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Be careful of the dark, Octavia. Too easy to lose your way.
— Indra to Octavia [src]

Indra is a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She is portrayed by Adina Porter and debuts in "Inclement Weather".

Indra was the chief of Tondc. She and her people were initially at war with the Sky People until their Commander called a truce. Indra remained distrustful of the Sky People but was willing to train with them for the sake of the alliance. Eventually, she took one of them on as her Second. After Lexa sounds the retreat, Indra obeys and leaves the Sky People to fend for themselves against Mount Weather. Later, Indra shows that she struggles with that decision by helping Lincoln escape so that he can help the Sky People.

In Season Three, Indra goes with several hundred other Grounders to Arkadia to protect them from the Azgeda. However, under Charles Pike's leadership, Arkadians slaughtered the whole army except for Indra. Indra was later imprisoned by followers of A.L.I.E. after she refused to take the chip. She escaped with John Murphy, Pike, and some of her people but was hunted down by A.L.I.E. and hung up on a cross by Marcus Kane who had become chipped. She was freed from the cross by Skaikru after Clarke destroyed A.L.I.E.

In Season Four, Indra leads the Trikru warriors within Polis. When her daughter, Gaia, steals the Flame from Roan, Indra stops Octavia from killing Gaia.

In Season Five, Indra is inside the bunker when it is released. She goes to march with Wonkru to Shallow Valley. She is very un-fond of herself for teaching Octavia to be a warrior, for she is was very cruel and barbaric in the Bunker. Later, she agrees with Bellamy to put Octavia into a coma to safely surrender to the Eligius Prisoners.

In Season Six, she is awoken on Eligius IV by Kane and Raven for help in dealing with the escalating conflict. At Kane's request, she helps him to commit suicide by floating him from Eligius IV. She later helps Wonkru to fight off the Primes and save Madi from Sheidheda.

In Season Seven, though Madi is still officially the Heda, despite the Flame's destruction in secret, Indra, alongside Clarke have become the de facto leaders of Wonkru. With Clarke gone, Indra is forced to deal with the resurrected Sheidheda and the rising tensions between the various factions on Sanctum. At the encouragement of John Murphy and Emori, Indra becomes the new leader of a divided Wonkru, reuniting the clans to face the escalating threat under her command. Indra is ultimately forced to give up power to the Dark Commander, but secretly supports Murphy and Emori's efforts to protect the massacre survivors. After the return of Clarke's group and the revelation of Gaia's disappearance, Indra joins the rescue mission for their missing friends and family and is reunited with Gaia on the once again habitable Earth. Indra helps lead Wonkru and the remaining Eligius Prisoners in holding off the Disciples and finally kills Sheidheda. Along with the rest of the human race, Indra achieves Transcendence when Raven passes the Judge's test.

Like the rest of Clarke's friends, Indra chooses not to stay transcended and returns to human form to live out the rest of her life on Earth with her friends and adopted family, so that Clarke will not be alone by herself.

Early life[]

Indra was born on Earth and is a Trikru warrior. During her childhood, Sheidheda was the Commander. She recalls seeing Sheidheda going from village to village, slaughtering anyone who refused to kneel before him. When Sheidheda conquered Trikru, Indra's father died in the battle while her mother kneels to the Dark Commander. Indra thought that her mother was a fool for doing so. In a Red Sun eclipse induced hallucination, it is revealed that Indra's mother actually kneeled before the Dark Commander in exchange for him sparing Indra's life.

Indra trained her daughter, Gaia, to become a Trikru warrior and leader, but Gaia instead chose to follow the faith and become a Keeper of the Flame after Indra's husband died in the war. At some point, Indra became the Chief of Tondc. Indra mentions that she has known Lincoln since he was a boy and recognizes a Reaper as someone that she previously knew.

Throughout the Series[]

It was mentioned that before I Am Become Death, she infected John Murphy with the virus.

Indra inclement weather crop

Indra meets Octavia

In Inclement Weather, after Octavia takes Nyko hostage, she demands for Indra to return Lincoln in exchange. Octavia says that she will give Indra until dark to hand over Lincoln and if Indra refuses she will kill Nyko, Trikru's only healer. Later, Indra shows up with Lincoln and Octavia is upset to see that Lincoln has been hurt. Indra replies that he should be dead. They exchange Nyko and Lincoln and just as Octavia is getting Lincoln back, Reapers ambush them, capturing Lincoln and Nyko and taking them away.

In Reapercussions, Indra prepares a rescue party to go after the Reapers who have taken Lincoln and Nyko. Octavia asks Indra to let her help, however, Indra orders her men to kill Octavia. Octavia outruns them and hides. Octavia continues to follow them as one of the Grounders begins to talk strategy before Indra quiets him by telling him the "trees are listening." Later, Indra discusses the plan to ambush the Reapers. One of her people is worried because their group is mostly the young and injured. Indra explains that they will use bait to lure the Reapers and strike from the shadows. One of the younger members, Artigas, asks if he is the bait. Indra tells him that he is a warrior; Octavia is the bait. Octavia reveals herself and announces to Indra that she is not afraid. Indra tells her that she will be. Octavia is then successfully used as bait and Indra and her people attack the Reapers with Artigas saving Octavia's life from a Reaper. Indra is disarmed and a Reaper is about to injure her when Octavia kills the Reaper, saving Indra's life. Once the Reapers are disposed of, They free their people except Lincoln is not among them. Indra allows Octavia to live since she has proven her worth and gives her a quick nod of approval.

PromoLexaThroneClarke 2x07

Clarke meets Lexa and Indra

In Long Into an Abyss, Indra is at the Grounders' camp just outside of Camp Jaha, standing beside Lexa who is sitting in her throne. When Clarke arrives and tries to plead her case to Lexa, Indra gets frustrated with the Commander and demands that she allow her to end Clarke once and for all, as she sees her as a threat and nothing more. Eventually, Lexa tells Indra to step aside and they follow Clarke to the Dropship. When Indra believes Lincoln is dead and that Clarke has led them into a trap, she promises to "kill them all"; however, Abby intervenes in time and saves Lincoln's life, proving that the Sky People are able to bring back Reapers.

In Spacewalker, she meets with Abby outside the gates of Camp Jaha about negotiating for Finn's life. Abby tells Indra she doesn't want to see any more people die. Indra tells Abby that she lies because they saw Finn in the forest. Indra says that only Finn can die for what he has done. Later, when Clarke approaches Lexa's tent to make one last plea for Finn's life, Indra blocks her way with a spear. Clarke presses against the spear, drawing blood. Lexa tells Indra to let Clarke through. When Clarke kills Finn, Indra almost throws a spear at Clarke but is told to withdraw by Lexa.

In Remember Me, Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Marcus Kane and Abby get into a disagreement with Indra over this but Clarke agrees to it. That night, as Grounders and Sky People camp for the night on their way to Tondc, Indra walks by Lincoln and mutters "natrona" ("traitor"), much to his displeasure. The next day at the funeral, Lexa gives a eulogy for the dead in front of a funeral pyre. She then passes the torch to Clarke who steps up and as she lights the pyre, she says, "Yu gonplei ste odon" ("Your fight is over"), much to Indra's and Nyko's surprise.

Indra raven 2x09

Indra ritually cuts Raven

After Gustus is poisoned, Lexa commands for all of the Sky People to be locked up. Octavia asks Lincoln to do something and Lincoln asks Indra to let him speak for the Sky People. Indra tells Lincoln he is one of the Sky People before locking them all up. She returns later with Nyko to take Raven Reyes away. Indra tells them that Lexa is merciful and only wants Raven to die. The rest of them are free and they should run. Raven is then tied up outside to a pole where Lexa and Indra begin the "Death by a 1000 Cuts." It is soon revealed that Gustus was actually the one who poisoned himself to protect the commander, which in turn results in his own death.

Indra 2x10

Indra arrives at Camp Jaha with her warriors

In Survival of the Fittest, Indra arrives at Camp Jaha with her warriors. Kane makes them leave their weapons behind and invites them to a reception. While Kane is giving a speech about how this is a chance for Grounders and Sky People to work together against the Mountain Men, Penn starts accusing John Murphy in Trigedasleng for being at the massacre in Tondc and not doing anything. Murphy tells him he doesn't speak "Grounder" and everyone starts fighting with Octavia and Kane trying to break it up. Later, Kane and Octavia watch the Grounders training and Octavia attempts to get Indra to let her train with the grounders but Indra refuses. Kane then works with the Ark Guards on the firing range when they notice Penn and a few other Grounders watching them. Kane offers to teach them but Indra interrupts and tells Kane they don't need their weapons. Octavia tells Kane that Grounders are scared of guns because of the legend that Mount Weather will wipe out their entire village if a Grounder ever touches one.

