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Clarke "Previously on The 100..."
- [Bellamy grunting]
Clarke "Bellamy, stop!"
Bellamy "He deserves to die."
Clarke "No! We don't decide who lives and dies. We banish him."
Clarke "I think we got off to a rough start. But we want to find a way to live together."
Anya "You started a war that you don't know how to end."
Jasper "There's Grounders in the trees."
Jasper "Clarke, run! Run!"
- [Gunfire]
Lincoln "Don't stop till you get behind your walls. Go. Take her."
Octavia "Lincoln, no!"
Lincoln "Go!"
Finn "Well, if we weren't at war already, we sure as hell are now."
Bellamy "The Exodus ship?"
Clarke "Wait. Something is wrong."
- [Explosion]
Clarke "Oh..."
Scene 1 - Exodus Ship Crash Site
Finn "Clarke shouldn't be out here."
Raven "Her mom was on the ship. She's looking for answers. You want to help her, find me the black box, hard drives, anything that will explain why this ship crashed."
Bellamy "Stay sharp. Grounder retaliation for what happened on the bridge is coming, just a matter of when."
Finn "Can you blame them?"
Bellamy "No. I blame you."
Finn "Maybe if you didn't bring guns--"
Raven "If we didn't bring guns, we all would've been killed."
Bellamy "Why they're coming doesn't matter anymore. It's our job to be ready when they do. We're on our own now."
Clarke "Oh!"
Raven "Clarke, stop!"
Clarke "Rocket fuel?"
Raven "Hydrazine... Highly unstable in its non solid form. If this stuff meets fire, we're all pink mist."
Raven "Fire in the hole!"
- [Explosion]
Raven "We need to clear the area."
Bellamy "Okay, then. We move in formation, no straggling, weapons hot. We got to get back before dark."
Scene 2 - The Camp
Monty "Hey. No sign of your brother or the others yet."
Octavia "Hey. I don't care."
Harper "Jasper, tell us again, how'd you stay so calm? I would've been terrified."
Jasper "Fear is only a problem if you let it stop you, right?"
Octavia "That's not even his line. Finn said that."
Jasper "I saw the Grounders in the trees. It was like nothing I ever felt. You know, pure animal instinct took over. One pull of the trigger, two Grounders dead."
Octavia "'Pure animal instinct'? More like pure pant's-wetting panic."
Jasper "You don't really know what you're made of until a moment like that, you know, when it's kill or be killed and there's just nothing between you and the tip of the spear."
Octavia "Okay. This has to stop."
Monty "Come on. Let us have this!"
Octavia "Us?"
Monty "Look at him. The boy is a folk hero. They even gave us a bigger tent."
- [Clattering]
Connor "Somebody hit the trip wire!"
Delinquent "Which wire?"
Delinquent "Was it a Grounder?"
Delinquent "I don't see anything."
Delinquent "Are you sure it was the trip wire?"
Derek "I got nothing. Connor?"
Connor "Nothing."
delinquent "Something moved."

"There, there, there!" [Gunshots] "Think I got him."

Connor "Let's go."
Octavia "Lincoln."
Connor "Hey, slow down. Octavia, be careful. Oh, my God."
Derek "No way."
Octavia "Murphy?"
Scene 3 - The Dropship
Bellamy "Where is he? Everyone but Connor and Derek out... Now!"
Derek "He claims he was with the Grounders."
Connor "We caught him trying to sneak back into camp."
Murphy "I wasn't sneaking. I was running from the Grounders."
Bellamy "Anyone see Grounders?"
Connor "Uh-uh."
Bellamy "Well, in that case--"
Finn "Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?"
Bellamy "We were clear what would happen if he came back."
Finn "No. If he was with the Grounders, then he knows things that can help us."
Bellamy "Help us? We hanged him. We banished him, and now we're gonna kill him. Get the hell out of my way."
Clarke "No. Finn is right."
Bellamy "Like hell he is. Clarke, think about Charlotte."
Clarke "I am thinking about her, but what happened to Charlotte was as much our fault as his. He's not lying. His fingernails were torn off. They tortured him."
Finn "You and the Grounders should compare notes."
Bellamy "The Grounders know we're at war. What did you tell them about us?"
Murphy "Everything."
Clarke "Once he's better, we find out what he knows, and then he's out of here, okay?"
Bellamy "What if he refuses to leave? What do we do with him then?"
Clarke "Then we kill him."
Scene 4 - The Camp
Harper "Hey, Jasper, um, you're on in fifteen. In case you're hungry."
