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Diyoza: I don't care how you make it happen, Clarke, bring her to me in chains and I'll do it for you, or she can surrender herself. But your red queen doesn't seem like the type. 

Clarke: Let us worry about that. 

Diyoza: We have an understanding then. 

Clarke: We do.

Diyoza: Good. Call me back when it's done and we can work out the details of your crossing. Over and out. 

Bellamy: No way. 

Clarke: Bellamy--

Bellamy: We are not killing my sister, Clarke. I don't care how crazy she is. Run the loop. The rover's charged. We're getting our friends. That was reckless. We had a plan. You agreed. 

Clarke: That was before Octavia made Madi her second. That army marches to war as soon as they find out the eye is down. I can't let that happen. 

Harper: So we don't tell anyone?

Monty: They'll know as soon as we drive away. 

Bellamy: Who cares? We grab Madi, and we go. 

Clarke: Bellamy, she's by her side. 

Bellamy: She's my sister, Clarke. 

Clarke: I know. Tell me what else to do.

Monty: We stop the war.

Harper: How?

Monty: Algae. 

Bellamy: Monty--

Monty: Cooper already gave me permission to show what it can do. She's meeting me before the afternoon so I can take her to the---

Bellamy: That's enough. 

Monty: Hey, give it back. 

Harper: Monty, Bellamy's right. Cooper's worse than Octavia. No offense. Besides the first batch put Murphy in a coma  for almost a week. By the time it's ready to eat--

Monty: The first culture, and we're not gonna eat it this time. We're gonna feed it to the plants. If I can make the farm viable again, then we'll still have a chance. 

(Octavia walks in)

Octavia: The spy did her job? 

Bellamy: Uh, we were just about to send for you. Told you Echo would get it done. 

Octavia: Can the enemy still see us? 

Monty: For now, yes. It's technical, but--

Cooper: He has to run a loop to mask our troop movements. When the time comes, we need to clear the surface to reduce the risk of anyone noticing the same people moving in the same direction again and again. 

Octavia: Well done, Monty. Load the worms into the rover and mobilize the army. War is here. 

Diyoza: Going somewhere, Kane? 

Kane: Do I need permission for that? 

Diyoza: Yes. 

Kane: Okay. I was going to the Southwest quadrant to map out a settlement. 


Diyoza: Just breathe, Robert. It's okay. 

Robert: Comes and goes. I'll be fine. 

Diyoza: Damn right you will. New Doc's working on a cure. 

Kane: Why not give him something for the pain?

Diyoza: Meanwhile, why don't you get off your feet? You look like hell. 

Kane: List of the people you killed?

Diyoza: For that, I need a bigger notebook. 

Kane: Why am I here, Colonel?

Diyoza: I got an interesting call on the radio--Abby's daughter. 

Kane: Clarke radioed? Why? 

Diyoza: I think she may try and kill your red queen. 

Kane: She'll get killed. 

Diyoza: Maybe, but I told her once it's done and Wonkru surrenders...we'll share this valley. 

Murphy on the radio: Testing. Testing. for the 100th time. This is John Murphy. 

Kane: That's John Murphy. Let me talk to him. 

Diyoza: Just wait. 

Murphy: Testing. Testing. This is John Murphy looking for Colonel Diyoza. Do you read me? Well, It's safe to say you're better at blowing things up than fixing them. 

Diyoza: This is Colonel Diyoza. What do you want? 

Emori: Be strong, direct, unrelenting. 

Murphy: We have McCreary. You ever want to see him alive again, you give us Raven Reyes. 

Diyoza: You know him. Will he follow through?

Kane: Probably. Colonel, if you don't make the trade, McCreary's people--

Diyoza: Become my people. You should have learned the last time you held my people hostage that I don't negotiate with terrorists. 

Murphy: That's funny coming from you. Last chance, our hostage for yours. 

Diyoza: May god have mercy on his soul. Two radio calls, two problems solved. What are the odds?

Emori: That could've gone better. Call me when he's awake. I need some air. 

