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Clarke Previously on "the 100"...
Jaha Before the last war, Mount Weather was a military base built within a mountain.
Dante Welcome to Mount Weather. You’re not prisoners. We saved you.
Jasper Then why would we want to leave?
Clarke This place is too good to be true.
Lincoln Reapers!
[Reapers shouting]
Lincoln Octavia!
Octavia Where's Lincoln?
Dr. Tsing Mark this one for the Cerberus program.
Octavia They'll kill him. We have to do something.
Raven Our friends are out there and you need to go get them.
Finn Where is the girl who was wearing this watch?! Let’s get moving.
Kane We’ll search high and low for the kids. I’m leading a mission to bring them back. I’m taking the Grounder prisoner with me to guide the way.
Clarke I’m gonna get you out of here. Our only chance is if we fight together. I know my people will help.
Anya Aah!
Clarke Oh, no, no, no.
Scene 1 - Camp Jaha
Guard Move, move, move!
Second Guard Prisoner in custody.
Guard Weapons…
[Shouting indistinctly]
Major Byrne Secure the perimeter! Teams of 3! 100-yard buffer! Open the gate! How many of you are there? Let's go!
Man We gotta get her to medical. Move! Move!
Abby Wait.
Major Byrne Once the prisoner is secured.
Abby She’s not a prisoner. She's my daughter.
(Abby cups Clarke's face in her hands.)
Abby Clarke.
Clarke Mom?
- Title Sequence -
(Clarke is in medical, Abby is treating her injuries.)
Abby I need saline and a pressure dressing.
Jackson I’m on it.
Abby Ok, honey.
Clarke I saw your ship crash.
Abby I wasn't on it. I’m right here.
Clarke Uhh.
Major Byrne Is she alright?
Abby She will be.
Major Byrne I’m sorry, ma'am. We had no idea who she was. Where have you been?
Clarke Mount Weather.
Major Byrne The Grounders took you to Mount Weather?
Clarke No. The mountain men. We have to get them out.
Abby We’re not doing this right now.
Major Byrne Yes, ma'am.
Abby Clarke.
Clarke Mom. Did anyone else make it here?
Abby Yes. 6 of you did.
Clarke Finn and Bellamy?
(Abby nods.)
Clarke (crying) I thought they were dead. I thought you were dead. I thought you were dead.
Abby Not me. I’m right here.
(She kisses Clarke's forehead.)
Scene 2 - Mount Weather
Dante Thank you for coming. I’ve been told you visit medical 3 or 4 times a day asking about Clarke.
Jasper Yeah. No one will let me see her.
Dante That’s because she's no longer here. Clarke ran away. I tried to convince her that she was safe here, but she couldn't stop looking for enemies when she was among friends.
Jasper I’m sorry. I don't mean to be disrespectful but... Clarke wouldn't just abandon us.
Dante I wish it wasn't the case.
Jasper Why? Are you looking for her?
Dante I can't risk the lives of my people to bring back someone who doesn't want to be here. I hope you can understand that.
Jasper Yeah.
Dante What I can do is let you go after her yourself.
Jasper Could I come back?
Dante Of course you can. Jasper, this is your home now. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you like. Let me know what you decide.
Scene 3 - The Woods
(Kane is planting the Eden Tree.)
Kane Until our final journey to the ground.
Guard Sir. Prisoner's refusing water.
Kane If you don't drink, you'll die. And if you die, you won't be able to help me stop the killing.
Guard What makes you think he wants to stop the killing?
Kane I have to believe they didn't survive down here all this time by fighting... When there was a better way. Come on. Sorry about the rope.
Rivo Then untie me.
Kane At least we know he can talk. I wish I could.
Guard I knew it. He doesn't understand a word we're saying.
Kane It's a tactic. If we think he doesn't speak English, we won't expect him to tell us anything.
Guard Due respect sir, then why do we expect him to lead us to his commander and not into a trap?
Kane We don't. And that's the beauty of it. Whether he wants to kill us or help us make peace, either way... it's in his best interest to take us to his camp.
Scene 4 - Camp Jaha
Clarke I thought you got thrown off the council.
Abby Oh. It's the Chancellor's pin.
Clarke Wait, you?
Abby Yeah.
(Clarke gives her a look of disbelief.)
Abby Thelonious didn't make it, and Kane left two days ago to try to make peace with the Grounders to get you and the others back.
Clarke I told you. The Grounders don't have us. How long have I been asleep?
Abby About 10 hours.
(Clarke tries to sit up and groans.)
Abby Oh, hey, Clarke, slow down. Hey. It’s too soon.
Clarke Mom, we need to move against Mount Weather. How many guards are here? Where are Finn and Bellamy?
Abby Clarke, please. You need to rest.
Clarke I don't need to rest. I'm fine. And I don't need you to protect me. What I need is to save my friends.