Jasper "Thanks. Be right out."
Harper "I like your tent. Maybe I could, um, come by after your shift, hear about the bridge again?"
Jasper "Um... I'm actually busy later."
Harper "Oh. Yeah. Okay. Some other time, then. See you."
Monty "Are you kidding me? That was there for the taking."
Jasper "Harper? She's low-hanging fruit."
Monty "Don't tell me you're still holding out for Octavia."
Jasper "I got to go."
Monty "Jasper, Octavia is not gonna happen. She likes her Grounders alive."
Jasper "Go float yourself, Monty."
Monty "I'm just telling you the truth."
Jasper "No. You're telling me your truth. I'm not like you anymore."
Monty "What the hell does that mean?"
Jasper "It means you're jealous, and people think I'm cool, and that upsets you."
Monty "I think you're cool, only no one had to die for me to see it."
Jasper "You know what? This is my tent, okay? Bellamy gave it to me, and if you have a problem with that, maybe you should find somewhere else to sleep."
Monty "Maybe I should."
Jasper "Then do it."
Monty "I will."
Jasper "Good."
- [Clarke enters Raven's tent to see she's still trying to fix the radio]
Clarke "Oh. Sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here."
Raven "You okay?"
Clarke "Yeah."
Raven "Still nothing from the Ark. It's like they shut it down from their side. It could be solar flares blocking the signal."
Clarke "But you don't think so."
Raven [shakes her head] "I got a bad feeling."
Clarke "There's a lot of that going around."
Raven "Clarke, wait. I'm sorry about your mom." [she notices Clarke is crying blood] "Oh, my God, Clarke, your eyes."
Connor [from outside] "Clarke! Where's Clarke?" [coughs] "Clarke."
Clarke "Connor?"
Connor "It won't stop." [coughs]
Raven "Clarke! What's happening?"
- [Delinquent coughing]
Delinquent "You okay?"
Clarke "Raven, get away from us."
Raven "What?"
Clarke "They're the ones who brought Murphy in."
- [Murphy vomiting, coughing]
Clarke "Murphy, hey, look at me. I need you to tell me exactly how you escaped from the Grounders. What happened?"
Murphy "I don't know. I woke up, and they forgot to lock my cage. There was no one there, so I took off."
Clarke "They let you go."
[Bellamy enters]
Clarke "Bellamy, stay back."
Bellamy "Did he do something to you?"
[Clarke shakes her head]
Bellamy "What the hell is this?"
Clarke "Biological warfare. You were waiting for the Grounders to retaliate for the bridge? This is it. Murphy is the weapon."
Bellamy "Is this your revenge, helping the Grounders kill us?"
Murphy "I didn't know about this, okay, I swear."
Bellamy "Stop lying. When are they coming?"
Clarke "Murphy, think, all right? What can you tell us that's useful? Did you hear anything?"
Murphy "They are vicious, cruel."
Bellamy "You want to see vicious?"
Clarke "Hey, don't. Whatever this thing is, it spreads through contact."
Finn [Finn enters] "Clarke?"
Clarke "Finn, you shouldn't be in here. No one should."
Finn "I heard you were sick. Clarke, what is this?"
Clarke "I don't know, some kind of hemorrhagic fever. We just need to contain it before--"
- [Derek retches]
Clarke "Hey, don't touch me. You could get sick. Wash your hands. Now."
Finn "What the hell is happening to him?"
Clarke "I don't know."
- [Derek coughs then falls over dead]
Bellamy "Is he--"
Clarke "He's dead."
Clarke "Here. Alcohol. Hold out your hand."
Finn "What do we do?"
Clarke "Quarantine. Round up everyone who had contact with Murphy. Bring them here." [Finn exits]
Bellamy "And everyone they had contact with?"
Clarke "Well, we have to start somewhere. Connor, who was with you when you found him? Who carried him in? Think."
Connor "The first one there was Octavia."
- [Bellamy enters Octavia's tent]
Octavia "Jee-- Jeez, you scared me."
Bellamy "How are you feeling?"
Octavia "Fine. Get out."
Bellamy "You touch Murphy yesterday?"
Octavia "What?"
Bellamy "Did you touch Murphy yesterday?"
Octavia "I don't know. I guess so. Why?"
Bellamy "The Grounders sent him here with a virus to infect us. Derek just died from it, another mark for your boyfriend's book. Get up. Clarke needs to examine you."
- [Clarke is examining Octavia in the dropship]
Clarke "Okay. We're done. No visible signs of swelling or bleeding."