Oct indra2 2x10

Indra asks Octavia to be her Second

When Indra discovers the Sky People don't even have food to feed anyone, she commands her warriors to get ready to hunt. As she is about to leave with her warriors, Octavia steps in front and refuses to let them past. Indra calls over Fio to give Octavia the fight she is looking for and Fio begins to fight her. Fio beats her up pretty severely but Octavia continues to get up again and again until Indra calls it off. While Octavia is recovering from the fight, Indra tells Octavia she fought like a child but Indra sees a strength of spirit in her and offers Octavia the opportunity to be her Second. Octavia agrees. After Indra and the grounders bring back food for the people of Camp Jaha, Kane acknowledges that it was Octavia who brought the Grounders and the Sky People together. Fio, the man she had sparred with earlier, brings her a plate of food. Kane asks her to "look out for [her] people," to which Octavia ambiguously replies that she is.

In Coup de Grâce, in the woods, two Mountain Men are hidden from sight as they watch Clarke riding with Abby and several Grounders on their way from Tondc back to Camp Jaha. Carl Emerson, one of the Mount Weather Guards, tells the other one he has a shot. Just then, the sniper is killed by an arrow and the bullet misses Clarke, hitting a Grounder behind her. Indra and Octavia have found the Mountain Men. Octavia fights Emerson, tearing his radiation suit. Indra tells her to "finish it" just as Clarke rides up and stops her, telling Octavia they want to keep him alive and to check his bag for a patch kit for his suit. Octavia digs through Emerson's bag and finds a picture of Clarke and Lexa on horseback, the intended targets. Indra sends a rider to go warn Lexa of the attempted assassination. Back at Camp Jaha, Abby is trying to help the Grounder who was shot but the Grounder ends up dying and Indra tells him, "Yu gonplei ste odon" ("Your fight is over") as she cuts a braid out of his hair. She wants to kill Emerson because "a killer lives while a warrior dies," but the Sky People want to interrogate him instead. Later, Clarke brings Octavia, Indra, and several other Grounders with her to Emerson's airlock where Clarke makes the Camp Jaha Guard stand down and tells Emerson to get dressed. They take him outside and bring him to the gates where Kane and Abby try to stop her. Abby tells the Camp Jaha Guards to get the prisoner back inside but Indra and her Grounders behind Clarke step up threateningly until Abby backs down.

In Rubicon, Indra is in Tondc with Octavia, preparing for the meeting of the 12 Clans and the Sky People. Octavia tells her that she is worried about Lincoln still not being back yet. Indra answers that Lincoln is no longer her concern and that she can worry about him when the battle is finished. Later, after Clarke arrived in Tondc, Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing and Indra tells Kane they should search the woods.

In Resurrection, Octavia and Lincoln are trying to help dig people out of the rubble when Lincoln finds Indra alive and pulls her out. Indra calls him a Reaper and tells him to put her down. There is a loud crack and suddenly, Indra is thrown down by a bullet in her shoulder. Everyone runs from the Mount Weather sniper (Whitman) with Lincoln dragging Indra to some coverage. Nyko yells out to Lincoln that he needs to stop Indra's bleeding but Indra does not want his help, still viewing him as a traitor. Lincoln then carries Indra and calls to Octavia to follow him as they make it through the sniper's kill zone to Nyko and safety. Lincoln decides to go after the shooter and tells Octavia to remain with Nyko and help him since Indra is injured. Indra tells Octavia before passing out that because she is the Chief's Second, she must make the other Seconds follow her. The other Seconds, Caris and Atohl, tell Octavia that they can't do anything until Lincoln takes out the sniper. After the sniper is killed, Nyko tells Indra she's not ready to fight yet but Indra says she is not missing out. She tells Octavia that she did well and to get her gear because they are leaving with Lexa. As Lincoln also turns to leave, she stops him and holds out her arm to him and they shake before she pulls him in for an embrace, which Octavia witnesses. Clarke and Lexa then leave for Mount Weather with Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, and the rest of their army.

In Bodyguard of Lies, one of Lexa's warriors, Ryder, tells Octavia to go relieve the southernmost guard position. Octavia tells them Indra expects her to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln. Ryder tells her that Indra will join her there shortly and Octavia walks off. Clarke tells Lexa that Octavia won't say anything about the Tondc bombing and Lexa says she can't be sure of that. After Clarke leaves, Lexa tells Ryder to kill Octavia. When Clarke spots Indra seated near a fire, she asks her why she's not on watch with Octavia. Indra tells her she doesn't stand watch and Clarke then asks where Octavia is. Indra tells her that she is with Lincoln, scouting as planned. Clarke then heads off to find Octavia and spots Ryder with an arrow aimed at Octavia. Clarke points her gun at his head and tells him to stand down and come with her and she leads him away from Octavia. Later, Indra and Octavia are marching through the forest with the other Grounders when Clarke walks up and tries to assign Octavia to the Rear Guard where she will be safe. Octavia tells her she doesn't take orders from Clarke; she takes them from Indra. She then breaks off their friendship. Indra tells Clarke that Lexa is looking for her and Clarke takes off. Indra and Octavia then discuss the Tondc bombing and Indra tells Octavia that Lexa and Clarke didn't do anything; it was the Mountain Men. They then sound the battle cry as they continue their march on Mount Weather.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Clarke starts off explaining how Indra and Octavia are heading into the Reaper tunnels under Mount Weather. Once Clarke gets the main door to Mount Weather open, it will create a distraction, allowing Indra and Octavia to get the captive Grounders and Delinquents out the back door and through the Reaper tunnels.

Down in the Reaper tunnels, Octavia is following a map Lincoln drew and tells Indra that he should be there to show them the way. Indra tells her that Lincoln wasn't ready yet. Octavia tells Indra it meant a lot that she forgave Lincoln and Indra says he deserved it. Reapers arrive and some of the Camp Jaha Guard start shooting. Octavia and Indra both tell them to stop because the Reapers are not the enemy. As the Reapers attack, Eric Jackson plays the tone generator and the Reapers fall down. They then inject the Reapers with sedatives and tie them up. Indra pauses, recognizing one of the Reapers. Once they reach the intake door to Mount Weather, Indra tells Octavia that she did well and that she is a Grounder now, much to Octavia's pleasure. Later, as they are waiting for Bellamy to open the door, Indra hears the horn sounding retreat and commands everyone to go. Octavia refuses because she doesn't trust Lexa and Indra tells her it is an order and their Commander might be in danger. Octavia again refuses, telling her she is not leaving without her brother. Indra tells her she is no longer her Second and symbolically cuts her before leaving her alone in the mines.

Indra 2x16

Indra gives Lincoln a choice

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Indra approaches a tied up Lincoln after dismissing his guard. Lincoln asks how she can abandon the Sky People and Indra tells him that she swore loyalty to the Commander. Lincoln argues that Lexa abandoning their allies dishonors them all, but Indra counters that Lincoln's disobedience dishonors him. Lincoln asks why Indra is there and she tells him that it's because he is also Trikru despite everything that has happened. Lincoln states that he can't just let Octavia dies, but Indra warns him that under the terms of the truce, the lands around the Mountain are now forbidden and Lexa will never take Lincoln back if he violates that. Indra states that Octavia had made her choice and Lincoln needs to make his.