Diyoza: Come on, Kane. Without Graveyard McCreary, my internal problem is solved. Without the red queen, our external problem is. This is how we get to peace. 

Kane: Is it? Because from where I'm standing, it looks like we're trading one dictator for another--political assassinations, torture, wrongful imprisonment. 

DIyoza: This is about me giving Abby pills. 

Kane: You mean, feeding an addict's addiction to save your people's lives without a thought for the life you're destroying? Yes. It is. I've seen the horrors we inflict on each other in the name of survival, Colonel. God knows I'm as guilty as anyone, but we're on the brink here, on the edge of an abyss I've stared into before, and I can tell you, having sacraficed the few to save the many more times than I care to admit, eventually, the few becomes the many. The ends don't always justify the means, and if you don't know that by now after everything you've been through...then you're just as bad as Octavia...and we're already lost. 

Vinson: That's a fair amount of abcesses, isn't it, doctor?

Abby: Wait. Did you feel that?

Vinson: Feel what?

Abby: One of the abcesses broke apart. It was the sound waves. I'm sure of it. I can dissolve them and then suction out the residue. Huh. I just need more power. Vinson, where are you going?

Vinson: Inspiration loves company. I'll take that if you don't mind. A sonic drill. It uses sound waves to pulverize rock. 

Abby: That's a good idea, Vinson, but unless there's a prisoner at this camp that's an engineer, there's--

Echo: Raven, no. It's not your fight. 

Raven: It's our fault he's here. 

Echo: I know you're angry, but you said yourself they can't kill him. He's the only person who--we have to kill him. 

Raven: No way. 

Echo: Raven, that ship is their biggest strategic advantage. Without a pilot to fly---

Raven: I said no. Listen to me. 

Shaw: There's nothing you have to say that I could possibly--

Raven: My friend Echo wants to kill you so they have no one to fly the ship. If you tell Diyoza, I'll deny it. 

Indra: We're readying for war. Do you know the risk I'm taking meeting you here?

Bellamy: Yes. Thank you for coming. 

Indra: What do you want? 

Clarke: I talked to Colonel Diyoza. She's offering all of Wonkru safe passage to the valley. All Octavia has to do is surrender. 

Indra: As it's by now, you've realized she would never do that, I'll ask you again. What do you want from me? 

Bellamy: Peace without war is still possible. Now, you're her advisor. She'll listen to you. 

Indra: Why would I advise her to surrender in a war she's likely to win? Thanks to you, we can march freely on the enemy while the worms ravage them. By the time we get to the valley, the only thing left to do will be to clean up the mess. 

Clarke: And if the worms ravage the valley?

Indra: A risk she's willing to take. 

Clarke: Are you?

Indra: It's not up to me. 

Clarke: What if it was?

Bellamy: Clarke--

Indra: I will not help you kill my leader. 

Bellamy: Neither will I. What if the outcome of the war wasn't certain, is she didn't have the worms? Would she still fight? 

Indra: If she didn't have the worms, both sides would take heavy losses. 

Bellamy: Exactly. If all it took to save her people from that and deliver them to the promised land was surrender, would she do it? 

Indra: I would hope so. Of course, you would never see the promised land because she would know it was you and, brother or not, throw you in the pits. 

Clarke: Not if she thought it was Cooper. There's a failsafe in the processing room--I saw it when I was there--a way to kill the worms if they ever--

Indra: Folly! Cooper would never push that button, and since she's the only one that handles the worms--

Clarke: Cooper would be dead. We'll make it look like an accident. You would be the first responder. You would hit the failsafe button. No more worms. 

Indra: No more war. 

Octavia: We know that there are three entry points to the valley. While Cooper, Madi and I soften the battlefield, Miller will lead the first batallion through the Southern tributary. 

Miller: First?

Octavia: You have a problem with that? 

Miller: No, but the first batallion's Indra's. 

Octavia: Not anymore. 

Indra: It's fine, Nathan. You're prepared. 

Octavia: Alright. Madi, come here by me. Cooper, the floor is yours. 