Major Byrne Ma'am. Movement in the north woods.
Abby Grounders?
Major Byrne I don't think so.
(Clarke exits medical and sees Raven waiting for her.)
(They hug.)
Raven I’ve been waiting out here all night. Abby said you needed sleep.
(Clarke notices Raven's brace.)
Clarke Raven, I...
Raven Sucks, but I'm dealing with it.
Major Byrne Open the gate.
(The gate opens and Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe, and Mel enter.)
Guard Weapon. Need your weapon. Weapon secure.
Clarke Bellamy.
Raven Go. I'll catch up.
Clarke Ok.
Abigail Griffin I know you. Factory station. Where are the others?
Mel There are no others.
Bellamy Found her a day from here. No survivors. Lots of supplies.
Abby Get her to medical.
(Clarke runs forward and hugs Bellamy.)
Octavia Now, there's something I thought I'd never see. I’m glad you're ok.
Clarke You, too.
Bellamy How many are with you?
Clarke None. Where’s Finn?
Bellamy Looking for you.
Scene 5 - Tondc
Finn I count 26.
Murphy I got 28. These people don't look like warriors, Finn. And there's kids. Old people. There’s nothing big enough here to hold our friends.
Finn They could be underground. We wait till dark. Then we go in.
Murphy We go in? Finn, we don't even know if our people are here yet.
Finn They’re here. Or they were when that Grounder took Clarke's watch.
Murphy What if we're too late, huh? They’re probably already dead. We need to... Take it easy.
Finn How much ammo do we have?
Murphy I think I liked you better as a peacemaker.
Scene 6 - Mount Weather
(Lincoln is chained to a chair.)
Cage I see why Tsing chose you.
(He injects Lincoln with the red drug.)
Cage Don’t worry. The first dose is the worst.
Scene 7 - Camp Jaha
Major Byrne We know nothing about these people in Mount Weather. Their numbers, their capabilities. We need to proceed carefully.
Sinclair According to Clarke, the 47 still inside are not being harmed, at least not yet. Now, I hate to leave them there, but if she's right, we have some time.
Abby Ok. We gather intel on Mount Weather and we send a team after Kane. He needs to know that the Grounders don't have those kids.
Major Byrne What about Finn Collins and John Murphy?
Clarke What? No. You can't just cut them loose.
Abby Sweetheart, we don't have the manpower to send out two separate rescue missions and protect our camp.
Clarke Mom. They're in trouble. They’re either gonna get themselves killed or they're gonna make things worse with the Grounders, who we need to get our people out of Mount Weather.
Abby I know you feel this is unfair. But our priority has to be with Chancellor Kane if there is any hope for peace.
Clarke If you wanted peace, you shouldn't have killed the only Grounder who was gonna help us.
Abby I’m sorry. The decision's been made.
Bellamy You’re sorry? Finn and Murphy are out there looking for your daughter with guns you gave us, and now she's home, you're just going to abandon them? If you can't spare the guards, we know the terrain, we have a map. We can do it ourselves.
Abby Absolutely not.
Clarke Mom.
Abby I just got you back.
Jackson Abby. I’m sorry. We need you in medical.
Clarke You better go.
Abby Byrne? No one leaves this camp.
Major Byrne Yes, ma'am.
Clarke We’re gonna need guns.
Raven I scored you a couple extra clips.
Clarke Hey. My mom's in surgery and the team going after Kane just left. We should, too.
Bellamy Did you find Octavia?
Octavia No. I found you. I’m not letting you leave here without me.
Clarke Octavia…
Octavia Finn and Murphy are headed for Lincoln's village. I’ve been there. Have you? Has she?
Bellamy You done?
Octavia What’s this?
Bellamy Your pack.
Octavia Lead the way.
(They step towards the gate but Raven stops them.)
Raven Whoa. Not so fast, Pocahontas.
[Electricity crackles]
Clarke I thought you said it was handled.
Raven It is. Shut her down, Wick.
(Raven taps a stick against the fence to reveal it has been shut down.)
Raven Handled.
(Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy sneak out.)
Scene 8 - Mount Weather
Monty And you believe him?
Jasper Yes, I believe him. Clarke left us, Monty. She faked being crazy to get into medical and she took off.
Monty We need to go after her.
Jasper Where you going?
Monty The dropship for starters.
(Maya enters the dorm.)
Maya I just heard. You're leaving?
Monty Yes. We are.
Jasper No. We're not.
Monty What would Clarke do?
Maya No, you can't. It's too dangerous.
Jasper Don’t worry. I'm a coward.
Maya You’re not. You're smart. You can't make her come back.
Jasper Monty’s right. She'd go after me. But why am I so scared to do the same thing?
(An alarm goes off.)