Indra walks away, leaving Lincoln unguarded and with a knife to cut himself free if he so chooses. Lincoln chooses to go after Octavia and help her, killing Cage Wallace and violating Lexa's orders in the process.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Indra, along with Marcus Kane, meet Bellamy Blake and Monty Green in Sector 4. She warns them that Clarke Griffin is being hunted by everyone. The four later ride together in a rover and Indra explains that there is a bounty on Clarke, who is now known as Wanheda, which translates to the Commander of Death. Indra continues to explain to them that the Grounders believe that they receive the power from those who they kill; they kill Clarke and they can command death. She also mentions that the truce Lexa made with the Mountain Men weakened her power, and that the Ice Queen wants Clarke's power to break the Coalition. Indra admits that she can't let that happen. They drive into Sector 7 to start looking at the trading posts to find Clarke with Kane offering Indra a gun but she shakes her head at him. Monty quickly slams on the brakes of the rover, as he sees a fallen tree in front of the vehicle. Indra warns that it has been cut down, but Bellamy is unsure of that and pops his head out of the moon-roof to investigate. Another tree falls behind them, trapping them, proving Indra was right.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Indra, Monty, Kane, and Bellamy wait in the rover for three hours in Azgeda territory. Monty suggests they make a run for it, but Kane argues that it's exactly what the Azgeda warriors want them to do. However, Indra sides with Monty, stating that the warriors can wait longer than they can. Kane gives Bellamy orders to cover them as they make a run for it, but just as Bellamy begins to exit the rover through the roof, an Azgeda warrior grabs him and tells everyone to exit the vehicle or he will kill him. Kane assures them that they are coming out and begins disarming himself. Indra looks reluctant but sets down her weapons, too. Once the back door of the rover opens, everyone is thrust onto the ground and one warrior takes the beacon from Monty. A familiar voice calls out to Monty, and he recognizes the voice as his mother's. Once the two are reunited, Charles Pike reveals his face. The group of warriors are Farm Station and not Azgeda. Pike admits that there are only 63 Arkers from Farm Station left. Kane is confused because there were three times the number in orbit, and Pike gives a skeptical look at Indra as he says they landed with that number, too. Indra points out that the Ice Nation is ruthless and to take pride in the ones that were managed to be saved. Kane introduces Indra and Pike to each other, and lies by telling Pike that she is the leader of Trikru. He also adds that she's a trusted ally, and Pike just simply says "I'll have to take your word for it".

Indra, along with Bellamy, Kane, Pike, Monty, and Hannah, show up just in time to save Niylah from being tortured further by an Ice Nation warrior for information about Wanheda. After Bellamy shoots the Grounder, Indra claims he was a bounty hunter. In Trigedasleng, Indra reassures Niylah that they are there to help. Pike demands Indra speak English, but Kane sends him outside in order to prevent any further conflict. Indra then tells Niylah that they are looking for Wanheda, Clarke. Niylah is reluctant to give them any information at first, however, she recognizes that the rest of the group are Skaikru and tells them what she knows. When the group is traveling through the field, Indra demands they listen, and Kane points out that they are war drums. Indra says it's Azgeda and Kane asks if she could tell by the sound of the drums. She disagrees and says she could tell by them, gesturing to the three dead Ice Nation warriors Roan had previously killed. They see the approaching army and Monty spots a cave that can be used as a hiding place. Indra leaves so she can warn Lexa the Azgeda have crossed over into Trikru lands.

She travels to Polis to get the message to Lexa and takes her place standing next to Lexa, who is seated on her throne. Indra watches as Clarke is brought to Lexa by Roan in exchange for his banishment to be lifted. Lexa orders Roan to be imprisoned instead and then orders everyone, including Indra, out of the room so she can speak to Clarke privately.

In Ye Who Enter Here Indra is seen standing next to Commander Lexa's throne at a meeting of the twelve clans. When the Ice Nation delegate refuses to bow before Lexa, and questions her decision to keep Wanheda alive, Indra confronts him on Queen Nia's actions against Lexa and the city of Polis. Later, Indra greets Kane and Abby when they enter the capital and they follow her to the tower.

During the ceremony to induct Skaikru as the thirteenth clan, Indra and all in attendance are shocked when Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia enter and accuse the Ice Nation of an assassination attempt against the Sky People. When it is revealed that they had been duped, and the real target was Mount Weather, Indra offers to escort the Sky People back to Arkadia after Lexa orders her guards to arrest the Ice Nation delegation and Prince Roan, and informs them that those were acts of war. Indra asks Octavia if she has kept up on her training before handing her back her sword.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), she helps the resistance aganist A.L.I.E. and is later hung on a cross for not taking the key.

In The Four Horsemen, Indra sees her daughter, Gaia, in Polis. She tries to convince Gaia to give back the Flame but Gaia refuses.

In DNR, she wanted to keep the bunker to herself. Later she, Guara, Rhanda and two other war chiefs meet with Roan and Clarke.

In Pandora's Box, Indra tells Abby that Kane needs to put on a show if he wants to be free. She later brings Clarke to Abby for a reunion.

In Acceptable Losses, Clarke and Bellamy tell Indra that Cooper is planning on infecting the defectors with the worms so that they can use them as a weapon to attack Diyoza and the prisoners at the valley. Indra is shocked and they confront Octavia, but she refuses to listen to anything they say.

In How We Get to Peace, Clarke, Bellamy and Indra hatch a plan to kill Cooper with the worms then destroy all the worms and make it look like an accident. As Indra doesn't want a war, she agrees to help the two and Indra destroys the worms after Cooper's death. The plan fails though when Indra calls Octavia to report that she found Cooper killed by the worms and Octavia quickly figures out that Clarke and Bellamy are the ones who killed Cooper. Octavia also reveals that the plan failed because she never intended to use the worms but their eggs.

In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Bellamy tells Indra that he poisoned Octavia and they plan for Indra to take over as leader of Wonkru in her absence so they can avoid a war. This doesn't work because Miller challenges her by saying that Octavia would have wanted them to go to war for her. They then decide to make Madi the commander so Wonkru will follow her. Indra then asks her daughter, Gaia, the Flamekeeper to perform the ascension ceremony for Madi. When Indra goes to check in on Octavia's progress, she's shocked when Jackson tells her that Octavia is waking up. Octavia weakly calls Indra and mentions that Bellamy poisoned her. At that point, Indra attacks Jackson to make sure he doesn't tell anyone about Octavia being poisoned. She locks the door and says that no one is allowed to get out. Octavia calls out Indra for her treason and for being a coward. Indra justifies herself by saying that she wants to help Octavia with the burden because she feels responsible for what Octavia has become. At the end Octavia arrests Indra, Bellamy and Gaia for treason and prepares for them to fight in the ring.

In The Warriors Will, Octavia comes to Indra to ask her for another way for them to be punished without forcing them to fight in the ring. She says that doesn't have another solution for her. Indra warns Octavia that she plans to kill Bellamy and let Gaia kill her. That way, she doesn't lose a daughter. Before the fight in the arena, Bellamy tries to convince Indra and Gaia that they should all refuse to fight to see if Octavia would actually execute them herself. Indra admits that Octavia might not kill her or Bellamy but she would kill Gaia. So, Indra concludes that she must kill Bellamy to save her daughter. She promises to make it quick. She then strategizes with Gaia on how to fake a convincing fight before killing her. Gaia insists that all she cares about is to keep Madi safe... and that means killing Octavia. But Indra advises her against it because Octavia's guards would kill her right away. The fight is interrupted by Monty and Harper and they all survive.

In Damocles (Part 2), Indra fights with Wonkru against the Eligius Prisoners and boards Eligius IV and goes into cryosleep with the others.

In What You Take With You, Indra is woken up from cryosleep by Raven Reyes. She and Marcus Kane in his new host of Gavin, explain to Indra what has happened and why Kane is in a different body. To their shock, Indra is not immediately disgusted with the actions of the Primes, pointing out that it is nothing worse than what the Sky People or the Grounders have done on Earth to survive. Raven and Kane suggest destroying the new Nightblood to stop the Primes, though Indra points out that the Primes can just make more. Raven suggests that they can't if the Nightblood is floated as the ship lacks the polymer they would need and the Primes would also need to find a willing pilot. Indra agrees to help them stop the Primes.

Later, as Raven prepares to fly everyone back to Sanctum, Indra arrives with several other Sky People and Niylah to stop them and seizes the Nightblood from Simone Lightbourne. Indra orders that if any of the Sanctum Guards try anything, Simone is to be shot and heads off. When questioned on her actions, Indra simply states that she is doing a favor for an old friend. Despite Kane's instructions, Raven reluctantly leads Abby to the airlock where Indra is preparing to float both Kane and the Nightblood at his request. Indra stops Abby from reaching the airlock at first, but Raven tells Indra to let Abby through and Raven activates the intercom so that Abby and Kane can say a final goodbye. At Kane's signal, Indra and Raven recite a prayer for Kane and Indra declares that "your fight is over." Tearfully, Indra floats Kane and devastated, watches with Abby and Raven as his body floats away from the airlock and Eligius IV.

In Adjustment Protocol, Indra, Niylah and a large armed group wait at the airlock when the dropship docks. Indra is shocked to discover Gaia, Madi and Raven being held hostage by Russell Lightbourne, Simone in the host of Abby and Clarke posing as Josephine Lightbourne.

