telling him that upsetting her is not game. Minutes later they see their first animal, a deer. Jasper watches in awe until Finn snaps a twig and the deer turns to them shocking the group with its two heads.

Pilot 066

Jasper saves Octavia from a sea serpent.

When they arrive at a river, Jasper watches in awe as Octavia strips. When she jumps into the water he is shown to be fearful because they don't know how to swim, however, Octavia stands up. While they start to get undressed to join her, Jasper notices movement in the water. He orders Octavia to get out of the water but it's too late and Octavia is attacked by a sea serpent and taken under the water. When the group realizes she is still alive, Jasper jumps in and saves Octavia. Later that night, Jasper sleeps near Monty with Octavia's head on his chest.

Pilot 099

Jasper speared by Grounders

The next morning they find another way to cross the river. To impress Octavia, Jasper convinces Finn to let him swing across the vine first. Landing safely on the other side Jasper finds an old sign indicating they've made it to Mount Weather. He holds the sign up into the air and the others cheer. Moments later, Jasper is pierced in the chest with a spear, leaving the rest in shock.

In Earth Skills, Clarke, Finn, Wells, Bellamy, and Murphy search for Jasper, tracking him by his blood. They find him tied up to a tree as bait. They release him and they bring him back to the Camp. Clarke treats his wounds and says that he might die if they don't get medicine soon.

In Earth Kills, Jasper has still not recovered from his wounds and Clarke is forced to cut away the infected flesh around his wound. Bellamy tells Clarke that if Jasper does not improve by the next day, he will kill Jasper. While Clarke, Finn, and Wells go in search of a seaweed that will help Jasper, Monty and Octavia stay behind to take care of him. During the night all the Delinquents are forced to take shelter in the dropship due to the Acid Fog and many become annoyed with Jasper's moaning in pain. Murphy decides to kill him, however, Octavia and Monty stop him by barricading the upper level of the dropship. The next day, the others return with the seaweed to help Jasper who begins to make a recovery and asks Finn for a drink of the whiskey he found.

In Murphy's Law, Octavia tries to get Jasper to leave camp but John Mbege grabs her from behind, frightening Jasper. He then trips when he tries to return to camp and finds a knife and the recently murdered Wells' disembodied fingers. They take the knife back to camp and show it to Clarke and Bellamy, who discover the initials J.M on it and confront Murphy about it. It turns out, however, that Charlotte is the real murderer. Murphy decides she needs to be punished and Jasper tries to stop him but gets punched while doing so.

That night after Murphy is banished, Monty is almost finished establishing a way to communicate with the Ark through their wristbands. He has Jasper put the finishing touch, however, the radio does not work and instead fries all the remaining Delinquents' wristbands. Jasper then laments that he is cursed. Octavia tells him that he is not cursed but brave and kisses him.

In His Sister's Keeper, Jasper eagerly joins Bellamy, Finn, and some other delinquents to search for Octavia who has gone missing. They eventually find tracks leading into the Grounders territory and most of the Delinquents turn back but Jasper continues on with Bellamy, Finn, John Mbege, Zoe Monroe, Diggs, and Roma. They soon lose the trail and are ambushed by the Grounders, who manage to kill John Mbege, Diggs, and Roma. Enraged Jasper calls them out and they begin to move in on the survivors, however, the Grounders hear the sound of a horn and scatter. Finn realizes it is the same sound he had heard previously before the acid fog, so they take shelter under a tarp.

Bellamy soon realizes there is no fog and they spot a Grounder running through the forest and they follow him back to his cave. Once inside they find the Grounder unconscious and Octavia trying to unlock her chains. Instead of leaving, Bellamy wants to kill the Grounder but Octavia begs him to spare the Grounder. While they argue the Grounder stabs Finn and defends himself against Bellamy. Jasper manages to get behind the Grounder and hits him over the head, knocking him out. They leave the Grounder chained up in the cave and take the wounded Finn back to camp as the storm begins.

In Contents Under Pressure Monty and Jasper are mentioned as having not made it back to the dropship during the storm and they presumably found somewhere to take shelter until it passed.

In Day Trip Monty and Jasper are snacking on seeds and nuts as they assist in the sorting and organizing of supplies for the upcoming winter. Jasper notices that Monty is acting a little weird and leaves him to go pee. While he's doing so, Jasper begins to hallucinate that the Grounders have surrounded the Camp. He runs to Octavia and she realizes he's been drugged from the jobi nuts he and Monty were eating. She gives him an "anti-grounder" stick to hold onto to protect himself from the Grounders. He is later seen cradling it in his arms.

In Unity Day, Jasper is seen bringing out moonshine as the Unity Day speech is given. Later on, he visits Raven Reyes and gives her a drink as they discuss how to test the gunpowder. Bellamy interrupts them, needing Raven's help to follow after Clarke and Finn, who are meeting with the Grounders in hopes of forming an alliance. Jasper goes with Raven and Bellamy as back-up. Once there, he watches in disappointment as Octavia hugs Lincoln. As the meeting begins, Jasper notices Grounders hiding in the trees and he opens fire on them. He manages to kill two before fleeing back to camp with the others. When they return, Octavia yells at Jasper, saying he ruined the possibility of a truce.

In I Am Become Death, Jasper was shown to be standing around a campfire, boasting about how he killed two Grounders at the bridge meeting. Octavia is irritated by it and Monty tells her to let them enjoy it as Jasper recieved a new tent from Bellamy. After a while, Harper enters Jasper and Monty's tent and says that she wouldn't mind coming by, but Jasper brushes her off. Monty warns Jasper that Octavia isn't going to happen, but Jasper tells Monty he's jealous and should find somewhere else to sleep.

When someone sets off the tripwire that was surrounding the camp, they find Murphy, all beaten up and bloody. After Murphy infects everyone with the disease that he was carrying, Bellamy orders Jasper to shoot the bomb that was going to blow up the bridge.

When Jasper was planning to leave, he asks Monty if he wanted to go, but was ignored as Monty was still upset about their previous disagreement.