Bellamy "So you're saying she doesn't have it?"
Clarke "I'm saying she doesn't have symptoms, but that could change. We need to keep her here just in case."
Bellamy "No way. Look at this place. She'll get sick just being here."
Clarke "Do you want to stop the spread, or not? Look. I'll keep her on the third level with the people who aren't symptomatic yet. Think of it as a way to stop her from sneaking out again."
Octavia "Screw you, Clarke."
Clarke "I'll let you know if her condition changes."
- [Bellamy exits, Octavia starts to climb ladder to third level]
Clarke "Octavia, wait. I need you to sneak out again."
Scene 5 - Lincoln's Cave
Octavia "Lincoln? Lincoln."
- [Lincoln checks Octavia for signs of bleeding]
Octavia "You knew."
Lincoln "I tried to get you out of there. You not see the flower?"
Octavia "I saw it... Right before I found the kid your people sent to infect us. People are dying, Lincoln. Clarke sent me here for the cure."
Lincoln "There is no cure."
Octavia "So you were just gonna let my people die? You were gonna let me die?"
Lincoln "The sickness passes quickly. Few are immune. We use it to soften the battlefield. I am not surprised you are one of the strong ones."
Octavia "The battlefield?"
Lincoln "They attack at first light."
Octavia "You're gonna have to help me save them."
Lincoln "I can't. I tried. My people think I'm a traitor now."
Octavia "Because of the bridge? You were just trying to make peace."
Lincoln "It's not the bridge."
Octavia "Because of me? Oh."
Lincoln "That doesn't matter now. I'm leaving, Octavia, right now. I want you to come with me."
Octavia "And go where?"
Lincoln "East to the sea, then across it. There's a clan, allies of the woods. They'll take us."
Octavia "I can't just let my brother get killed."
Lincoln "There is nothing you can do to stop that now."
Octavia "I can warn them."
Lincoln "Octavia, they'll kill you. If you're there at dawn--"
Octavia "I won't be. Just wait for me here. I'm coming with you."
Scene 6 - The Camp
Bellamy "All right. Show is over. Get back to your posts." [to Clarke] "You got enough food in there, water?"
Clarke "Yeah. Some medicine might be nice."
Bellamy "I'll see what I can do." "Octavia, you okay?" [he starts to approach the dropship]
Clarke "Bellamy, wait. She's not here. I sent her to see Lincoln. Look. If there's a cure, he has it. I didn't tell you because I knew you wouldn't let her go."
Bellamy "If anything happens to her, you and me are gonna have problems."
Clarke "Bellamy... Bellamy!"
Bellamy "Out of my way."
- [A male delinquent turns around, blood running from his eyes]
Delinquents "Dude, your eyes. Nobody touch him!"
Bellamy "Get to the dropship. Now."
Raven "Hey are you okay?"
- [A female delinquent retches]
Various Delinquents "Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's on me. Get away! Get back! Get back!"
Bellamy "Calm down!"
Finn "Put that gun down. Put that gun down. Put it down!"
Clarke "This is exactly what the Grounders want. Don't you see that? They don't have to kill us if we kill each other first."
Delinquent "They won't have to kill us if we all catch the virus. Get back in the damn dropship!"
Bellamy "Not to state the obvious, but your quarantine isn't working."
- [Clarke falls and Finn rushed to catch her]
Raven "Finn, don't touch her!"
Clarke "Hey, let me go. I'm okay."
Finn "No, you're not."
Clarke "Octavia will come back with a cure."
Octavia "There is no cure... But the Grounders don't use the sickness to kill."
Bellamy "Really? Tell that to them. I warned you about seeing that Grounder again."
Octavia "Yeah? Well, I have a warning for you, too. The Grounders are coming... and they're attacking at first light." [to Finn] "Come on. I'll help you get Clarke into the dropship."
Bellamy "How many bullets can you make by first light?"
Clarke "What do I have to do to stop you from coming in here?"
Finn "Get better."
Octavia "If he's not sick by now, then he's probably immune like me."
Murphy "Here. Come on. She can take mine."
Finn "What else did Lincoln tell you?"
Octavia "The virus doesn't last long."
Murphy "It's true. I feel better."
Clarke "They need to stay hydrated."
Finn "You need to stay hydrated."
Clarke "Okay. Them, too. Please?"
Octavia "It's okay. I'll do it. Just rest."
Murphy "I'll help you."
Clarke "You need to save yourselves. Just leave camp. Take anyone healthy enough with you."
Finn "If you think that's even a possibility, you don't know me very well."