In The Blood of Sanctum, Indra refuses to surrender even when Clarke threatens Gaia's life, knowing the Primes would just lose their leverage if they killed their hostages. However, Gaia silently signals her mother to comply which Indra reluctantly does. Indra witnesses the Sheidheda-possessed Madi cause the crew to attack the Primes and Abby's strange behavior, demanding an explanation from her daughter once the Primes are gone. Gaia explains the events to her mother, including how Abby is now being used as a host by Simone and Clarke posing as Josephine.

Indra accompanies the group to med bay where Raven tries to delete Sheidheda from the Flame. Indra warns her daughter about the extent of Sheidheda's evil based upon her own encounter with the Dark Commander and Gaia promises to kill Madi herself it comes down to it. Raven discovers a kill code installed by Sheidheda that can get rid of him at the cost of destroying the Flame. Along with everyone else, Indra reluctantly agrees to the procedure, but it is interrupted by the arrival of Russell to take Madi.

Later, Indra urges Raven to go faster at opening the door when Clarke returns after having floated the other Primes aside from Russell. Russell arrives shortly thereafter with Wonkru led by the Sheidheda-possessed Madi. Indra realizes that Sheidheda awoke Wonkru and is ordered to kneel if she wants to live along with everyone else. After Clarke almost commits suicide, Madi regains control and orders Russell and his men to be seized. As Russell is arrested, Indra personally takes a weapon and holds him at gunpoint.

However, moments later, Madi collapses as Sheidheda tries to kill her in revenge. Indra accompanies the group to the med bay where Raven deletes the Flame to save Madi with Indra keeping watch over Raven rather than attending to Madi along with the others. Indra sadly watches as the Flame's data disappears off of the computer screen as the deletion is completed, saving Madi. Eric Jackson then removes the dead Flame, handing it to a crying Gaia as watches. Moments after the Flame is destroyed and removed, the group witnesses Sheidheda uploading himself to an unknown location.

In False Gods, Indra is called upon by Raven to help with the nuclear meltdown problem. Indra protests Gaia's plan of telling Wonkru the truth about the Flame's destruction rather than have Madi order Wonkru to help. After Gaia's revelation causes much of Wonkru to abandon the cause, Indra angrily chides her daughter. Following the assassination attempt on Russell, Indra and Clarke realize that they can't kill Russell without making a martyr. Indra quips that "suddenly nuclear meltdown doesn't sound so bad."

In Welcome to Bardo, Nelson demands to see Clarke due to their deal to execute Russell Lightbourne. When Nelson believes that Indra can't stop him without her army, Indra simply glares at him threateningly before they are interrupted by Trey and the Faithful, one of whom commits suicide through self-immolation. The Faithful threaten to have one member commit suicide each hour until Russell is released and Indra discusses the situation with Nelson, John Murphy, Emori, Eric Jackson and Russell. Indra decides to send Murphy in as Daniel Lee to talk down the Faithful, promising to cover him. However, Murphy rushes in outside of Indra's range when he discovers a child is about to be sacrificed, leaving Indra unable to help him.

With no other choice, Indra and Emori bring in Russell to talk down his followers. However, to her shock, Indra realizes that its really in fact Sheidheda after the Dark Commander demands that the Faithful "kneel or die." Indra reveals her knowledge of Sheidheda's true identity and her family's history with him. Indra promises that when the people riot after learning the truth, she will personally slit Sheidheda's throat. In the meantime, Indra calls in Jackson to surgically remove Russell's Mind Drive so that Sheidheda can never be resurrected again. Indra stops Jackson from numbing the pain, telling him to let Sheidheda feel it "for Abby".

In Nakara, Indra is enraged when a guard lets Sheidheda out and, as the Dark Commander predicts, relieves the guard of duty for talking to the prisoner despite not having many people loyal left to her. Sheidheda is unconcerned about Indra's threats, knowing that she can't kill him and secretly plotting to get power. The Dark Commander also knows that Indra fears that Wonkru will follow him if they learn that Sheidheda has returned.

Having learned that Wonkru's guns were stolen, Indra enlists Murphy's help to interrogate Nikki of the Eligius prisoners, the most likely culprit. Nikki refuses to admit her culpability, but openly threatens Raven's life for sending her husband to his death. With the threat on all sides escalating, Indra reluctantly approaches Madi to become the Commander again, something that she agrees to.

Indra later calls a meeting of Wonkru to have Madi retake control, but is stopped by Jackson, Murphy and Emori who recognize how scared the young girl is. After Madi runs off, Murphy and Emori convince Indra to open up to them and she reveals the return of Sheidheda in Russell's body. Indra is convinced that Sangedakru will follow the Dark Commander and the others will eventually follow which is why they need Madi. However, Murphy and Emori tell Indra that its why they need her, not Madi. The two point out that it was Indra who was the true power in the Second Dawn Bunker, keeping things moving while Octavia was too busy being Blodreina to truly lead. Indra is reluctant, seeing herself as only a soldier and a warrior, but Emori states that the fact that Indra doesn't want power is what makes her perfect for it. After a moment of consideration, Indra orders the two to get rid of the Commander emblem as she heads out to face the gathered Wonkru.

Challenged by Knight, Indra states that while there are no more Commanders, she is now in charge. Knight continues to openly challenge Indra's right to lead Wonkru, eventually drawing his sword on her. Armed with a staff, Indra effortlessly defeats the Sangedakru warrior and makes a rousing speech about all that Wonkru has overcome together as one clan instead of 11 separate clans and the threats they face that will destroy them if Wonkru allows itself to be torn apart. With Wonkru openly accepting of Indra's leadership of them, she places Knight in charge of recovering the stolen guns from the Eligius prisoners before Indra leaves with the pleased Murphy and Emori.

In The Queen's Gambit, its mentioned that Indra is out looking for the others and has left Murphy and Emori in charge of Sanctum and Wonkru. She has also delegated the task of bringing meals to Sheidheda to Murphy, believing that he is the only one who can be trusted to do so without risking corruption by the Dark Commander. Sheidheda himself notes that Indra must trust Murphy to allow him to perform this task when Murphy states that no one trusts him and confirms to Murphy Indra's fear that the Dark Commander intends to regain power for himself which Sheidheda states that Indra knew the second she realized who the Dark Commander really was.

In The Stranger, a recovered Indra stands at the Dark Commander's side as he demands the loyalty of the prisoners and Children of Gabriel before killing the latter when they refuse to kneel.

Later, Indra helps to clean up the aftermath of the massacre and listens in on Sheidheda's conversation with Knight about the search for Madi. The Dark Commander pointedly addresses Indra, knowing that she is listening in and asks about Gaia. Knight states that Gaia is amongst the missing and they believe that she is in the woods with a group led by Clarke who are "armed and extremely dangerous." Knight reports that there was no sign of them and hands Sheidheda Madi's notebook which is open to a page depicting the Anomaly Stone. The Dark Commander recognizes it from when he had the Flame. Indra reminds Sheidheda of their deal to spare Madi in exchange for Indra kneeling to him, but the Dark Commander states that the deal was from before she went into hiding with his enemies. Indra insists that she is neither Sheidheda's enemy nor does she know where Madi is. Sheidheda orders Indra to have Trikru clean up the mess and calls Nikki over.

Making her way over to Nelson's body, Indra respectfully shuts his eyes and states in Trig that his fight is over. Spotting Luca still alive amongst the carnage, Indra signals him to play dead and then drags him out of the Great Hall. Wheeling a cart with Luca in it, Indra makes her way to the machine shop and reports on the massacre to Murphy and Emori before revealing Luca and asking them to protect him. Emori takes the boy into the reactor where the other survivors are hiding and Indra warns Murphy that the Dark Commander is searching for Madi and will kill them too if he finds her. Murphy tells Indra that he already knows and she asks if he has any weapons. Murphy sarcastically states that they have a nuclear reactor and Indra tells Murphy that she is proud of him as she leaves.

As Indra cleans up some of the blood from the massacre, Sheidheda stops her, telling Indra to let someone else do it. Indra simply states that he ordered Trikru to clean up the blood and she is Trikru. The Dark Commander orders her to clean herself up when she's done as the festivities are about to begin and watches as Knight unveils a throne made out of bones for Sheidheda, brings in the Anomaly Stone and reveals that Nikki has gone missing after following Indra but Knight had Nikki followed.