When they arrive at the bridge, Finn tells Jasper to line up the shot and then runs to Raven to get her to safety. The Grounder army begins to cross the bridge as Jasper shoots toward the bomb. He makes the shot eventually, blowing the bridge in a massive explosion seen all the way back at the drop ship. Bellamy is impressed they did it and Clarke quotes Oppenheimer.

At the ending scene, Jasper is shown to be with Finn, Raven, and Murphy, returning from the explosion as everyone applauds.

In The Calm, several delinquents mention that Jasper is off creating more gunpowder.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Jasper tries to get Bellamy to go after Clarke, Finn, and Monty, who are still missing from the previous episode. Bellamy refuses and Jasper heads up to the top level of the drop ship to get more gunpowder. As he is coming back down, he witnesses Murphy suffocating Myles. Murphy spots him and they both look toward a gun, unfortunately, Murphy grabs it first and takes Jasper hostage. Bellamy offers himself in exchange for Jasper and Murphy agrees to the trade, letting Jasper go. Jasper helps Raven get under the drop ship to open the door. Once she does, Jasper rushes in with Octavia to help save Bellamy. After Murphy escapes, Bellamy tells Jasper that they will be going after Clarke, Finn and Monty, and Jasper hugs Bellamy.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2) Jasper is seen with The 100 evacuating from their main base. As they move forward, Drew's head is impaled by a grounder weapon, killing him instantly. Jasper screams, "Grounders!" and everyone runs back to the Camp. During the war with the grounders, Jasper is stationed as a gunner overlooking the mine fields with Harper McIntyre on the west side of the camp. He witnesses several grounders being killed by the mines and is the first to realize that the Grounders are running laterally across their gunfire and not attacking to get them to waste bullets. Jasper is soon called back to the drop ship by Clarke to assist her and Raven's in getting the drop ship hooked up to the residual rocket fuel. He is able to wire it up, but when the moment comes to set off the blast, it doesn't work. He quickly remembers that Raven had told him it needs a magnet to work and is able to activate the explosion, killing approximately 300 grounders. Jasper is last seen dragging an imprisoned Anya out of the drop ship just before the Mountain Men storm in and take the remaining Delinquents to Mount Weather.

In The 48, Jasper is first seen with Monty on the tour with the rest of the delinquents given by Keenan Mykulak at Mount Weather. The group rejoices when Clarke arrives. When Clarke asks about Finn and Bellamy, Jasper tells her that they didn't make it. Later, Monty and Jasper are eating dessert in the Mess Hall and Jasper offers Monty a piece of his pie but Monty doesn't let Jasper have a taste of his chocolate cake. Clarke arrives and they invite her to sit with them, but she refuses to eat the food because she doesn't trust the people of Mount Weather. Jasper tells Clarke that she's bumming him out and he goes in search of some chocolate cake, running into Maya Vie. Since Clarke had earlier taken Maya hostage, Jasper tries to tell her that Clarke is actually a good person. Clarke appears and apologizes to Maya before leaving again. Maya realizes that Clarke stole her key card and she and Jasper chase after Clarke. They reach Clarke just as she's about to pull a lever to open the door to Mount Weather. Jasper pleads with her, telling her she pulled one lever (to close the drop ship door) and saved lives; if she pulls this lever, she will kill everyone in the Mountain through radiation exposure. Clarke is soon arrested.

In Inclement Weather, Jasper tries to convince Clarke to stop acting rudely towards the residents of Mount Weather. Jasper explains that if she keeps acting that way, then the Mount Weather residents won't want them there and they will be kicked out of Mount Weather. Jasper is later seen talking to Maya and they seem to like each other. An alarm goes off and Maya tells Clarke it's for someone needing medical attention. Clarke and Jasper follow Maya and overhear that someone has been injured. While the medical team is busy putting on radiation gear, Clarke and Jasper rush into the room where they find a deceased Mount Weather Guard. Clarke inspects the wound before she's interrupted by the medical team. They see another Mount Weather Guard being brought in for radiation exposure before they leave. Clarke later argues with Jasper that it was a gunshot wound, not an arrow wound, like Dante had said, but Jasper doesn't entirely believe Clarke.

In Reapercussions, Maya takes Jasper to a warehouse full of paintings and makes him not look until he gets there, which leads to him saying that he hates surprises. Once Maya allows him to open his eyes, they both admire the paintings until they almost kiss, however, they are interrupted as guards come into the warehouse. Once out of the warehouse, Jasper wonders if the guards stopped chasing them, but Maya says that she doesn't believe anyone was ever chasing them.

In Human Trials, Jasper is first seen talking to President Wallace about what happened to Clarke. He tells him that she decided to escape, not explaining why she left. Jasper, slowly becoming loyal to Mount Weather believes Dante, and carries on with his day. When Monty confronts him about it, he wonders why he would believe him over Clarke. Monty tries to convince Jasper that they have to leave, but Jasper continues to ignore him. Maya walks in and tries to help the situation, but Monty persists on leaving. Jasper says the situation is very conflicting, as he knows Clarke would go after him. Suddenly, a containment breach enters the room, and Maya starts to get radiation burns, with Jasper and Monty terrified, trying to get help.

When Jasper finds Maya in critical condition, Dr. Lorelei Tsing recommends a blood transfusion, as The 100's blood is resistant to the outside world. Monty tries to convince him not to do it, but Jasper does it anyway in order to save Maya. The transfusion was successful, with Maya being fully recovered.

In Fog of War, Monty and Jasper discover the truth about the Harvest Chamber at Mount Weather after Maya tells them the truth about how her people have survived under the mountain for so long.

In Long Into an Abyss, Jasper along with Monty, Nathan Miller, Harper McIntyre and two other Delinquents still trapped in Mount Weather are seen planning how to break into Dante's Office and wondering if Clarke is still alive. Later he, Monty, Harper, and Miller put their plan into action and break into the office. The Day after they break into Dante's office Jasper talks to Monty and Miller telling them that he hasn't seen Harper say they haven't either, hearing that, the group begins to worry.

