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- Title Sequence -
Clarke Previously on "The 100"...
Abby You’re being sent to the ground.
Jaha Before the last war, Mount Weather was a military base built within a mountain. No one ever made it there.
Dante Welcome to Mount Weather. You’re not prisoners. We saved you.
Jasper Why would we want to leave?
Clarke We have friends out there who need our help.
Jasper Clarke, no! If you pull that lever, these people will die. Even a little radiation could kill them.
Kane Are we really gonna do this, bring the Ark to the ground?
Jaha Tell me what it's like.
Abby Everything I dreamed. Thelonious, you should be here.
Jaha My job is done. Jaha out.
[Baby cries]
Lincoln I won’t let you die
Octavia You brought me to your village? They’ll kill you.
Bellamy You son of a bitch!
Kane You are not in control here anymore.
Scene 1 - Camp Jaha
(Kane arrives to interrogate Bellamy.)
Kane Open it up.
Guard Yes, sir.
Bellamy How long are you gonna keep me locked up in here?
Kane Until I'm confident you're no longer a threat to others. Let’s continue. Now you said there were hundreds of Grounders attacking. 200, 300?
Bellamy I didn't count.
Kane Why do you think they attacked? What provoked them?
Bellamy We were here. That was enough. We’re wasting time. The others didn't just vanish into thin air. They were taken, and we need to go after them.
Kane Search team is prepping to leave but not before we've gotten the intel we need from you.
Bellamy I need to be on that team, please.
Kane That’s out of the question. You’re not trained. It’s too dangerous.
Bellamy Those are my people out there.
Kane They’re my people, too. You want to help them? Tell me what we're up against... Grounder tactics, their numbers, what kind of weapons they used.
Bellamy Arrows and spears, axes, swords, their teeth.
Kane No guns? You had guns.
Bellamy The guns we found at the aid depot leveled the playing field, and maybe, maybe if we'd had more bullets, we could have...
Kane There were more bullets. Search team just returned from the bunker. They found two more barrels full of rifles and a third filled with bullets.
Bellamy We should have looked harder.
[Door opens]
Guard Keep walking.
Bellamy What’s he doing here?
Major Byrne Excuse me, sir. Dr. Griffin cleared Mr. Murphy out of medical.
Kane Put him over there, Major Byrne.
Guard On your knees. Come on.
Murphy Well, this should be fun.
Guard Let’s go! Move, move, move! Go, go, go!
Man There! They were right there!
Major Byrne Did anyone see anything?
Kane Who was there? How many? What did they look like?
Man I don't know, but I'm sure I saw someone move.
Abby You opened fire? That could have been the kids.
(Abby runs forward but Kane grabs her arm stopping her.)
Kane Abby! No. We’ll sweep the woods. In the meantime, who issued you that weapon?
Major Byrne I did, sir.
(Kane takes the weapon from the man.)
Kane (to Byrne) From now on, only members of the guard get guns. (to Everyone) Unauthorized use of firearms will be punishable as a felony under the Exodus Charter. Is that clear?
Man Yes, sir.
Woman Yes, sir.
Abby Marcus, search the damn woods.
Major Byrne Move out! Teams of 3!
Guard Yes, ma'am!
Major Byrne Radio checks at 5-minute intervals. Let’s go!
Scene 2 - Mount Weather
(Clarke is sketching the Mount Weather Map.)
[Music playing]
Jasper It’s not bad. Maybe they'll hang it on the walls here one day.
Boy Miller!
Jasper Look who finally got released.
Miller Hey.
Clarke Miller. I’m glad you're ok.
Miller Yeah. Only took, what, 3 surgeries? I hear you're fitting right in.
(Clarke looks at Maya.)
Maya Twice a day. Don't forget. You’ll be ok in a few days. Here.
Miller Thanks.
Jasper Maya, top of the morning... is a very dumb thing to say that I saw in an old movie once. Hey. You going to breakfast?
Maya Yeah. You want to go together?
Jasper Sure, yeah. I... I'd love t...
[alarm blaring]
Maya Um, save me a seat, ok? Sorry.
Clarke Hey. What's going on?
Maya That signal means the surface patrol is back and someone needs medical attention. I have to go to quarantine.
Jasper Hey, Clarke. What are you doing?
Clarke Maybe they found survivors. If our people are hurt, we have a right to know.
(Clarke follows Maya.)
Jasper I’m pretty sure we shouldn't just go w... wandering around.