Indra accompanies Sheidheda's group to the machine shop where she informs Murphy, who had already guessed, that the Dark Commander knows the truth. Indra silently watches the confrontation between Murphy, Emori and the Dark Commander and follows Murphy and Sheidheda out, closing the door behind her.

Indra is in the Great Hall and stares in shock along with everybody else as the Temporal Anomaly opens and a group emerges including Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, Doucette, Gabriel Santiago and Bill Cadogan.

In The Last War, the group trapped in the bunker is rescued by Raven, Nikki and the Eligius prisoners. With the Disciples preparing for what they believe to be the Last War, Indra leads Wonkru in acting as a distraction so that Echo and Raven can go cloaked to help Clarke stop Cadogan. Indra notes that while they can't choose when they die, the current situation is a good how. The situation deteriorates when Sheidheda provokes a battle and attempts to lead a charge on the Disciple position. Spotting this, Indra confronts Sheidheda armed with one of the Eligius sonic cannons. Declaring in Trig "for my mother," Indra blows the Dark Commander up, killing him and finally attaining her revenge. Taking advantage of the moment, Octavia storms onto the battlefield and attempts to convince both sides to stop. Deciding to trust Octavia, Indra leads Wonkru and the prisoners in dropping their weapons. With the Disciples following, the Judge decides humanity to be worthy of transcendence and as a result, Transcends the entire human race aside from Clarke.

After returning to Earth, Clarke learns from the Judge that her surviving friends have decided to return to human form and live out the rest of their lives in peace on Earth. Amongst them is Indra, dressed in casual clothes and working with Gaia. Spotting Clarke, Indra smiles at her friend and rushes over with the rest to greet her.


Indra is an experienced warrior who possesses strong leadership qualities. She is extremely loyal to her people, Trikru. She is distrustful of the Sky People. She is smart at making plans and is honest, as shown when she fulfilled her end of the deal when Octavia bargained for Lincoln's life. Indra shows a soft side when she gives Lincoln a warm hug after he helps save her life and her people's lives. She later cries when she carries out Marcus Kane's request to float him as a form of assisted suicide.

As seen in "Nakara," though Indra has powerful leadership qualities and was in fact what kept Wonkru going during the years in the Second Dawn Bunker, she sees herself as a warrior, not a leader. Unlike other leaders, Indra does not seek power, which thus makes her perfect for the job. Formerly divided, Wonkru fell under Indra's command when she asserted her leadership over the clan with only Knight futilely trying to challenge her.

Tradition is important to her. She honors who she is and where she came from. This is a quality both her and her daughter Gaia are seen to share. She knows the burdens of war and trauma and doesn’t want those she loves to face that alone. It’s harder for her to express how deeply she cares for someone: her life has never been focused on that. She is tough, claiming situations can easily be handled. She grows agitated when things become out of her control. Indra is seen to have a softer spot for children, and is protective and defensive when it comes to them. But she does acknowledge that all warriors do start somewhere. People do not die in vain in her eyes, death holds meaning to her. She is fierce and independent, and can be very intimidating to the enemy, which is exactly what she strives for. At her worst, she’s headstrong, bold and overly ambitious.

Physical Appearance[]

Indra has dark brown skin and brown eyes. She has short, black hair with an average build. She has multiple scars (presumably from battle) and tattoos on her face. She dresses in traditional Grounder clothing.

In Season 5, after the 6 years and 7 days jump, Indra's hair is slightly longer and is shaved on one side of her head.

In Season 7, Indra shaved her whole head.

In "The Last War," Indra ditches her usual outfit for casual clothing for the first time when settling on the regenerated Earth with the rest of Clarke's surviving friends.


Indra's parents[]

"I've been wondering... did your parents kneel when I conquered Trikru?"
"If you must know... my father had already died in the battle. When it was over... yes, my mother did kneel. I thought her weak for it.
- Indra and Sheidheda discuss her parents' fates[src]

When Indra was young, Trikru was invaded by Sheidheda. Indra's father was killed in the battle, but her mother knelt before the Dark Commander, something that Indra spent decades thinking her weak for despite the other option being to die.

In "Welcome to Bardo," Indra tells the resurrected Sheidheda about what happened to her parents and how she had believed her mother to be weak for kneeling before him.

In "Blood Giant," while under the influence of a Red Sun eclipse, Indra sees a hallucination of her mother kneeling before the Dark Commander. The hallucination reveals that Indra's mother had knelt in exchange for Sheidheda sparing Indra's life, something that Indra apparently didn't know before.

"For my mother."
- Indra kills the Dark Commander in her mother's honor[src]
In "The Last War," Indra kills Sheidheda and tells him that it's "for my mother," showing that Indra has changed her opinion about her mother and, as a result, killed the Dark Commander in her honor.

Octavia Blake[]

Main article: Octavia and Indra
"No. You are a warrior. She's the bait."
- Indra to Artigas about Octavia Blake[src]

Indra at first seems very distrustful of Octavia, and slightly angered that she took Nyko hostage and forced her to give back Lincoln in order to get Nyko back. She orders Octavia to be killed in Reapercussions, but Octavia manages to escape. Later, Indra allows Octavia to follow her and her fellow Grounders and be the bait for the Reapers. At one point during the battle with the Reapers, Octavia saves Indra's life. Afterward, Indra allows Octavia to live because she has proved herself well.

In Survival of the Fittest, Octavia fights off one of Indra's Grounders. In this fight, Indra sees a "strength of spirit" in Octavia and asks Octavia to be her Second. Octavia agrees and follows Indra everywhere, taking orders from her and being trained to become a warrior.

In Resurrection, when Indra is injured, she tells Octavia it is her duty to take command of the other Seconds in Tondc and get them to follow her.

In Bodyguard of Lies, when Clarke tries to reassign Octavia to the rear guard, Octavia tells her that she only takes orders from Indra.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1), Indra is proud of Octavia when she helps lead them through the Reaper mines and to Mount Weather and tells her she is now one of them. When Octavia refuses to leave after the retreat is heard, Indra cuts Octavia and tells her she is no longer her Second. Later, however, in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), Indra provides Lincoln with a knife so he can escape and find Octavia.

In Ye Who Enter Here, Indra gives Octavia her sword back and asks if she has kept up with her training in the three months since the events at Mount Weather.

In Season Five, Indra acts as Octavia's trusted councilor in the bunker, though she doesn't agree with all of Octavia's decisions. After betraying Octavia, Indra explains that the Octavia she cared for and was loyal to was the Octavia who was once her Second, not Blodreina.

In "A Sort of Homecoming," Indra reveals to a remorseful Octavia that she holds no anger towards her and blames herself just as much for the events in the bunker.

In "The Last War," Indra has her forces provide Octavia with covering fire as she rescues Levitt and orders her forces to stop firing when Octavia asks her to after a brief moment of hesitation. After killing Sheidheda, Indra is the first to drop her weapon at Octavia's request, simply stating that she hopes that Octavia knows what she's doing.


"He should be dead."
- Indra to Octavia regarding Lincoln in "Inclement Weather".

Indra is Lincoln's chief. She captured Lincoln for helping the enemy (Octavia) while their clan was weak. After Octavia demands a swap for Nyko, her only healer, she agrees to let Lincoln go. When Octavia gets angry that Lincoln is injured, she states that Lincoln should be dead, implying that they would have finished the "death by a thousand cuts" punishment for Lincoln since he had betrayed his clan.

She continues to view Lincoln as a traitor to his people, even when he digs her out of the rubble after the Tondc bombing and carries her to safety when she is hit by the sniper. After Lincoln returns from killing the sniper, Indra welcomes him back with a handshake and a hug. Later, Octavia tells Indra that it meant a lot that she forgave Lincoln. After Lincoln is tied up for not wanting to retreat with the Grounders when Lexa called a truce with the Mountain Men, Indra gives him a knife so that he can free himself and find Octavia.


"Enough. Nyko is our only healer."
- Indra to Octavia about Nyko[src]
Indra is Nyko's leader and Nyko is a healer for Indra's clan. Indra was willing to exchange Lincoln for Nyko when Octavia held him captive. She later leads a rescue mission to find Nyko after the Reapers take him at the end of Inclement Weather. She seems relieved to have found him and helps him to his feet in Reapercussions. Nyko helps save her life in "Resurrection" after she is shot by a sniper.