Cooper: Worms are thermoreceptors. That means they sense body heat. With Madi's knowledge of the woods, we'll get as close to the village as we can and release them here, here, and here. 

Vinson: Which one of you is Raven Reyes? 

Raven: Why is he wearing a collar? 

Shaw: You don't want to know.

Raven: Tell me. 

Shaw: Serial killer. He kept his victims' hands and feet as mementos. Other than that, he's a nice guy. What's this about, Vinson? 

Vinson: Collar looks good on you, Shaw. Yours has been tagged to another facility for the day. Now walk with me. 

Raven: I'll be okay. 

Raven: Abby. Oh... 

Abby: Thank you, Vinson. 

Raven: I've been here for days. You're not collared. I saw Kane. Why haven't I seen you? 

Abby: I'm sorry. 

Raven: Echo said you defected because of Octavia? 

Abby: Did they tell you why you are here? 

Raven: No. 

Abby: The miners are sick. 

Raven: I know. the hythylodium. 

Abby: Listen. I think I can cure them. I need you to be able to take the power from this and make it come out of this. 

Raven: No. If they're dying, let them. 

Abby: Raven, I'm a doctor. I cannot do that. Now please just tell me if it's even at all possible.

Raven: Sure. It's possible, but I'm not doing it. 

Abby: Raven, please. I need this to work. 

Raven: Abby, what aren't you telling me? Did Diyoza threaten to hurt you? I don't like it, but I'll see what I can do. 

Cooper: I admit it. I'm impressed. Your mother would be proud, Monty. 

Monty: I told you. It's the Nitrogen, and that took less than a day. In a week, the entire farm could be-- you don't want to do that. The first culture, even from an old strain like this, isn't safe. I mean, it is for the plants, but on the ring, it put one of my friends in a coma. 

Cooper: I'll keep that in mind. Monty, here's the truth. We leave in a few hours. After that, I don't ever wnat to see this place again. If you want to take it over, be my guest. If you'll excuse me...

Monty: You don't have to leave. Look. That's the point. No one else has to die. You did things to survive. That's in the past. We can have protein and biofuel and beer. Yeah. It tastes like crap, but who cares if it gets you drunk? 

Cooper: Is someone there? 

Monty: Bellamy! 

Clarke: Monty, come on. We need you to open the processing room. 

Monty: What the hell are you doing? 

Bellamy: Explain later.

Monty: Actually, if you want me to open that door, you'll explain now. 

Bellamy: I know it doesn't look like it, but this is how we stop the war. 

Monty: I was stopping the war. 

Clarke: Keep your voice down. If anyone hears us--

Monty: You're killing her, aren't you? 

Clarke: Yes. 

Bellamy: If you don't open that door, we're the ones who get killed. 

Clarke: Open it, Monty. 

Monty: And, of course, I help because what's one more, right? We're already murderers. 

Bellamy: That's not fair. We're talking about taking one life to save hundreds. 

Monty: Really? Then let's kill Octavia. Didn't think so. 

Bellamy: Monty...

Clarke: We're doing the right thing. 

Bellamy: If you say it enough, maybe I'll believe you. 

McCreary: Looks like I should have killed you when I had the chance. 

Murphy: Yeah? Well, I'm hard to kill. Emori, he's up. Getting blown up must suck, huh? 

McCreary: No. chronic lung disease is worse. 

Murphy: I'll take your word for it. Emori! 

McCreary: The bomb was clever, though. 

Murphy: Yeah. It was. Rocket fuel. 

McCreary: You should see what Hythylodium does when it's weaponized. I could use someone like you on my crew. 

Murphy: Now, see, that's funny to me, because your crew doesn't seem to miss you much at all. We offered to trade you for Raven, yet here you still are. 

McCreary: Diyoza said no. 

Murphy: Well, actually, I believe her exact words were, 'May God have mercy on his soul.'

McCreary: I can help you...get Raven back. 

Murphy: I'm listening. 

Diyoza: Thanks, Cash. Wait here. I've been fighting the abuse of power my whole life, Kane. I'm no dictator. I want to see an end to the violence just as badly as you. 