In Remember Me, Jasper, Monty, Miller, and Maya try to hack into Mount Weather's radio to send out an SOS signal to the people on the ground. They later discover that Monty is missing.

In Coup de Grâce, Jasper walks up to Dante Wallace and demands to know where Monty and Harper are. He then threatens him with a sword, only to find Wallace taking it off him and saying it is not a toy. Jasper then finds out that Wallace was on his side the whole time when he releases Monty and Harper and says that they are free to go. Jasper then tells the 47 to leave Mount Weather before the Mountain Men change their minds. However, the door gets closed leaving the 47 trapped inside. Jasper runs to the door in panic but then looks in shock to find Bellamy inside Mount Weather with Maya.

In Rubicon, Jasper and the other delinquents are isolated in their room. Jasper says that he saw Bellamy outside the room and that he will come and help them. Suddenly, Dr. Tsing walks in with a dozen Mountain Men guards and says they will be taking them one by one to perform Bone Marrow treatment. Tsing takes one of the 47 and runs off with him, the group completely helpless. Later when Jasper and the others rebel, Bellamy is seen holding down Jasper and sneaks a gun onto him. When Tsing and the others return again, they pull out their weapons and really begin to fight back, but the weapons are no match for the Mountain Men, and they are ineffective. Jasper, however, shoots one of them, however, he shot the guards Kevlar, again proving ineffective. Tsing decides they will take Jasper instead, and they carry him off. But suddenly a radiation leak caused by Bellamy occurs on their level, causing radiation burns to all Mountain Men. Jasper and others take their weapons as they all helplessly die. Dr. Tsing attempts to escape through a nearby elevator, but Jasper keeps the elevator door open long enough for the burns to get to Tsing, killing her.

In Resurrection, the 46 have barricaded their room and are now fully loaded with guns and weapons to fight back. Jasper and the others take care of ways they could harm them and destroy all cameras around them. When the Mountain Men finally arrive, the Mountain Men throw gas grenades in the room to knock out the delinquents. Carl Emerson then leads the charge into their room and prepares to carry all of them off. However, the delinquents surprise them and begin to slaughter the mountain men with all of their weapons. When it is all over, Jasper finds one of the Mountain Men crawling away, to which he takes his ax and smashes it on the man. However, unbeknownst to Jasper, the Mountain Men managed to take away one of their friends, Fox. With all of the commotion, Cage Wallace decides to blackmail Jasper by using Maya, who walks onto the delinquents level with a radiation suit on. He says that Maya only has 20 minutes of oxygen on her, and if he does not give up she will be exposed to the radiation. Jasper comforts her in this time but is surprised when Bellamy comes through the Garbage Disposal in their room, which the Mountain Men had apparently locked. Bellamy moves Maya, Jasper and presumably the rest of the 46 through here in order to escape. Jasper along with the other delinquents are then seen being aided by Maya's father and other Mountain Men who believe holding prisoners for their blood is not right.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Jasper and Maya are seen hiding in the home of a couple that are part of the movement to save the captive delinquents stuck in Mount Weather. After the guards threaten to kill the couple Jasper and Maya come out of hiding in an attempt to save them, but the guard shoots the couple in the head, killing them instantly, as they are forced to watch in horror. In a later scene Jasper, Maya, Miller and Fox are walking with guards who want to take them to Cage Wallace, Maya's father, Vincent, tries to stop him, and one guard attempts to shoot him, in response Bellamy appears and kills the guard, while Jasper and Miller attack and kill the others. When Bellamy goes to leave to retrieve the remaining delinquents, Jasper feels it's his responsibility to go with him because he promised to protect them, Bellamy hesitates to take Jasper but eventually agrees and they take Maya along with them. When they get to the level where the others were supposed to hide they find Monty, who tells them guards came and took the remaining delinquents away while he was hiding. After Monty tells them the remaining 44 are in the Harvest Chamber, Jasper drags Monty with him to go after them and try to save their friends. When they arrive in the Harvest Chamber they soon realize they were too late as they find Vincent dead on the ground. Jasper then attempts to comfort Maya over her father's death, while the delinquents remain missing.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Jasper alongside Bellamy and Monty reunite with Clarke and Octavia. Jasper, Maya, and Octavia try to get a new Air Tank for Maya and make their way to their friends, while Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty make their way to Mount Weather's control room. While on their journey Maya and Jasper share a kiss, showing their love for each other. On their way to the delinquents, Jasper says he will kill Cage so they can get their Friends out and Maya can stay in Mount Weather then a couple in Mount Weather spots them, and alarms the guards. However both of the guards then chase after Octavia and Maya, but Jasper is taken by Lee who was brought in by Maya to help them.

When Jasper is taken into the Delinquents bunker, he comes across all the other delinquents who are tied up. Jasper draws a knife and goes after Cage, but notices that all Mountain Men are receiving radiation burns, meaning the level had been infected. Jasper leaves to go see if Maya is ok leaving Kane and Harper screaming after him because they are still tied up. When Jasper arrives he sees Octavia holding Maya who is suffering from Radiation. He is then seen holding Maya as she is dying from her burns, with Jasper in tears. When Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty come in he confronts them telling Clarke he was about to kill Cage and asking Monty how he could let this happen Monty tells him he is sorry but Jasper doesn't understand him. When Jasper arrives at Camp Jaha for the first time, an injured Raven gives him back his goggles.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Jasper is first seen lying under a table. Monty Green explains to Bellamy that he has never been the same since Maya was killed. Monty and Jasper's relationship seems to have deteriorated. Jasper decides to go with Bellamy, Monty, and Raven Reyes on their mission. In the car, Jasper plays a song to get everyone singing. Eventually, they get confronted by a Grounder. Jasper walks quickly towards the Grounder to grab the beacon, which ends with him getting his neck slightly cut by the Grounder. He smiles as he is being cut. Luckily, Octavia saves him by throwing her knife at the Grounder. Later, Jasper storms out of Medical and Abby agrees to let him go but makes him promise to check back with her in the morning. Once he sees Macallan playing the piano, memories of Maya resurface. This causes Jasper to become angry and leads him to tackle Macallan off of the piano. The pair briefly fight until some Arkers break them up.