Marcus Kane[]

Main article: Kane and Indra

Indra initially viewed Kane as an invader like the rest of the Sky People and wished for the Commander to let her kill him. Eventually, they begin to develop a working relationship for the benefit of the alliance as seen in Survival of the Fittest.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Indra and Kane have established a way of communicating with each other (three clicks over a radio) and Indra calls upon Kane for help with protecting Clarke from the bounty on her head and Kane brings in Bellamy and Monty to assist them.

In Ye Who Enter Here, she greets Kane and Abby as they explore the capital, it is clear she and Kane have now developed a friendship since he refers to her as "my friend". She then leads them to the Polis tower to be reunited with Clarke.

In Hakeldama, Clarke requests that Indra radio Kane. He gets her signal but sends Octavia instead since he is aware Pike is watching his every move.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Indra, Miller, Bryan, Murphy, Bellamy and Pike have set up a bomb to take out the chipped victims coming to attack them. Indra notices Kane is too close to the bomb and saves his life though she is unable to escape with the others.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Indra is mentioned by Kane to be "on the cross, suffering needlessly" when Octavia tricks him into thinking she'll take the chip. It can be assumed that he was the one who hung her there.

In God Complex, Kane goes to meet Indra with Monty and Jaha. Kane, trying to be friendly, smiles at Indra, but she punches him in the face.

In What You Take With You, Kane awakens Indra for help in dealing with the Primes as well as for her perspective on things. At Kane's request, Indra floats him as a form of assisted suicide. Kane's death is enough to drive Indra to tears even as she complies with his wishes. To honor her friend, Indra gives both the Skaikru Traveler's Blessing and the Grounders' traditional "your fight is over" as he dies.


Indra was loyal to Lexa. She always obeyed Lexa even when she did not agree with her decisions as it was shown that she did not agree with having an alliance with the Sky People. She also did not agree with the retreat from Mount Weather nor Lexa's decision that blood must have not blood in "Hakeldama".


Gaia is Indra's daughter. They have a strained relationship because Gaia chose to become a Flamekeeper instead of a warrior. However Indra still cares enough for her daughter to save her when she was about to be killed by Octavia Blake.

In "The Flock," Indra states that Clarke's group is fine as they have Gaia to look out for them while John Murphy needs her help more.

In "Blood Giant," Indra is alarmed to learn that Gaia isn't with Clarke and goes so far as to angrily demand answers from Bill Cadogan at gunpoint before Bellamy reassures her that the Disciples don't know where Gaia is.

In "A Sort of Homecoming," after being reunited with Indra on Earth, Gaia admits that she used to be jealous of Indra's relationship with Octavia, but isn't anymore. After Gaia states that she wishes she was the warrior that Indra had always wanted as a daughter like Octavia, Indra, seemingly surprised that Gaia doesn't know, calls her daughter her Seda, her teacher. The two reconcile and fight side-by-side to defeat Sheidheda in armed combat, something that Indra couldn't do on her own.

In "The Dying of the Light," Indra and Gaia argue over how to handle the Disciple situation with Gaia telling her mother that killing Bill Cadogan won't stop them because "faith doesn't just die," providing examples that they have both seen in the past. After Clarke and Octavia are transported to Bardo, Indra tells her daughter "now we have faith," pleasing Gaia.

In "The Last War," the two are working together when Clarke reunites with her friends.

Abby Griffin[]

Indra and Abby have a good relationship to the point that Indra is devastated by her friend's death. When removing Sheidheda's Mind Drive, Indra has Jackson make it painful "for Abby."

John Murphy[]

"Do you have any weapons?"
"Nuclear reactor count?"
"I'm proud of you, Murphy."
"Yeah. Get in line.
- Indra and Murphy share some banter[src]

At first, much of Indra's interactions with Murphy were negative with Indra being the one to hold him captive and then as an agent of biological warfare. However, their relationship greatly improves over time.

In Season Seven, with Clarke gone, Indra works together closely with Murphy and Emori to hold things together on Sanctum. Murphy and Emori are two of the very few people Indra lets into her confidence about Sheidheda's resurrection and it is them who convinces Indra that she is the leader that Wonkru needs. Murphy later tells Sheidheda that he doesn't think Indra trusts him since no one does, but the Dark Commander states that Indra must trust him to let Murphy in on her Sheidheda secret. Indeed, Indra is shown to trust and rely on Murphy and to a degree Emori greatly as the threat of Sheidheda lessens the number of trustworthy allies she has. After taking Luca to Murphy for safety, the two even share a bit of banter before Indra tells Murphy that she is proud of him.


Main article: Indra and Sheidheda
"For my mother."
- Indra before killing Sheidheda[src]

Unlike Clarke and her friends or most of the Grounders, including her own daughter, who only know of the Dark Commander from stories or their interactions with him through Madi Griffin and the Flame, Indra has personal experience and hatred for him. Having seen his atrocities as a child, Indra is well aware of the danger that he poses and bears a grudge as her father died fighting him when Indra was a child and her mother bowed before him. Indra's experiences with Sheidheda allows her to see through the Dark Commander's guise as Russell Lightbourne when nobody else can and she makes it clear that as soon as she can, Indra will take pleasure in personally killing him. Due to her pragmatic nature, Indra doesn't take her revenge right away, knowing that it will just cause more problems and, with Eric Jackson's help, instead ensures that Sheidheda can never be resurrected again when she does kill him.

In "A Little Sacrifice," Indra bows to Sheidheda after failing to kill him in combat in exchange for Sheidheda sparing Madi's life.

In "The Stranger," Indra serves Sheidheda, but as he points out, is always listening and watching. Despite their differences, Sheidheda shows a degree of respect for Indra, even trying to get her to stop cleaning up the blood he had ordered her to have Trikru remove. Despite working for the Dark Commander, he doesn't have Indra's true loyalty and she rescues Luca from his massacre and appears to be supporting Murphy and Emori's efforts in secret.

In "Blood Giant," Indra and Sheidheda work together when tied up by the Disciples and the Dark Commander even saves Indra's life. Under the influence of the Red Sun eclipse, Indra experiences hallucinations of her mother and Sheidheda, seemingly her memories reenacted and discovers that Indra's mother bowed before the Dark Commander in exchange for him sparing Indra's life. Indra chooses not to kill the Dark Commander who is already severely wounded but to condemn him to die of his injuries instead.

In "A Sort of Homecoming," when Sheidheda attacks the bunker, Indra faces off against him with the help of Gaia and defeats the Dark Commander. However, before Indra can kill him, Sheidheda escapes again.

In "The Last War," Indra finally kills the Dark Commander with a sonic cannon and gets her revenge. As Indra kills Sheidheda, she declares that its "for my mother."


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The Last WarAppears


Indra (in Trigedasleng): "Ai laik Indra kom Trigeda. Chit yu gaf? (in English) I said, "what do you want," Octavia of the Sky People."
-- in Inclement Weather
Indra (to Artigas): "No. You are a warrior. She's the bait."
-- in Reapercussions
Indra: "Those who are about to die will say anything."
-- in Long Into an Abyss
Indra (to Clarke): "Lies. No one escapes the mountain."
-- in Long Into an Abyss
Indra: "You have courage but courage isn't justice. Only the boy can die for what the boy has done."
-- in Spacewalker
Abby Griffin: "You don't want justice, you want vengeance."
Indra: "You have not seen my vengeance."
-- in Remember Me
Indra: "I argued for all of you to die. But, the Commander is merciful she wants only one."
Lincoln: "She's innocent."
Indra: "I don't care. (to the warriors) They move, they bleed. The rest of you are free. When she's dead, so is the alliance. You should run."
-- in Remember Me
Marcus Kane: "Thank you for agreeing to this, Indra."
Indra: "We're here under the Commander's orders. I agreed to nothing."
-- in Survival of the Fittest
Indra: "Strength of spirit like that is rare. It must be guided. Do you know what a warrior's second is? ... I can make you a great warrior, Octavia of the Sky People if you're willing to do whatever it takes. First lesson... never question me."
-- in Survival of the Fittest
Indra (to Clarke and Abby): "A killer lives while a warrior dies? This is your way?"
-- in Coup de Grâce
Indra: "You people are so weak."
-- in Coup de Grâce
Indra (to Octavia): "We're at war and a warrior does not mourn those she's lost till after the battle is won."
-- in Rubicon
Indra: "You're the Chief's Second. Save our people."
-- in Resurrection
Indra: "You've done well, Octavia of the Sky People. Today you saved lives, tomorrow you'll take them."
-- in Resurrection
Indra: "He earned that. I have known Lincoln since he was a boy. He always questioned our ways but if he ever chooses sides against the clan again, not even his bravery can save him."
-- in Bodyguard of Lies
Indra: "They didn't do anything. The enemy did. Lexa's a great commander because she's ruthless. That's why we'll win this battle.... That's war."
-- in Bodyguard of Lies
Lincoln: "How could you do this?"
Indra: "I swore loyalty to this Commander."
Lincoln: "She left our allies to be slaughtered. She dishonors us all."
Indra: "And your disobedience dishonors you."
Lincoln: "Why are you here, Indra?"
Indra: "Because you are also Trikru."
Lincoln: "I can't just let her die."
Indra: "Under the terms of the truce, the lands surrounding the Mountain are forbidden. If you violate this, Lexa will never take you back. Octavia made her choice. Now you make yours." (leaves Lincoln a knife to cut himself free)
-- in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)