Maya Whoa. What... ? Radiation. There’s a containment breach.
Jasper But how?
(Maya turns around her face is covered in blisters.)
Maya I don't know! Ah!
Monty What do we do?
Maya No! No!
(Jasper and Monty bang on the door.)
Jasper Help! Help! Help!
Monty Someone help! Somebody help!
(Maya is lying in a hospital bed in quarantine. Dr. Tsing is monitoring her.)
Dr. Tsing Temperature's 104 and rising. Blood pressure 180 over 120. Blister coverage now 75%. Standard treatment isn't working.
Jasper Wait. What does that mean? Is there a non-standard treatment?
Dr. Tsing There is one thing we could try.
Jasper Then what are you waiting for?!
Dr. Tsing It's... unorthodox. Because you were raised in space, your circulatory systems developed the ability to filter radiation out of your blood. Now it's just a theory, but if we were to circulate Maya's blood through your system...
Jasper I could make her better.
Monty What happens to him?
Dr. Tsing I’m not sure.
Monty I know that look. Don't even think about it. It’s too dangerous.
Jasper I’m in.
Scene 9 - The Woods
Bellamy Last time I saw you, you were closing the dropship door. It had to be done.
Clarke Did you get any sleep?
Bellamy It’s ok. I'll sleep when we find Finn. You haven't seen him, Clarke. Losing you, the others, the war, it changed him. He executed the Grounder that drew us the map. Pulled the trigger without even blinking and walked away.
Clarke That doesn't sound like Finn.
Bellamy No, it doesn't. I saw what he was capable of, and still I let him go with Murphy and 2 automatic rifles.
Clarke I’m sure that had to be done, too.
Bellamy When we got back to the dropship and no one was there, we assumed it was the Grounders.
Clarke Of course, you did. You couldn't have known it was the mountain men. No one could have.
Bellamy How long until chocolate cake turns into being hung upside down and drained for their blood?
Clarke I don't know, but we don't have much time.
Bellamy Ok. First, we find Finn, then our people in Mount Weather.
Octavia And Lincoln. Think we've slept long enough.
Scene 10 - Tondc
Murphy What are you doing? This wasn't part of your plan.
Finn We’re changing the plan. This is their food.
(Finn throws a torch into the food, igniting it.)
Grounder Fire! Fire!
Murphy Distraction? Not bad.
Finn Let’s go.
Murphy We need to run!
Finn Can’t. They'll kill our people.
Murphy They’ll kill us!
(Finn fires wildly into the air.)
Finn Who’s in charge here?! I’ll ask again. Who's in charge?
Nyko Our leader isn't here. You can deal with me.
Finn Nobody has to get hurt. We just want our people back.
Nyko We don't have your people.
Finn Then you won't mind if we look around.
Scene 11 - Mount Weather
Cage You see? I told you it got better. Your body's already craving it.
(He shocks Lincoln waiting for him to react.)
Cage Now. 15 seconds. That’s almost a record. This one's a thoroughbred. Up his dosage. Shock treatments every 2 hours. When he fears the tone, we move to phase 2.
(Jasper and Monty are in a quarantine room with a still severly ill Maya. A machine beeps in the background.)
Monty You sure about this? Look at her. I know you like her, but her blood is about to go into your body.
(The beeping accelerates.)
Jasper What is it?! What’s happening?!
Dr. Tsing We need to do this now.
Monty Jasper.
Jasper I can't just let her die! Let’s do this.
Dr. Tsing This will sting a little.
Jasper Ow! A little?!
Monty What is it? What's wrong?
Jasper Nothing. I feel nice.
Dr. Tsing Maya’s been heavily sedated. You will, of course, feel that, too. It's perfectly normal.
Monty If you've never done this before, how do you know?
Dr. Tsing You're right. I should have said: It's to be expected. This will take a while. Why don't you head back to your room? I'll send for you once he's awake.
(Monty pulls a chair and sits waiting for Jasper.)
Scene 12 - Camp Jaha
(Abby walks up the Raven. She's clearly angry about something as she slams a note down onto the table.)
Abby Did you know about this?
Raven No.
Abby Tell me where they went and you won't be in trouble.
Raven Abby, I...
Abby Someone let them through the fence. Someone gave them guns.
Raven I don't know what you're talk...
(Abby slaps Raven. She instantly regrets it and gives Raven an apologetic look.)
Abby She thinks that because of what she's been through she's changed, but she's still just a kid.
Raven You’re wrong, Abby. She stopped being a kid the day you sent her down here to die.
Scene 13 - The Woods
Kane Stay sharp!
Guard Yes, sir.
(Kane throws his weapon to the ground.)
Guard Sir, that's a bad idea.
Kane This is as far as you go.
Guard Sir?
Kane If I'm wrong about this, only one of us has to die. Go home. That's an order.