In Wanheda (Part 2), in Arkadia's medical room, Abby is checking up on Jasper after his altercation with Macallan the night before. Abby tries to force Jasper to talk and uses Finn as an example. Jasper tells Abby that Clarke killed him just like she killed Maya. Octavia and Lincoln interrupt them when they bring in Nyko, who has lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. Eric Jackson types him and it comes up Rhnull. Octavia offers her arm to give blood as a universal donor but her blood won't work. Lincoln then offers his arm and Jackson types him also as not a match. Jackson suggests using Mount Weather's medical facility because they have the equipment needed for a blood transfusion to save Nyko. Abby tells him they can't do it but he argues with her that they need to do it to save Nyko's life. Abby is suddenly hesitant after Lincoln warned her about the supply runs jeopardizing their peace. Lincoln tells Abby to save Nyko, even if it means going back to Mount Weather. Abby then turns and tells Jasper he's going to Mount Weather with them to face his feelings.

At Mount Weather, Lincoln, Abby, and Jackson are rushing Nyko to the medical area. Octavia tells Jasper not to do anything stupid before following after them. Jasper finds his way into the Art warehouse, looking for the painting Maya loved and becomes enraged when he can't find it. He starts to tear the place apart until he finds the painting. He sets it down and stares at it somberly. Octavia finds him and sits down next to him. He tells Octavia the painting represents the Second Circle of Hell from Dante's Inferno. He starts to cry and Octavia puts an arm around him, telling him it will get better. He asks when.

In Watch the Thrones, Jasper refuses to go the Mount Weather memorial being held in Arkadia. When Monty mentions it, he tells Monty he should go and sneaks out an opening the in the fence, Monty following. They arrive at the dropship and Jasper begins drowning alcohol, Monty tells him he's had enough but Jasper disagrees.

Monty later looks in Jasper's backpack and a finds an urn of ashes that he identifies belong to Finn. Monty goes to confront Jasper but finds he is passed out drunk. Jasper soon awakens hung over and asks Monty how he was able to murder Maya yet be fine. Monty shouts that he's not fine and says that he didn't have a choice. Monty remarks that he misses his best friend but Jasper says that he died that day too. Monty asks Jasper how he could just take Finn's ashes but not give a second thought about Clarke or Raven but Jasper does not react. They have an argument and Monty storms off. They then prepare to return to Arkadia when a drunken Jasper trips, spilling the ashes.

In Bitter Harvest, Jasper is first seen watching Jaha distribute the key to the City of Light. He is noticed by Abby who tells him to wait until she's able to run some tests on the keys and he agrees. He later admits to Raven that he spilled Finn's ashes but since she is in the City of Light and retains no memories of Finn, she has no reaction and simply smiles happily. Jasper then asks her what she's on, and how he can get some and she redirects him to Jaha.

He and Jaha sit at a table as Jaha tells him about the City of Light and offers him the key. Jasper prepares to take the key before he is stopped by Abby who requests Jaha give her the science behind his miracle pain reliever. Jaha happily complies and explains how the key work while Jasper mutters that he should stuck with the word key. Abby then asks if Jaha would give the key to Wells without testing it first and is horrified when Jaha does not seem to remember Wells at all. Abby shuts down Jaha's operations before leaving Jaha and Jasper. As she leaves, Jaha asks Eric Jackson who has already taken te key to keep an eye on her.

In Terms and Conditions, Jasper is first seen yelling at Jacapo Sinclair as he has been informed that with Pike's rationing in the place, alcohol will no longer be served. He is noticed by Raven, Jaha, and ALIE and identified as someone who can help them find and retrieve the chip maker.

Raven tricks Jasper into meeting her by telling him she has alcohol, however when they meet she informs him she needs his help breaking into Pike's office. She says that since everyone knows she's with Jaha, she can't do it herself, but if he did it no one would question his motives. Jasper questions how Raven expects him to crack Pike's password but Raven says that Monty is in charge of the password; he doesn't have to crack Pike's password, he has to crack Monty's.

They enter another room where Raven asks Jasper various questions about Monty in order to help him come up with ideas for what the password might be. Raven tries with Monty's favorite color, favorite book and finally his favorite place which Jasper says is a starboard bay which had the best view of the moon on the entire Ark ship. He then mentions they often played on which planet would you rather and that the answer was always Earth. ALIE then alerts Raven that the password is an alphanumeric sequence representing the word Earth. Raven congratulates Jasper and he tells her assuming they don't get caught he wants to be first in line for a chip and Raven agrees. They hack into Pike's office and Raven goes for the chipmaker. However, Jasper stops her when he asks if the City of Light removes all the bad memories of a person and only leaves the good ones, such as your first kiss. Raven stalls at this and realizes she doesn't remember her first kiss, in fact, she doesn't remember anything about Finn at all. She tells Jasper they can't let ALIE have the chipmaker and leaves the room.

In Fallen, Jasper meets with Abby and a desperate Raven who wants to get ALIE out of her head. Raven tells them they can use the wristbands that the 100 were sent to the ground with to create an EMP and destroy the chip. Abby says she knows where one is and goes to tell Raven but Raven stops her saying that everything she hears and sees ALIE will see and hear as well. Raven then tells Abby to tell Jasper the location of the wristband and she does. Jasper then goes off to find the wristband. He easily acquires the box however, Jaha's chipped army catches him. They handcuff him to the railing and Jaha smashes the wristband with a hammer.

After he finally breaks free, Jasper looks at the remains of the wristband realizing putting it back together is futile. He then goes into medical and finds Raven lying on a bed with bandages on her wrists. Jasper asks what they did to her and the chipped Raven says she is fine and apologizes for worrying him. She offers him the key to the City of Light but he sedates her and carries her off. Jaha and ALIE realize Jasper is taking Raven and command for the chipped victims to open fire towards the rover. Jasper is able to get Raven into the rover and drive off before stopping upon noticing Clarke. He demands she get into the rover as she frantically asks questions. After Clarke has gotten into the rover, Jasper drives off away from Arkadia.

