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[[fr:Jason Rothenberg]]
[[fr:Jason Rothenberg]]

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Jason Rothenberg is the Executive Producer and Lead Writer for the series.

The 100 Facts

Rothenberg has live-tweeted the following facts about The 100 while the episodes are airing.

  • Three generations of exposure to solar radiation in space provides some immunity for the 100 once on the ground. —11:49 AM - 26 Mar 2014
  • Population of the Ark in the pilot? 2094 2658.[1] Subtract 101 after 5 minutes. How low will it go? —12:04 PM - 26 Mar 2014
  • The ship that brought the 100 to the ground is known as an 'Exodus Ship'. Part of 'Project Exodus'. There are no others. Yet. —1:40 PM - 26 Mar 2014
  • On the Ark, technology stopped advancing after the bombs. All brain power turned toward keeping the human race alive in space. —9:31 AM - 30 Mar 2014
  • All satellites have long since stopped working. Most have been harvested for parts by the Ark. This is why they're Earth blind. —9:34 AM - 30 Mar 2014
  • Took us a while to decide which sport they'd watch here. As the Ark is formed from many nations, international soccer felt right. —12:01 AM - 3 Apr 2014
  • When people die on the Ark, all their belongings get redistributed to the population. Nothing goes to waste. —12:04 AM - 3 Apr 2014
  • Look closely at that book. It’s a list of everyone who’s ever lived on the Ark, starting with the last generation of Grounders. —9:34 PM - 9 Apr 2014
  • Religion on the Ark has shifted to reflect the idea of “going home.” Very Earth-centric. The ground = heaven. —9:35 PM - 9 Apr 2014
  • Believers each donate part of their daily allotment of water to keep the tree, a small remnant of Earth, alive. —9:36 PM - 9 Apr 2014
  • The Hundred was the name of the project designed to send the prisoners to Earth. Not dependent on # of kids left. —12:49 AM - 10 Apr 2014
  • There are no more dropships. Earth wasn't supposed to be survivable for 100 years. —9:23 PM - 16 Apr 2014
  • Shooting stars don’t look the same on the Ark. There’d be no streaking light from the atmosphere. Nothing to wish on. —12:07 AM - 17 Apr 2014
  • When a normal citizen dies on the Ark, they are symbolically “returned to Earth.” This is what it looks like with 320 bodies. —9:08 PM - 23 Apr 2014
  • Last-minute signature for @WilliamShatner from @clarkinlarkin! PS: There may be an Easter Egg in this photo. —2:33 PM - 24 Apr 2014
    • PS... It's a whiskey bottle.
    • It was brought up by an astronaut, never opened & now passes from Chancellor to Chancellor to be opened on Earth.
  • @IWashington The Brazilian flag is on the Ark, Mr. Chancellor. We see it clearly at a key key moment in the finale. —11:39 AM - 25 Apr 2014
  • Wouldn't the 320 sacrificed on the Ark have remained in orbit when floated?
    • Yes, for a while, unless they were propelled into the atmosphere. There's a bit of fiction in our science fiction. —8:53 PM - 25 Apr 2014

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  1. 2,658 = 2,237 at the end of "Contents Under Pressure" + 320 Culled + 102 sent to Earth.
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