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Hope: "They took my mommy away... They took my mommy away."
Charmaine: "I know, little one. That why I can’t lose you again."
The Queen's Gambit

Hope and Charmaine is the relationship between the Hope Diyoza and Charmaine Diyoza. They are portrayed by cast members Shelby Flannery, Nevis Unipan, Emma Oliver, Amber Taylor and Ivana Milicevic.


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Throughout the Series

In How We Get to Peace, Diyoza reveals to Marcus Kane that she is pregnant with an unborn daughter, whom they decide to name "Hope".

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, on the way to the Anomaly, Diyoza hallucinates a 5-year-old Hope. Not being able to resist, she follows this vision into the Anomaly, perceiving that she is holding the hand of her future child.

In The Blood of Sanctum, after Gabriel Santiago and Octavia Blake input the symbols tattooed on Octavia's back into Anomaly Stone, the Anomaly expands, surrounding the Verge. A grown Hope emerges whom Octavia immediately recognizes. Hope tells Octavia that she has no choice and that her mother is in danger. Hope stabs Octavia who whispers to her to be brave and to tell "him" that the job is done. As Echo and Gabriel restrain Hope, Octavia vanishes as the Anomaly returns to normal.

In The Garden, in a flashback, Octavia emerges from the Temporal Anomaly on another planet where she follows Diyoza's screams to a nearby cabin. To her surprise, Diyoza explains that it has been three months for her despite Octavia following only seconds after Diyoza and she is now giving birth to her daughter. Octavia delivers Hope for Diyoza who subsequently passes out from the effort. Diyoza later joins Octavia outside and breastfeeds her daughter, explaining to Octavia that the Anomaly is too deep underwater for them to survive trying to reach it to return to Sanctum. Having found peace on the planet, Diyoza enjoys her new life there.

Over the next several years, Diyoza and Octavia raise Hope together, forming their own family with Octavia becoming Auntie O to Hope. The planet is eventually named Skyring by Hope. when Disciples arrive on Skyring through the Anomaly from Bardo. The men reveal that they have the message Octavia tossed into the Anomaly and Diyoza futilely attempts to cover for her friend. Failing, Diyoza yells at Octavia whose reckless actions have led to their current situation. Octavia is captured as well, but manages to hide Hope from detection as Diyoza told Octavia to hide Hope. The men, the Disciples, place helmets upon Diyoza and Octavia so that they will remember everything and disappear with them through the Anomaly to Bardo, and Hope came out to look for her mom and Octavia but no where to see.

In the present, Hope returns to Skyring with Echo and Gabriel Santiago, though they arrive centuries after Hope left due to the time dilation. Hope explains part of her life story to the two as well as the fact that she had made a deal with the Disciples' leader Anders -- the "he" that she had previously mentioned -- wherein Hope would help to capture Octavia by tagging her so that she would be sent back through the Anomaly in exchange for Diyoza's life. Hope is confident that both her mother and Octavia will understand her actions.

In Hesperides, Hope is surprised to learn from Gabriel that her mother was a terrorist and a freedom fighter, explaining that she was only ten when Diyoza and Octavia were kidnapped and they had never told her. Remembering that her mother was adamant that Hope not be trained, Hope realizes that it was because Diyoza didn't want her daughter to end up like her. Hope later tells Echo and Gabriel that both Octavia and Diyoza fought the Disciples' Memory Capture device which is only torture if the victim fights it.

In Nakara, after her capture, Diyoza is to fight back, to escape her cell. Eventually discovered by three armored Disciples, Diyoza kills them all and throws her knife into the helmet of an approaching Disciple. To Diyoza's shock, its Hope who has finally found her mother alongside, Echo, Gabriel and Octavia. Diyoza is saddened to learn of Bellamy's apparent death from Octavia.

In The Queen's Gambit, Diyoza tells Hope that she can thank her real father for the Earth being destroyed twice. Hope states that her mother never told her about McCreary and asks Diyoza to tell her everything about him. Diyoza describes McCreary as a psychopath and a killer who she only had sex with to get McCreary on her side during the uprising on Eligius IV. Diyoza states that it wasn't her best decision, but it led to the best that ever happened to her: Hope. Diyoza also tells Hope that the reason why she didn’t tell her about her background when Hope was younger, because Diyoza didn’t want Hope to grow up to became like her.


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