Guard Yes, sir. Let’s go.
Rivo Your knife, too.
(Kane unties the grounder's hands and drops his knife.)
Kane Let this be the first step toward peace.
(Rivo knocks Kane out and ties him up. He brings him into his camp and throws him into a cell. Kane opens his eyes and looks ahead to see a figure approaching him. The figure is revealed to be Jaha.)
Jaha So we meet again.
Scene 14 - Tondc
Nyko I told you, we don't have your people.
Murphy Stop talking. Find something? Finn! Finn, answer me! Are you all right?
(One of the grounders tries to get up.)
Murphy Hey, on your knees! On your knees, now! On your knees! Finn! Slow down.
Finn What have you done with them?
Murphy Hey, Finn, Finn! Come on!
Finn Their clothes are here! They were here!
Murphy Finn!
Finn You killed them!
Nyko Your friends were not here. I saw one, Octavia. She was alone.
Murphy These people are scavengers, Finn. They could've just found that stuff. Hey, Finn, stop! Stop! Look at me.
Finn Get off me!
Murphy Finn, don't do this. Let’s just walk out of here while we still can, ok? Finn. Please.
(Octavia, Bellamy, and Clarke are walking through the woods towards the village.)
Bellamy This is it. Which way to the village? O?
Octavia The reapers came from there. I couldn't save him, Bell. I couldn't save him.
Scene 15 - Mount Weather
(A tone generator is heard, Lincoln flinches at the noise.)
Cage Phase one's complete. Start phase two. One dose.
(Another reaper is brought into the room as Cage drops a dosage of the red drug on the floor.)
Cage Who wants it more?
(Cage leaves closing the door behind him. Lincoln and the othe reaper immediately charge towards each other. Lincoln knocks the other reaper down and kills him before grabbing the dosage and injecting himself.)
(Maya awakens in a hospital bed in the quarantine ward.)
Dr. Tsing Welcome back.
Maya What happened?
Dr. Tsing Containment breach in the dorm. No one's ever been as sick as you and come back. How do you feel?
Maya I feel... great. How is that possible?
Dr. Tsing Jasper saved your life, Maya.
Jasper Hey…
Cage Can we speak with you outside, please?
Maya I told you you were brave.
Dr. Tsing exits quarantine to meet with Cage and Dante Wallace.)
Dr. Tsing It was an emergency. We couldn't reach you in time.
Cage You expect us to believe that?
Dr. Tsing
Dante How is the patient?
Dr. Tsing Her recovery is miraculous.
Dante I was referring to Jasper.
Dr. Tsing He'll recover, as I assured you he would.
Cage That’s not the point. You disobeyed a direct order from the president not to experiment on those kids.
Dr. Tsing Mr. President, why bring them here if not to use them?
Cage That’s none of your concern.
Dr. Tsing Shouldn’t you be in the dungeon with your monsters?
Cage They’re not monsters. They are soldiers. And the reason why you get to play doctor in your ivory tower.
Dante That’s enough. Both of you. We all have jobs to do. Mine is to be obeyed.
Dr. Tsing Yes, sir. Can I just say... the first human trial was a success. After what we saw tonight, in my opinion, we have no choice but to move ahead with the forty-seven.
Dante That’ll be all, Dr. Tsing.
(Dr. Tsing leaves.)
Dante Tell me about the radiation leak.
Cage The air filtration system malfunctioned, but the containment system worked.
Dante Malfunctioned?
Cage I’ll look into it. Now go paint, dad. I’m your head of security. I'll clean this up. You have a big decision to make.
Dante What would you do?
Cage Me? I’d use them.
Dante Just like that?
Cage Our people come first, right?
Scene 16 - Tondc
Murphy Look, just because their clothes are here, doesn't mean anything.
Finn He told us our friends were here. Why would he do that?
Murphy The guy with one eye? Maybe because you had a gun to his head, Finn.
Nyko The man with one eye. You saw Delano. A snake. A thief. He and his men were cast out. You are his revenge.
Murphy It makes sense. Finn. Ok, we need to go. Now. Now! We need to go!
(One of the grounders tries to escape and Finn guns him down.)
Nyko No! He was just trying to get away!
Murphy Come on.
(More grounders try to escape and Finn opens fire on them killing any who escape.)
Murphy Finn! Finn! We need to go! Look at me! We need to go now! Finn! Stop!
(Finn continues firing uncontrollably. Numerous grounders lie on the ground dead.)
Murphy Finn! Finn! Finn! Finn, come on! We need to go!
(Finn continues firing, he shoots down Artigas killing him. Octavia runs towards his body. Finn notices Bellamy and a horrified Clarke in the distance.)
Octavia Artigas.
(Finn looks at Clarke who has approached him.)
Finn I found you
(Clarke shakes her head.)