In Nevermore, Clarke and Jasper bring an unconscious Raven to the resistances cave. He explains to everyone that the people of Arkadia are no longer themselves. Clarke backs him up but he tells her he doesn't need her to defend him. Clarke asks if the key for the City of Light resembles the flame which awakens Raven, who is possessed by ALIE]says the flame belongs to her. Jasper urges Clarke to give the flame to Raven but she refuses. He then says they'll need a wristband to make an EMP to remove Raven's chip and Clarke tells him she knows where to get one.

They arrive at Niylah's trading post and Niylah is hostile towards them, revealing that Skaikru killed her father who was part of the army that was sent to protect them. When Clarke tells Jasper they'll be taking shifts watching Raven he angrily tells her that she doesn't give orders. Clarke apologizes for the Mount Weather genocide and killing Maya but Jasper tells her to "shove [her] regret up her ass." Later, while Jasper is guarding chipped Raven she gets to him by calling him worthless and pathetic and taunts his inability to save Maya. Jasper is furious and moves to smash the flame with a hammer, however, Clarke stops him by telling her it's Lexa in the flame. Later when Raven is unchipped she apologizes to him for all the crap she said and Jasper forgives her asking if she's sorry for punching him the face as well but she teasingly remarks that he deserved that.

In Demons, Jasper returns to Arkadia with Monty, Raven, Sinclair, Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy to retrieve Lincoln's journal about Luna. While Raven, Clarke, Monty, Sinclair work on trying to activate the flame he follows Octavia. He watches Octavia as she finds Lincoln's journal and breaks down over his loss. Jasper reminds Octavia that "it gets better" just as she had told him before, but Octavia remarks that their situations are not the same. They are then both captured by Emerson and put in the airlock. Emerson tries to make them suffocate but Clarke saves both of their lives by putting the flame into Emerson, killing him. Jasper accompanies Octavia, Bellamy, and Clarke on their search for Luna.

In Join or Die, Jasper, Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are still in the rover. They stop when the rover goes off course and decide to continue on foot despite Jasper protests that they could be days away from their destination. The group arrives near the sea and is upset that Luna's clan is nowhere in sight. They make a fire which Jasper throws a random plant into it causing it to ignite. Octavia comes to the realization that the plant can be used to create signal fire and Jasper goes to find some more. The Boat People arrive and bring tied and gagged Clarke and Bellamy. Octavia requests safe passage saying that Lincoln sent them and the Boat People hand her a vial. She drinks it and Jasper follows, drinking the vial then passing out. He later awakens on the oil rig with Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy. Luna arrives and Clarke requests that she take the flame but she declines. Jasper follows as Clarke tries to go after Luna before realizing they are on a rig in the middle of the ocean.

In Red Sky at Morning, Jasper is on Luna's rig with Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy. He is listening to Shay's story and applauds when she finishes. He later introduces himself to Shay when she approaches him to pour him a drink. They have a brief conversation and Shay admits she's never left the rig, Jasper tells her she's lucky to have never left the rig and is noted to be smiling for the first time in a while.

Later, when ALIE's followers infiltrate the rig, Jasper tells Shay to run to tell others to not take the chip. She runs off to warn the others but is shot down with an arrow, which devastates Jasper. He punches the man who shot her before being dragged off into a room with the others who are being forced to take the chip. He is punched multiple times in an attempt to convince him to take the chip. When Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy arrive he tells them they didn't get to him and he's still unchipped. He later attends the Flokru funerary ceremony with Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy. He takes a drink with everyone else before passing out since Luna has drugged their drinks. He awakens with the others on the shore before looking at Clarke asking what they will do next.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), he returns with Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy to Arkadia, reuniting with Miller, Bryan, Harper, Raven, and Monty. While Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke, Miller, and Bryan leave for Polis, he stays behind with Raven, Monty, and Harper.

He and Monty are searching for a motherboard with ram so they can create a portal to ALIE's code, but when Monty finds it, ALIE tells Jasper to not let him leave. He takes a screwdriver and stabs Monty in the chest but Monty is able to take off with the motherboard anyway. Jasper is locked out of the control room and tries to convince Monty to let him in explaining why he took the chip. Monty refuses to let Jasper in and begins to worry about Harper's safety. Raven, however, convinces Monty to keep Jasper distracted. Later, Jasper is counting all of the dead people and stating their cause of death before he is approached by Harper. Harper asks why the door is locked before he knocks her unconscious, saying that if they want Harper to live they'll open the door.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Jasper is still hovering over Harper trying to convince Monty and Raven to destroy the machine. Monty then shows up behind Jasper shooting him in the leg to save Harper. They then let him into the room but tie his hands behind a chair so he can do no harm. As Raven and Monty try to help Clarke, who is in the City of Light, Jasper informs them that his code is now updating the version two and once it is updated he will delete the kill switch.

After Clarke destroys the City of Light, Monty questions how they know if she did it. Jasper responds that she did it and Monty moves untie his hands. He begins to cry. Monty reassures Jasper that things will get better and even though this world may suck, at least it's real. Monty and Jasper then hug. Jasper then says he could use a drink to which Harper replies that they all could. He then exits back into the hangar bay, stands beside one of the rovers looking on at Harper, Monty, and Raven.

In Echoes, Jasper is still depressed about losing Maya and he grabs Harper's gun secretly, goes into his room and everything is prepared including a suicide note that says "Monty". Jasper has the gun to his chin and was about to shoot when Monty interrupts and tells him it is urgent. He follows Monty learning that the world is ending in 6 months and he pulls out the gun and leaves it on the table leaving everyone shocked as he announces that he won't have to kill himself if the world will do it for him.

In Heavy Lies the Crown, Jasper continues to act careless towards the world ending, doing whatever he wants to do waiting for the world to close in on him.