Indra (to Bellamy): "My people believe that when you kill someone, you get their power. Kill Wanheda and you command death."
-- in Wanheda (Part 1)
Marcus Kane: "Sixty-three? Farm station left with three times those numbers.
Charles Pike: "We landed with that number to (looks at Indra)."
Indra: "The Ice Nation can be ruthless. Take pride in the number you saved."
-- in Wanheda (Part 2)
John Murphy: "Ask yourself this. You want your revenge or you want your people to live?
Indra: "Both. I'll get my revenge. Just not today."
-- in Join or Die

Indra (to Gaia): "My daughter was not meant to wander the Earth looking for Nightbloods. My daughter was meant to lead armies. My daughter was meant to lead our people."
-- in The Four Horsemen
Roan: "You created a killer. In the street, they're calling her Skairipa, death from above."
Indra: "I'm so proud."
Roan: "You should be. One kill to prevent thousands, that's good politics."
-- in The Four Horsemen

Indra: "If you dare say the spirits of the Commanders object, then I must remind you that those spirits have abandoned us."
-- in Red Queen
Octavia: "You betrayed me, Indra."
Indra: "I betrayed Blodreina."
Octavia: "What's the difference?"
Indra: "Octavia kom Skaikru was my second. I taught her when to attack and when not to. I advised her to do what's best for her people, not herself."
-- in The Warriors Will

Indra: "On the Ark, you floated people for stealing food. On the ground, my people cheered as children fought to the death to lead us. Is this so much worse?"
-- in What You Take With You
Indra: "In peace, may you leave this shore."
Indra and Raven Reyes: "In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again."
Marcus Kane: "May we meet again."
Indra (in Trigedasleng) "Your fight is over."
-- in What You Take With You
Niylah: "Clarke, Abby... What are you doing?"
Indra: "That's not Clarke and Abby."
Clarke Griffin (posing as Josephine Lightbourne): "Very good. Seems we got our Nightblood despite what I'm told you did with Kane. Now you have 3 seconds to stand down."
Indra: "Or what? If you kill them, we kill you. You didn't think this through."
Clarke Griffin: (points gun at Gaia) "One... Two..."
Indra: "Weapons down... Now."
-- in The Blood of Sanctum
Indra: "Gaia... Explain."
-- in The Blood of Sanctum
Indra: "I saw him once -- Sheidheda. I was only a girl when he took Trikru. He went from village to village, butchering anyone who refused to kneel, their families, too. We cannot let this creature command Wonkru."
Gaia: "I know, mother. If we fail, I'll take her life."
Raven Reyes: "Then how about we don't fail? Thanks to Becca's book, we're past the AI's security. If I'm right and it quarantined the minds of the other Commanders, it should be easy to isolate Sheidheda and dump it onto the second computer. From there, we kill the son of a bitch."
Gaia: "What is it? What's wrong?"
Raven Reyes: "It looks like there's a kill code, but Becca doesn't mention that in her notes."
Indra: "So can you kill it or not?"
Raven Reyes: "I can, but... it'll destroy the Flame. He's making us choose."
-- in The Blood of Sanctum
Indra: "Raven."
Niylah: "Where did he go?"
-- in The Blood of Sanctum

