Hope Diyoza is a recurring character in the sixth and seventh season. She is portrayed by cast member Shelby Flannery and debuts in "The Blood of Sanctum".

Early life

Her mother, Charmaine has been pregnant by almost 110 years due to the cryosleep before she stepped into the anomaly. Hope was born inside and after 20 years she was able to finally come back from it.

Throughout the Series

In The Old Man and the Anomaly, on the way to the Anomaly, Charmaine hallucinates 5 years old Hope. Not being able to resist, she follows her imagination into the Anomaly pretending to hold the hand of her unborn yet child.

In The Blood of Sanctum, after Gabriel interacted with the Anomaly Stone using symbols on Octavia's back, the Anomaly begin expanding and affecting everything outside causing a huge green dust storm. When the team comes upstairs, Hope shows up at their tent. She speaks to Octavia like she has known her for some time, telling that she has no choice and her mother is in danger. Octavia seems to understand what it's all about while memories slowly appears in her mind. Hope comes closer and stabs Octavia with a hand-made knife, Octavia whispers her to be brave and to tell him that the job is done. After Octavia disintegrates into dust and disappears, Hope falls unconsciousness.


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Physical Appearance

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They have a mother-daughter family relationship. Charmaine has been pregnant for almost 110 years and seemed to very care about her child. Hope wanted to save her mother so much that she didn't struggle to kill someone to get her safe.

They seeem to know each other and have a good relationship. Presumably they met inside the Anomaly some time after Octavia came in with Charmaine.


Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingAbsent
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriAbsent
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAppears


Hope Diyoza: "I couldn't get off it. He has my mother. I'm so sorry, Octavia."
Octavia Blake: "Be brave. Tell him it's done."
-- The Blood of Sanctum

Killed Victims

Notes and Trivia

  • She is the second person to come back from the Anomaly. The first one was Octavia Blake.
  • She is the second child, born by a recurring character. The first one was Jordan Green.


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