In A Lie Guarded, Jasper pranks Jaha by putting his bed in the midde of the lake while he is sleeping in it. When Jaha awakens, he calls out saying "Hey Jaha, looks like you got floated.". Everyone is seen smiling at the event even Jaha himself. Later, when Monty and Jasper are in an office planning another prank on Clarke, he finds the list of a 100 people that will be saved and attempts to tell everyone, but is tased and placed in jail.

In We Will Rise, Jasper is still getting wasted and drinking heavily.

In God Complex, Jasper interrupts a funeral while attempting to leave Arkadia which catches Bellamy's attention who learns that Jasper wants to take a walk in the woods causing Bellamy to follow him because he does not want to carry Jasper's body back. While in the woods, Jasper stops and gives a speech to Bellamy about living life to the fullest and doing whatever the hell they want before taking some hallucinogenic nuts with him back to Arkadia.

When he does reach Arkadia, he convinces Bellamy to join the party that was going on.

In DNR, while everyone is packing their bags to leave for the bunker, Jasper along with a group of sky people, are not planning on leaving with everybody and they declare that they will stay in Arkadia and wait for death to strike them. Monty, Bellamy, and Jaha are at the door trying to convince him to come with them and survive, but Jasper locked the door not letting anyone in slapping his hand on the glass with the letters "DNR" written on it.

Jaha and Bellamy have given up and are accepting the fact that they don't want to survive, but Monty insists on saving them because both Jasper and Harper were in there and he loves them both. Unfortunately, Monty was unable to convince them and he leaves them, but at the end, he decides to stay with them in hopes of convincing them to come back with him to the Bunker.

In The Other Side, Jasper and the DNR group are all high and wasted. Someone cries for help and Monty and Jasper go to see what is the matter. Riley is not breathing and when Monty is attempting to save him, Jasper stops him reminding him that Riley wanted to die. Monty identifies the cause being their Jobi tea and Riley overdosed as a result of drinking too much. Jasper and the others then plot to painlessly overdose on the tea rather than continuing to wait for the radiation.

Snapshot - 64

Monty and Jasper's last moment.

Later, Jasper is sitting by a starboard window that is reflecting the red sun over the irradiated Earth. He admires it as Monty enters informing him that the red sun indicates that the death wave is almost there. Jasper looks sadly out the window and says "For all it's faults, Earth is really beautiful.". Monty then notices the cups of Jobi tea and questions how much Jasper drank, only prompting Jasper to respond "Just the right amount." Worried, Monty asks what Jasper did to which Jasper confesses that he didn't want Monty to find out [like this]. Monty takes off his hazmat helmet and tries to make Jasper throw up the drugs. Jasper refuses and tells Monty to say that he loves him before he dies. Monty refuses to give up and begs Jasper to stay with him as Jasper passes out and dies. Monty then tells Jasper he loves him leaving to go find Harper.

In Eden, after returning to the ruins of Arkadia two months after the Second Nuclear Apocalypse, Clarke finds a locked box containing Maya's music player, Jasper's goggles and a letter from Jasper to Monty. Seeing it causes Clarke to burst into tears over the loss of her friend and she begins to wonder if Jasper didn't have the right idea after all.

In Acceptable Losses, Clarke gives Jasper's suicide note to Monty. He reads it and reveals that Jasper was going to kill himself after being pulled from the City of Light. Monty laments on how maybe Jasper was right all along.

In Damocles (Part 2), Clarke and Bellamy learn that Monty and Harper decided to name their child Jordan Jasper Green in honor of their lost friend.


At the start of the series, Jasper was relatively timid and reserved, rarely interacting with others besides Monty and Clarke. He is relatively adventurous and brave when given the opportunity, as shown when he jumped into a river to save Octavia from a large predatory creature that nearly killed her. His intellectual side was made very apparent from early on in the series, often assisting Monty and A.L.I.E. on various technical related objectives. At the beginning of the series, Jasper was not in any way confrontational or assertive, often complying with other peoples' requests without any protest.

However, upon witnessing the death of his first serious love, Maya, Jasper was traumatized and became depressed. To cope with her death, he resorted to alcoholism and hedonism, changing from his previously deliberating, timid demeanor. He stopped caring for the well-being of Arkadia's residents and spent much of his time goofing off and ignoring potential dangers, as evidenced when he deliberately stayed outside in the face of rain that could potentially have been acidic. Jasper also expresses apathy over the fact that humanity's survival was under threat from old nuclear reactors melting down by telling Clarke that he is simply trying to have fun as long as he can before Praimfaya happens.

Physical Appearance[]

Jasper has brown eyes, thick dark brown hair, pale skin and a slim figure. The most notable characteristic of his apparel is the goggles he has worn since he arrived on Earth. When the 48 were taken captive by the Mountain Men, his goggles went missing, but it has since been revealed that Raven was holding onto it for him. In season three and four, Jasper shaves all his hair and grows out a small beard and mustache.


Throughout the series', Jasper was not involved in many relationships. Throughout series 1, it was evident that Jasper had liked Octavia, although this crush soon died off in series 2 when Jasper had gone to Mount Weather and met Maya, with whom he developed a romantic relationship with.

Octavia Blake[]

Main article: Octavia and Jasper
"I'd go through hell to find her."
- Jasper regarding Octavia's disappearance.[src]

Octavia and Jasper first meet in "Pilot" when he, Clarke, Finn and Octavia go on a trip to find Mount Weather. After they see a river Octavia decides to jump in and take a swim. The others are going to join her until a river snake comes and attempts to kill her. Jasper goes in and manages to rescue her. Octavia only gets minor bite marks and is very thankful of Jasper. When he is later found in Grounder territory and is taken back to the camp, Octavia caters to him along with Monty. After he wakes up he finds that he has won Octavia's heart.

In "Murphy's Law", Octavia takes care of Jasper. She tries to get him out of camp and shows him he does not need to worry. When Monty tries to make contact with the Ark but connection fails, Jasper sits on the floor and Octavia follows him. He laments that he is cursed however she says it is not true. She then tells him that he is brave and kisses him.