Kane: Yet those weren't exactly civil engineering plans I saw in your notebook, were they? Page after page of battle strategies. 

Diyoza: Defense strategies. I'm not preparing for war. I'm planning for peace. There's a difference. 

Kane: Maybe so, but until you recognize that we're all just people, all this will ever be is a battlefield. 

Diyoza: Kane, wait. Tell me what we're looking at. 

Kane: I don't think we'd see it the same way, but alright. That's where the trading post'll be, and next to it, there'll be a farm and a workshop and a mill...and a real medical center for Abby. To the South, they'll be home dug out of the ground to preserve the trees. And at the center, there'll be a well, a place for people to gather, talk, debate ideas. 

Diyoza: And a school with a playground where kids can blow off steam and bitch about their teachers and kiss under the bleachers. My kid. 

Kane: How far along?

Diyoza: A hundred years and five months, give or take. Abby says she's healthy. 

Kane: A girl? Was that a kick?

Diyoza: Thank you, Kane. 

Kane: For what?

Diyoza: Until I met you, the thought of rasing a child in a world like this-- you give me hope. 

Kane: Hope. That's a good name. 

Diyoza: It is, Isn't it? Hope. 

Cooper: No. No. No. You'll both die for this. Please make it stop. Ahh! 

Clarke: Let's go. It'll work. Octavia will have to surrender. 

Cooper: Please make it stop! 

Clarke: This is how we get to peace. 

Emori: Drop the gun. I said, drop your weapon. 

Murphy: Easy, easy, easy. It's not loaded. 

McCreary: Why don't you take a minute to explain our arrangement?

Murphy: Emori. 

Emori: Tell me you didn't make a deal with the man who tortured you and hunted you like an animal. 

Murphy: I did. 

Emori: John! 

Murphy: This is how we save Raven. 

Emori: How? 

Murphy: Walk right in the front door as his prisoners. They'll collar us to make it look real, but I figure...

Emori: I know how to take them off. 

Murphy: Mh-hmm. 

Emori: Hmm, I don't know. We killed two of his people. 

Murphy: Look, Emori. I don't trust the guy, either, but we want the same thing. 

Emori: What?

Murphy: To susrvive. Come on. We zip in, we get Raven, we zip out. We get the others after, okay? 

Emori: Okay. I'm in. 

Murphy: Good. 

Emori: That's all I'm in for, John. 

Murphy: Look. I hate to do this with a psychopath sitting on the next tree, but I thought this is what you wanted-

Emori: Yes. It is. 

Murphy: You and me together working as a team. 

Emori: John, seeing you like this, seeing you fighting to survive, this is the John Murphy that I fell in love with. We're running through the woods with a killer about to become prisoners in order to save our friends, and I find myself wanting to rip your clothes off. This-- as soon as this fight is over, you will fall apart again. 

Murphy: Emori--

Emori: No. 

McCreary: Trouble in paradise? 

Murphy: No. We're good here. Tie her up. 

Raven: Alright, Abby. Fire it up. Abby? Come on, sleeping beauty. You gotta see this. Abby. Abby. Abby. What the hell, Abby? What are you taking? Oh..

Abby: Raven, I can explain. Do you remember the pain after the City of Light? 

Raven: Don't you talk to me about pain. How does this work? You help Diyoza, and she gives you these? You weren't scared she was gonna hurt you. You were scared that she was gonna cut you off. 

Abby: Raven, I will stop. 

Raven: Said by every addict ever! Well, screw that. I will not help you get your next fix. I didn't build this for a junkie. 

Abby: Sorry, Raven. I am so, so sorry. 

Harper: There you are. You okay?

Monty: We were happy once, weren't we? 

Harper: Yeah. We'll get back there. I promise. 

Monty: I don't want to be a killer anymore. I don't want to take lives to save them.

Harper: Then don't. 

Monty: What if I say no...and people we care about die?

Harper: They might, but everyone dies, Monty. Let's show them how to live. 

Monty: Will you still love me if I'm just a farmer?

