My daughter was not meant to wander the Earth looking for Nightbloods. My daughter was meant to lead armies. My daughter was meant to lead our people.
— Indra to Gaia [src]

Indra and Gaia is the relationship of Indra and Gaia. They are portrayed by Adina Porter and Tati Gabrielle.

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Indra and Gaia have a strained relationship. Indra wanted Gaia to be warrior and leader of their clan, but Gaia rejected that path and chose to follow a religious one of a Flamekeeper. Gaia's decision put a strain on their relationship. As of Season 5, their relationship is steady.

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In Blood Giant, after realizing that Gaia is missing, Indra angrily demands to know where her daughter is from Bill Cadogan who has no idea what she's talking about.

In A Sort of Homecoming, upon being reunited, mother and daughter share a hug. Gaia later tells Indra that she used to resent the bond between Indra and Octavia, but she doesn't anymore. Gaia is now glad that Octavia came to her as Octavia was always more of a warrior than Gaia. Though Gaia is sorry that she wasn't, Indra states that she's the one who's sorry, calling Gaia her Seda.

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  • Gaia's father was mentioned in Ashes to Ashes, he died in the war, causing Gaia became a flame keeper instead of a warrior. Presumably the reason why the relationship between Gaia and Indra became strained before the series.

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