Later in "His Sister's Keeper", his affections towards Octavia seem to be more significant, with Jasper even willing to risk his life to find Octavia when she is taken. It is also revealed that Jasper had seen Octavia on the Ark and found her attractive saying, "whoa, who's that?" to a friend beside him.

Monty Green[]

Main article: Monty and Jasper
Jasper and Monty are best friends. Throughout "Pilot", Monty cheers on Jasper as he flirts with Octavia. When Monty discovers that Jasper may have been killed, he is nervous about it. However, Jasper continues to encourage Monty and ultimately fuels Monty's attempt to contact the Ark. In "Earth Kills", Jasper awakens and Monty is happy to see his best friend alive. As Octavia kisses him, Monty gives Jasper a supportive thumbs up. In "Day Trip", Monty and Jasper work together when they sort food for the winter. The two talk and joke amongst each other throughout their job. Later on, both Monty and Jasper eat nuts that lead them to hallucinate.

Clarke Griffin[]

Main article: Clarke and Jasper

Jasper and Clarke Griffin have a stable relationship. In "Earth Skills", Clarke searches for Jasper with Finn, Bellamy and Murphy. When she finds Jasper tied to a tree as bait, she is horrified and helps get him down and returns him to camp. In "Earth Kills", Clarke goes with Finn and Wells to find medicine for Jasper. When he recovers in the episode, Clarke is happy he survived. They create a close bond and become close friends.

However, when Jasper finds out that Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty are responsible for the deaths of everyone on Mount Weather, his friendship with them (including Clarke) is damaged heavily. Jasper has currently not forgiven Clarke for what she has done.

In Season 3, they don't meet again until the end of "Fallen", he saves her life letting her get in the rover but as she frantically asks questions he demands she shut up. Later, in "Nevermore", Clarke is shocked that her mother let the chipped Arkadian's shoot at her and Jasper snarkily remarks that he can see the appeal. He later tells Clarke she doesn't just get to give orders showing he is still very hurt by her actions.

In "Eden," two months after the second Primfaya, Clarke finds a box in the ruins of Arkadia with some of Jasper's belongings, including his goggles and a note to Monty. Seeing this causes Clarke to burst into tears in grief for her lost friend and she begins to wonder if Jasper didn't have the right idea with the desolate world that was left after Primfaya.

John Murphy[]

Murphy and Jasper have a hostile relationship. In "Pilot," Murphy picks a fight with Wells after he shoves Jasper but this seems to be more out of his hatred of Wells than his support for Jasper. In "Earth Kills", Jasper's dying moans keep Murphy up so he decides to go and kill him earlier than Bellamy ordered, however, Octavia and Monty stop him. In "Murphy's Law" Jasper tries to stop Murphy when he decides to punish Charlotte and ends up getting punched by him. In "We Are Grounders (Part 1)", Murphy takes Jasper hostage after Jasper witnesses him killing Myles.


Main article: Jasper and Maya

At the start of Season Two Maya and Jasper are introduced after the 48 have been taken by Mount Weather. When Jasper goes to get a piece of chocolate cake and finds there are none left, Maya, who is sitting at a nearby table, laughs and gives him her slice. They talk while he sits down and eats with her and from then on develops a crush. In "Human Trials" he saves her life by giving her a blood transfusion after she gets sick from radiation poisoning. They share a kiss in "Remember Me" when trying to avoid suspicion for being in a room they aren't allowed after placing the radio to communicate with the Ark survivors on the ground.

Maya then secretly works with the delinquents in order to help them escape from Mount Weather. Cage even threatens Maya's life in "Resurrection" because he knows that Maya means a lot to Jasper, and Jasper desperately tries to figure out ways on how he could save her.


Season One
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Earth SkillsAppears
Earth KillsAppears
Murphy's LawAppears
Twilight's Last GleamingCredit Only
His Sister's KeeperAppears
Contents Under PressureMentioned
Day TripAppears
Unity DayAppears
I Am Become DeathAppears
The CalmMentioned
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Appears
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The 48Appears
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Many Happy ReturnsCredit Only
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SpacewalkerCredit Only
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Survival of the FittestCredit Only
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Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Appears
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Season Three
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Wanheda (Part 1)Appears
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Ye Who Enter HereCredit Only
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HakeldamaCredit Only
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ThirteenCredit Only
Terms and ConditionsAppears
Stealing FireCredit Only
Join or DieAppears
Red Sky at MorningAppears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Appears
Season Four
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Heavy Lies the CrownAppears
The Four HorsemenCredit Only
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxMentioned
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterCredit Only
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyCredit Only
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenMentioned
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Red QueenAbsent
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxAbsent
Shifting SandsAbsent
Exit WoundsAbsent
Acceptable LossesMentioned
How We Get to PeaceAbsent
Sic Semper TyrannisAbsent
The Warriors WillAbsent
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Absent
Damocles (Part 2)Mentioned
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Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent


Jasper Jordan: "They got a bar in this town? I'll buy you a beer."
Jasper Jordan: "That, my friend, is game."
Jasper Jordan: "See you on the other side."
- Pilot

Jasper Jordan: "Was that a dream or did I get speared?"
- Earth Kills

Jasper Jordan: "Sit there at your own risk. I think I might be cursed."
- Murphy's Law

Jasper Jordan: "We all got each other now, right?"
Jasper Jordan: "People think I'm cool and that upsets you."
- Unity Day

Jasper Jordan: "We're running toward the war drums? I hate this plan."
- I Am Become Death

Jasper Jordan: "We're criminals, right? So let's be criminals."
- Long Into an Abyss

Jasper Jordan: "Everything is okay. Everything is okay. Everything is... not okay. Time to do something stupid."
- Coup de Grâce

Jasper Jordan to Dr. Lorelei Tsing: "I hope you know that you’re incredibly special to us."
- Rubicon

Jasper Jordan: "Don't tell me Finn finally got his peace talks."
- Resurrection

Jasper Jordan: "What did you do?"
Jasper Jordan: "How could you let this happen?"
- Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Jasper Jordan: "We got the beacon didn't we?"
Jasper Jordan: "These belonged to people. So did that piano."
-- Wanheda (Part 1)