(Jasper follows Clarke.)
Maya What are we dealing with?
Man They were attacked. One dead. He's in room two. The other took off his gloves and mask to treat him. He’s still in decon, but he'll need treatment as soon as he's processed through.
Clarke Who attacked them?
Man What are they doing here? Hey, stop! It's not safe!
Clarke It is for us. Let’s go, Jasper.
Jasper Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble.
(Clarke and Jasper enter the quarantine ward.)
Jasper Clarke, slow down! Stop pushing so hard. These people are...
Clarke Are lying to us. That’s a bullet wound. Grounders don't use guns.
Jasper Unless the Grounders got the guns from us.
Clarke I don't think so. I think our people are alive out there.
Dr. Tsing Get them out of here.
(A radiation burned man is brought to a bed.)
- Title Sequence -
Scene 3 - The Ark
(Jaha is running across the Ark.)
[Baby crying]
[Crying continues]
(Jaha opens a drawer to find the source of the crying, a baby.)
Scene 4 - Camp Jaha
(Abby enters the medical tent to see Raven and Finn.)
Abby How are you feeling?
Raven Awesome.
Finn She’s lying.
Raven I know that face. Just spit it out, Abby.
Abby The bullet is still shifting. That’s why you're in pain. I was hoping that it would stabilize by now.
Raven So how about you take it out?
Abby Raven, we need to talk about that. The bullet is pressing on your spine. If we leave it in, you'll live, but you'll never walk again.
Raven And take it out?
Abby The surgery could kill you. We have no equipment, we have no anesthesia.
Raven Will I walk again?
Abby Maybe, but you'd be awake the whole time. You’d feel everything.
Raven Sign me up.
Finn Wait. Raven, you could die.
Raven In Zero G I didn't need my legs. Down here, I do. Take it out.
Scene 5 - Tondc
(Octavia is still in Tondc, a grounder man is standing over her.)
Octavia Where’s Lincoln?
Nyko Drink.
(Octavia drinks some of it spitting it out.)
Nyko Drink or die. Your choice. All of it.
Scene 6 - Mount Weather
(Clarke approaches Dante.)
Clarke We need to talk.
Dante Sure. Let's talk over breakfast.
Clarke Who shot that soldier?
Dante The patrol that was looking for your people was attacked by what you call Grounders.
Clarke I fought Grounders. They don't use guns.
Dante I never mentioned guns. Sergeant Shaw was shot by an arrow.
Clarke That’s not true. I... I saw the wound.
Dante Sometimes, we feel so strongly about our people we see things that aren't there.
Clarke I’d like to see the body.
Dante Of course. Come with me.
Scene 7 - The Ark
[Baby crying]
Jaha I know the air's not that great, but that's all we got left. We’re in a fine mess now, aren't we? But I can't let you die up here with me. Yes. I guess we better find a way to get you to the ground, huh? Yeah. You like that idea?
Jaha Ooh. Ok. Ok.
(They begin exploring the ship.)
Jaha Come on. Ok now, ok. Let’s see what we have left up here that can save us.
Scene 8 - Camp Jaha
(Abby is prepping for Raven's surgery.)
Abby We’re almost ready.
Finn Do you want me to talk or just shut up?
Raven Stop! I'm so scared.
Finn Look at me. Ok? Just keep looking at me. She’s ready.
Raven Aah!
[Raven screaming]
(Murphy and Bellamy are still in lockup)
Murphy Yeah. That was me at the Grounder camp. You now, I did everything I could not scream, but eventually...
Bellamy But eventually, you broke and you told them everything.
Murphy And you wouldn't have because you're better than me.
Bellamy Damn right. I’m not a traitor. I didn't tell them where they could find us.
Murphy And I did. Yeah, I did. After they tortured me in their prison camp for 3 days, but go ahead. You just keep believing, even if you are in here just like me.
[Raven screaming and sobbing]
Major Byrne All right. Bring it in.
[Man screaming]
Kane Now what?
Major Byrne It's coming from the north.
Kane On me.
[Indistinct chatter]
(They find three men crucified on a tree.)
Kane Campbell’s alive. Cut him down.
Major Byrne Let’s go!
Scene 9 - Mount Weather
(Dr. Tsing is wheeling the body into quarantine for Clarke and Dante to see.)
Dr. Tsing Sorry to keep you waiting. We had to finish decontamination.
Dante Thank you, Dr. Tsing.
Clarke The man with the burns, how is he?