Clarke "I know you."
Murphy "Look. At this rate, when the Grounders get here, there won't be anyone left to fight back."
Octavia "That's the point."
Finn "Then we slow them down."
Bellamy "There's five to a clip. Let's go. We need to get these guns on the wall."
Monty "Why just five?"
Raven "We're running out of gunpowder."
Harper "Oh, we're so dead."
Jasper "Don't worry. I got your back."
- [Monty scoffs]
Jasper "Got something to say?"
Raven "Hey, guys, stay focused. We're doing good. We need as many rounds done by dawn as we can."
Finn "It won't matter if there's no one left who can shoot. What do we need to build a bomb?"
Raven "Depends on what you're trying to blow up."
Finn "How about a bridge?"
Bellamy "What are you talking about?"
Finn "Murphy says he crossed a bridge on his way back here from the Grounders' camp. Sound familiar?"
Bellamy "Yeah. So what?"
Finn "So the virus is fast. He's already getting better. Blowing the bridge won't stop the attack, but the longer we can delay it, the more of us will be able to fight."
Bellamy "Even if Murphy is telling the truth-- and that's a big if-- that bridge has survived a nuclear war and ninety-seven years of weather."
Raven "It won't survive me."
Scene 7 - Exodus Crash Site
Raven "Please don't let me blow up."
Scene 8 - The Camp
Raven "Okay. You can come in now."
Raven "Boom!"
Bellamy "That's cute."
Raven "Relax. It needs an accelerant-- gunpowder. Container of hydrazine. Put the gunpowder around the hydrazine. Hit the bull's-eye... Win a prize."
Bellamy "It's the rest of our gunpowder. Won't be able to make any more bullets."
Finn "Tonight we need a bomb. We can worry about bullets tomorrow."
Bellamy "If we do this and it doesn't work, we'll all be dead tomorrow."
Raven "Then let's make sure it works. To be safe, you need to be at least two hundred feet away to make the shot."
Bellamy "No problem. Which one of you plants the bomb?"
Finn "I will."
Bellamy "You won't pick up a gun, but blowing people up, that you're okay with?"
Finn "We're blowing up a bridge. There's not gonna be any people on it."
Bellamy "Finn, we have one bomb. We need to use it to kill as many of those bastards as possible."
Finn "But they don't know we only have one bomb. If we did, why would we waste it on the bridge? I'm talking about deterrents, peace through strength."
Raven "The appearance of strength, you mean."
Finn "Yeah."
Bellamy "Men who built the A-bomb thought they were peacemakers, too. How'd that work out for them?"
- [Bellamy's nose starts bleeding]
Raven "Don't touch anything."
Finn "Who else can take a shot?"
Bellamy "Appreciate the concern. Make sure the bomb is packed and ready to go in ten minutes."
Bellamy "Jasper, come here."
Jasper "Hi. You need me to go with you to the bridge again?"
Bellamy "I need you to take the shot."
Jasper "Yeah. I can do that."
Bellamy [to the other delinquents] "Don't you have jobs to do?" [to Jasper] "If you miss, if that bridge doesn't blow, we're all dead. You got that?"
Jasper "Hey, why me? I mean, you've got twenty shooters. I'm the only one not sick, right?"
Bellamy "Right. Don't miss."
- [Jasper turns away and Bellamy falls]
Jasper "Bellamy!"
Bellamy "No. Stay back. Make the shot. Find Finn. Go."
Jasper "Hey, don't just stand there. Get him into the dropship."
- [Connor coughing]
Octavia "Hey, Murphy..."
Murphy "Yeah?"
Octavia "Clarke says when that happens to roll him on his side."
Murphy "I'm on it. Come on. Come on. Get on your side. You're okay. You're okay, all right? I got you. Okay. Okay. Just breathe. Just breathe. All right. Listen to me. You and me are good. All right. Just breathe. That's better."
Connor "I put the rope around your neck. Why are you helping me?"
Murphy "Bygones."
- [Bellamy enters, coughing]
Octavia "Bell? No. Clear some space. Lay him down. Oh, no. Bell..."
- [Bellamy coughing, retching]
Octavia "Hey, big brother."
Bellamy "I'm scared."
Octavia "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise."
Bellamy "That's what I said to you the day you were born."
Octavia "I know. You told me that, like, a thousand times."
Bellamy "I'm glad you're here."
Octavia "Just get some rest now, okay?"
Monty "Hey, Finn."
Finn "It's gone. Monty, where's Raven?"
Monty "She left a while ago."