Abby: "I understand how much Maya meant to you."
Jasper Jordan: "What is it you want to talk about? How dead she still is?"
Abby "Jasper, you’re never going to get past this unless you face your feelings head on. Your friend, Finn. He never did that. And it broke him. I don’t want that happening to you."
Jasper Jordan: "Your daughter killed him too."
Octavia "Don’t do anything stupid."
Jasper Jordan: "You mean like coming back here?"
-- Wanheda (Part 2)

Monty: "Finn’s ashes aren’t yours to scatter. What about Raven? Besides, if Abby still has them, it means she’s saving them for Clarke. Who cares who it hurts? Yeah, whatever Jasper wants. Screw the rest of us, right?"
Jasper Jordan: 'No. No, screw Clarke. You are both mass murderers as far as I’m concerned. I get why she did it and why Bellamy helped her, but you- Maya was your friend, she was- How is it that you can wipe out an entire civilization, yet I’m the one that can’t sleep at night? How-how can you just be fine?"
Monty: "I’m not fine! Just because I’m not drinking myself into a stupor every night doesn’t mean I’m not screwed up. But we had no other choice."
-- Watch the Thrones

Jasper Jordan: "You only get scars once you’ve healed. See you on the other side."
-- Bitter Harvest

Raven: "Favorite place."
Jasper Jordan: "Down here or up there?"
Raven: "Either. Both."
Jasper Jordan: "Starboard window bay. It has the best view of the moon on the whole damn ship, and we used to get a little baked, just sit back, watch the sky playing, um, "On Which Planet Would You Rather?" Answer was always Earth. We were such dumbasses."
-- Terms and Conditions

Clarke: "No, you don't understand I need to see Lincoln."
Jasper Jordan: "No, you don't understand, Lincoln is dead and we will be to if you don't get in now!"
Clarke (While being shot at by the chipped Arkadians): "Why are they shooting?
Jasper Jordan: "I don't know!"
Clarke: What do you mean Lincoln is dead? That can't be."
Jasper Jordan: "Suddenly you don't understand what dead means."
-- Fallen

Clarke: "Jasper, please, talk to me."
Jasper Jordan: "I saved your life, it's more than you deserve."
Clarke: "My mother let them shoot at me."
Jasper Jordan: "I can see the appeal."
-- Nevermore

Jasper Jordan: "Sorry about the... you know..."
Harper McIntyre: "Smashing my face into the wall or pistol whipping me?"
Jasper Jordan: "Can I plead the chip?"
Raven: "You ok?"
Jasper Jordan: "Are you? You've been through more than anyone.
Raven: "There's nothing like a little pain to remind you you're alive."
Jasper Jordan: "Wish I'd got an upgrade."
-- Echoes

Jasper Jordan to Monty: "If you want to cheer me up, while you're at Farm Station, get that weed we stashed behind the wall of your old bedroom."
-- The Four Horsemen

Monty: "Get off or I will never forgive you. Do you hear me?"
Jasper Jordan: "Don't say that, Don't live with that. Say you love me."
Monty: "Don't do this to me, please."
Jasper Jordan: "Say you love me or you'll regret it, Monty."
-- The Other Side

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Jasper Jordan may be descended from The Grounder Dane Jordan.
  • Jasper was the first Sky Person in nearly 100 years to be injured by Grounders.
  • Jasper mentioned in "Unity Day" that his parents make gunpowder on the Ark. He also says his father loves scrap metal.
  • Jasper is listed as being 15/16 years old in an early version of the "Pilot" script but his age has never been confirmed onscreen.
  • He and Monty were arrested on the Ark less than a year before "Pilot".
    • According to writers the two boys were able to create a grow room in the walls and grew their own herbs but were caught when Monty forgot to replace what they had stolen, resulting in their imprisonment. [3]
  • Jasper is the first Delinquent to have contact with living Grounders.
  • He is also the first Delinquent to be attacked by the Grounders.
  • Jasper is the first character to directly and purposefully kill a Grounder on-screen when he shoots the two Grounders in "Unity Day." Previously, the Delinquents accidentally burned down a Grounder village in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" but it was off-screen and its unknown how many Grounders were killed in the event.
  • Devon Bostick confirmed in an interview that Jasper suffered from PTSD after being speared in Pilot.
  • Devon Bostick confirmed on Twitter his character Jasper was supposed to die in "Pilot", being pierced in the chest by a spear. However, the cast and crew liked him so much, Jasper's fate was changed.
    • Jasper was again supposed to die in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)" by committing suicide after getting out of the City of Light. The scene was filmed but did not make it to the episode because "it was too dark".[5] This planned ending for Jasper was hinted at in "Echoes" when he planned to commit suicide soon after being released from the City of Light, only to stop upon learning of the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.
    • Jasper remained alive until "The Other Side." However, in his letter to Monty, Jasper admitted to being suicidal and that he was going to shoot himself in the head after getting out of the City of Light but quickly changed his mind about that.
  • Jasper saw Octavia before they landed on Earth. He was also friends with Monty from childhood onward.
  • Clarke was the first person Jasper flirted with while on Earth, followed quickly by Octavia.
  • Jason Rothenberg tweeted that Jasper was "head over heels" for Maya and no longer has feelings for anyone else directly after her death. Indeed, Jasper was shown to be devastated by Maya's death for the rest of his life and the depression it caused was a big factor in his ultimate suicide.
  • In "Watch the Thrones," Jasper possessed and spilled Finn's ashes to the ground near the Dropship.
  • Jasper is the fifth main character to be killed on The 100. First is Wells, Finn is the second, Lincoln is the third and Roan is the fourth.
  • Jasper tried to kill himself in "Echoes," but was inadvertently interrupted by Monty. He later revealed this suicide attempt after learning of the coming Second Nuclear Apocalypse.
  • Jasper was the first main character to commit suicide. The second was Kane.
  • He's the namesake for Monty and Harper's son, Jordan Green.


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