Dr. Tsing He’s improving.
Clarke I… I'd like to talk to him.
Dr. Tsing Sir, only patients are allowed in medical.
Dante We can arrange that.
Clarke What is this?
Dr. Tsing It’s a dialysis shunt. We all have them in case of exposure. Would you like to see the exit wound?
(Dr. Tsing turns over the body.)
Dr. Tsing Sergeant Langston was forced to push the arrow out in the field. Thank you, sir. We’ve got it right here.
(She fetches a small plastic bag that contains the arrow.)
Scene 10 - The Ark
Jaha We may be out of luck, little man.
(He notices the baby has a chess knight.)
Jaha Where’d you get that? Maybe I'll teach you to play someday.
(He continues scrolling through the control panel before finding a missile model.)
Jaha Ship-to-ground. I can't be that crazy.
(Jaha and the baby are standing before an airlock.)
Jaha You see that white door? It’s called an airlock. Our ride is on the other side. It’s a missile. Ironic, huh? Our ancestors used them to destroy the world. We’re gonna use one to get back to it. That’s the good news. The bad news is... we can't get to it unless we go outside.
Scene 11 - Camp Jaha
(Kane is walking around Camp Jaha he sees the hand of a dead guard and covers it before entering the medical tent.)
Kane How is she?
Abby Well, she survived the surgery. Don’t ask me how. She’s a courageous kid.
Kane That’s one thing these kids have is courage. Bellamy can't wait to get back out there.
Abby Well, he wants to help his friends.
Kane We all want to find out what happened to them, Abby, but not without a plan or a clear idea of what we're up against.
Abby You didn't send that search team out, did you?
Kane Those men were crucified. That’s a warning I intend to take very seriously. We’ll search high and low for the missing kids, you have my word, but not before we've secured this camp.
Abby They tortured John Murphy. They put a spear into Jasper Jordan's chest. We can't wait. Marcus… Please.
Kane I’m sorry. I’ve made my decision.
Scene 12 - Tondc
(Octavia wakes up.)
Nyko You’re feeling better.
Octavia Who are you? Where’s Lincoln?
Nyko I’m Nyko. Lincoln is my friend. That’s why I helped you.
(Octavia stands.)
Nyko You can stand. Good. Because now you should run.
Octavia Where’s Lincoln?
Nyko He’s answering for what he's done. Because he helped you, our clan is vulnerable. If the reapers come, we can't even fight them off.
Octavia Wait, wait. Are you saying that they caught him? No, no. Wait. They'll kill him. We have to do something. Please. You said he's your friend. We have to do something.
Nyko I did do something. I saved your life. Now run.
(Octavia knocks him out.)
Octavia Thank you for saving my life.
(She leads him into a village.)
Octavia Ai laik okteivia kom skaikru, and you have something I want. (I am Octavia of the Sky People.)
Indra Ai laik indra kom trigeda. Chit yu gaf? I said what do you want, Octavia of the sky people?
Octavia Lincoln.
Indra No.
[Speaking Trigedasleng]
Indra Enough. Nyko is our only healer.
Octavia Good. Then you'll do as I say.
(She pulls a sword to Nyko's neck.)
Octavia Bring Lincoln to the place I saw him last. He knows where that is. Just you and him, no one else. If I see anyone else, I'll kill your healer. You have until dark. Get up.
Scene 13 - Camp Jaha
Abby You felt that?
Raven Yes, I felt that.
Abby Good. Now the left.
Finn Anything? Try it again. Try it again!
Raven Finn.
Abby Raven, I want you to tell me when you feel something, ok?
Raven There.
Abby Raven, it appears that you have significant damage to the nerves in your left leg.
Raven Will it get better?
Abby For now, you'll need crutches, but you're alive, and you're not in pain anymore.
Raven But I'm still crippled.
Abby I’m gonna give you two some time.
Finn We always talk about you. Don’t you want to hear about my day?
Raven I’m so tired.
Finn Get some rest.
Raven Hey. When I wake up, don't be here.
Finn What are you talking about?
Raven You were here for me like always, and our friends are out there, and you need to go get them.
Scene 14 - Mount Weather
Jasper What did President Wallace say?
Clarke He showed me Shaw's body. It looked like an arrow wound.
Jasper Well, maybe because it is an arrow wound.
Clarke Or that's what they want us to think. What? They could have doctored it.
Jasper Clarke, you sound like a crazy person. Why do you want to screw this up for us?