Harper: When the army marches, we stay here. 

Indra: I heard screams, but I was too late. 

Miller: There's a hole in her glove. Must have got in while she was loading them up. 

Indra: I'm sorry, Blodreina-- If I didn't use the gas and the worms escaped into the bunker--

Octavia: You made the right call, Indra. 

Indra: Octavia, I know this isn't a good time, but I feel it's my duty to point out that without the worms to soften the battllefield, the cost in lives will be too high. This is not a war we should fight.  

Octavia: Hmm, thank you for your advice, Seda, but we weren't planning on using the worms. We are using their eggs. Whoever wanted to make this look like an accident, they didn't know that, either. Find Clarke and Bellamy. 

Clarke: You're a good brother, Bellamy. I'm sorry that I thought I could--

Bellamy: Kill my sister? The truth is, if she was anybody else, I would've beat you to it. 

Clarke: I  don't know about that. Maybe the old Bellamy, but not this one. Suddenly, I'm the one letting my heart rule my head. 

Bellamy: Mama bears don't think. They just protect their young. 

Clarke: Woah. Octavia--

Octavia: Take her. 

Miller: You're under arrest for the murder of Kara Cooper. 

Bellamy: What? No. This is insane. 

Octavia: Is it? We weren't taking the worms. The eggs are already loaded in the rover, so what was Cooper doing there? Careful, big brother, or I'll think you helped her, and we don't have enough prisoners to settle this in the arena. Oh, well. I guess we'll have to settle for an execution. 

Miller: Let's go.

Clarke: Keep Madi safe. Promise me. 

Bellamy: I promise. 

Echo: You'll be happy to know I didn't kill your pilot. 

Raven: We can't let Diyoza win. 

Echo: What are you saying? 

Raven: Promise me he won't suffer. 

Shaw: Hey, did he hurt you?

Echo: I'll be right over there if you need me. 

Shaw: Tell me the truth. 

Raven: Why do you care? You're the reason these people are still alive, right? Their sins are on you now. Have you ever loved someone so much that no matter what they do to you or themselves, you take it?

Shaw: Mom or dad?

Raven: Mom. Drank herself to death. 

Shaw: The answer is yes. 

Vinson: Is it permanent?

Abby: There's still some residual tissue damage. You won't be running any marathons, but I can safely say that lung disease is not what's gonna kill you. 

Diyoza: Well done, Abby. How soon can you do the others? 

Abby: Everything okay?

Diyoza: Yes...but it's a pity you haven't found a cure yet. 

Vinson: Ruthless. I like it. 

Diyoza: You want your pills, you'll keep it to yourself for now. Do we understand each other?

Vinson: Thank you for saving my life. 

Miller: What about the girl...Madi? 

Octavia: She comes with us in the rover as planned. Once she finds out about it, the war will be over, and we'll deal with it then. Let him in. Get some sleep. Tomorrow we ride. 

Bellamy: So much for the 100. 

Miller: What?

Octavia: Let it go, Miller. Don't threaten my people, Bellamy. 

Bellamy: I can't let you kill Clarke, O. 

Octavia: Here we go again, pleading for the life of a traitor who you love. 

Bellamy: Mom and I used to share our rations with you. You mind?

Octavia: Only if you say the words. 

Bellamy: Through the teeth and over the gums...

Octavia: Not those words. Say it. It's late, Bellamy. If you've come here to beg, just do it. 

Bellamy: I'm not here to beg. I came here to tell you that I love you very much, no matter what happens. I hope you believe me. 

Octavia: Get to the point. 

Bellamy: I made a deal with Diyoza. If Wonkru surrenders, we can all live in the valley. 

Octavia: How--Something's wrong. I-I can't breathe. Bellamy. Bellamy! What did you do? 

Bellamy: I dosed the bar with Monty's algae. I switched it with the one we were sharing. 

Octavia: Guard! 

Bellamy: Hey! Hey..Shh. You'll be okay. By the time you wake back up, we'll be in the valley. We will have peace. My sister, my responsibility.