"The bomb. She's planting it herself."

[Finn exits]
Jasper "You want to come?"
Monty "Why don't you ask your new friends?"
Finn [from outside] "Jasper, let's go."
Scene 9 - The Bridge
- [Raven grunts]
Raven "Oh, thank God."
Scene 10 - The Dropship

[Murphy hands Bellamy a cup of water]

Bellamy "Get the hell away from me."
Murphy "Bellamy, you're sick, okay? I'm just trying to help. Here."
Bellamy "When I get better, if you're still here--"
Clarke "Hey, I got this one. Yeah." [to Bellamy] "Here."
Bellamy "You feeling better?"
Clarke "Yeah."
Bellamy "That's good. You seen Octavia?"
Clarke "She was up all night helping people. Murphy gave her a break."
Bellamy "Don't tell me you trust him now."
Clarke "Trust? No. I do believe in second chances, though."
Bellamy "It's almost dawn. Better get everyone inside. If we lock the doors, maybe the Grounders will think we're not home."
Clarke "Not everyone is sick."
Bellamy "Sick is better than dead."
Clarke "You don't think Finn and Jasper are gonna pull it off."
Bellamy "Do you?"
Clarke "I'll get everyone inside."
Scene 11 - The Bridge
Raven "Come on..."
- [Raven panting]
Raven "Thank God. So simple. You can do this."
- [War drums and shouting and heard in the distance]
Jasper "Do you hear that?"
Finn "War drums."
Jasper "Oh, we're running toward the war drums? Oh, I hate this plan."
Finn "Raven!"
Jasper "She's still building the bomb. Hey, Finn, wait. No. She's got this."
Finn "No."
Jasper "Raven get out of there now!"
Finn "Line up the shot. Raven!"
- [Finn runs towards Raven and helps her stand]
Finn "Hey, on your feet. Come on. Come on. Is the bomb ready?"
Raven "Yeah."
Finn "Shoot. Jasper! Shoot! Shoot!"
- [Gunshots]
Jasper "Oh, damn it. Damn it."
Monty "You call that shooting?"
Jasper "Monty? Last time was a fluke. I-- I panicked."
Monty "So what? You still made the shot, right?"
Jasper "Twice. How many rounds?"
Monty "Three. You got this."
- [Gunshot]
Jasper "Damn it."
Finn "Come on."
Monty "Did you not hear me say you got this?"
- [Jasper fires again this time making the shot and triggering the bomb]
Scene 12 - The Camp
- [The explosion is seen from the camp]
Bellamy "They did it."
Clarke "I am become death, destroyer of worlds. It's Oppenheimer, the man who built the first--"
Bellamy "I know who Oppenheimer is."
Scene 13 - Lincoln's Cave
Octavia "We had to stop the attack."
Lincoln "Look. There is so much you don't understand. The mountain men, they'll come, and they'll kill us all. We have to get out of here while we still got the chance."
Octavia "The mountain men? You mean, the drawings in your book?"
Lincoln "Yeah. Now let's go. We got a lot of ground to cover before dark."
Octavia "I'm not going with you."
Lincoln "You'll die here."
Octavia "Maybe."
Lincoln "Why?"
Octavia "You just said it. They're my people. I'm sorry."
- [Octavia kisses him on the cheek]
Octavia "Goodbye, Lincoln."
Scene 14 - The Camp
Harper "There! It's them! Open the gate."
Jasper "Don't let it get to your head."
Clarke "She's getting stronger."
- [Clarke exits]
Finn "Hey."
Raven "Hey. You saved my life."
Finn "Wouldn't have had to if you didn't take the bomb."
Raven "You hesitated."
Finn "What?"
Raven "When Bellamy asked who was gonna take it, you hesitated."
Finn "It's what people do when they're considering something that might blow them up, right?"
Raven "You didn't hesitate when Clarke was falling. You knew she had the virus, but you caught her, anyway."
Finn "Raven--"
Raven "You didn't hesitate."
Finn "Raven, I love you."
Raven "Not the way that I want to be loved. Not the way that you love Clarke. It's over, Finn."
Bellamy "You're outside of the wall without a gun."
Clarke "Fourteen graves."
Bellamy "We need to talk about Murphy."
Clarke "He was right about the bridge."
Bellamy "We'll see. Octavia says the mountain men are pissed, whatever that means."
Clarke "I'd say it means we need as many soldiers as we can get."
Bellamy "So, what, we have pardon power now?"
Clarke "It's hard running things."
- [Connor snoring]
Murphy "Bygones."