Clarke I don't know what this is.
Jasper This is... safe. This is food, a real bed, clothes, and my personal favorite... not getting speared by Grounders. How long do you think they'll let us stay here if you keep this up?
Clarke Did someone threaten you?
Jasper Heh. No. No. It’s common sense. Look. We're guests here, not prisoners. What would you do with a guest who kept calling you a liar and generally acted like an ungrateful ass?
Miller Kick the ungrateful ass out.
Jasper Right now, biggest threat to us is you.
Scene 15 - The Ark
Computer Missile bay airlock open. Chancellor code accepted. Automated missile launch sequence commencing. Missile launch in T-minus 15 minutes.
Jaha Yes.
Computer Override lockout.
Jaha Don't want to miss our ride, little man. Yes.
(He tucks the baby into his spacesuit.)
Jaha Don’t worry. This o2 feeds the whole suit.
(He notices a crack in the helmet.)
Jaha I know how you feel.
Computer Missile launch in T-minus 7 minutes and counting.
Jaha 7 minutes to fly across the ring, stick the landing, and climb into a missile before it launches. No problem.
(Jaha opens the airlock.)
Jaha Hold on, little man.
(The glass of his space helmet cracks and Jaha is forced to re-enter the Ark.)
Jaha Little man, let's never do that again.
(He checks for the baby and realizes it's gone.)
Jaha No.
Missile launch in T-minus 4 minutes and counting.
Jaha No. No. Huh? No!
Wells Dad.
(Jaha falls to the ground.)
Jaha My son. Son. It’s oxygen deprivation.
Wells Stand up.
Jaha No.
Wells You’re not done yet.
Jaha I am done. I am!
Wells Our people still need you.
Jaha No. No. I got them to the ground. I did my job.
Wells What would you tell me to do?
Jaha That’s not fair.
Wells You would tell me to live. You’ve sacrificed so much. Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live.
Jaha I miss you, son. Every day.
Wells I’m always with you, dad. You can do this.
Computer Missile launch in T-minus two minutes and counting.
Jaha Disarm the warhead. Check the missile's parachute. Confirm the hard seal. Don’t forget your air tank. Time to go home.
Scene 16 - Camp Jaha
(Finn has entered to break Murphy and Bellamy out of lockup.)
Finn Get up. We’re going after them.
Bellamy It’s about time.
Murphy Wait, wait. What about me?
Finn Wait. No! What are you doing?
Bellamy He’s coming with us.
Finn No way.
Bellamy He’s been to the Grounder prison camp.
Murphy He’s right. Ok. I can bring you there.
Monroe Hey. Sterling just signaled. Someone’s coming.
Scene 17 - Mount Weather
[Music playing]
Jasper First time I ever played it.
Maya Cool. I loved it.
Man Langston. Where you going, man? Tonight’s movie night.
Langston I got to pass. Doc says I got one more treatment.
Man Ah.
(Clarke follows Langston and watches him enter a room.)
Clarke Only patients are allowed in medical.
(Clarke breaks her stitches reopening her wound.)
Scene 18 - Space
Computer 3, 2, 1, launch.
(The missile launches to Earth.)
Scene 19 - Tondc
Nyko Looks like you'll have to kill me.
Octavia Lincoln. He’s hurt!
Indra He should be dead.
Octavia (to Nyko) Sorry.
Lincoln Reapers!
Reapers Hyah!
Octavia Lincoln.
Lincoln Octavia! Octavia!
Octavia Lincoln.
Lincoln Octavia!
(Lincoln is captured by the reapers and taken.)
Scene 20 - The Dead Zone
(Jaha steps out of the missile and falls to the ground. He is seemingly in the middle of the desert.)
Jaha Ha ha!
[Wind blowing]
Jaha May we meet again.
Scene 21 - Camp Jaha
Bellamy You don't think anyone saw us?
Finn Shh. Keep it down.
Abby You're late.
Finn Bellamy decided to bring company.
Bellamy He’s the only person that's been in their camp.
David Miller Here. Find my son. His name is Nathan Miller.
(Abby hands them guns.)
Abby Bring them home.
Scene 22 - Mount Weather
(Clarke awakens in Medical. She watches Dr. Tsing enter a room.)
[Door beeps]
Clarke Langston. Langston. What are they doing to you?
(She follows the tubing and enters a room. Grounders are seen in cages being hung and drained for their blood.)
Clarke Anya?