Indra: "New world, same problems."
-- in From the Ashes
Indra: "Too many people."
Raven Reyes: "Good thing A.L.I.E.'s not around."
-- in From the Ashes
Indra: "So it's that simple?"
Raven: "I like you!"
-- in False Gods
Indra (to Gaia): "Faith may be blind, but loyalty isn't. Congratulations. You just lost Wonkru."
-- in False Gods
Clarke Griffin: "We can't kill him."
Indra: "No we can't. Suddenly nuclear meltdown doesn't seem so bad."
-- in False Gods
Eric Jackson: "Rack up another one for faith."
Indra: "Faith isn't the problem. Blind faith is."
-- in Welcome to Bardo
Sheidheda: "My, my, my. What foolish little lambs you are. The last thing I want is for all of you to die. In the same night that your uprising stayed my execution, you thought it wise to sacrifice yourselves?! You're the only thing keeping me alive!"
Trey: "Please forgive us, Russell."
Sheidheda: "You want forgiveness? Than show me your fealty."
Trey: "Anything. Tell me what to do."
Sheidheda: "Kneel. All of you, kneel or die."
Emori: "Indra, what's wrong?"
Indra: "I've heard that before."
-- in Welcome to Bardo
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "There's a spider on your shoulder."
Sheidheda (in Trigedasleng): "Too bad you can't kill me."
-- in Welcome to Bardo
Indra: "Now we know what happened to the code when we saved the Commander."
Sheidheda: "Hm, She was too weak to be a Commander and you know it. (in Trigedasleng) I've been wondering... did your parents kneel when I conquered Trikru?"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): : "If you must know... my father had already died in the battle. When it was over... yes, my mother did kneel. I thought her weak for it."
Sheidheda: "Ah. And you know what happens if you make me a martyr."
Indra: "Yes. The same thing that happens if anyone finds out who you are. Only then, as the people riot for the loss of their god, I can slit your throat."
Sheidheda: "What's the meaning of this?"
Nelson: "Up."
Indra: "I might not be able to kill you, but I can make sure when I do, you don't come back."
Nelson: "Death to Primes."
Eric Jackson: "For the pain."
Indra: "No. Let him feel it... for Abby."
-- in Welcome to Bardo
Indra: "Excuse me, I need to borrow your god."
-- in Nakara
Indra: "I'm sorry, Madi, I don't know what else to do."
Madi Griffin: "What's wrong?"
Indra: "I'm failing my mission. Sanctum is on edge. You've seen the fighting, the attempt on Russell's life. You know last night, a woman set herself on fire for him. That's nothing compared to what I fear comes next. Our guns were stolen, nearly 50 of them, over 2,000 rounds. I have a good idea who has them, but I can't get them back unless all of Wonkru is with me. Madi… we need our Commander. I know you don't want this. I don't want this for you, but there are forces at play here that are greater than our wants. Responsibilities we must yield to."
Madi Griffin: "What about Clarke?"
Indra: "I'll talk with Clarke, but the truth is, no one understands this more than her. That's why she's out there right now looking for our friends. Her people need her. Like yours need you."
-- in Nakara
Emori: "Indra, what is it? Let us help."
Indra: "Sheidheda."
Emori: "What? In Madi? But I thought--"
Indra: "Not in Madi. In Russell. When we removed the Flame from Madi, Sheidheda's consciousness disappeared into the computer. From there, it jumped into the..."
John Murphy and Indra: "Mind Drive."
John Murphy: "Yeah."
Emori: "So kill him."
John Murphy: "We can't. Fanatics think he's Russell. They'll burn it all down. Of course, if we tell them he isn't Russell, they'll still burn it all down. Either way, their god is dead."
Emori: "Which will be the least of our worries because if we tell them, Wonkru will know Sheidheda is back."
John Murphy: "You really think they'd follow him?"
Indra: "Sangedakru would, and eventually, the others would kneel. I've seen it before. That's why we need Madi."
John Murphy: "No, that is why we need you. I mean, come on, Indra. We weren't actually in that bunker, but I don't think it takes a genius to figure out who was really running things down there while Octavia was painting her face with blood. Besides, who's bossier than you?"
Indra: "I'm a soldier, a warrior. That's my role, always has been."
Emori: "Indra, the fact that you don't want it, it's why you should do it."
Indra: "Get rid of this."
John Murphy: "Can we at least watch?"
Indra: "No."
John Murphy: "I'm gonna watch."
-- in Nakara
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "So, where's the Commander?"
Indra: (in Trigedasleng) "There are no Commanders anymore."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Thanks to you and your daughter. We know. Then why are we here?"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "There may be no Commander, but make no mistake... I am in Command."
Knight (in Trigedasleng): "Why should we follow you? You betrayed us! Lied to us! And now you ask to lead us?!"
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "I'm not asking. We are Wonkru. Not separate clans. We rose from the ashes of the bunker... and flew across the stars to find a new home. There are threats here that will defeat us if we fail to remember that. Knight, you're in charge of getting the missing guns back from the prisoners."
-- in Nakara
Eric Jackson: "We need a plan."
John Murphy: "Alright. Well here's what we are working with. They have a lot of guns. Wonkru won't listen to us. I am 150 pounds wet and you can't fight to save your life.
Indra: "Guard the door. I'm gone for half a day and now the palace is surrounded with armed COGs and convicts?"
John Murphy: "Where have you been?"
Eric Jackson: "We have a situation."
Indra: "I heard the announcement."
John Murphy: "I'm sure Nelson wants us Primes to tell the Faithful we're full of crap."
Indra: "Or he wants to kill you."
John Murphy: "Where's everyone else? They asked for Raven too."
Indra: "All we found were bodies and blood at Gabriel's camp... Not our people. There was no trace of them. We left a unit in the field to keep searching. I was afraid to stay out too long and I'm afraid I'm right considering what I just walked in on. Gaia is with them, too, but they can take care of themselves. Obviously, you can't."
Eric Jackson: "Nate was with them."
John Murphy: "We'll get Nate and Gaia back, but we have 18 minutes to save Emori."
Indra: "How? We can't give them Raven."
John Murphy: "You're not gonna like it -- hell I don't like it -- but we could give them me and Russell. 2 out 3 ain't bad."
Indra: "You want to let Sheidheda go free? That's exactly what he wants us to do."
John Murphy: "It's hardly free."
Indra: "It is still out of my control."
John Murphy: "It'll at least buy us some time, ok, time for you to gather Wonkru for a frontal assault. I don't care if it's what he wants, I'm going in one way or the other. I won't let her die, Indra."
Indra: "Sheidheda won't just volunteer for this."
John Murphy: "Well then I guess we'll just have to persuade the bastard."
-- in The Flock
Sheidheda: "You're welcome. The plan worked perfectly."
Indra: "So far."
-- in The Flock
Indra: "Do not open these doors. You might hear disturbing things, but these are my orders. Is that clear?"
-- in The Flock
John Murphy: "Indra, what are you doing?"
Indra: "Killing a demon. Do you have a problem with that? Good. Get some rest. You've both had a long day."
Emori: "We should go, before they come for us. What?"
John Murphy: "This is what he wanted. Open the door!"
Penn: "Only on Indra's word."
John Murphy: "Listen. It's not one man screaming. Sheidheda's killing them."
Knight: "What did you just say?"
Sheidheda (in Trigedasleng) "Open the door! My fight is just beginning!"
-- in The Flock
Clarke Griffin: "Tell me Madi's safe with Gaia."
Indra: "We thought Gaia was with you."
John Murphy: "Madi's safe for now."
-- in Blood Giant
Sheidheda: "I saved your life, Indra. Surely that is worth something?"
Indra: "Yes it is. I don't need to kill you because you're already dead. (slashes Sheidheda's face) No one treats him."
Eric Jackson: "Wasn't planning on it."
Gabriel Santiago: "Me neither."
Indra: (in Trigedasleng) "Your fight is over."
-- in Blood Giant
Clarke Griffin: "Where are we?"
Indra: "The Second Dawn Bunker."
Eric Jackson: "Otherwise known as Hell."
Clarke Griffin: "Earth? How?"
Bill Cadogan: "This place is perfect for you. Nano-Tracking Program. (swallows a pill) What is it you say? May we meet again." (Cadogan vanishes)
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Gaia: "Welcome home, mother."
Indra: "Gaia?"
Madi Griffin: "Seda! How are you here?!"
Gaia: "Good question. He turned off the Stone. Before the Bridge closed, we went through... landing here. (in flashback) No. How?"
Disciple (in flashback): "The closing Bridge defaults to the planetary origin of our DNA. Your journey ends here, too."
Gaia (voiceover): "He would not stop talking while we fought. Said when you're caught in a closing Bridge, it defaults to the planetary origin of your DNA. Earth."
Disciple (in flashback): "For all mankind."
Gaia (in flashback): "I'm no man."
John Murphy: "Where's the head?"
Gaia: "Buried with the rest of him."
Indra: "Until today, no one even knew you were missing. How long have you been alone here?"
Gaia: "A few days until the others arrived this morning. I thought it would be the rest of my life."
Indra: "We're together now."
Clarke Griffin: "Echo and Octavia... where are they?"
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Gaia: "I used to resent when you would look at her like that."
Indra: "Gaia."
Gaia: "I don't anymore. I'm glad Octavia came to you. She was always more warrior than I. I am sorry that I wasn't."
Indra: "I'm the one who's sorry. My child, don't you know? You're my Seda."
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "Your fight is over."
Sheidheda: "Not today."
-- in A Sort of Homecoming
Clarke Griffin: "It's working!" (Clarke vanishes)
Octavia Blake: "I'm next."
Hope Diyoza: "I don't wanna be alone again."
Octavia Blake: "Sometimes to do the right thing, you have to take a risk. Your mom knew that, too." (Octavia vanishes)
Jordan Green (taking Hope's hand): "You're not alone."
Nathan Miller: "What now?"
Indra (to Gaia): "Now we have faith."
-- in The Dying of the Light
Indra: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Raven Reyes: "Saving our asses, again. (to Nikki) Thank you."
Nikki: "It's what Hatch would do."
-- in The Last War
Jordan Green: "Well, they're distracted."
Hope Diyoza: "Long enough for us to die."
Indra: "We all die. When is out of our control. This is a good how."
-- in The Last War
Sheidheda (in Trigedasleng): "We charge! We breach the wall! We kill them all! On my..." (turns to see Indra holding a sonic cannon)
Indra (in Trigedasleng): "For my mother." (kills Sheidheda)
-- in The Last War
Octavia Blake: "Enough! What the hell are we doing here? You swore an oath to fight for all mankind. Well look around you! We are mankind, we are Wonkru! If I kill you, I kill myself. If we keep killing each other, there won't be anyone left to save. Our fight is over, Indra."
Indra: "I hope you know what you are doing."
Octavia Blake: "We're unarmed. I know you're afraid to walk away from everything you've spent your lives training for. I am too. My brother believed as you do.. that transcendence -- whatever that means -- is within reach. He died for that belief and for that he'll never get there. Never transcend. I don't know what I believe, but I do know that if we fight this war we don't deserve to find out if he was right. We don't deserve to survive. We fail, we die."
Raven Reyes: "She's reaching them." (the Judge looks shocked)
Octavia Blake: "I've been to war and let me tell you... the only way to win is not to fight."
-- in The Last War

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Adina Porter as Indra was announced on October 2, 2014.[1]
    • She was initially written to be one handed.[2]
  • In the ancient Hindu religion, Indra is the warrior god of sky and rain. The name itself means "possessing drops of rain."[3]
  • Indra has appeared in 53 episodes, making her the third most frequently appearing recurring character.
    • Nathan Miller is the most frequently recurring character, followed by Eric Jackson.
    • This also makes her the most appearing Grounder.
  • Indra, Echo, Emori and Penn are the only characters introduced in Season Two that are known to be still alive.
  • She is the one who sent John Murphy back with the virus to the Delinquents' Camp. This was revealed in the script for "Acceptable Losses" in the scene where Bellamy, Monty and Clarke discuss enlisting Indra's help with the parasite worms.[4] However, the dialogue was cut from the final episode.
  • In "Nakara," John Murphy and Emori state that it was in fact Indra who was the true power behind Wonkru in the Second Dawn Bunker, "keeping things moving" while Octavia was busy "painting herself in blood."
  • Indra never became a major character due to Adina Porter continuously declining Jason Rothenberg's repeated offers for a promotion to series regular.[5]
  • Indra is the final character to kill someone in the series, killing Sheidheda in "The Last War" just before humanity transcends.
    • Due to the Flame being destroyed and Indra having the Dark Commander's Mind Drive removed, this second death is permanent.
  • In the entire series, Indra is only ever shown wearing casual clothing in "The Last War" when she is on the lakeside with Clarke and her surviving friends in the show's final scene.


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